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An Object of Interest by loopyluna
Chapter 20 : Of the Re-Birth of the Rebel Child
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Beautiful Chapter Image by Squiggles @ tda. 
Zoe Taggert and Josh McCartney

I crawled out of bed. Literally. I put one leg out the bed, followed by the other and then fell. The intelligent thing to have done at this moment would have been to stand up and walk to the mirror, but I couldn’t seem to do it. Instead I moved up on to my knees, moved them one at a time towards the bathroom.


A rustle came from behind me. It was usual for Molly to move in her sleep. At one point I had found her walking down the stairs to the Common Room, yet she denies ever doing it, she denies sleep walking. Blowing my fringe from my eyes I kept moving. I stopped when I felt a pillow collide with the back of my head.


Slowly and horror-movie-esque, I turned my head, demon eyed. Molly snorted. She was sat up in her bed, her duvet pulled around her waist and her pillow missing.


“Good morning,” she greeted groggily.


I growled. “Hmmphl.”


“I can see you’re having a good day so far.” She said through furrowed brows.


The curtains were still pulled and no shining morning light was coming through, it must be before seven. “I can’t believe that my first word of the day was hmmphl.”


“Well it is Wednesday,” Molly shrugged. “It’s hump day, you’re allowed slip ups.”


“Hump day?”


She nodded. “Yes, hump day – Merlin you’re dirty minded.”




She caught her pillow as I threw I back. “I meant that the week is like a hill.” I scrunched my nose up. I really wasn’t in the mood for Mystic-Molly. “Monday and Tuesday you’re going up the hill and Thursday and Friday you’re going down it.”


“So on Wednesday you’re going over the hump?”


“How did you know?”


“It’s obvious.” I said through gritted teeth. “It was either that or on Wednesday you take part in a vivacious sexual encounter. Can I go and brush my teeth now?”


I used the assistance of the bathroom door knob to pull myself up. My knees clicked as I stood. Hollie was still fast asleep, snoring softly while Zoe’s bed was empty, she moved from dorm to dorm. I doubt that she had slept in here more than twice; she’s not stupid.


“Is that all you’re going to do?” Molly asked snottily. “I mean, just brush your teeth?”


I shrugged. “I showered last night.”


“Well I know that, you were singing.” She got up from her bed and kicked back the duvet. “I mean honestly, not everyone speaks French, you could have been a little more considerate.”


“Sorry, I’ll remember that next time I am trying to enjoy my little amount of self-treatment.”


Her eyes narrowed. “There’s no need to be sarcastic.”


“Its hump day,” I chimed. “I’m allowed slip ups.”


“You’ve used them all.”


“And it’s only 6:58,” I acknowledged with sarcastic-self-shame. “What ever am I going to do?” I smacked my hand to my mouth in ‘shock’ and pulled it away grinning.


Molly rolled her eyes. “Come on Little Miss Loser.” She grabbed my arm and pulled me in to the bathroom, standing us by the mirror. “What I meant was you haven’t been looking your best lately.” I raised my brow and wore a suitable expression for this statement. “Since you and James had that argument, you haven’t spoken. You and Taggert are trying to get at each other every second of the day, it’s like the world is against you.”


I spluttered through toothpaste. “Thank you self-facilitating world.”


She jabbed me with her clean tooth brush. “I only meant to say that you’re gorgeous. You know it, I know it. But you were like this big-shot Queen figure, Zoe knows that. You must have looked like a bitch.”


“My looks did gratify the world around me.”


She laughed. “Well slap that face back on. Show Zoe that you are still capable of making her feel insignificant.”


“But I’m not that person anymore, Molly.” I said. There was a slight pleading to my voice “When I was back in France, I was mean. I made others feel terrible about themselves. But I was loyal, and giving. I would never let any of my friends get hurt. Ever.”


“I guess that Zoe envies that.” Molly said. She put her toothbrush back in to the pot and picked up a red lip liner from the shelf above us. “But ‘Ettie’ is still inside you.”


I stared at the liner. “She’s not, not at all.”


“But Zoe doesn’t know that.” The apprehension in her tone was miniscule, but I still caught it. “Now, describe this French-Bitch look to me.”


It didn’t take much convincing. I believe that it was time for Ettie to make a temporary come back.



“Now really,” I muttered “is it truly necessary to sound like two mating Hippogriffs?”


