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The Rising by Over the Rainbomb
Chapter 1 : Crash Landing
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Hello. I know, I know, I haven’t updated the Octane Generation in a while but I’ve been very busy and when I finally sat down to write another chapter of it, the only thing in my head was this story. My muse is stubborn.

I haven’t abandoned by other story, but I wanted to get this one on the go asap.

It's inspired by my insane addiction to Supernatural which is why my Cass is a little bit like their Cass abd Scorpius is a little bit like Dean Winchester. I also love the idea of Christian/Jewish mythology invading a school full of Pagans. :P

Hope you enjoy and thanks in advance for reading.









Scorpius was knocked backwards as James laid another right hook into his jaw. The fight had gone beyond magic now. They had managed to disarm each other during the first round and now they had taken to beating each other with their fists like muggles.

The crowd that had gathered around them on the fourth floor were still cheering Harry Potter’s eldest son as they always did. People seemed to enjoy watching Scorpius get hurt almost as much as Quidditch. But after six years of this kind of crap, Scorpius had developed a high tolerance for it and a pretty good ability to fight back.

He charged at James, spearing him in the gut and slamming him into the wall. James groaned hard as Scorpius started laying punches into his mid-section. He countered by elbowing Malfoy in the back causing him to yell out in pain.

The whole crowd gasped as a blinding blue light erupted through the corridor blasted Scorpius and James apart. They flew into opposite sides of the wall and stayed there as if someone had glued them there.

“I am so done with this crap!” Dominique growled as she approached them.

Much of the crowd disappeared in that second. The beautiful part-veela head girl was the last person in the wizarding world you wanted to get on the bad side of. Her temper was comparable to the wrath of God. Her long sleek wand was still pointing between the two fighting boys and she was more than ready to use it again. Between her skill with magic, her long strawberry blond hair and her perfectly crafted features, she was extremely scary but even more gorgeous when she was angry. Something about the rage in her light brown eyes made every male in Hogwarts pine for her.

“Hey cous,” James heaved, still in pain and breathing hard.

“Sometimes I find it extremely difficult to believe that you and I are related! You’re a seventh year James, you’re suppose to act with at least some level of maturity. Instead I find you here, hurling faeces like rabid ape!”

“Oggabooga,” Scorpius mumbled.

“Wait your turn, Malfoy!” she hissed and glared causing Scorpius to gulp nervously.

“It’s two weeks into the term and already you’re stacking up detentions and loosing points for Gryffindor!”

“Oh, come on Dom! It’s your house too!” James whined.

“Cry me a river buttercup, I ain’t interested. Fifty points from Gryffindor and you can kiss Quidditch practice goodbye because you’re in detention for the next two Sundays!” she barked without mercy.

“Dom! You can’t -”

“Shut your cake hole or I’ll get really creative! Get lost!” she warned. He obeyed as she dispelled the curse that was holding him there. James scuttled off down the corridor like a dog with its tail tucked between its legs. “And you!” she spun and turned on Scorpius. “Just because my cousin is a dick doesn’t mean you have to rise to his level!”

“I don’t like people calling my mum a whore!” Scorpius spat back.

“Oh, I’m sorry precious; did he hurt your feelings? Want me to give you a back rub and sing you a lullaby?” she chimed with sarcastic anger.

“A back rub would be nice,” Scorpius just couldn’t help being snarky, even with Dom.

“Don’t push me boy,” she scathed, her eyes practically burning a hole straight through him. “I’ll make you wish your daddy hadn’t survived the war!”

That was harsh, but Dom took no prisoners. Even her own family were victims if they stepped out of line. The day Dom got the head girl badge there was a collective gasp of terror throughout the wizarding world.

Only a few students remained in the corridor now and they were watching on with fascinated, lustful awe as Dom dispensed her own brand of justice.

“Fifty points from Slytherin and, oh yeah, Hagrid needs some help digging ditches for the Vevarian Root Professor Longbottem asked for. You just volunteered. Tonight, sun down, at Hagrid’s hut. Oh, and I hear it’s gonna rain so bring a brolly!”

Scorpius rolled his eyes in annoyance and muttered the word: “Bitch.”

“What did you just say to me?!” Dom said, getting in his face. She was so close she could have been about to kiss him...or bite his nose off. “Let’s make it a hundred points from Slytherin and detention for the next three weeks with Professor Binns!”

“You know what, screw you Weasley!” Scorpius suddenly snapped causing everyone in the vicinity to almost run for cover as they saw Dom’s fury build. “Let’s make it six years; because that’s how long you’re dumb ass family has been making my life a living hell! And don’t think I’ve forgotten about what you did to me in my third year! You can act all high and mighty but when I go all Charles Whitman and climb the astronomy tower for some target practice, just remember you helped send me there!”

What was even more shocking than her beauty and rage was the fact that it seemed to disappear instantly. She waved her wand and Scorpius was no longer stuck to the wall.

“You’re right,” she sighed, surprising even him. She didn’t lose any of her intimidation thought and was still standing firm. “The way we’ve treated you, it’s not fair, but I hate to break this to you Susie, but life isn’t fair. You’ve had a nasty time a Hogwarts, Boohoo! Get over it! Instead of moping like a teenage girl that doesn’t get to go to the ball, why don’t you prove to everyone that you’re not like your father and make something of yourself!”

Now she was starting to sound like a teacher.

“As much as Rose hates to admit it, you’re a very smart guy! You’re skilled with magic, you’re imaginative, you’re a quick thinker. You have everything you need to become something for people to look up to and yet you’d rather use that energy to get into a tussle with my stupid cousin!”

“That’s an insult to stupid people,” Scorpius snorted.

