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6th June last year by Merope
Chapter 24 : The End
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I wanted to dissolve into the air and get blown away with the cold wind that came from the opened front door. I wanted to hide behind the sofas like a child running away from her problems. I wanted to close my eyes and open them again only when the storm that was about to come would pass. But Edwin’s hand around my own was getting tighter and tighter and I did not really want to look at him, and see the emotions behind the strong mask. He had perceived his mother dead. She had perceived him dead. When they would set eyes upon each other the storm would start and I was as much to blame for it as if I were the Dark Lord himself.

“I know.” Lily’s voice was soft and compassionate as she kneeled down in front of Snape and placed her hands on his cheeks. His head was bowed down and his hair was covering his face. I was glad I could not see his eyes. For a moment Lily seemed to not even notice Edwin and I standing at the far end of the living room, frozen like statues at the sight. “I know you did,” she repeated and lifted his head with her hands.

“How could you?” There was no accusation in Severus’ voice...only pain. I wanted to hide in the walls the minute Lily looked towards us. Her eyes went wide for a minute as she whispered my name. I bowed my head down. Edwin let go of my hand. He moved away from me as if I were a poisonous snake.

“You knew,” he said. “You knew all along and you never told me,” he said in a weak voice as his eyes were filling with tears.

“Anna...” Lily started. “What are you doing here? I’ve been looking everywhere for you.”

I did not reply at her kind words. I could see Snape in the background slowly lifting his head towards me and then standing up with whatever strength he had left. And when he looked into my eyes I knew he would happily have killed me.

“I...I...” I started, not knowing who to address first.

“HOW COULD YOU!” bellowed Edwin, coming towards me. I looked at
Lily and she looked confused. She did not know who he was...she didn’t know Edwin was her son. She didn’t recognise him. “YOU NEVER TOLD ME MY OWN MOTHER WAS ALIVE!” he shouted as he collapsed on the sofa and placed his head in his hands. “You bitch....” he whispered. “You bitch...”

I felt the tears forming in my eyes. I knew that I was the culprit but I never imagined Edwin would ever address me like that. There was no more love left in him. Only bitter hate. It was my entire fault.

I looked at Lily who was penetrating Edwin with her eyes. I did not know how on earth she managed to find us, or why she decided to reveal herself, but I did know that it was the night when all secrets would come out and one person would be the victim. And I had a vague idea who that person would be.

Lily walked slowly towards Edwin. Her eyes were wide and full of tears at the realization that the boy with green eyes and messy dark hair was her son. Her own flesh and blood. Her baby boy who had been killed by Voldemort. The reason that once motivated her to live even in the hardest of times. She reached the sofa and sat down next to him, outlining his face with her hand, but hesitating to touch him as if afraid he would disappear. Should have I told her sooner? Should have I told her he was alive and trapped in a painting? Should have I told Snape about Lily. I mentally slapped myself. It was too late for these questions. The damage was done.

When Edwin looked up into her eyes, Lily started crying. He reached a hand and caressed her cheek and it only took a few seconds for them to hug so tight their bones would crush and lungs would compress. “I thought...I thought you were dead, “she whispered when they finally broke from the bone tearing hug.

“I’m not,” said Edwin now completely ignoring me and looking at Snape accusingly. The latter was now looking at Lily and Edwin while leaning on the wall. His expression was motionless...his mask was back on and
I wondered whether he would ever take it off again.

“Why did you keep this from me?” asked Lily standing up, wiping her face with the sleeves of her cloak and making her way towards Severus. “WHY?” she bellowed again and started hitting at his chest. Severus did not try to stop her at first, but when she started sobbing hysterically and continued hitting, he caught her hands and made her face him.

“Because you never replied to any of my letters!” his voice was equally poisonous. “I tried to tell you....I tried to tell you so many times but you just disappeared,” he continued in a voice that his how hurt he was. “The next thing I heard was you marrying Potter.” She moved away from him like a beast in captivity finding the exit of a painful cave.

“You should have looked for me. HE IS MY SON TOO!” she shouted. “My son should have told me. I thought he died that night!” she cried as tears started rolling down her face once more.