I flung open the door to the third floor broom cupboard. Zoe was knelt on the floor, doing something very compromising to a reputation. Her chosen subject’s hands were somewhere I would rather not mention. The shocked expression on their faces was nothing compared to the beauty of the situation. I recognised him, his name was Zac. He’s a sixth year – I’m sure he’s gay.


I smiled cheekily and walked away, leaving the door open as I went. I twirled the ends of my hair, the bits that were down. The rest was neatly pinned in little curls. I bit down on my ruby red lips, nattily rimmed with a thin liner. I wasn’t taking shit today.


It took no longer than a minute for the door to open once more. “Blythe!” She cried. “What…was that?!”


I stood, leaning with my shoulder on the archway behind me, a pleasant smile plastered on to my face. “Zoe, can I help you?”


“Why did you interrupt?” She hissed.


My smile didn’t falter. “Oh was I interrupting? I’m terribly sorry.”


“You knew that you were,” she snarled. “Why?”


I sighed unenthusiastically with a hint of a jaded smile. “Ok, you got me.” I put my hands up in to the air for surrender. “I need to have a little reunion with you. For you see, something has resurfaced, something I thought that I lost.”


“Your brother?” She sneered. “Did he come back from Neverland?”


“Neverland?” I questioned.


She shook her head, “not important. Now what did you want to tell me? I have a lovely hunk waiting for me?”


“We could go somewhere privately and discuss this?”


“No,” she snapped. Zoe gestured to the housemates around her, many a mixture. “We can do it here.”


“Ok then,” I widened my eyes innocently. “I was awful to you back in France – uh uh, don’t interrupt me while I am speaking.” The authority in my voice shocked me. “And for that I am sorry. I made you a nastier person, and for that I am sorry. But what I am not sorry for, was giving you that crown.”


“Best decision of your life in my opinion.” She shot back, pressing lightly on a hair clip. A small é was engraved in to the silver, é for élite. She had transfigured it – that’s why I didn’t recognize it. I didn’t think that she had the brain capacity.

“Well I wondered if you had ever learnt the rules behind the elite.” I asked. “Did you ever know the reason for it, the reason for its creation?”


“Rules?” She spat “like I would ever bother, erugh, reading a handbook, its utter shit. Although I was never told, I am sure that I can guess the reason behind its creation.”


“Which is?”


“To make others life hell.”


I smiled sweetly. “Oh chéri, you’re so far off it actually hurts a little inside. Well, mostly.”


“Well, what was it then?” she demanded eagerly.


“I can’t tell you,” I rounded. “If they didn’t feel that you were fit to know, then who am I to betray that?”


There were many reasons that she wasn’t fit to know. One just happened to be that I told them never to tell her. She was sixteen when she arrived, but that never shook us once.


“That’s unfair…and it’s probably your fault.”


“Well I think that it’s unfair that you’ve left that poor boy waiting – wait no, that’s my fault too.” I smiled sweetly. “Zoe, for the purposes that I requested a private place, I would now like to say something that I am sure will give me great pleasure.”


She smirked at me. I had no idea what she was expecting me to say, but I can safely arrive upon the conclusion that it was no where near what actually came out.


“I am going to explain something to you, considering that you have never read the rules.” Zoe huffed at my explanation. “The forth rule of the elite states that if the pre-assessor believes that you are doing a shitty job, then they can take back the crown at any given moment.”


She seethed. “Wha-“


“And this is mine.” I snapped my fingers at her hair clip. “I would usually be a little less ‘in your face’ with the request, I may have even thrown you a party, but I really can’t be bothered right now. Come on, hand it over.”


“But you can’t do that!” She squealed, stamping her foot. “I earned this!” the sheer volume of her voice attracted the attention of many passing students. “I want this!”


“And I want to wear a big sparkly ball gown to my mother’s prison sentence, but we don’t always get what we want.”


She appeared to be inconsistent with this information. “You can’t do this.”


“Actually,” I said flatly. “I can.”




Once again, I cut off her whining. “You may be an irritating slag, but you’re not stupid. You know when you’re beaten. So you have three seconds to give me back the crown before I get Damon over here to take it from you.” I said narrowing my eyes. She stood there gaping. “He will use force.”


“You still talk to Damon?” She asked


A nod.


“He’s gone off of the rails, G.” she snapped. “I doubt that you’ve seen him since you left.”


“But that’s where you’re wrong, Zoe. As usual.” I wasn’t willing to elaborate; a slip up could change it all. She wasn’t the brightest crayon in the coloring box when it came to people skills. But she was in no way dim. “Three-“


“But I-“




She stammered her breath. “This isn’t fair.” A tear.


