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Scarlet Molly by xxpetrapan
Chapter 1 : Part One
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Amazing chapter image by LadyMafloy @ TDA

From left Rose, Molly, and Jozline


I, Molly Anne Weasley, I am invisible or I used to be before I lied about one of the most important things in a girl's life, her virginity. It all started in Charms when Rose passed me a note seeing if I wanted to go swim in the Black Lake tonight with everyone (the everyone meaning the other Gryffindor seventh years) and I wrote back a quick no. My answer produced the one word question why? Which I responded that I was going to the Forbidden Forest tonight with a boy (I never gave a name), which was a total lie but I could not tell her that I was just planning to study. Now, that got her excited and she wrote back asking if I was going to shag him and being on a lying roll, I said maybe. She started to squeal and get really excited which made the Professor angry and he took five points from Gryffindor. Stupid annoying Rose, arg.

That one lie sparked more (later) lies that started the most scandalous three week of my life.

The next morning, Rose found me in the fourth floor lavatory. I had slept in Lucy's dorm, so I would not have to answer questions that night and so she would not know that I had lied, I kind of wanted to keep her thinking I had really met a boy. She asked me if I had shagged the mysterious Boy, and of course being a liar I said yes.

“Bitch, you are a slut like moi,” She beamed applying her fifteenth coat of red lippie. I swear that girl goes through a tube a day.

“Rose, letting Scorpius Mafloy feel you up under a willow tree, does not mean you are a slut, either does having sex one time,” I replied.

“People could have easily seen us and it does too make you a slut,” She countered.

I was starting to feel guilty for lying to her, she was my cousin and best friend (Which was still a mystery to me, we were so different and she made me want to smack her all the time) and it hurt to think she thought I was a slut (but let me tell you something before you suddenly think I am a liar, I hardly ever lie, I am a good girl, I am really smart (Top of my class), and I could have been Head Girl (but thanks to Jozlin Plank, being she-god she got it). In a few minutes people's whole perception of me is going to change). I was about to confess to my fib when a stall opened and out peeped the curly, blond head of resident Jesus freak, Head Girl, Hufflepuff and the girl I hated the most, Jozlin Plank.

Everyone and I mean everyone (except most Professors) hated Jozlin. She was always trying to save everyone and change everything. Our third year she tried to have the skirt length of the girl's uniform changed to ankle length. The Headmistress rejected it and said that there is nothing wrong or suggestive about the skirts, and our fifth year she tried to have PDA banned from the halls (that included holding hands, high-fiving, and hugging). The Headmistress rejected that also and assumed everyone knew that snogging and inappropriate touching WAS banned. Last year, she tried to exorcise all of the Slytherins, which was stupid and her and her band of freaks were cursed. She also likes to brag (to me mostly) about being Head Girl and how fun it is.

“Sorry to ease drop on your whorish ramble,” Jozlin smirked, stepping out of her stall and over to the sinks to wash her holy hands.

“We are not whores, so you must have misinterpreted us,” I said stepping back as she put her still wet hand in my face.

“Stop, I did not misinterpret anything, I know you had sex, since I just over heard it, I am glad McGonagall did not pick you for Head Girl, since you obviously have no desire to stay celibate,” She said drying her hands.

“Well, if you must know I lied about having sex so I would not have to go swimming yesterday with my fellow Gryffies,” I replied, a little sad I had to give up my secret and I a little happy that I no longer had to be guilty.

I heard Rose's gasp and Jozlin laugh.

“Whatever, Molly don't try to deny it because I am close to god and you wanted to redeem yourself, he still knows,” Jozlin said.

“I am....” I started but Jozlin left saying 'Whatever Molly, we both know the truth.'

Ten minutes later Rose and I left the lavatory. Rose still thought I had lost my virginity, thanks to me saying it was true and that I just didn't want Jozlin to know. Once, we got to Defense Against the Dark Arts, I found out the whole school knew that I had sex and every boy was claiming it was him. Every girl hated me and Professor Lester (who is a guy) kept giving me creepy looks. I don't know why having sex once counts as, me being a slut. I am pretty sure others having done it too, but they just weren't stupid enough to say it in public.

Life is hard when you fake having sex.






























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