“You should have trusted me more....”

“You joined them! You chose them over us!”


“He killed us already,” said Lily in a sad voice.

“Why did you not tell me you were alive all this time...?” Snape’s voice
was also back at sadness and hurtfulness.

“You’re a spy, Severus. If he reads your mind once it would be enough for him to hurt Harry,” she sighted and turned away from Severus to
look at Edwin.

Edwin was now standing and looking at them with confusion. He had
heard the name Potter and Harry in Lily’s speech and it did not take him too long to put the puzzle pieces together. Lily was looking at him as if he were a mirage that would soon disappear. But she grew more and more amazed at the fact that the son she had perceived dead was very much alive and grown up.

“You married Potter. Harry Potter’s dad?” he asked with no emotion in his voice.

“I did,” said Lily approaching Edwin.

“So that means Harry Potter is”

“He is, yes,” replied Lily. She placed a palm on his cheek, but he
moved away and came towards me. All their eyes were now back on
me, remembering my existence. I wished I could have been forgotten for a little longer.

“Did you know this?” he asked in a sour voice. I stayed silent for a little longer, but he had come so close to me that I could feel his warm breaths on my own cheeks. “Did you?” he repeated.

“I...I did,” I said and bowed my head down.

“Since when?” he asked as the acrimony in his voice was rising.

“Since I came to find you.”

“Why did you keep this from me?”

“It wasn’t my secret to tell...Dumbledore asked me to...”

“TO HELL WITH DUMBLEDORE!” he bellowed as I took a few steps
away from him. But he came after me and grabbed my arms, making me face him. “Whose baby is it? Mine or Potter’s?”


“WHOSE BABY IS IT, I ASKED?” He shouted and tightened his grip on
my arms.

“Yours,” I said and looked into his eyes, but saw no love. He seemed
to hate me more and more each time I opened my mouth.

“You’re lying.” He grabbed my arms even harder and I let out a small moan. I told him he was hurting me. He said he didn’t care.

“IT’S YOUR BABY, EDWIN!” I shouted and he finally let me go. My hands were shaking slightly as I sat down on the sofa waiting for everyone else’s hate to stab me. But Snape did not move from the far end of the room—he seemed too shocked to react.

“I’m sorry,” I said and Lily broke her eyes from Edwin to look at me. “I’m sorry I didn’t tell any of you what I knew. Dumbledore advised me not to tell you about Severus and Edwin...he said you must stay hidden for a while because if Harry finds out you’re alive, the Order’s Plan would be jeopardised and the Dark Lord would use this at his advantage.”I looked at Lily whose eyes softened a little. “I’m pregnant with Edwin,” I added, “and I’m sorry you found out like this.”

“Anna, stop,” started Lily. “It’s not your fault...Merlin knows how much you’ve been through. I know that you would have told me after the war finished...and I knew you kept the secret to protect Harry. Thank you.” She said and I looked up to see her smile a little. “Dumbledore sent me a letter before he died”, she said and looked at Snape, but his mask was impenetrable. “In the letter he told me how to find this place. He wrote me about the New Prophecy and told me I shall find all the answers here. He even left me a port key. I understand why you ran away...oh but Anna putting that baby in danger was the stupidest thing you’ve ever done!”

I felt like I was being lectured and I liked it. I liked to know that someone still cared about me in that maternal way I missed so much. And as it proved, Lily would be my only ally in the storm to follow. I left the living room that night, with Edwin hating me and Snape forgetting the advancement in our improved relationship. But before I left, I saw Edwin disappearing in the shadows of the opposite corridor, while Severus approached Lily as if they were 16 again and about to have their first kiss.

I guess that was the moment when my relationship with Edwin ended for good. He hated me and as the days turned into weeks, I started getting the feeling that he hated the baby as well. It took a few days for Severus to come to turns with the fact that Lily was alive and still in love with him, but when he did, I met a totally different person. He smiled so much I couldn’t get used to the wrinkles appearing in the corners of his eyes as those of a person who laughed their whole life. Even his eyes were more luminous than before and I felt as if he did not blame me for not telling him about Lily. I was happy for Lily too...the fact that she was no longer alone made me happy, yet her eyes held a certain sadness associated with Harry’s absence. I could see her guilt growing and growing and every time she spoke to Edwin, he would ignore her advice about what had once been us.

