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Harry, Ginny, & Their Love Story by HarryandGinnyForEver
Chapter 18 : Conversations
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Chapter 18

            “So what I am saying is,” Gwenog said to Ginny. Ginny was trying to keep a straight face, but she couldn’t help but smile. “Since I am unable to fill the Captain position now, I feel as if you are the next best to be in that position.”

            “Me? Really?” Ginny asked. She was surprised that she was picked, other the other people that had been on the team for a couple years. She had only been on the team for six months. “I’m honored.” She said, beaming. She hadn’t thought about it. In a million years. Her? Her being the captain of the Holyhead Harpies. Who would’ve thought?

            Apparently Gwenog.

            “I am withdrawing from the position on the first day of practice, and you shall take it from there.” She said. “When we saw you play in your sixth year, I automatically knew you would be on this team. Congratulations Ginny.” She said, shaking her hand, and pulling her into a hug.

            “Thanks so much.” She said. “You have no idea how much this means to me.”

            “You’re very welcome. Now, your bonus is over on my desk. And if you don’t mind, I really must be going. Good luck with your family.” She said. Ginny hadn’t told the team. The only people that knew were her and Harry, and Ron and Hermione.

            “How did you…”

            “I’m not blind hun.” She said, standing in the doorway. “I could see it all the way across the room.” She grinned, and then closed the door. Ginny was standing in the office, I’m sorry, HER office. She couldn’t believe it was really hers, and that any of this was really happening. She smiled, and then walked out of her office, with her pride in hand.


            “I’m here.” Ginny yelled. Her heels clicked with the hard wood floor, that creaked when she stepped on it.

            “Ginny!” Everyone said cheerily, as they hugged her and wished her a Merry Christmas.

            “Where have you been dear?” Mrs. Weasley said, hugging her. “We’ve been waiting for you.”

            “I was at a team meeting.” She replied. She was then scared to tell them, and felt terrified. She couldn’t do it. She just couldn’t.

            “Hey Gin.” Harry said, hugging her. “Ready?” He asked, and she cautiously nodded. He led her to the chair, in which she sat down on, and he sat on the armrest.

            “Harry and I are getting married!” Ginny yelled, over all the noise. Not how she wanted to tell her family that way, but that’s how it went down. And that’s how it would be in history forever. Everyone fell silent, and turned to them. Ginny just sighed, and Harry held her hand.

            “Ginny dear.” Mrs. Weasley said. “What did you say?” She asked.

            “Ummmmm……” She said, having to say it in the silence. Not how she had intended it. “I said that Harry and I are engaged.” She said, holding her breath.

            “Gin, you shouldn’t be scared. I’m the one getting the death eye from all your brothers.” He whispered, and she never replied. She just watched her family, anxiously waiting there reply. Half a minute had passed, and Ginny couldn’t take it anymore.

            “What are you guys going to say?” She said. “That you’re happy for us? Can’t you at least be happy for us?” She asked, crying. She then, got up and ran out of the room. Nobody had said anything.

            “Harry dear, I have this.” Mrs. Weasley said, walking out and following Ginny. Ginny was crying on the other side of the house, sitting on the snow. Great place to sit Gin. “Ginny.” She said, peeking around the corner.

            “When Ron and Hermione said that they were getting married, everyone was so happy for them. But of course, I say that I am, and nobody cares.” She said, tears running down her face.

            “Ginny.” Mrs. Weasley said, sitting next to her. Apparently Ginny had charmed it. “It’s not that dear.” She said.

            “Then what is it?” She asked. “Is it Harry?” She asked.

            “It’s not either of you dear. It’s me.” She said.

            “Then explain why everyone else didn’t speak.” Ginny said, pushing her hair back. “Why they stayed quiet, when they could’ve said something.”

            “We didn’t speak, because we realized that our little girl has grown up.” She said. “And I know I you think this is unreasonable, but you will understand when your little girl grows up. When the boys got married, they were my boys. I sure was emotional, but there were other boys that I had to marry off. But I only have one girl, and a man that is lucky enough to have her.” She explained.

            “Yeah. Thanks mum.” Ginny said, hugging her mum. “Love you.” She said.

            “I love you too dear. Now show me this ring before I take it myself.” She said, gesturing towards Ginny’s hand. Ginny held it up, smiling for the first time, in a long time. “This is beautiful Ginny. Do you have any idea where he got it?” She asked.

            “It was his mum’s.” She answered. “He said that I should have it, because I’m the only woman who could ever be more beautiful than his mum.” She said, smiling.

            “Yes I did.” He said, rounding the corner. “And it is true.” He said, sitting next to her.

            “You listened to that didn’t you?” Ginny asked Harry, looking at him with her chocolate brown eyes.

            “What was I going to do?” He smirked. “Let you sit here alone?” He asked, putting an arm around her.

            “I’m going to leave you two alone” Mrs. Weasley said, patting Ginny’s cheek, and leaving. Harry waited until he heard the sound of the back door, and he then hugged Ginny.

            “You know, your mum is a wise woman.” He said.

            “I’m sure yours was too Harry.” She said. “Now, let’s go back so I can protect you from my brothers.” She said, standing up, and taking Harry’s hand. They both then walked back to the sitting room, and the Weasley’s were all looking at them.

            “Harry.” George said with a serious face. His hands were clenched at his sides, which made Harry even more scared than he was before. The fact that George, a former beater, had his hand in punching mode didn’t make Harry’s stomach feel any better.”Can we speak to you in the other room?”

