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Dreams by hawthornheart
Chapter 1 : The Dream
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It’d been another dream. Different from the ones she was used to. It left her with a deep sense of foreboding and lots of goosebumps. Though, she still couldn’t quite tell if they were the good kind or the really, really bad kind.

It began with her walking through one of the many breezeways in the castle, with their many glassless windows. She walked and walked and walked, but the walkway seemed to never end. The sun began to set and the fiery glow started to spill through each and every window, seeping in the same color of a fire reflected in mist.

Stopping, she took a moment to catch her breath. While she stood there, she watched as the light from one of the windows slowly washed over the marble under her feet until it stretched to her in a narrow aisle. Following the stretch of light back up to the window with her eyes, she saw that where the window had once beheld a scene of the forest, it now held stairs leading up to the setting sun. Within the light of the sun she could make out two golden chairs and the black silhouette of a person lounging in one of them. It was the perfect image of the stairs to heaven, except for that ominous figure sitting upon one of those thrones.

She could feel their eyes boring into her own, raking over her, taking all of her in, and reading her with a glance before standing up and walking towards her. The figure walked with a distinct swagger. Something oddly familiar in the sense that she knew she’d seen it many times before, she just hadn’t paid much attention to it, though it immediately put her on guard and had her standing alert. And as the figure closed in, closer and closer, she noticed how they blocked out the light, their shadow falling over and covering the way, running to completely overtake the rest of the light in the path, rushing at her like a wave crashing over the beach. And still, closer and closer, they came.

She could now distinguish that it was in fact a he. A he with hair so light, it stole the sun’s glow for a coloration of its own. And even with him but ten feet away, the sun’s light kept him in shadow, though she could now make out a few features; tall, broad shoulders, lean, high cheekbones, and eyes light enough to take on the sun’s hue like his hair. Those eyes were mesmerizing, distracting her for a moment from the movement of his arm, now outstretched towards her, palm up, offering her a seat on one of those now shadowed thrones.

He finally stopped advancing when he was standing within the arch of the window and his shadow was just before her feet, a black line setting a boundary. If she crossed that line and stepped into that shadow, she’d be crossing into another world, almost to the point of no return. But not quite there. No. She’d be at that point when she stood under that archway with him and took his offered hand. Only when she took his hand would she be unable to come back to the world as she knew it.

So, it was with great caution, almost as if her dream-self was in a dream of her own, that she crossed the border of the shadow, stepping into cool darkness, and slowly walking towards the silhouetted man standing above her. When she stood on the step below him, her hand reaching out for his but hesitating just above it, she looked up into his masked eyes set into his handsome, narrow face with its sharp angles; the sharp, straight nose, the high cheekbones, and the pointed chin. She knew those features... She knew him. Then she gasped. She. Knew. Him!

The shadow, the mystery of identity; it’d all been a ploy, a lure, to draw her in. He knew she couldn't resist, that she would need to know what it was like on the other side of that window, sitting on those thrones. He knew she’d need to know who the man descending towards her was. And now it came to the time when she had to make her decision. Would she take his offered hand, now that she knew who he was? Or would she back away into the breezeway once more, returning this to just a normal dream of never getting where she wanted to get? What he offered her exactly, she still wasn’t quite sure, but did it really matter? What would she choose?

But she’d never know...

Just as her dream self had begun to move, she’d woken up. She didn’t even know which way she’d moved. Couldn’t remember if it was her arm that moved forward or if it were her feet that moved backward.  All she knew was that when she had begun to make her decision, there’d been a loud bang on her door as her three best friends tumbled in and bum rushed her.

So... I know I just editted and posted this but... It's old, so I decided to go through it and edit again. You know, since I'm older and I notice things don't seem to be so smooth. But as I said before, this is still meant to be a Dramione, but I guess it can be any pairing really.

I'm thinking about possibly continuing this just for the heck of it but I don't know for sure because I'm not very good at committing to one story for so long and finishing. Just fore-warning. I get busy or distracted with more important things in my life and therefore writing gets pushed to the back of my mind, but reading on the other hand...

But, Readers, thank you for the read, hope you enjoyed yourself. Don't forget to check out my other story, Finally... Reviewers, thank you for the feedback, it is very much appreciated and you get a special thank you.




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