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Oh, the Tragedy of it All! by SpringTime
Chapter 11 : Hogsmeade Trip Shake-Up
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I couldn't help but forgive Tabby as soon as I had seen Six and Bertram. The look on the girl's face would have forced her worst enemy to feel some sort of pity. To say that Tabby was pissed would have been an understatement. There had always been underlying tension in the dorm – we lived with the Ice Queen, after all – but now it was unbearable.

Six wouldn't come in until really late, but no matter what time it was, it always seemed to be the perfect time for a row with Tabby. If Tabby wasn't there,
I would get the brunt of Six's frustrations. I tried to hold my tongue, to not shoot back when she would go off on how horrible I apparently was for taking Tabby's side in this, but sometimes I would let it slip, letting Six know exactly what I felt about her little 'relationship'.

Bertram started strutting around thinking he was the King of the Castle. Two good looking girls fighting over him, I'm sure the teenage boy 'I am a stud' chromosome was in full activation. Even Scorpius seemed to be annoyed by the whole thing. He would barely talk to me, and wouldn't talk to Six or Tabby at all. It did make it a lot easier for me to hang out with Miles, though, which was pretty fun. We played a couple of games of chess, which I lost gracefully. My dad would be so ashamed. Miles helped me out with my Transfiguration homework, and I found that it wasn't so bad... sort of.

He was so upbeat, all the time. It kind of tired me out, but he was sweet and there was no drama involved. The kissing got better, too. It still wasn't the same as kissing Seven, but maybe it was unfair to compare the two. I mean Seven and I had years of practice to get it right, Miles and I had only kissed a total of four times.

The last time he kissed me it was just before Transfiguration. He walked me to the class and quizzed me on some stuff that we had gone over the night before. Seven was walking into the room just as Miles leaned in. It was very gratifying to see the look of vexation on Seven's face all through class. Take that Seven! I was able to ignore the pointed looks from Scorpius and Tabby whenever my glances went in that direction. But, maybe I did look a little too often. Okay. Resolution... I will only look at
Seven three times a day, and I will reserve them for meal times only. I need no more distractions from school.

Hogsmeade weekend came upon us and Tabby and I ended up just stopping by Honeydukes and grabbing a couple of things before heading back to the castle. And just as Miles had predicted, Scorpius had not let them out of practice early enough to make it to town. Which was probably for the best, seeing as how Tabby and I ran into Six and Bertram being disgusting in front of Gladrags.

I don't know why Tabby pretended not to care, it was written all over her face. I think she was mostly upset that Six would do that, no matter what Tabby had felt about Bertram, both of us knew that Six had done it out of spite (and more than likely to make Gordan just as jealous as he had been making her). Gordie had gone to Hogsmeade with Spring, but he came back with a totally different girl that I honestly had never even noticed before. It actually made me a little sick. What in the hell was wrong with all of my friends? I felt like we were caught in one of those daytime dramas that Victoire swears she doesn't listen to on WWW (though Dom and I have caught her on plenty of occasions).

At least Al was still being his normal self. Tabby and I met him on our way back, he was whistling some funeral dirge, but had managed to put a cheerful spin on it.

"What's got you in such a cheerful mood?" I asked as we trekked the path back to the castle.

"Can't a guy just whistle?" He continued his little song, adding extra twitters in every so often.

"A guy can, you can't."

"Haha Rose," Al said dryly.

"Did you finally get a girl to look at you without laughing?" I wished just once that Tabby could not be such a bitch, okay maybe more than once.

"Knickers in a twist today I see." Al cocked an eyebrow at her, completely unfazed by her obnoxious comment. "It wouldn't be because your beau has gone and run off with our little Sixer is it?"


"Shut up. You don't know what you're talking about." If she had been five I would have expected a tongue to stick out. Oh wait, never mind, she's five.

"Oh no. You've wounded me." Al feigned a chest wound, gripping at his shirt while staggering back a few paces behind us. "What shall I ever do."

"Enough of this, you two are acting like children."

Then as if they shared one mind I heard both "He started it/She started it" at the same time.

"I don't care who started it, you are both acting like you're four years old."

Then they both stuck their tongues out at me. Seriously? Was this who I chose to hang out with?

"I give up. Have at it. I am sick of listening to anymore fighting." I threw my hands up in submission and continued walking on at a faster pace.

Tabby and Al both rushed to catch up to me.

"Really Rose, I'm sorry. I will try to be better around... your relatives." The last part was practically forced out, I could only imagine what she had wanted to say.

"Yeah, me too. I promise not to bait your shrew of a friend."

Tabby and I both shot him icy stares.

