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A Haunting Melody by DracoMuggleLuver_01
Chapter 1 : Melody
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AN: I got this story idea out of the blue. I hope you enjoy it. Need lots of feedback and inputs. J


September 24th Sixteen years ago

The air was filled with dust, smoke and the debris of a house that had just been destroyed. Burning flesh was so strong that Lucius Malfoy could taste it on his tongue. He grimaced. He may be a follower of Lord Voldemort, but even that smell was enough to make him sick to his stomach.

Around him, Lestrange, Crabbe, Goyle and Karkaroff stood, their hoods up, wands at their sides. Though all their faces were covered with masks, Lucius believed that they were most likely all smirking at the sight. Lucius wasn’t smirking. In fact, he wasn’t doing much of anything. For the past few minutes, after the battle had dispersed and ended, his face had been impassive.

The Dark Lord had sent them out, choosing to come along, to try to persuade a small family to come to the dark side. As soon as the door opened and they were discovered, a fight had broken out. Curses had gone everywhere destroying the yard, catching the house on fire and much more. Finally, the Dark Lord had managed to get into the house, distracting the three men they’d been fighting long enough for death.

The Dark Lord had been inside for several minutes now. Lucius was unsure if there was anyone left in the house when the Dark Lord had gone in, but in all the smoke, he really couldn’t make out anything around it.

Finally, after several more minutes of waiting, Lucius noticed a shape coming toward them from the smoky atmosphere.

"My lord," Bellatrix spoke up, stepping forward and throwing back her hood, though her mask remained in place.

Voldemort was much more visible now, and he was walking toward them slowly, carefully. Lucius had never seen such a thing and was instantly curious. His eyes dropped to the Dark Lord’s arms, which ere strangely folded into his body.

He heard the other’s intakes of breaths, as well as his own.

In the arms of the Dark Lord himself, was a young child, bundled up tightly in a blanket. The child appeared to be sleeping, even from such a distance. Surprisingly enough considering what had just been occurring around it not too long ago.

"My lord!" Bellatrix spoke again, only this time she sounded mortified. "What—what is that?"

The Dark Lord finally came to a stop several feet before them all, a disgusted look on his face. "Even I thought you of all people would recognize a baby when you saw one Bellatrix." He said, his voice full of venom and annoyance. His eyes surveyed the people in front of him, until they fell on Lucius, who flinched involuntarily under his gaze. He began forward again, closer and closer, until he was finally standing only a couple of feet away from Lucius.

Lucius was not an ignorant man; he knew better than to question the Dark Lord. However this situation had everyone questioning him and Lucius could not help what he said next. "My Lord, I’m not sure I understand why you have the child."

To his relief, the Dark Lord just smirked. "Understandable Lucius. I agree, it does not seem," he paused. "Like me."

His eyes flared an even brighter red and Lucius suddenly felt the need to flee. However, he stood his ground.

And then, the Dark Lord did something no one expected him to do,

He held the baby out to Lucius.

"My lord?!" Lucius gasped.

"Take the child Lucius!" Voldemort commanded and Lucius reached out and pulled the child into his arms.

Closer up, Lucius could make out the features. The child was female, with thick blonde hair and pale skin. Her lips were a light pink and her cheeks were slightly flushed. She slept soundly in his arms, appearing to not have been bothered by the movement of being placed in his arms.

Lucius looked up from her and found everyone watching him, expressions a mixture between disgust, confusion, and awe. Voldemort, however, looked calm and—scheming.

"Lucius," he began sharply, and Lucius jumped in surprise. Voldemort ignored it. "I want you to take this child back to your home—back to your wife and your small son—and raise her as your own."

"My lord!" Bellatrix gasped.

"Shut up!" Voldemort roared and she quickly stepped back, raising her hood. He turned his attention back to Lucius, who was staring at him, dumbfounded. "Do you understand this? Do your understand your orders?"