“Maybe, but it doesn’t excuse your behaviour! Instead of stooping to his level, why not focus on your work! You’re taking your Newt’s next year and if you get good marks in those, a lot of opportunities will open up for you. One day, people might look back and see you as the one that broke the Malfoy mould.”

“And maybe one day you’ll let me buy you that butterbeer,” Scorpius said sincerely.

Dominque got more date requests than anyone else at Hogwarts and Scorpius was no exception to her allure. Even he had plucked up the courage to ask her out once and been quickly shot down just like all the rest. She had no interest in dating anyone. For her, it was all about being the best student she could.

She had spent way too much time around Hermione Weasley.

“Prove to me that you’re not just another limey Slytherin and I will,” she countered.

“Deal,” he said unable to suppress the small grin on his face.

Had she just given him the possibility to take her out? Should he be back flipping with joy right now?

Scorpius wasn’t a bad looking guy. He had gotten a few offered from some of the girls in his house but never had a proper relationship with any of them. To be honest, he counted himself lucky to have gotten a few girls that were willing to snog him. He was a Malfoy after all and most women seemed to find the idea of being with a pure-blood death eater family slightly undesirable.

Still, he’d just manage to get further than most with the one and only Dominque Weasley. ‘Further’ being the small snowballs chance of maybe taking her out in the future. No matter what the detention, he counted that a victory.

“Hagrid’s tonight. Wear comfortable shoes, you’ll be there for a while,” she reminded before walking away.

Despite the crappy detention, Scorpius wall still happy pretty chuffed with himself.


“I remember when your dad almost got killed by Buckbeak,” Hagrid said, reminiscing from the doorway of his hut. He was barely able to stand in it but there he was with a hot mug of tea in his hand watching Scorpius dig around in the mud.

It was practically a torrential downpour and every hole that he dug instantly filled up with water. He was so wet that his bones were soggy.

“He brought it on himself o’course, instultin’ the poor creature. Buckbeak took offense but he didn’t kill him. Way I see it, they were even-stevens. But, your Dad just couldn’t let it go. He went whinin’ to his dad and the whole mess got outta’ hand,” he carried on, protected from the rain.

Scorpius would have liked nothing more than to throw the shovel straight at his head. These holes could have been dug in a heartbeat with a little spell but no, he wasn’t allowed to use his wand for this detention. The rain continued to plummet around him as a flash of lighting lit up the sky.

“Poor Buckbeak was almost executed you know,” Hagrid said before taking a big gulp of his tea. “If it weren’t for Harry and Mione’ he would be dead. All because your dad couldn’t let it go. That’s your problem never know when to back down.”

Scorpius stopped digging and turned to Hagrid, breathing hard.

“My mother taught me to stand up for myself,” he said.

“O’course you should. Don’t mean you should go fer ya wand at the first sign o conflict,” Hagrid shouted over the clambering of the rain.

“What would you suggest, Professor? Just let James Potter use me and a pin cushion whenever he feels like it?”

“No. And don’t mind James, boys will be boys and all that. But still, you don’t wanna end up diggin’ holes every day of your sixth year, do ya?”

“No, I really don’t!” Scorpius grumbled before picking up the shovel again.

Another flash of lightning shot through the clouds.

“All this stuff is jus’ part of growin’ up. One day, you’ll look back on it and laugh.”

“Will I?” it was rhetorical.

“Course, you may think these shenanigan’s are bad, but it’s a lot better than what was goin’ on when your parents were here. What would you ratha’ have; normal teenage issues or a ruddy war to fight?”

Scorpius sighed. He could see where this was going. It was folding into another prideful rant about how amazing Harry Potter was and how the wizarding world would have fallen if it weren’t for the wonder boy. He had heard it all before and Hagrid was known for worshiping the ground that Harry walked on.

“You know, Harry Potter had a lot more on his plate than you...”

It was starting.

“I’m well aware of Harry Potter’s exploits, we studied them during the fourth year,” he groaned, praying that the half-giant would shut up. Another shot of lightning erupted above. “And I know, he saved my dad’s life and...”

Something suddenly occurred to Scorpius. Something that had slipped by his attention until now. He stopped digging and looked up at the sky.

“That’s right, he did and I’ll tell you another thin’ about him. He -”

“Err, Professor...” Scorpius interrupted. “Where’s the thunder?”

“What?” Hagrid asked looking confused.

Lightning streaked across the sky again and this time they both waited but there was no thunder that followed. Instead, another flash and another. They were getting closer together but with no accompanied rumble.

“That’s a mite’ odd,” Hagrid mumbled.

Suddenly, an electrical explosion blasted through the sky. It was unlike anything they’d ever seen before. It was like nature itself was going haywire.

A massive sonic boom erupted and then Scorpius could see only one thing. An object falling from the sky. Not just falling, shooting. It was moving like a meteor heading for earth.

The object slammed into the ground so hard that it sent off an earthquake around them knocking Scorpius off his feet. He got up and looked to where the thing had landed. It wasn’t hard to find.

Sparks of electricity were bouncing around the great, twenty-foot crater that the thing had created with the impact, just on the edge of the Black Lake. Scorpius didn’t hesitate. He ran straight for it.

“Malfoy, wait!” Hagrid cried but he wasn’t listening. He needed to know what it was.

He bolted over, almost losing his shoes to the mud sink holes on the wait over. The rain continued to pour but he didn’t care anymore. He rushed up and reached the edge of the crater.

Scorpius’s eyes went wide and his jaw dropped. It couldn’t be!

“Mother of Merlin!” Hagrid gasped as he saw what was lying in the centre of the crater.

“I don’t think so...” Scorpius gawked.

Lying there was a woman, unconscious but seemly uninjured whose beauty actually made Dominique Weasley seem average. A woman with flowing black hair wearing black trousers and a black vest.

A woman with huge white wings.

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