We decided to remain hidden in the cottage. It was just like when Severus and Lily had been married...just before they expected Edwin. Only Edwin was a grown man and they were soon to be grandparents.
I got accustomed to life moving around and behind me, but not in front of me. I could not see my future with a baby and with Edwin no matter how much I tried to visualize it. The relationship we once had deteriorated beyond repair yet I could not talk of such things with anyone. Lily remained positive...believing that once I shall give birth Edwin will return to his normal self and everything will be fine. Yet Edwin was upset with me for reasons I could not fully understand. And he being upset had slowly turned into him hating me. He could not stand being in a room with me...he could not stand looking at me and he could not stand the idea that I was pregnant with his child.

Sometimes I wondered why I even started looking for him. Perhaps Snape’s idea of keeping up separate would have been a far smarter choice for we became incompatible. Yet my love for him was still there and every time I looked at his cold, green eyes full of acrimony and anger, pieces of my heart crumbled. And this continued for the next three months.

One early winter morning I was sitting on the cold stone steps of the cottage thinking...thinking of the prophecy, of the much increased size of my belly and scary thought of how advanced my pregnancy was, of Harry’s whereabouts and whether he was fine. I was so enclosed in my own capsule of thoughts that I did not even realize Snape was standing in the doorway, looking at me.

“Professor...” I said in a sand paper dry voice for not speaking for so long. He was holding a blanket that he placed over my shoulders and then sat down next to me without uttering a word. Everything around us was frozen in the early morning and neither I nor Severus uttered a word for a moment.

“What are you doing here?” he asked in a deep voice, still withholding the wonders of sleep.

“I like to think early in the morning,” I said looking at a small blue bird landing on the frozen ground, picking up with its beak a small unfortunate worm and then lifting its wings up in the air and taking off. “My thoughts are clear in the morning.”

He said nothing else yet probably presumed what I was about to ask him. It had been on my lips ever since Lily showed up at the door and he knew it. I had all the puzzle pieces but one and the missing one was the most vital.

“There’s still no change in Edwin?” he asked and from the way he intoned his son’s name I had the feeling he was on my side and he too could not comprehend why his son was behaving in such a unaccustomed way.

“No.”What else could have I said but no? I didn’t know the man pretending to be Edwin and I certainly did not understand him. All that he had against me for not telling him his mother was alive should have disappeared, if not for me than for our child. But it didn’t and I didn’t know why. “It might never change,” I added for the first time acknowledging the truth that pained me the most.

Snape said nothing more. I looked at him and saw a different man. Lily had given him a haircut, and although his hair was not short, it was definitely neater and shinier than before. On his jaw I could see the shadow left by a beard growing, a shadow that would disappear in a few hours when he was to shave. His pitch, black, bottomless eyes were brighter and happier than ever before. When I looked in them I saw Lily’s face, eyes and smile and I knew I could see the soul he had been hiding for so long.

“He changed that night,” said Snape all of a sudden and I knew he was talking about the night when Voldemort supposedly killed him.

“What happened?” This was it. This was the puzzle piece I was missing, that I needed in order to move on.

Snape hesitated for a few moments, as if the memory was too much of a painful experience to be told. Eventually, he opened his mouth, closed it, opened it again and spoke.

“The Dark Lord thought that If Lily perceived Edwin dead, it would hurt her. He thought that if, instead of killing him, he could curse him to be bound for life to a magical object it would hurt me seeing him consuming himself for his entire life.” The acrimony in Snape’s voice was rising, as if he blamed himself for the curse of his son’s life. As if he could have changed the outcome. As if...

I looked at the horizon as the sky was becoming increasingly illuminated by the rising sun. The shadows on Snape’s face were becoming more prominent as if the fact that he the night had passed hurt him physically.

“I should have done more. I should have...” He did not continue his sentence for he placed his head in his hands.

