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Sweet Disposition by addicted12
Chapter 1 : Sweet Disposition
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Author’s note: The song Sweet Disposition by Temper Trap can be found on YouTube. I highly recommend listening to this song while reading since it is where my inspiration for writing this one-shot came from! Thanks for reading and enjoy! –addicted12


            Harry Potter ran blindly away from the crowd, away from the prying eyes. He was searching for that face, the one that had been on his mind since the Final Battle was over. People scrambled out of his way, pulling back their black skirts and black coat tails, all the signs of mourning, as he rushed past them.



            The sun bathed him in a warm light. He flung off his coat, he didn’t need it anymore. The world was streaking by in a colorful blur. Nothing mattered anymore. Not the funerals, not the questions, not the sorrow. It was all over.



            He had to find her.


            Heart beating steadily, he searched over the head of the crowd. Undoubtedly, there were so many people attending Fred’s funeral because word got out that he was there. Mrs. Weasley seemed touched by the amount of people who appeared to want to pay Fred their respects, but in a guilty way, Harry knew it was only because of his popularity.



            But nothing, not the fame nor the misery could stop him from finding her.






            Too long it had been since he had spoken to her, and although she seemed to know a lot more than he would have hoped about what went on with him, Ron, and Hermione in the past year, it was important that he speak with her and talk about things personally.


            But above all, he missed her.



            He missed her so much that his heart literally ached, as if someone were squeezing his chest tightly. His steps barely made a sound as he sprinted over the green grass. He had to find her…


            So much had come between them in the past year…too much…



            Someone called his name, but he was not interested. She was the only thing on his mind. Up ahead, he saw a mane of red hair disappear around the corner of a white fence.



            “Ginny!” he called.



            He rounded the corner. The vast plane that greeted him surrounded everything. The tall grass made it difficult to see anything clearly. She had already disappeared in them. The sun reflected off the brown leaves making his world shine with a bright golden color.



            He weeded his way through the brush. Ginny was going to let him catch her, he knew it. She knew he was following her; she was not stupid. He needed to speak with her so badly….



            “Ginny!” he called again.


            She was crying when he found her.



            Her back was to him, but she knew he was there. Her face was in her hands, her shoulders slumped. Harry approached her silently, slowly. He touched her arm softly to let her know he was there.



            Harry took her gently by the shoulders and turned her around until her face was buried in his shirt. She was shaking. Harry hugged her tightly. Words only went so far…and now, they wouldn’t help at all.



            The sun warmed his neck as he clung to her. He couldn’t hear anyone from the funeral anymore. They were very much alone. He rubbed her back comfortingly, knowing exactly how she was feeling, understanding that gaping hole that filled her chest.



            When she stopped crying, she simply stood there, leaning against him like he was the only thing keeping her from slipping away.


            After a moment, she raised her head and stared him in the eye with that same blazing look he had always cherished. She was very beautiful, more beautiful than he remembered, even with her red, tearful eyes. The war had changed her just like it had changed him. She was a different girl now…she was a woman.



            “Are you okay?” he whispered, brushing some hair away that was sticking to her face.



            She did not answer and Harry understood why. Nothing would be ‘okay’ for a very long time, not after she had just lost her brother.



            He kissed her forehead, savoring the moment. She still smelled like flowers. It was exactly as he had remembered it, how he had fantasized of it all those times he had stared at her dot on the Marauder’s Map. How long had it been since he’d been alone with her?



            “No one’s going to butt in this time?” she said, smiling very slightly.



            Harry took her hand. “Not this time, no,” he replied.


            Ginny leaned in and kissed Harry on the lips.



            It was like heaven, kissing her. The world meant nothing, nothing at all when he was with her, with one of his hands on her back pulling her in, the other tangled in her long red hair. One of her smooth hands was against his cheek, caressing softly, desperately.



            Then it was over.



            Harry breathed in deeply. “I will tell you everything,” he promised quietly.



            “I know,” she replied. “But not now. Now, let’s just…”



            “…stay here,” he finished slowly.



            She closed her eyes and pressed against him again. “Yes,” she sighed.



            “I’m sorry about Fred,” said Harry.



            She was silent for a long time. Then, painfully: “Why did he go?”



            It was not a question Harry knew the answer to. He didn’t know what to say, so he didn’t say anything. Ginny seemed to understand his silence.



            “You’re not gone, though,” she said, in a way that sounded almost as if she didn’t believe it.



            “I’m not,” agreed Harry. He moved her chin up and kissed her. “I’m right here.”



            For a moment, he thought he saw Ginny about to cry again and he could not understand why. But a moment later, she returned the gesture and he was once again lost in that blissful world where the only thing that mattered was Ginny. She was wonderful. Sweet like flowers. Sweet like her disposition.


            “We have so much time,” he whispered. “We can…we can be whoever we want to be; do whatever we want to do.”



            Her skin was warm from the sun when she touched him. “I don’t want to do anything just yet,” she said heavily. “Not after this…”


            “No,” he agreed. He studied her for a moment. “You’re very brave.”



            “Am I?” she said after a pause. She didn’t sound as though she believed it. “Usually brave people don’t cry.”



            “Monsters don’t cry,” corrected Harry, holding her tighter now that she was beginning to shake again. “You’re human and…and humans cry a lot.”



            “You don’t,” she said, chokingly.


            “And neither do you.”



            “What’s this then?” she demanded, brushing a hand against her face and showing him a fresh tear dangling off her finger.



            Harry looked at her incredulously. Ginny was one of the bravest people he knew and he admired her greatly for that. Yet she was afraid to show weakness; perhaps that’s what happens when you have six older brothers.


            Five, now…he thought with a painful jolt.



            How she must be feeling right now…he could barely stand to look at her miserable expression. She was precious, amazing, wonderful to him, and yet he couldn’t summon the words to describe why she was so remarkable. It was impossible to find words of comfort, to tell her she was brave when he knew she wouldn’t believe him.



            “Ginny…” he said, squeezing her hands. The golden glow around her made his heart contract painfully. “You are…brilliant. Don’t change for anyone.”


            There was a moment where she simply stared at him as if from afar. Then she was kissing him again, in a way that he’d never experienced before. And the world was a beautiful place. And Ginny was everywhere, all around him, inside of him. He wished he could remain there forever, wished that the world would wait for them patiently.


            He was the luckiest man on earth, he was sure of it.




Hi readers! Hopefully listening to this song put an interesting mood on the story as you read it (assuming you listened to it while you were reading of course…) I tried to line up the song with how long it would take you to read it, but of course that depends on how fast you read. But hopefully it matched up at least a little. 


Thank you for reading! Hope you enjoyed this little one-shot. Check out my other stories and REVIEW! Thanks! –addicted12-

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