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Need Saving by lilypotterfan123
Chapter 1 : Need Saving
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She swung from the tree with dirty blonde hair, her clothes black and dirty with soot. The marks on her face didn’t seem to bother her at all. The crisp summer leaves falling onto her feet did not affect her. Those misty grey eyes hid so much pain and fear as they were locked away from the world. Each person who had passed her in that muggle park had turned a blind eye or smirked out of disgust thinking that she was an example of the lower human race. Yet this time a different man was walking down the pebbly path. His closed crumpled as he walked with a notebook almost in his face. He appeared to be deep in thought; his olive eyes scanned the book as if it was the only thing on his mind. His fair coloured hair was like a birds nest as it looked like it hadn’t been brushed in years. He pushed it back every so often yet it only flopped back onto the book making him more frustrated. He frequently bit his lip and caused it to bleed the cut was so deep. As he passed Luna he intended to keep walking yet a single leaf had been shrugged off by Luna and it landed on the top of his head. He pressed his hand onto his head searching for the leaf that had fallen on his head. He snatched it with his spider like fingers swooping to crumple it. He then looked up and saw the one girl hanging upside down. He dropped his book almost instantaneously looking shocked. He went to shout but no words came out. He then knew it was best to try to shout regardless of the noise he made.

“Miss, whatever are you doing?! Do you need help? I’ll-erm I’ll come and get you, you’re obviously stuck. Come on I’ll climb up and you just grab my hand and I promise not to let go.” He reassured. The girl snapped her book shut and looked down at the boy below and tutted loud enough for him to hear.

“Why do boys always insist it’s the girl’s who need saving? I’m not stuck, I’m just reading my Fathers latest article in the Quibbler. I doubt you’ve heard of it but it’s quite interesting.” She called back dreamily sounding distant like she was in a world of her own. The man’s jaw dropped as he was truly shocked. He had read the quibbler as a child all through his life. He remembered his quest for a Crumple Horned Snorkack when he was 10, just before starting Hogwarts, he remembered as it was the day after the muggle celebration ‘Bonfire night’ and that delightful burning smell was in the air making the air seem more crisp and the day more exciting. He remembered his mother having a fit about all the dirt that was proudly shown all over his clothes and hair, yet his grandfather told him that if he kept trying he would eventually find something worth showing.

“I love the quibbler! I haven’t read it since the wizarding war! Those marks, they’re soot. I can tell you’ve been fighting. Let me get you to Saint Mungo’s, they’ll fix you up in a jiffy!” He tried to sound more cheery with a broad smile he held out his long thin hand that looked slightly grubby. Yet the girl wasn’t offended or disgusted by them she just wasn’t too sure.

“I prefer it up here, much more....peaceful wouldn’t you say?” She asked the man who tried to hold back his smile, yet it still managed to show. She gave a small smile back wondering whether it was wise.

“Look, you have to trust me, if it helps I’m Rolf Scamander.” He tried to comfort her looking for her sooty yet pale face to soften. Eventually she became less stiff and more relaxed.

“Your Grandfather wrote the most excellent book, he’s my inspiration. All those books he wrote about misunderstood creatures, it made me want to cry the way they were saw by the rest of the world. When really all the need is a bit of love. Oh and I’m Luna Lovegood; the quibbler belongs to my father. He wanted to get the Quibbler out quickly as we’ve had to move home. They truly are selling like hotcakes.” She smiled then returned to the quibbler reading about how he had spoken with the Golden Trio. Rolf went to speak but Luna cut across unaware that she had been slightly rude.

“But I hate this issue, Fathers going against everything he stands for. He’s turning into the daily prophet, with all the news about Harry Potter. I told him that he wants peace now but Father insists that if we want a better home then we must write the people want to hear. It’s what the death eaters have done, seeing as while I was captured they were forever tormenting him saying the people want lies and safety and giving them Harry was the only way of that happening.” She sighed. Luna then wrapped her legs around the branch more tightly as she began to swing forwards and backwards laughing as she did so. Rolf ran looking heroic as if it was his mission to catch her.