“There’s nothing else you could have done, Severus.” I placed my hand on his shoulder. I hoped it was encouraging enough to make him realise no one held him responsible for Edwin’s....condition.

“I should never have joined them.” He looked up at me, as if afraid I
would judge him.

“But you have. And there’s nothing you can do about it. I should
never have liberated Edwin. But I have and now I’m pregnant,” I said trying not to think too much about how I could have avoided the situation. “We can’t change the past.”

Snape looked at me and gave me a small smile, as if I were a silly child trying to be the adult. And he was right. “Why did you kill Professor Dumbledore?”

I could not look at him as I asked that question, and my purple socks became terribly fascinating. I felt his eyes on me: his piercing black and bottomless eyes. I shivered and wondered whether it was the right moment to ask that question. Whether I should have kept quiet.

“Because he asked me to.” The reply Snape provided me with was the sort of reply that makes people jump to their feet and stare in wonder and confusion at the one who answered the question. I tried to do that and I failed because my belly did not allow me to jump to my feet. Instead, I tried to and ended up making a strange movement with my legs that once again set Snape’s teacher like eyes on me. I felt like a pupil who did not pay attention in class. “What do you mean?”


“I need to know.”

“He was dying.”


“He was cursed by a Horcrux...the Dark Lord made Draco Malfoy kill
him but Albus didn’t want his life to be wasted. Since mine was wasted anyway...he asked me to kill him instead.” I could not believe what I was hearing and yet it was all true. I knew it was true because I trusted Snape. I trusted him blindly...and I trusted him even more that I trusted Edwin.

“Harry thinks you killed him because you work for the Dark Lord,” I said studying his face and expecting his eyebrows to furrow together in anger or sadness. But he just smiled.

“It’s better this way, for now.”

My back hurt. My feet were swollen and a few hours before the morning finished, I discovered a set of stretch marks around my hips. They were not that bad, but I still hated them. I was going through a rather depressed state of being pregnant, in which for a few minutes I hated the baby and wanted to go back to my normal life. But then I felt bad and remembered that it was my fault as much as Edwin’s and the poor baby had no blame. It kicked and changed its position every half an hour ago and I knew that I was close to giving birth. Maybe a few weeks more of being like a balloon and then it would end. Then I would be a mother. A mother...Merlin.

Lily and Snape were not home. They had drank poly juice potion and decided to have their first date since the reunion. It took half an hour to convince Lily that I was going to be okay, even though Snape had given me a vitamin draft to make sure I will be okay. In the end they left.

To this day I wish they hadn’t. Maybe things would have turned out differently if they had been home when it happened.

I made my way from my bedroom down to the living room with the intention of fixing myself a nice cup of tea before sitting down with a good book. Escapism. Where would I be without it? The novel I wanted to re-read was Gone with the Wind. It had been my mother’s favourite book which she had lent to Lily before the 6th June. I had not read it in a long time and I missed it more than anything. I missed mum more than anything.

But just when I was about to open the book, and take my eyes of Rhett Butler and Scarlett O’Hara’s kissing scene, Edwin metamorphosed in the living room. I lifted my eyes to see him standing in the doorway, holding the cup of tea I had made. He drank a little and smiled at me.

He was so pale that I first I thought he had rolled in baby powder. And the smile...the smile was not a smile. Rather it was a warning that things were about to change beyond recognition. I looked at him with wolf eyes. Every move he made I recorded and processed. For the strangest reason I felt threatened. I could smell it on him.

I stood up and decided it was better if I went back upstairs. But as I walked past him, he grabbed my arm and made me face him. “No hello?” He smiled, showing his perfect white teeth.

“What do you want?” I asked in a cold voice.

“To spend some time with you, of course. Why don’t you sit down?” I looked at his green eyes, but could not see inside them. He had shut himself away and I wondered if he would ever come out again.

“I’d rather rest.” That was a lame excuse, but right then I knew no better. His hand tightened around my arm and the smile disappeared from his face. He threw me on the sofa. The baby kicked. Was it frightened? I certainly was. I wished Lily and Snape could have come home. I couldn’t be alone with Edwin.

