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Opposites Attract by No_oneKnows
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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Est. of the Penny Huckleberry Agreement

“Oh my gosh, Penny. You did not just say that. You did not just say that!”

So I had just told my yellow haired, blue eyed best friend, Tammy Wilkins, that Sirius Black - noun for the most gorgeous, most perfect, most funniest and most unattainable boy in Hogwarts - would never date a girl like us. I agree. It was a tad bit harsh. But it was the truth. And yes, she did just squeal in protest.

“What kind of guy would want to date flat chested, lanky, - or unnaturally short in your case Tam - social rejects like us? Honestly. Not even Brad or Neo like to be seen around us!”

Brad and Neo. The two guys who - unfortunately for them - stumbled upon our lone little compartment during first year and never learnt to get rid of us after these long four years. It was a lengthy train ride in the first place but it just seemed to last for eternity because we practically spent the whole ride saying zilch amount of words. Not that I’m complaining. I happened to bask in the awkward silence.

I, Penny, would think of myself as completely hideous. I have thick brown eyebrows with dead straight brown hair. I have rectangular black glasses that framed my dull brown eyes. I had not so horrible teeth at least. Courtesy of my dentist mother who would force me to brush my teeth - the muggle way - and magically set them straight. I was too tall and too skinny. As much as I ate, the weight would never gain.

I noticed that Tammy’s eyes were glistening with a light that I like to believe in as hope. But there’s always that off-chance that it might just be the light of the fire, you know, illuminating her pretty little eyes.

“But Penny, there’s always a chance! One of the Marauders,”

Oh, the Marauders. Where would Hogwarts be without them? Popular, admired by students and some select staff, remarkably good-looking (where would popularity be without swoon worthy charm and potentially heartbreaking pretty faces) and a sense of humor that, funnily, doesn’t really make me laugh.

“Might actually go for a girl like me! I- I mean us! Look at James. He absolutely adores Lily Evans, and Remus! Remus is so nice and kind to girls like us!”

I frowned at her and she cowered slightly. “First of all, Lily Evans is gorgeous, and popular herself. Secondly, Remus is nice to everyone, Tammy. Everyone. You could not name one person under this make belief sky roof that he isn’t nice to.”

“Yes I could!” she squeaked, jumping up slightly out of excitement.

“No, you couldn’t.” I replied calmly, losing interest in this conversation with every second. We’ve discussed it multiple times before. I’m glad she’s a hopeful person, it just gets overbearing sometimes and sometimes I just wished she’d give up. Sometimes.

“Ahuh! Yes I can!” she smiled brightly, again, with hope.

I looked at her with anticipation. For her to ‘dazzle me’ with her nominee for Remus’ hate list. But no word came. Apart from the slight stutter on the letter ‘B’.

“No one?” I inquired, pulling my legs up against my body as I shifted my bottom to find a more comfortable position in my lovely yellow arm chair.

She shook her head, disappointed. “No one.”

“How about opposites attract?” she piped. I sighed out loud from her persistent hopefulness that one day, she’d be acknowledged by a Marauder character. Even if it is from the ugliest - Peter Pettigrew.

Does anyone really believe that saying, opposites attract? Or is it some sort of term of encouragement for girls like me who, stupidly enough, go for guys like Black? Okay, confession. I do have the hots for Sirius Black. He happens to be quite appealing. The way his eyes sparkle when he laughs. The way dimples appear out of nowhere! Again, when he laughs. The way his brown, tousled hair bounces when he runs after Severus Snape - the unfortunate soul who happens to be hated by the Marauders, excluding Remus, for no reason at all. Oh, how he makes my knees weak, my heart melt, my stomach flutter and my mind fuzz up. What other cliches could I include there?

“Tammy, puhlease! That’s only real in soppy American movies where muggles fall in love with the most unlikely of characters! This is Hogwarts! Where magic exists and love doesn’t have to be earned but... acquired.” A light bulb popped up right before my eyes and flicked on. I let out a small breath and looked at Tammy.

She looked back at me, unsure of what I had just said.

“Tammy,” I said sweetly, “How much would you pay me if I actually proved this silly ‘opposites attract’ thing to be a law of nature and actually got Sirius Black?” I smiled and my eyes brightened up with increasing happiness and delight to my brilliant mastermind. I noticed the look in her face. “Not that I like him or anything...” I mumbled, looking down to the floor with short and uncertain looks back at her. “He’s just you know, the hardest to get.”

“I will pay you, honestly, ten galleons if you did so.” It was her turn to smile sweetly. She knew I couldn’t do it. I wasn’t into love. No, I was into getting the highest N.E.W.T.s that Hogwarts has ever seen. Despite the fact that it was two years away. And despite the fact that the O.W.L.s were a step closer. Oh, and despite the fact that I don’t know which subjects I was to do.

“Ten Galleons!” I exclaimed, outraged. Ten galleons for the amount of effort I’d have to put in? Ten galleons to abandon my future as a doctor for the incurably insane at St. Mungo’s? Ten galleons to fight the thousands of girls dying for this particular bloke? Okay. “Deal!”

“Swear on it, Pen.”

I frowned at her once more. Was this truly necessary?


“Wait!” she screamed so loudly that a first year’s ink bottle was pushed off the table, and curiously, landed in a million pieces over the floor. “I need to get a quill!”

And some ink, I thought to myself, but never mind that, there is no more ink. It had been sucked up by the magically absorbing floor we find ourselves standing on.

I watched as Tammy ran up the stairs, only to imagine how she’d run into our dorm, search the littered place for a quill, ink bottle and a scrap piece of parchment, dart back out only to find herself face first on the floor as she always forgets the small step in front of our door, get back up on her legs, brush herself down once and run back down the stairs to where I sat all knowingly.

I smiled, noting her pink flushed cheeks and her disheveled brown hair. She coughed lightly and sat back down, pulling the coffee table closer towards her.

“Okay, now start.” she said as she dipped her quill into the almost empty ink bottle.

“Start what?” I blinked at her, as though she was mad.

“Your claim!” she beamed widely and looked back down to the white parchment. “Start! Now!” So demanding, that woman.

“Ugh. I, Penny Huckleberry of the Ravenclaw House, a young, intelligent but not attractive and socially rejected girl promises to prove that opposites do attract for ten galleons, generously offered by you, Tammy Wilkins. I will do this, through wooing a certain Marauder, Sirius Black to be more precise, and proving to the world of Hogwarts that he is, in fact, in love with me, and thus proving the hypothesis to be correct.” I let out a small sigh. I could just imagine how strenuous this trek would be.


Author's Note: Please tell me what you think of it so far! :) 

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