The question was rhetorical. He was not asking if Lucius understood the reason, he was asking if he understood the rhyme. "Yes, my lord, I understand." Lucius replied.

Voldemort spun away, throwing his arms out. "Fantastic! Now, off with you all!" he roared.

Everyone obeyed. Everyone, that is, except Lucius, who remained in the debris of the now ruined, staring down at the child in his arms, a hundred different thoughts going through his mind.


Lucius’ head jerked up and he saw the Dark Lord standing before him. "Yes, my lord?"

"My orders," he said, fixing Lucius with a serious leer. "Are final."


Lucius walked up the front steps into the Malfoy home, the baby in his arms. He paused at the door, knowing that his wife, Narcissa, and son were waiting for him inside. Narcissa was likely to be waiting for the report on the attack.

But he wondered, more than anything, how Narcissa would react to the orders. Their son, Draco had just been born three days before and they had not even adjusted to having one child in the house. Now they had to adjust to two?

"My orders are final!"

The Dark Lord’s words rang in his head. Lucius sighed, knowing there was nothing he could do but obey. He had no choice—unless he wanted to die.

Maneuvering the child, he reached forward and opened the door, walking into the manor briskly. Dobby, the house elf did not meet him, but Lucius couldn’t give a damn right now. He knew this night was just going to get that much more dramatic, made obvious by the child in his arms, still sleeping away.

Lucius made his way through the foyer and turned into the huge den, where his wife waited, sitting in a chair next to the fire. The heat hit Lucius in a comforting embrace.

Narcissa leapt from the chair. "Lucius!" she exhaled in relief, rushing forward. Then she stopped suddenly, seeing the baby girl in Lucius’ arms. "What," she began, horror-stricken. "Is that?!"

Definitely not happy about it. " It’s a child," he answered, knowing that she was looking for a different explanation. Her glare only reinforced the knowledge. "Narcissa sit down," he said. "We need to talk."

Narcissa reared back, her back ramrod straight. "Not until you tell me what that is doing here!" she exclaimed, her expression murderous.

It was at that moment that the baby jolted awake. Lucius looked down at her, noticing the jolt, worried that she may be having a fit or something.

The first thing he saw, was grey eyes.

Draco’s grey eyes.

"Lucius!" Narcissa bellowed furiously, and he gazed back up at his wife. "What is she doing here?"

"The Dark Lord gave her to me," Lucius said and Narcissa’s mouth dropped open. "He has told us to raise her like she is our own. Hid orders are final There is no going against him."

For a long time, Narcissa remained speechless, staring at Lucius and the child as if she did not know what to think. Finally, after several long minutes of silence, she spoke. "So," she began. "What do we do?"

Lucius waited a moment to answer, remembering again those piercing grey eyes. "We pass her off as Draco’s twin. We will use a spell to change her hair color if need be. We will raise her as our own until…" he trailed off.

"Until what?" Narcissa pressed, frustrated.

Lucius sighed and then stared down at the baby. She stared right back up at him. "Until; the Dark Lord gives us new orders."

Narcissa did not answer right away. In fact, she was silent for so long that Lucius had to look up to make sure she was there. Seeing her just standing there, not moving and expressionless, Lucius grew concerned. "Narcissa? Are you alright?"

When he spoke, her eyes shot to him and she seemed to come out of her trance. There was something in her eyes, something Lucius was not sure if he had ever seen before. Perhaps they were reflecting the gaze in his own. Nonetheless, she now seemed ten times different than she had before. She stepped closer, holding out her arms. "May I?"

Lucius held the child out to her and Narcissa gently cradled her in her arms. Lucius watched her as she gazed down at the baby girl almost adoringly. She looked up suddenly after several seconds. "We should think of a name!" she said.

Lucius could not help but smile. "That is up to you."

Narcissa turned back to the baby in her arms, staring for very several minutes. "Melody," she said finally. "We’ll call her Melody."

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