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Keeping the Secret by ob sessed
Chapter 2 : I Solemnly Swear Not to Punch Anyone...
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Disclaimer: I do not own anything about or related to Harry Potter, that belongs to JK Rowling. I own OCs, plot, etc. 

I also would like to dedicate this story to the wonderful Tinny for molding and shaping this story with me and my wonderfully supportive lil sis, Kate for just being herself!! Oh, and Penny for making me the writer I am now (one with direction) and Katie (JaneTwilight) for being there through Code Grey with me despite its fall. And my wonderful friends for poking fun at my fanfiction life, it's therapeutic and fun so shush!! ;-) 


Chapter 2 - I Solemnly Swear Not to Punch Anyone...

this wonderful chapter image is by the talented T-Rex @ tda! :)

"Many people look forward to the new year for a new start on old habits..."


“Promise me something?” Mum said looking straight into my eyes. It was slightly nerve-wracking when she did that because one, she’s frightening and two, we have the exact same eyes. Big, bright blue eyes that contrast starkly to our naturally dark hair.


I tugged on the hem of my white polo shirt so I could avert my gaze. “What’s that, Mum?”


“Try not to punch anyone this year?” she said, her expression completely serious, which made me want to chuckle all that much more. It’s not as if I go around punching random people for fun, I usually have a reason, like punching Avery last year, the reason being he was a Slytherin git. However, my mum hadn’t found it as amusing as Albert and Kieran, my two older brothers, had.


“I promise,” I said, not looking directly into her eyes. I was honestly trying my best to keep a straight face. It was hard not to laugh because of how against violence my mum was. It’sI love my mum, but she really hated violence. It’s a shame considering that one of her sons makes a living out of beating the crap out of other people. Kieran was a Beater for the Falmouth Falcons and a ridiculously good one at that. Not that I'd ever admit that! 


Mum looked at me and then sighed, “Alright, I don’t believe you but I’ll pretend like you’re the proper lady I wish you were.”


Kieran and Albert laughed at the thought of me being a proper lady, and I rolled my eyes at them. Even though, I was now seventeen years old, it was still a family affair when it came to taking me to King’s Cross. At the thought of family, I felt my heart wrench in the most horrible manner and instantly pushed the thought to the back of my mind. I linked arms with my mum and walked with her towards Platform 9 ¾.


“Mum, I don’t want to go!” I whined. I didn't want to leave my mum. I didn't want to leave my family, I was scared of what could happen to them if I wasn't around--not that I'm much help in any case.


“Didi, don’t be a little brat, you know you want to,” Mum chuckled at my childish manner. “You’ve been complaining all summer about how you miss Dorcas and the girls.”


“I know, but…” I sighed and lied to her, “if I go, it means I’ll be turning eighteen soon and I really don’t want to grow up.”


“Didi, I’m about to turn twenty two, will you shut it?” Albert cried out. “I’m an old man!”

"I'm still youthful and gorgeous as ever," Kieran added, flipping his short hair jokingly. 

“Oh dear Merlin, I’m mother to a bunch of drama queens,” Mum murmured to herself. “Look, you may be getting older but neither of you seem to be any more mature.”


Albert, Kieran and I grinned at each other. Well, that was true. The three of us were as childish as ever. We still flew our broomsticks around the house, weaving in and out of windows while throwing our infinite supply of Dungbombs at one another. Well, we did that once this one afternoon when Mum was at work. She was not happy when she got home. Needless to say, we were all kicked out of the house for a week while she fumigated the place… Woops.


“Okay, here we are, Didi,” Mum said, breaking me out of my reverie. I looked up and stared at the wall I was supposed to run through. I know I’ve done it a gazillion times yet every time, I’m still as apprehensive about it as I was when I was an itty bitty eleven-year-old. I guess it’s the survival instinct in me going ‘why the bloody hell are you running into a solid wall!’


I turned to look at my mum and two brothers. “I’ll miss you guys,” I said quietly. They nodded and I knew they knew how difficult it was to say goodbye this time round. It’s been a hard summer, the hardest of our lives, but we’ve grown closer as a family so the thought of leaving them now made me more emotional than usual. However, as a Grunnion, I will never admit that.


