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Lily's Letter by massieblockrox
Chapter 4 : Summoning an Owl
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“Tuney!” Lily looked so happy, I thought her face would swell and pop like one of those balloons tied to the back of her chair.

Mom and Dad didn't look as pleased, but satisfied that I'd shown up at all.

“Can we eat the cake now?” Lily begged, her red hair flailing like fire as she jumped up and down.

The cake hovered over my head, and seemed to be taunting me, as though it could spill onto her any second. "AUG!" I shrieked. It floated back onto the plate.

Everyone burst out laughing but me, looking amused and astonished. “How did that cake float?” Dad asked. “Sorry,” Lily said sheepishly. “Couldn't resist –”

After the cake was gone, with only a few sprinkles on the cardboard platter, I said, “Mom? May I please use the computer?” Her smile faded. “Sweets, I'm sorry, but you are grounded,”

So how in the world was I supposed to find Hog Blemish's address? I would have to wait for tonight, when the computer was free.


12:13. I was pretty sure no one was awake.

I sat up in bed abruptly after glancing at the clock yet again. Time to go.

Creeping downstairs as quietly as I possibly could, I felt like a ninja. When I finally reached the kitchen, I almost flew into the computer seat and turned on the monitor.


What would I type? I reached for the keys and hastily typed:

SEARCH: Hog Blemish

I hit the enter key and laid back. When I saw what came up I nearly screamed of horror. Ew! I was not looking for pictures of fat old hogs with pimples! Yuck, yuck, yuck. I then typed:

SEARCH: Hog Wart

Again, a load of nasty things popped up. Scrolling to the bottom of the page, I saw the thing I was looking for.


A school of magic. The address: Nobody knows, but to contact us, please summon an owl by calling,

Owl, Owl, come to me. I wish to summon for Hogwarts-ee,”

Um, that was weird, but if it worked, I was a success.

I hustled back to my room, and wrote the 'address' on the envelope.

Hogs Warts School

Alguss Dumb-bladder

From Petunia Evans


Then I opened my window and called briskly,

“Owl, owl, come to me. I wish to summon for Hogwarts-ee!” I sat back on my bed, feeling quite stupid. Me, Petunia Evans, calling for owls in the middle of the night? I don't think so. I turned around sleepily.

“AAAUUUH!” I screamed, jolting awake again. An owl, a real, live owl, was perched atop my windowsill. A name tag on his soft brown feathers read:

HOOT, HOOT, MY NAME IS :Ballo. Hogwarts owl. RANK: Feather

Ballo held out a taloned claw expectantly “Uh.....” Oh, I hated touching animals!

I winced as I tied the envelope to Ballo's leg. He hooted, seeming to snicker at me. When I was sure the letter was secure, I stepped way back.

“Uh, bye,” I waved to the window pointedly, feeling idiotic beyond belief.

The owl took off. He bobbled up and down, as though he was still laughing at me.

I slammed the window shut and turned to go to bed, only to find an unrecognizable woman in glittering beads staring at me, transfixed.

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