            “Yeah sure.” He said, letting go of Ginny’s hand. Ginny then grabbed his arm and gave him the you-don’t-have-to-do-this look and he gave her the I-have-to-if-I-want-to-marry-you look back. She rolled her eyes, and let go him. He then followed them into the dining room. All the Weasley brothers were present, about to beat the pulp out of Harry. Harry then looked around, to see what could stab or wound him. The closet thing he could find was someone smashing a plate, and stabbing him in the heart. But that was the worst he came up with.

            “We all knew very well that this day was coming.” George started. Apparently he was the ‘head brother’.

            “And we were all dreading it, just as much as you were.” Bill added. “We don’t want to have to make this awkward anymore, so we are just going to cut to the chase.”

            “We all love our sister.” Percy added.

            “And you have to promise,” Charlie said, adding onto what they had said. An on-going chain conversation is you will, as if they had rehearsed.

            “That you will never hurt her.” Ron said, closing off the switching of people. All brother’s had spoken, except for Fred, which was unable to say anything. But everyone knew he was there in spirit.

            “I won’t hurt her.” Harry said. “I promise.” Harry said, hands in his pockets.

            “That a boy.” The brothers then came in, and manly hugged Harry.

            “Now we better get back, or else Ginny is going to think we killed you.” George joked, walking out of the room.

            “Oh my god.” Hermione said to Ginny, as they sat together on the couch. “Harry’s alive.” Harry then walked over to Ginny, and instead of hugging him, she checked for any sign of injury.

            “No bruises, no cuts, no broken bones….” She said, checking Harry’s body. “No scars, except for that one.” She said, looking Harry up and down for anything that her brother’s might have done to him.

            “We didn’t hurt him Ginny.” Charlie said, sitting down. He was the only Weasley without a woman, and he looked happy. Good for Charlie.

            “Who are you and what have you done with my brothers?” Ginny asked. “Because I like these ones a lot more.” She said, hugging Charlie and her brother’s then all came up and hugged her in a huge mob.

            “Awww.” Hermione said, watching as the family hugged. “The original Weasleys.” She said.

            “Yeah. Mrs. Weasley.” Harry said, nudging Hermione’s arm.

            “Stop it.” She said, shoving him playfully. “I sound like an old married woman.” She said, laughing.

            “A little like me.” Mrs. Weasley laughed, mocking herself. Not typical Mrs. Weasley. She had been a lot more joking lately, maybe trying to ease the tension of everything.

            “No not like you Molly.” Hermione said. “You just celebrated your 25th birthday didn’t you?” Hermione said, and Mrs. Weasley just shook her head.

            “Oh yes, I did dear. But I do have a thirty year old child, and that is quite impossible.” She said, joking. Hermione then laughed along with her. Harry could’ve sworn that was the first time Mrs. Weasley made a direct joke to someone. It was a Christmas Miracle.

            “I love you guys.” Ginny said, getting let out of the big hug. She was emotional today.

            “Love you too Ginny.” All the brothers said at different times, making it sound like a broken record.

            “So everyone’s done with announcements then?” Mrs. Weasley asked. “Because dessert is ready.” She said.

            “I’m not done yet mum.” Ginny said, looking at her, and then Harry. Nobody knew about her promotion, only her and Gwen. Harry had a confused look on his face, and Ginny then began to talk. “I was at the meeting today, and I had a little talk with Gwen. And she has told me that I am, the new captain of the Holyhead Harpies.” She said, a smile across her face, and it also spread to Harry’s and almost everyone else’s.

            “Oh my gosh Ginny!” Hermione squealed, running up and nearly tackling Ginny. “I’m so happy for you!” She said, rocking them back and forth.

            “Wow Ginny.” Ron said. “Now the Cannons don’t stand a chance.” He said, hugging her.

            “Well, they don’t stand a chance either way.” She said, lightly tapping Ron’s cheek. She then got the rest of her congratulations, getting lots of hugs from everyone, mostly from Mrs. Weasley. But she had saved Harry for last.

            “Oh my gosh Gin!” He said, hugging her. “I am so proud of you!” He praised.

            “Really?” She asked.

            “Are you kidding?” He asked, kissing her quickly. “Insanely proud. Now how much does it pay?” He asked, and Ginny slapped him.

            “It’s called a joke Gin.” He said, his hands surrendering and laughing.

            “Not funny.” She said.

            “I thought it was hysterical.” Ron butted in. “And I have to admit, I am pretty hard to impress.”

            “Yes, you are.” Hermione said. “Very hard.” She said.

            “Hey!” He said.

            “Hey, you said it.” Hermione said, as he put his arm around her waist. They then walked off together, leaving Harry and Ginny alone in the living room. The night went along smoothly, passing around presents, with lot of hugs and kisses from everybody to anybody.

            “Good night huh?” Harry asked, as they sat on the couch, his arm around her shoulders. She was leaning against his chest.

            “Great night.”

Author’s Note: Did you like it? I personally think it is more of a filler chapter, but I knew it had to happen ^_^ Right now, I am starting on the nineteenth chapter, and I am four chapters ahead ^_^ So, this was written on the 21st of August so I have no idea when this is going to be validated :) I love when ya’ll leave reviews :) Thanks for reading! LOVE YOU! ( : haha



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