“I’d rather talk.” He looked around the room and seemed terribly nervous. I could not comprehend his reaction. It was as if he was waiting for someone to come. Eventually he sat down next to me, patting my belly. I moved away from him but he came closer. “Annie...I just want to apologise about the way I have behaved towards you these past months.” I raised my eyebrows in a questioning glare. Was he being honest? My senses were screaming he was not and yet my heart wanted to believe him. “I understand I’ve been a little...fussy.”

“Fussy...” I repeated and he gave me a puppy eyed glare. “I don’t know if fussy is the right word, Edwin.” The acrimony in my voice was rising. He could not act as if he hated me one day and the next as if he lived for me. My hormonal levels were way too instable and I wondered how long it would take before I would burst in a storm of anger or pure tears.

“Well...then I’ve been indecisive.” It was when the strange smile appeared on his lips that I knew he was not being sincere.

“About what?” I asked.

He took a hold of my hands and started caressing my skin like he once did when Hermione was in the Hospital Wing. Like he did during our swim in the Dark Lake. “About whether I really want this baby.”
My eyes must have widened beyond recognition because he let out a small laugh. “Edwin it’s not like we have a choice.”

“Oh, but we do,” he added with the same unsmiling smile.

“Who are you?” I asked and stood up, moving as far away from him as possible. I could feel my heart beats becoming more and more prominent.

“I’m Edwin, Anna. I’m the father of your child...the man you love.” He stood up from the sofa and started coming towards me. I moved further away from him until I reached a wall and could go no further.

“You’re not the Edwin I know.”

“You’re right. You fell in love with the lie. The mirage. You did not fall in love with this child is not really mine. Is the child of the mirror image of me...the image you built up for your own comfort.” I could feel everything inside me urging me to run. But I was spellbound by his confessions. “I can’t let this child come into the world, Anna.”

“WHO ARE YOU?” I bellowed. He was coming closer and closer.
He said nothing.

“Where’s Edwin?” The tears started falling on my cheeks. I did not fall in love with the man standing in front of me. He was not Edwin even though he was in possession of the green eyes and pale skin...dark hair...he was not my Edwin.

“Edwin’s dead.” He laughed. The sound of his musical laugh made the walls shiver. The baby kicked. “He’s been dead for the past 19 years, only everyone was too stupid to realise that. Edwin died that night,

“That’s impossible.” The entire colour in my face must have faded because I felt all of a sudden very, very cold.

“Is it?”

“Who...what are you?” He ran to me and grabbed by jaw, making me face him...making me face the eyes I once loved.

“I’m a part of Edwin’s body. I’m a part of the Dark Lord, Rider. I am the Dark Lord.”

“You’re a Horcrux!” I exclaimed and the tears came out in vast numbers. He tightened his grip around my jaw as I let out a moan of pain. “Let me go!” He ignored me.

“The baby can’t be born. I can’t let the Prophecy be will mean the end of us all.” The green of his eyes was succumbed by blackness. It was almost gone expect for the edges of his eyes. He seemed like a mad man. A mad man ready to do mad things. “You’re going to kill your own child?”

“It’s not my child! My body is the Dark Lord...I’ve used Edwin Snape’s body all these years. Played my part well, did I not Rider?” He smiled and let go of my jaw.

I did not have time to react and even If I would have had time I would have never been able to stop him. He was too determined. In the course of three seconds after he released my jaw, I felt the sharp blade of a pointed knife enter me. I felt my hot blood and some other fluid cover me as I gasped and fell to the floor, holding my belly and feeling my baby kick hard. The injury he inflicted was on the side of my bump, deep and red. The pain was excruciating....worse than the Cruciatus Curse, worse than anything I had ever felt before. He was standing in front of me...the blade covered in my blood. This was the end of me, for he raised it again and was about to stab me again when everything stopped.

Time was frozen. Edwin was frozen; his hand with the blade rose towards me. A drop of my own blood fell on my forehead. The lamp that I hit while falling down was standing in the solid like air. It did not make the floor when time stopped. His eyes were frozen...the future was frozen and I knew not what was happening. From the mirror above the chimney a pair of blue eyes with semi lunar glasses were staring at me.

