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Flawed by Mrs_Sirius_Black_4eva
Chapter 15 : Daddy Dearest
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A/N: I apologize for the wait, and for giving you a shorter chapter, but this one has a nice little twist in it.  The next few will have twists as well, so start preparing yourselves now... 

It was a sad day indeed. These familiar scents overwhelmed me, wrapping me in their richness and familiarity. I stared blankly ahead of me, hardly aware of the crowds of families around me. It wasn’t until someone accidentally brushed against me that I snapped out of my reverie. I smiled up at Nate, who was beside me and holding my hand. He lightly squeezed it, smiling back at me. However, not even his presence could make me feel better today.


It was the first of September. Many members of my family were here, wishing goodbye to those that were going back. Rose was saying goodbye to Scorpius while Ron and Hermione were hugging Hugo. Harry and Ginny were chatting with Lily and Al, and my siblings were standing just a couple of feet away from me. Louis was heading off to Hogwarts. I was trying terribly hard not to cry. Damn these hormones.


However, there was something else here that, according to everyone else, was a good reason to have my spirits dampened. Vic, Teddy, and Louis were separating me from my mother and my father. When we saw each other, we barely even made eye contact before mutually agreeing to ignore one another. There was no way that we were going to fight on this exciting day for Louis.


The train whistled, signaling that it was time for everyone to board. I hugged Al, Lily, Scorpius, and Hugo. When it was my turn to hug my brother, I hugged him tight and whispered, “I’m so proud of you. You’re going to have a blast. Send me a letter anytime you want.”


Louis nodded, hugging me as tight as possible, and then he hurried onto the train with his cousins. As the train took off, I saw Louis poke his head out of the window and he started to wave goodbye. As I waved back, I couldn’t help but envy him. I wanted to be his age again so badly. Sometimes it really sucked to be grown-up.


Once the train was gone, Nate and I moved over by Rose. I wanted to be as far away from my parents as possible. I saw them laughing with Vic and Teddy about something. A twinge of sadness hit me. I wished that I was on good terms with them. I saw them turn away, presumably leaving, but my dad made actual eye contact with me. It was hard to read them, but I think there might’ve been guilt. But I was probably just seeing what I wanted to see.


Rose glanced at her watch and muttered, “Bloody hell! I’m almost late for my appointment. Come on Mum, Dad, Dom.” Since Scorpius was no longer here, I was required (according to Rose) to go with her to all of her check-ups. Even though I was filling Scorpius’ role while he was away, I refused to act like I was her husband.


I took one last glance at my father before I disapparated.





It was a bit awkward being with Rose while she enjoyed this appointment with her family. It made me awfully nostalgic. At this point, there was almost no hope of reconciling with my parents. The only possibility of changing their minds about this situation was perhaps seeing or holding the baby. But that wouldn’t happen for another three or so months. The longer we kept this gap, the smaller the chances were of closing it.


I snapped back to the situation at hand, and focused my attention and Rose and her Healer. I couldn’t get over how much Ron and Hermione were glowing, especially when the Healer said that the babies looked fantastic so far. I know that they wished it would’ve been under different circumstances, but I knew that they were happy to have a grandchild.


“Well, Rose,” the Healer said with a smile. “You are far enough along that I can inform you of the sexes of your babies. Would you like to know?”


Rose’s face was overwhelmed with a nervous kind of excitement. She looked to her parents, silently asking for their opinions. Hermione placed a hand on Rose’s shoulder and replied, “It’s up to you, honey. They’re your babies.”


Clearly not satisfied with this answer, Rose then turned to me. “I know you chose to not find out, but you are taking the place Scorpius. I need you to channel his thoughts and tell me what he would want.”


I sighed, expecting this to happen. But I gave her an answer that I was sure that Scorpius would’ve given, “I think he would say the same things as your mum and dad. It’s your decision.”


Rose bit her lip, not entirely sure if she wanted to know. In the next minute, however, Rose told the Healer, “I would like to know, please.”


“Congratulations, Rose. You’re having a boy and a girl.”


Rose’s eyes widened with happiness. She had the biggest grin on her face as Ron and Hermione hugged her. “Oh, wow, Scorpius is going to be so happy! That’s what he predicted!”