“Two and a half.”


She blinked and another tear fell down. She wanted this more than the world. She wanted it more than I ever had. I just hoped that one day, she would wipe away the tarty make up and realise that behind my cold demeanor I am trying my best to help her. I had given her this crown in a vane hope that it would cause the elite to fall. She wouldn’t never have to know that she had possibly just saved the wizarding world, nor just quite what she was getting in to. I hadn’t expected her arrival at Hogwarts. But it just became the icing on the cake.


I could end it myself.


“Two and a quarter.”


She ripped the hair clip from her dark locks and pushed it in to my chest with a stifled sniff. She wanted to sob, I knew the expression.


I smiled thinly. “Thank you.”


“I hate you.”


The words were spoken with such demise that they should have hurt, but they didn’t. I felt numb thorough my body. I had probably just crushed the emotions of seventeen year old girl. Congratulations Georgette, you’re doing a grand job of a new life.


I bit back the wit, held back my sarcasm. She was in no state to take it. As I watched her tears fall, I felt myself want to join her. What I had just done wasn’t something that I was proud of. I would never be proud of it.


“I know.”


Her eyes narrowed. “Please, just leave me alone.”


I nodded and began to oblige. Molly had told me to re-incarnate Ettie. She spoke as if we were two different people, but she’s wrong, we are the same person, I’ve just improved. I have realized my mistakes. Years ago, I would have kicked somebody while they were down, I would never do that now. It wasn’t until my sixteenth birthday when I realized that I wasn’t all that I could be – the night that I was told everything.


Or what I thought was everything.


I turned to my right and began to walk down the corridor, someone was in my way. Leant leisurely against the stone wall was Russell. His hair was cut short, different to how it was at dinner the night before. His robes were ruffled, carelessly threw on. But still he managed to look eligible.


He raised a brow. “That was…interesting.”


“It wasn-“


“Molly told me everything.” He said apologetically. “She can’t keep a secret from me for too long.”


I nodded once.


I shouldn’t feel embarrassed infront of Russell; I had done nothing wrong. But I couldn’t evade the blush from capturing my cheeks.


I looked down to the floor and pressed my lips tightly together. I knew Russell well enough to know he wouldn’t think any less of me, to know that he wouldn’t hurt me intentionally. But he would do what he needed to protect others, especially Molly.


He chuckled quietly. “If that was how you owned Beaubaxtons, there’s no wonder you were the best.”


I rolled my eyes. “Please don’t say that,” I pleaded. “What I just did there was utterly shameful. Its over.”


“I know,” he said. “And I know how much you dreaded doing that. I admire you for it actually – but you needed the cro-hairclip.” He corrected, looking slightly astonished as I held it up. “So, what are you going to do with it?”


I shrugged. “I’m not sure. Beaubaxtons is no place for an Elite but neither is Hogwarts.”


“I don’t think that anywhere in the world deserves to go through what you did.”


I smiled at his tone; he took the clip from my grasp gently. “So, do I destroy it?”


He nodded. “I would guess so.” He fingered it lightly. “Its lovely work, this though, isn’t it.” I had to agree. “Back in the days when our parents were our age, The Death Eaters would put trackers and allsorts on little trinkets like these – even certain words that people would say. You never know what could have been done to this.”


“I understand,” I said flatly. “I have underestimated the Elite before, I will never again.”


“Hopefully you won’t have to.”


I smiled thinly. “Hopefully.”


He gave me a similar smile in return before bopping one of my curls. “You look incredibly pretty today.” He said quietly. “I hope it doesn’t stay too long, James is already in a great fit of depression, he doesn’t need to know that I had to spend the day fighting boys off of you.”


I rolled my eyes. “You won’t have to.”


“Yeah,” he agreed. “After seeing that display, I don’t think that my assistance will be needed. You’re perfectly capable of handling yourself.” I smirked. “That was not supposed to be an innuendo you sick, sick red-lipped little girl.”


I sighed. “Russell, is James really upset?” I asked while running my fingers up and down the sides of my robes.


He nodded. “Conceivably – he just wants to talk to you.”


“I don’t deserve him.”


Russell raised a brow. “Don’t say that, G.” he punched my shoulder lightly. “You two just need to actually have a civil conversation and then you will realise just how perfect for each other you really are. You do deserve him, and he deserves you. Now don’t say anything else like that, I’m not good at love and relationship troubles…that sorta shit.”