“We’ll miss you too, sweetie,” Mum said, tears welling up in her eyes. Well, she was Grunnion by marriage so I suppose she didn’t have the 'being vulnerable is weak’ motto instilled in her. Mum pulled me into a tight hug and whispered in my ear, “I love you so much, Deora. Promise you’ll write as much as you can.”


I wrapped my arms around her, forgetting just how much smaller than me she was; she was shorter and slighter in frame. “I love you too, Mum. Of course, I will.”


We let go of each other and now it was time to say goodbye to my two brothers. Albert was first. He was tallest of the two with the same wild dark hair like Mum and me, but with Dad’s dark unfathomable eyes. “Love you, baby sis! Write to me too! I’ll be lonely in my new flat.”


I sucked in a deep breath. I will not cry, not in front of all these Muggles in this stupid station. I smiled at Albert and looked to Kieran. He was the same height as me, but with big broad shoulders like the athlete he is. He had Dad’s curly black hair and green eyes like Nana. He pulled me close, saying almost the same thing, “I love you, Didi! Don’t let me worry about you and make sure you go for Quidditch this year.”


I rolled my eyes. I loved the sport, but not enough to play. However, Kieran just didn’t get that… at all. I nodded to him and waved goodbye. If I said anymore, I think I’d actually start blubbering like a loon. I turned to the wall, took another deep breath, pushing my trolley as fast as I could towards the seemingly sturdy wall. A few moments later, I emerged onto Platform 9 ¾. I had left home to come home.




“He was such a creep, he kept telling me I was gorgeous, which sounds nice, but when he’s saying it with drool dribbling down his mouth, it doesn’t quite have the same effect,” Dorcas told us.


We had all survived the tedious journey back on the Hogwarts Express and were now sitting in the Great Hall enjoying our Welcome Back feast while my best friend, Dorcas Meadowes, relayed her summer back to us. It was me across from Dorcas, Lily Evans to my left and Mary MacDonald to Dorcas’ left. We were honestly the most eclectic group of girls ever. Dorcas was a notorious man-eater. In other words, she’s the most experienced in terms of ‘relationships’ out of the four of us. She loved boys and boys loved her. They loved her wavy caramel-coloured hair and big doe-brown eyes, her curvaceous body and slim waist. Girls hated her. I hated her from time to time and I was supposed to be her best friend. Lily, on the other hand, was a slim and petite girl with straight red hair and the greenest eyes I’ve ever seen. It kind of hurt to look at them. She was our Head Girl and proper to the very core. I respected Lily. She’d be the person I’d come to if I were ever in any sort of legal trouble. Oh and she had a foul mouth. Then there was sweet, sweet Mary. Everyone loved Mary, but unfortunately the boy that she loved didn’t even notice her whoever he was. She won’t tell us.


“Merlin, why are there no decent guys?” Dorcas complained. It was the same routine every time. Dorcas would complain about the lack of available men then within a week, she’d be dating someone new.


“I’m sure you’ll find someone soon,” I said.


“Of course, you will. You’re stunning,” Lily continued.


“Gorgeous,” Mary added. 


We knew the routine. We knew it well. After six bloody years with the girl, you had to learn to calm her down. Dorcas relaxed, her shoulders visibly unclenching itself from its earlier stiff position and she tossed us her trademark grin before diving into her food. I rolled my eyes. This was my best friend? Actually speaking of best friends, my eyes instantly travelled to the group of boys further down the table: the Marauders. I caught one of their eyes and we exchanged a secret grin. I missed him loads this summer. I needed him to be there and take my tantrums, but as usual, we barely saw each other. He gave me an understanding smile before turning back to what James Potter was saying. A few moments later, the four boys threw their heads back in a raucous laughter. I highly doubted whatever James had to say was really that funny, but those boys thrived on attention so I assume part of that was for show.  As if to prove me right, all the first year girls were now openly drooling over them. I snorted. Typical.


“You alright, Deeds?” Dorcas asked me. I looked up and saw her eyes were boring intensely into mine. Only Dorcas called me Deeds.


I smiled ignoring the seriousness of her expression, “Dandy, Dork.”


“Ugh!” Dorcas groaned. “When will you stop calling me that?”


“When you stop calling me Deeds!” I retorted.


Dorcas thought about this for a second and chuckled, “Fair play, Deeds.”


For the umpteenth time today, I rolled my eyes. One day, it was going to get stuck in that motion and I’ll just die alone because no one will want to go near the weird ‘rolling eyed’ girl.