I couldn’t help smile back at my best friend.





His arms were around me, and I felt completely at peace. I didn’t think that feeling was possible anymore, given the situation between me and Teddy. But this guy always managed to make me feel wonderful.


I felt his lips kiss the top of my head and he whispered, “A knut for your thoughts?”


I sighed, loving the sound of his voice. “Honestly, Nate, I was fine until I saw my parents this morning. And now, I can’t stop thinking about them, and how I want to change things between us. But how can I be cordial with them again after they treated me so cruelly? They would have to be the ones to make the first move.”


He starting playing with my fingers, and it sent shivers up my arm. It felt so good to sit here like this. And I loved it when he played with my fingers. I looked up at him, and admired his handsome features. He really was the greatest boyfriend in the world, and I couldn’t imagine life without him now.


I heard the doorbell ring, and I groaned. “I don’t want to leave. I’m awfully comfortable right now.”


Nate kissed me and said, “You probably should answer that. I have to use the loo.”


I nodded, and made my way to the door. I hated how much harder it was to stand up after sitting down on certain pieces of furniture. Ah, the downside of being six months along…


I opened the door and was not at all surprised to see my sister and her fiancé. I was to the point of no longer using his first name; it made things easier. “Hi Vic.”


“Hi, dearie.” She beamed, and rubbed her hand on my belly. “I can’t believe how far along you are. Before you know it, you’ll be pushing a watermelon—“


Teddy quickly clapped a hand over her mouth. “Vic, don’t scare her. I’m sure she’s already looking forward to it after that video.”


I was actually grateful that Teddy was there, though I would never admit it. But who knows how long Vic would’ve talked before she realized that she should shut it. At least Teddy understood that I was a bit freaked out about the birth itself, and did not need a reminder of how painful it would be.


“Come in.” I told them, opening the door farther. “Nate’s here, but he’s using the loo.” I noticed Teddy’s lips tighten, but chose to ignore it. “I’m assuming that you want to talk about the wedding.”


Vic nodded, eagerly pulling me to the dining room table. “I want to start finalizing certain details.” She waved her wand and a bunch of folders appeared on the table. As she rapidly starting going through details, I kept glancing at Teddy, and saw that he was watching me. But then Nate sat down beside me and started playing with my hand.


Vic just asked me how everything sounded so far, and I was about to reply when the doorbell rang once more. I was confused. “Is anyone else supposed to come over today?” Everyone shrugged. Normally, family just used the door instead of the doorbell. “Alright, I’ll go get it.”


I honestly didn’t want any visitors. I just wanted to sit, and not have to move. However, this time when I opened the door, I was so shocked by who I saw that my jaw dropped. It was my father.


He was looking at the ground, but glanced at me quickly. “Hi, Dom.”


“Hi.” I responded, wanting to keep the pleasantries. But I couldn’t stop myself from asking, “What in Merlin’s name are you doing here? I thought you never wanted to see me again.”


He sighed, and rubbed his eyebrows. “Look, I know there’s nothing I can say or do to make up for what happened. Not having you at home has bothered me, but I adjusted. But when I saw you earlier, I couldn’t stand not being a part of your life anymore.”


I wasn’t sure what to say. Part of me wanted to hug my father until he couldn’t breathe, and the other part of me wanted to slam the door in his face. But I saw the guilt and sadness in his eyes, and I knew that he was telling the truth.


“What you and mum did really hurt me. I want you to know that. But I can say that I’ve missed having you in my life, and I really want you to know your grandchild. I can’t forgive you yet, but I’m glad you’re here.”


He looked up at me with shock. “Really? Do you mean that?” I nodded, and gladly brought him into a hug. “I’ve missed you, sweetie.” He whispered.


“I’ve missed you too.”


We stayed like that for awhile, and I couldn’t help but feel elated that my father was in my life again. That right there made anything that happened in the last couple of weeks instantly better. When we pulled away, I smiled at him. It was then that I saw the suitcase next to him.


“Dad, why do you have a suitcase?”


“I was hoping that Harry and Ginny had another spare room. I left your mother.”


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Flawed: Daddy Dearest


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