I could feel something warm inside my jeans pockets. When the shock overcame me, I took the object in question out only to be staring at the ES key. It was so hot it hurt my skin. What was I supposed to do? My eyelids were getting heavier. Was Death coming to take me? If not, what else? Through the dream like mist of my own eyes, I saw the key transfigure into a small vile full of transparent liquid. Still in the dream like stance, I smelled it. Basilisk Venom.

But it was not through a dream like stance that I stood up and poured it into Edwin’s mouth before collapsing back on the floor in pain. I needed to kill him before he could kill anyone else. The lamp fell on the floor and broke in tiny little pieces. Edwin’s knife fell on the floor as he grabbed his throat and collapsed on his knees. His eyes were rolling in his head. Then black for both of us.

I fell in love with a dead body. It took me years to overcome the thought. But the hours following his death, it was the only sentence running through my head. There was a moment in my unconsciousness that I saw Snape’s eyes in my mind. Occlumency? Maybe...for I heard Lily’s cry when she walked in the room. Did she cry for Edwin’s death or did she cry at the realisation that Voldemort used her son’s dead body to hurt everyone involved with him? I did not know. Someone was carrying me upstairs.

More pain followed and someone poured a cold liquid down my throat as someone else was wiping my forehead. My muscles were tensing as my pelvic bones seemed to move away from each other as if two opposite forces. Then it would stop for a few moments before starting again, each time harder and harder. It went like this for a few hours. I could barely feel the stab injury...the new pain was nothing compared with it. I was being pulled apart and torn.

And just when I thought I could not do it anymore, someone placed a warm bundle of skin on my chest. The bundle of skin was alive, for it was screaming and crying. A tiny hand grabbed onto my shirt. I opened my eyes to look at the bundle of skin and I was met by the most beautiful green eyes I had ever seen. Everything warmed inside me before I passed out again.

“Anna?” The warm and calm voice of Lily broke the walls of sleep. I opened my eyes, but closed them again for the sunlight coming into my room was too bright. Lily placed a hand on my forehead as I attempted to open my eyes again. Every bone of my body was sore and I could not remember exactly what had happened. I placed a weak hand over my bump, only to be met by my nearly flat stomach. I opened my eyes and sat up.


“The baby...”

“She’s fine.” Lily smiled at me and handed me what I first perceived as
a pile of messy towels. It was in fact the bundle of skin. She placed it
in my hands and the bundle of skin metamorphosed into a baby girl.
She was peacefully sleeping. I started whipping. “He tried to...”

“I know. It’s okay.” Lily sat down next to me and caressed my hair. “I’m so sorry I’ve left you alone with him...we had no idea...”

“I killed him.” The realisation finally caught up with me. “I killed your...”

“He wasn’t our son, Anna. Edwin died that night...but he was never fully released. He is very thankful you know.”Lily smiled at me and caressed my daughter’s tiny head.

“What? What do you mean he’s thankful?”

“His soul is. He’s been liberated from the Horcrux and now that his body was buried properly...” She did not finish the sentence because she started crying. “Now he’s finally free. The moments you spent with him at Hogwarts were not all the Dark Lord. There was also a small part of the real Edwin...the father of this little girl, here.”

I looked at the bundle of skin again and for the first time saw Edwin in her face. Apart for her green eyes, she had his mouth...that sweet smiling mouth I once knew. The dead boy’s mouth. I kissed her forehead...she was so warm. She moved her hands a little but didn’t wake up.

“Dumbledore knew about Edwin being a Horcrux,” I said. That’s why he left me the ES key...”

“Severus saw. He read your mind when we walked in to find you all bloodied up and Edwin dead. But try not to worry yourself with this now. You have a daughter...a jewel of a daughter. And someone’s here to see you.” She smiled at me and walked out of the room.