I nodded. I really did miss him. Even if he wasn’t my boyfriend, I wanted James back – my friend James.


I blushed and he smiled. “You miss him, you miss him.” I ignored his little chant and looked back to where I stood only moments ago, Zoe was gone. Russell was still grinning uncontrollably. “Georgie, I really am sorry. Everything that Molly told me…I just – I just didn’t expect it. I never thought that something so…something so awful, could happen to…someone like you.”


“Trust me; I deserved a lot of it.” I admitted truthfully. “You just saw what I did to Zoe; that was how I treated most people.”


“But you still didn’t deserve what you got.”


I bit back an ironic laugh. “My mother is a Death Eater, my father is interested in men and my brother was always a bit of a whore.”


Russ smiled cheekily. “Well think of it this way. Zoe was a whore with a gay guy while all the while unknowingly leading a group of trainee Death Eaters.”


“What does that prove?”


“That Zoe was a whore with a gay guy while all the while unknowingly leading a group of trainee Death Eaters.”


I snorted. “Thanks, Russ.”


“For what?”


“For making me feel normal.”


He smiled and smacked me on the back. “Come on, let’s go and smash this baby.” He flipped the ‘crown’ between his fingers.



It had shattered; in to lots of little pieces, it had shattered. The silver of the clip had spun wildly out of control before settling down on to the ground. We had tried stamping on it, jumping on it, hitting it with a beaters bat. But nothing had happened. We had both assumed that muggle violence against the magical trinket may not activate any charms that it may contain.


But nothing worked.


We settled on something else.


Russell, after much deliberation – aka, nothing; he’s not the most patient of lads – had lifted up his wand and smashed the hairclip in to many little pieces. We hadn’t even bothered to change it back to its former glory. It didn’t deserve that.


I hadn’t a clue what spell he had used, but it worked so I felt no need to ask.


It took minutes to pick up the little pieces that were left. One we threw in to the lake, another in to the forest. One was buried under the greenhouses and another fed to a flobberworm. We were taking no chances. After another hour or so of finding places to forever hold what was left of the crown, we were left with one last piece.


Russell wanted to smash it more (I wondered if I should feel at all worried about this sudden need for violence, but I brushed it aside) but I had a better idea. After finding out which owl mailed me the letter from Kevin, I folded the tiny piece in scrunched parchment and sent the owl back on its way. He would need to see.


The shard of silver was no bigger than my finger nail, yet somehow I felt intimidated by it. We didn’t know of the Death Eaters had cast anything on it, it was just an assumptions, but as I had said before…I wasn’t taking any chances.


Russell thumped me in a congratulate manner in the lower back as we re-entered the school entrance hall. An hour we had spent sitting on the stairs procrastinating how we would act next. Should we tell the others? Should be ignore it, pretend it never happened? The thought occurred to me to find Zoe and see if she was alright, the look on Russ’s face shot that idea down in an instant.


“Molly will want to know how it went!” I exclaimed, thumping him back.


“Yes, but that’s Molly.” He replied. “She will also want to know if you smudged your lipstick.”


I rolled my eyes. “That’s because she took time over it.”


“More time that thinking up the plan actually.”


“We didn’t have a plan.” I muttered.


He raised a brow. “I’m sorry, I didn’t quite catch that.”


“We didn’t have a plan.” I said a little louder, not meeting him in the eye. “I was sorta, winging it…as you would say.”


His jaw dropped a little. “You mean, everything that you did back there, you did blind sighted.” I gave a short nod. “You were making it all up, you had no idea what you were doing.”




“For fuck sake, G!” he laughed ironically. “I could have killed myself; I only cast that spell and shit because I thought that you would have stopped me if it got dangerous.”


“Well how would I know?” I snapped. “I knew as much as you. You think that if I knew how to destroy it I would have sat there for half an hour and let you repeatedly throw it at woodland creatures.”


“I thought that one of them might eat it.”


I snorted. The image of a pathetic little creature munching on a lump of silver made me chuckle. It was only a moment before I was joined by Russell’s bombing laugh.


“It’s pretty far fetched, isn’t it?” he asked. I nodded, the question wasn’t rhetorical, but it didn’t need to be deemed with an answer either.


I peered over his shoulder in a haste to catch my eye with something, and I did – it was just the thing that I wanted to see. And by thing, I mean somebody. Russell followed the gaze over his shoulder.


I sighed. “How do you think he’s doing?”