The rest of the meal went by quite quickly since we went through periods of silence where we would be too busy scarfing down our food. Mum would be so disappointed in my unladylike manners. After the Welcome Back Feast, Lily had Head Girl duties to attend to while Mary had Prefect duties. Since Dorcas and I were underachievers and were really the reasons why Prefects and Head Girls were needed, we decided to wander around the castle. We followed the moving stairs, popping onto random floors and then trying to find our way back to the Gryffindor Tower. We’ve been doing this for years ever since first year when we did get lost because of the moving stairs.


“Maybe it’s time,” Dorcas mused as we made our way onto the forbidden third floor. I didn’t see why it would be forbidden since it looked just like every other floor.


“Time for what?” I asked absentmindedly. Dorcas always had a musing or two. I was so used to her inane rambling that I sometimes zoned out.


“For a relationship,” she murmured while tracing her fingers along the stone wall. I turned to look at my best friend, my jaw nearly hitting the floor. Well, that was a way to get my bloody attention. My best friend, monogamous? She returned my gaze with a curious expression, “What! Is it that hard to believe I’m tired of meaningless flings?”


“Uh, yeah!” I cried out. I then proceeded to poke her to make sure she was real and this wasn’t just another weirdly realistic dream.


“Oh, come off it, Deeds,” Dorcas sighed. “If I keep going at this rate, I’m going to end up having shagged every bloody guy in the world.”


I giggled. There was my best friend. “You’ve shagged every guy you’ve dated?” I asked as an afterthought.


“No!” she exclaimed defensively. “I just mean I might as well.”


“Dorcas, who cares what other people think,” I reassured her. Dorcas sometimes got really insecure about her reputation. “They’re all just jealous because you’re fitter than all of them and we know that you’re just a huge big hopeless romantic.”


Dorcas rolled her eyes and then shoved me into the wall. “Thanks, Deora. You’re the bestest friend anyone could ever ask for and you know I’m always here for you, right?”


I looked away before replying, “Of course I do.”


We walked in silence for a couple minutes, but then Dorcas spotted Benjy Fenwick, notorious Ravenclaw playboy. She gave me a quick apology before strutting off towards him. I guess to the outside world that would have seemed like a mean thing to do for a best friend, but for us, it was normal. Dorcas was Dorcas and I loved her for it. Plus lately, I find that I quite like my alone time. It gave me time to clear my head and just breathe.


I was doing just that: clearing my head and breathing without a thought whatsoever when I was pulled roughly into a pitch-black broom closet. I felt a pair of hands snake around my waist, pulling me towards them, and then a pair of soft lips grazed mine leaving my lips tingling from the soft touch. Stunned, I managed to push the offender off and gave him one solid ‘do my brothers proud’ punch right to the face. I wasn’t exactly sure what I hit, but I bolted out of the broom closet before I could really see the damage I did. Just as I stumbled into the light, someone else grabbed my arms.


“Oi! Get the fu-“ I began to say, but when I looked up, I instantly stopped. James Potter? I straightened myself back up and looked around. Remus Lupin and there was Peter Pettigrew… so who is missing?


“I think she broke my nose!” cried out a voice from behind me. I felt my heart stop and I quickly whirled around to find myself face to face with Sirius Black. The realisation of who had just kissed me made me narrow my eyes and clench my fists.


“Only cause you bloody sexually assaulted me!” I retorted. 


“It was you?” Sirius asked incredulous. 


“Yes, it was bloody me, you tosser!” I said angrily. This was why I hated the Marauders. They had a knack for embarrassing poor girls and I was far from being one of their ‘poor girls’ so being in this situation now really curdled my blood.


“Oh crap,” Peter mumbled. He then turned to me, his face apologetic. “Honestly, Di… Deora, we weren’t pranking you or anything! It was an honest mistake!”


I rolled my eyes. “So if this little rendezvous wasn’t for me, then who was it for? Another poor girl?”


“I hardly call her poor if she had to kiss me,” Sirius chuckled, still nursing his nose, which looked visibly crooked. Remus had managed to stop the bleeding.


“Well I wasn’t impressed,” I threw back at him. The rest of the boys laughed while Sirius look affronted. He scowled at me, which made me grin from ear to ear.