When the door opened next I thought I was once again dreaming for it seemed impossible. Harry, Ron and Hermione, all with shy expressions were standing in the doorway, looking from the baby to me and then to the baby again. Hermione was the first one to hug me but my eyes were on Harry. Was he going to shout at me? Did he hate me for not telling him? And they all seemed so...clean as if the battle ended.

“There’s the little heroine.” Ron sat down next to me, holding Hermione’s hand, and staring at my child.


“The Prophecy came true. Bloody hell Anna...if we would have known we would have gotten you knocked up with that dude sooner.”

“Ronald!” Hermione hit his arm. “What he means to say is that because the baby was born out of...umm...a magical half dead Horcrux from the love of a non Horcrux....umm...all the other horcruxes were destroyed.”

“What?”I asked in confusion.

“Umm...we’ll let Harry explain it. Oh, Anna she’s beautiful.” Hermione looked at the baby in awe and then dragged Ron out of the room. “I’ll hold her when she’s awake,” he said as if there was a waiting line. “But I have to be before Snape!” Hermione rolled her eyes and closed the door.

Harry sat down on the edge of my bed, looking down at my daughter. “Wow, Anna. You’re a mum.” He gave me a small encouraging smile and my heart warmed when he took a hold of my hand. “She’s beautiful.”

“She is.” I kept looking at her every five seconds as if I could not believe she was in my arms. Finally in my arms. “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you.”

“It’s okay. I understand.”

“You do?”

“ didn’t want to tell people you’re pregnant because they’d think it’s my baby.” He looked slightly hurt, as if, in a mad way he wished the baby was his.

“I’m sorry about that too, but I mean to say I’m sorry that I didn’t tell you about Lily. All this time...”

“I’m not Edwin, Anna. I...understand why. Mum asked you not to tell kept the secret for her sake. But I have to ask you one think though. “The green look I was so accustomed to, penetrated my blue eyes. “Is that why you broke up with me?”

I looked down at the sleeping beauty in my arms. She gave me the courage to be honest. “Yes.”

Before I could say anything else, Harry hugged me. With my free hand, I hugged him back. “I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you,” he said and I hugged him tighter.

“What happened Harry? What happened with the Horcruxes and Voldemort?” The curiosity was starting to set in and I wondered why Ron had called my daughter “heroine”.

“Voldemort’s dead. For good.” He smiled as my eyes widened. “And you daughter is to thank for this.”

“” I asked bewildered.

“The new prophecy was true, Annie. She’s the child born out of two
halves. The Horcrux is the side that links her to Voldemort and the other side is my brother’s soul who tried to liberate himself from the painting and his used body.”

“So what?” I felt as if I had started a whole new puzzle, the old one long forgotten.

“So when the Edwin Horcrux was destroyed, all the other Horcruxes were also destroyed because good came out of one of them.”

“You mean the baby,” I said starting to understand.

“Exactly. Horcruxes created by the same person with the same
purpose cannot survive if one of them leads to something good. Ruby is the good.” Harry smiled and touched my baby’s cheek.


“That’s what Dumbledore called your daughter.”

“But...Dumbledore’s dead.”I said, as the confusion stepped back in. Harry put his glasses up his nose. Outside, clouds started covering the sun.

“When I was battling Voldemort the twin connection thing happened again. The Avada Kedavra curse hit me and I thought I died, but I ended up with Dumbledore. He told me everything...he told me why Snape killed him and he said he met Ruby, your daughter. Her soul is ancient and powerful. She came across wizard history to set evil back into its place. This is not the first time she has come as a human. She chose you because you have so much good in you and you’ve suffered so much...”

I did not let him finish his sentence, for my lips crushed his in a passionate kiss. He responded and I felt whole. I felt as if Harry was my other half and I knew that Harry was all I needed. We parted and I looked at him. Did he mind that I had kissed him?

He didn’t.

The End

A/N The end. I cannot believe I've actually finished it!! In a way it's really sad since I've grown used to writing it and thinking about it all the time, but it feels amazing to changed its staus from WIP to completed!!!

I would like to thank everyone whw stuck up with this story for so long and who reviewed-it means to world to me! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! xxx

So what do you think of the final shift?

Merope xx

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