“He and Hollie are really rocky right now.” Russ said solemnly. “It’s kinda sad. I may not like the twat that much, but he was good to Holl’s.”


“They were good together.”


Russell nodded agreeing. “You’re’ still close with him?” It didn’t seem like a question.


I nodded. “Yeah, but we haven’t spoken lately.”


“Then go and get him, tiger.”


I refrained from rolling my eyes and hugged Russell goodbye, the amount of classes that we had missed today, I’m sure that one more to my list really wouldn’t matter. Getting up and walking over to Josh seemed like more of a chore than it should have.


He was stood with his teammate; I’ve seen them together a lot. His name was Brand, if I remember correctly, Ian Brand. Freddy has a collection of awful jokes about the boy, each one ending with some sort of pun about wanting to ‘brand’ him. It takes a lot to make Freddy see sense.


“Josh!” I called out, only five or so paces behind him. He turned to me and his smile fell a little. “Josh, wait.”


He did. Brand continued to walk, he was a pretty smart Ravenclaw to realise that he wasn’t needed in this conversation.


“Georgie,” he greeted.


I smiled. “How are you?” I asked. “I haven’t seen you around.”


“Could be better,” he shrugged. “Things haven’t been going my way lately.”


“And what do you mean by that?” I asked, instantly regretting it. “Sorry, it’s your business, I shouldn’t pry.”


His jaw seemed to loosen from its stiff placement. “Actually, I’m glad that you are prying. I need to let it out.”


“Then shout at me,” I said encouragingly. “I am on a role with the arguing today, pretend that I am Hollie and we will have this out, once and for all.”


“It would probably be better if I argued with the real Hollie, rather than you.”


I furrowed a brow and winked suggestively. “You think it will end with a snogging session?”


“I hope that it would,” he chuckled. “How can I help you G? You didn’t just come over here to see how I was.”


I sighed. “Actually I do have an ulterior motive.”


“Don’t you always?”


I smacked him playfully as we walked towards the archways; they had proved to be good seats when they were needed. He sat on the far edge, I hopped right in.


“Josh,” I said quietly. I didn’t know how to phrase it. “How do you know…who I am?”


He scratched his chin thoughtfully. “What do you mean by that?” he asked honestly. “Like whom you are? Or –“


“My family.” I cut off. “I was talking to, ermm…er.”


“You can say her name you know,” he said cuttingly. “I won’t cry.”


“Fine, fine, I was just trying to be considerate for your benefit.” He laughed at me, at my consideration. Rude. “But I was talking to Hollie, and she mentioned how you knew about my past. How did you know?”


He sighed. It wasn’t a quick one either. Josh had always been upfront with people, it was a quality that I admired. But this time, he was worming his way out. The expression on my face stopped him from doing it.


“I don’t know if you will like it.” He said.


I shook my head. “It doesn’t matter, I won’t be upset, I won’t be mad or angry. I am just curious.”


His eyes met mine. “Ok, I’ll give it a crack.” I smiled. “As you know, I’m a pure blood. My mother is incredibly adamant on blood status and death-to-muggle-borns’.”


I ran a hand through one of my curls, fraying its perfection and making it a mess. I always knew that we had a lot in common.


“Before we start, you might as well know.” He began, my eyes narrowed. What else exactly had he been keeping from me? “It’s one of the reasons for that pathetic feud between Gryffindor and Ravenclaw. Everyone knows that our parents don’t get on, James and I, both being loyal to the ones that we thought at the time, instantly sparked up a hatred. It’s al silly really, considering that the Malfoys got over it…why can’t my parents.”


“You’re not your parents, Josh.” I said calmingly. “And thank you – in a way, it clears up a lot. But I never thought James to be one for blood status.”


He chuckled lightly. “He wasn’t.” I looked up. “I was. I started it all, for the first year or so, James would just defend himself. It wasn’t until we made our own little gangs that it really took off between us – but since the arrival of a pretty little blonde thing from overseas, our arguments seem to have come to a halt.”


I smiled. “I could see that. You’re temper is shocking.”


He shoved me aside lightly. “Back when we were deciding schools, my mother wanted to send me to Beaubaxtons so I could join the Elite.”


My jaw dropped.


“You knew abou-“


“Yes, I did.” He nodded. Suddenly the light mood turned heavy. The humor that we had a moment ago was lost. “I didn’t know what it was for until I put the pieces together, here in Hogwarts last year. I just knew that she was desperate for me to go. I refused time and time again. I wanted to go to Hogwarts. They begrudgingly agreed. The plan was for me to go to Hogwarts, be accepted in to Slytherin and make a close knit group – like there was back in the times of our parents and grandparents. That was the idea.