“No, see, the thing was Sirius lost a bet,” James began to explain, “And the loser had to wait in a broom closet for a girl we chose for him to kiss. He had to kiss her without any hesitation and stay in there for at least ten minutes.”


“Hardly seems like a bad thing,” I pointed out.


“No, not at first,” James continued, his hazel eyes now twinkling. “But you don’t know who we were going to choose!”


Sirius and I groaned at the exact same time. “Should I even ask?”


“No, you shou-” Remus tried to say, but James quickly cut him off by yelling out, “Andrena Pickles!”


“Oh dear Merlin!” Sirius cried out in despair. “That’s not even humane!”


I began to laugh hysterically at the thought of Sirius and Andrena. I’m not a bitchy person, but she was horrible. Andrena was gangly and spotty with metal in her teeth, and when she spoke, little bits of spit would fly out. I mean I try to never judge a person by how they look, but she was a right cow.


“It’s not funny!” Sirius shot at me to which I just stuck out my tongue, because it really was. He crossed his arms in a huffy manner. “It really isn’t.”


I snorted. “So if they were suppose to bring Andrena to you then why’d you grab me from the broom closet?”


“I got bored and I’m pretty sure an hour had passed so when I heard footsteps and a girl’s voice, I just thought they sent her down this way for me to grab,” Sirius told me.


“I was alone,” I stated confusedly.


“Yeah, you were mumbling to yourself,” he chuckled.


Oh, bloody brilliant. I talk to myself and I don’t even know it! I felt my cheeks flush with heat and quickly tried to come up with an excuse, “I was… erm, trying to… remember something!”


“Uhuh,” the four boys said in unison before bursting out in laughter. 


I shoved Sirius, as he was the closest to me. “Right, as amusing and slightly scarring as this had been, I’m going to head back. I’m not even going to ask what you lot are up to now so good night.”


With that, I began to walk back towards the Gryffindor Tower, hoping Dorcas was back there already as well. I was just about to head down the stairs when a hand grabbed me by the wrist. It was Peter.


“Hello Petey!” I smiled happily at my secret best friend.


“Hey,” Peter said and then began to shuffle his feet awkwardly, “Didi, I need you to know something... despite everything that’s happened with our families, I’ve always looked up to your dad. I…” Peter stopped and cleared his throat before continuing, “I… I just want to say sorry, I wasn’t there for you this summer… but I’m always here… for you, I mean. I’m here for you.”


Peter then took a deep breath and looked at me nervously waiting for my response. After all these years, he still seems to get as nervous as he did when he was a kid. I wanted to put him at ease, but I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t want to talk about this or even think about this. I know it’s not the healthiest way to deal, but I’m not ready to deal.


“Peter, I can’t do this right now,” I said honestly. 


He nodded, but stopped me just as I was about to go. “Didi? Sod my dad and this secrecy bollocks, okay?”


I had to smile at that. This was why Peter was in Gryffindor. He was the most loyal person I knew and when it came down to it, he would stand up for his mates. I chuckled, gave him a hug and walked away. Nothing needed to be said, not yet… I didn’t even know if we would or could be friends without the secrecy bit, because Mr. Pettigrew had eyes and ears everywhere. I don’t know how well it would go down if he found out Peter and I were mates again. I don’t know if I can subject Peter to his wrath… just because I was going through a hard time in my life. I snorted. Hard was a bloody understatement. I felt my chest constrict tightly, but ignored it because just then, I was faced with something far more interesting than my life.


My other best mate was snogging the living daylights out of Benjy Fenwick against the portrait of the Fat Lady… and believe me, the Fat Lady was not happy about it. 

author's note (read? there's a note in regards to Peter):
heyyy!! okay note... i bet you were all snorting at the 'peter is loyal' bit, but he wasn't always like that! i know what he did in canon was unforgivable but he's still cutesy petey!! anyway, what do you guys think of this chapter? i'm a bit iffy about it myself, but needed it to introduce characters. promise next one will be better ;-) favourite lines? one line reviews are super duper welcomed as well since i just like hearing what you liked... also, nitpicky grammar, spelling, punctuation reviews are welcomed also since i have no beta (although, be nice!) annnd... what do you think of deora and the girls? dorcas? anyway thanks for reading *hugs*


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Keeping the Secret: I Solemnly Swear Not to Punch Anyone...


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