“DON’T LET GO! PLEASE!” He pleaded, his tone of voice becoming more serious and the hairs on the back of his neck standing up on their ends. Luna giggled and shook her head making her feel quite dizzy.

“I’m trying to throw you the Quibbler so you can read it. I’m going to have a nap soon, well once you’ve gone that is.”  She managed to say through the giggles she then through the quibbler in the air and with a high jump he caught it. As soon as it was in his hands he could smell the wonderful smell of burning, the one that he craved and made him weak at the knees. There was one way he had to know for sure that the answer to the glorious smell that was whirling round his head was true,

“Did you spill something on this?” He asked eagerly. She stopped swinging and began to blush a deep shade of blossomy pink.

“Yes actually, love potion. I was making it for an experiment but this is what came out. It’s strange that whenever it comes close I smell this lovely burning smell like it’s the day after bonfire night.” She whispered as more muggles who tried to avoid looking at the two of them. Rolf’s once serious face had transformed into a beam. He felt like if he stopped smiling the world would end. He’d finally found that girl who would love the smell not turn her nose up at it. He imagined himself having the power to fly up there and kiss her softly and just the thought gave him goose bumps. But he hadn’t known her long. Would it be safe to take a chance? To take a risk? But he couldn’t let his one chance, to prove everyone who called him stupid, who said no one would ever love him; that those people who had said those things-wrong.

“Luna, you-I-the burning smell...I love that smell! Take my hand, I promise you won’t fall because it’s me who’s falling, for you.” He declared proudly. Luna was stunned yet she was more flattered rather than disgusted. She had never met anyone who was brave enough to say they were falling for them never mind after meeting them in one hour. She’d always imagined befriending them, getting to know people yet when she looked at Rolf, she felt like she knew she could trust him. Only she wondered if she could trust herself. She felt like he was his equal, like he was the only person who truly understood her, who wouldn’t care about her strange interests. Though she wondered if later on if he would laugh, would run once he heard them. But Luna knew she had to take that chance.    

“Ok, I trust you Rolf, take my hand.” She reached out carelessly putting all the weight in her hand. As he came nearer to her she loosened the grip on the branch and her legs completely lost balance making her fall through the air the scream echoing around the park. Rolf jumped into action holding out his arms ready to catch her. As she became nearer to the ground Luna snapped her eyelids shut refusing to await the fate of the hard, cold pavement. Yet she never reached the floor that begged her to meet her doom, as someone was protecting her from falling, it was as if someone was holding her like a hammock would. She opened her eyes for a split second fearing a deadly truth, only to find it was Rolf who was holding her in his muscled arms. She then chose to open her eyes again to look more closely at her surroundings. Then she looked into those deep blue eyes that she longed to look into forever more. It was a fraction of a second later that they kissed and it was as if the war had been forgotten and the beauty of the world had taken its place instead. Rolf rolled his eyes as Luna blushed sheepishly, knowing that Rolf was right.

“So who needs saving now? He asked her with a sarcastic ring in his voice. She blushed even more so, then rushing to change the subject,

“Rolf, I don’t think I can walk.” She urged with a weak smile.

“Well it looks like I’ll have to carry you home instead!” He declared hoping for an hour walk. Luna rolled her eyes.

“We’re in Yorkshire and I live in Wales now-are you sure you don’t want to apparate instead.” Luna offered not minding about how it made her stomach churn each time she had tried.

“Maybe we’ll take the train instead.” And with that he set off with her in his arms to the nearest station. This was the time when you’d hear people say “Little did they know they would spend the rest of their lives together.” Yet, that was something they already knew.


A/N- Yep I know this is another love in a chapter! But I've had this plot bunny in my head for ever and this is the best version I could make! So I hope it wasn't too rushed and an instant love. I did my best to develop it! But if you can help me improve find anything you like about it-let me know! 

LpF123 xx

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Need Saving: Need Saving


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