“But then I got accepted in to Ravenclaw instead. My mother wasn’t happy, yet she was at least a little happier then she would have been if I was accepted in to Gryffindor.” He snorted a little ironically. “But I would have much rather been a Gryffindor than a Slytherin. What about you? You’re mother is worse than mine when it comes to blood status and such. What does she think about you being in Gryffindor?”


I shrugged. “I don’t think that my mother knows where I am.” He seemed a little taken back fro my response. “She didn’t disown me, I was too valuable. However, she didn’t exactly jump at the chance to see me again, it’s too dangerous.”


“These are dangerous times once more.” He acknowledged. “When I wasn’t put in Slytherin, mother and father repeatedly tried to transfer me to Beaubaxtons, but it soon stopped; the leadership of your brother.” He said solemnly for my benefit. “They didn’t agree with his methods, he was laid back, a charmer. They wanted a hard hitting leader. They wanted you.”


My eye brows rose. “Why me?”


“Because you’re the prefect breed of a pure blood, or, well, you were.” I smiled slightly alike him. “I didn’t know who you were when you joined; I knew that something had happened in France, or that something was happening. But I didn’t know what. All I knew of the Elite at that moment was that it was lead by a girl known as Ettie Blythe; she was supposed to be the best of the best. I thought that it was all rather conceited.


“It wasn’t until this Christmas that I realized just exactly who you were. I had never made the connection to you and your name. I had never once even considered putting it together. It just shows how blind I am to the world around me sometimes.” He let out a stuttered sigh. “But it was Christmas Eve and we were eating dinner, the table was silent before my mother began talking about Beaubaxtons, I remember thinking ‘Oh Christ, here we go again’. But it wasn’t the usual chat.


“You see, she began to talk about its fall, how it had been shamed, about how Ettie Blythe was the worst thing that could have ever happened to the place.” I closed my eyes tight. His hand came reassuringly to my knee and gripped tightly. “They spoke of how glad they were that I had constantly declined, of course in their eyes, it was their marvelous decision to change their minds and not send me.” I snorted at the expected arrogance of the rich. “They said that she ran away back in September, that somebody is covering for her, when they find out who that they will kill him. Georgie, you’re walking a very thin line.”


“I know.” I admitted. “I had never meant for it to get this far, I just wanted it all to stop.”


“So what about the crown?” He asked.


I chuckled lightly. “It’s gone, the Elite has officially ended, they wouldn’t dare restart it without their crown, none of the students that they have there wouldn’t do it anyway.”


“Their loyalty to you is astounding.” He breathed. “You must have been some leader.” I looked anywhere but his face. “I’m sorry to hear about Kellan. My parents may not have liked him, but I bet he was a good lad. Even is he was a Death Eater, he didn’t deserve to get, well, that.”


“Can we not talk about Kellan.” I asked quickly.


He nodded. “Sorry, love.” Still I didn’t look at him; I had found an interesting spot on the floor. Hey, I had asked to hear this. “My mother was right about you.” I changed my eye line. “You were the perfect pure blood. But the child that would always test the boundaries, the ‘Rebel Child’ – she finally went off of the rails.”


If only he knew just quite how far I had strayed from them.



An; So there it is, another chapter. I’m sorry for the long wait. But I have news! I have a new story up, it’s called Seven and it is a Fred/Oc story. People tend to like the character I write for Freddy (I’m not sure why thought) so I decided to write a story on him. Pretty please give it a go :)


What did you all think of this chapter, did it live up to your expectations? What do you predict for the future of them all? And how about Josh figuring it all out on his own … :O


The next chapter is called Of Promises and St Johns. What do you think will happen. The title is a bit of a give away I’m afraid :)


McGonagall’s arms fell off of the arms of her chair with a mixture of annoyance and confusion. “I’m incredibly sorry; Miss Blythe, but I don’t see how that could be possible.”


I pulled my fringe from my puffy cheeks. “I want to see Kellan – I know what you’re thinking, but I don’t care that he’s a murderer, he raised me. He protected me. Without his guidance, I would still be in France – I would probably be the one lying in St Johns, not him. I want to see him…at least to say thank you.”


So there is a preview. I hope that you all enjoyed this chapter. Don’t forget to leave a review. :)

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