"What? It's hard going cold turkey, it'll take some real practice."

I rolled my eyes at him, but Tabby continued to glare.

"Great Circe, I'm sorry, all right?"

I didn't blame him; her stare downs could be quite intimidating.

"So, why were you so cheerful?" I asked once Tabby stopped giving the look of death to Al.

"Oh, it's nothing really. Just saw Seven and Gloria fighting is all."

I stopped walking. It took Al a few steps to realize that I was no longer beside him. Tabby, however, was much quicker on the uptake.

"So what were they fighting about?" Tabby asked for me, once Al had turned around to see us lagging behind. I remember now why I liked this girl.

He shrugged, "Who knows? Probably because she's a bitch and he's a dick."

"That's true enough." Tabby muttered.

"Hark, doth mine ears deceive me, or did the Slytherin just agree with this little ole Gryffindor?" Mock shock etched Al's features.

"Don't let it go to your head," she said, smirking.

I nudged her in the ribs with my elbow, they were getting horribly off topic and I really wanted to hear more about this fight business.

"Oomph, er... did you hear any of it?" Tabby asked as she rubbed at her side.

"Perhaps," Al looked all around before continuing. Then, as if he were a thirteen year old girl, he went on, "So I was minding my business in Dervish and Banges, just doing a bit of recon work for Uncle George, when in come Seven and Glory."

"Wait? Glory?" Tabby interrupted.

"Yeah, that's what he calls her. Now don't interrupt." Al really was a gossip whore. "As I was saying, so Seven and Glory walk in, and they're all holding hands and being sick together, when Gordie walks by with that new girl... whatserface... Diana or Dina, or Didi... or well anyway... So Gordie walks by ith D and Gloria gets all pissy because 'wasn't he supposed to be there with her friend Spring?' Seven idn't seem to care enough for her, so she let him have it. Then he gets mad because she is yelling at him for something that Gordie did and he says..." Al paused, took a large breath and then stared right at me, "'Rose wouldn't have given a shit.' He mumbled it kinda low and I don't think he meant for her to hear him, but she most certainly did..."

Al went on talking, but I wasn't able to focus on one word. Seven had compared me to his girlfriend, and it was in a favorable way. Shocked could barely cover what I was now feeling. Elated was more like. Also mostly confused. I mean after all, it was he who had dumped me. It was also he who had been an enormous arse this entire year. I felt like I was missing something, but above that I felt my heart constrict and a familiar ache course through my body.

"Rose? Hey? You okay?" Tabby was snapping her fingers in front of my face and Al looked on guiltily.

"Yeah." I squinted my eyes and loosened my clenched hands, not exactly sure when they had become so tight, "Yeah, I'm fine." I gave them both a mega smile that showed my teeth, probably more scary than reassuring.

"I shouldn'ta said anything," Al muttered.

"No, I’m sure she'll be okay, probably just shocked is all."

Were my ears deceiving me or were these two being nice to one another?

"I am right here, guys, and I can hear you."

Tabby gave me a stern look. "Y'know Rose, this doesn't mean you should go running after the git again?!"

"She's right. Seven has been a prat all year, better off letting it go, he's not worth it."

"I think I must not be as okay as I thought. Are you two seriously agreeing with each other?" I looked between the two of them only to see my words to have the opposite reaction than I had hoped.

Tabby scowled at Al. "Just like a Gryffindor to try and catch me off guard."

"Oh yeah. And what about the way you pried that information out of me?" Al shot back.

"Pried, I barely had to tap you to get that story. You were begging to tell us, practically squealing to get it out."

I continued my walk, leaving Tabby and Al behind me to fight it out. I was too dazed to bother with those two. Really what I wanted was to see Seven, see if there was any change in him. See if maybe he would talk to me about what the hell was going on with him, but Tabby was right. I had come too far to let him in again, and I didn't think I could take another month of zombie Rose.


I was going over my Charms essay in the corner of the common room when Miles walked in, broom in hand and a scowl on his face. I pretended I didn't notice his arrival. I wasn't really keen on seeing him at the moment... too much Seven on my mind. It was a dumb plan; of course Miles would see me sitting here and obviously would come over.

So I plastered on a sweet smile and didn't shy completely away from his light peck on the lips. We made small talk, I asked him how practice was, 'exhausting' was his reply. He asked how Hogsmeade was, 'boring' was my own response. I handed him the pack of fudge that he had requested and then went back to re-reading my essay.

"What're you working on?"

I didn't look up, "Charms."

"Anything I can help with?"

"No, I think I got it." I forced a small smile to assure him that I wasn't being rude, even though I definitely was.

"Well, I'm off to shower, maybe I'll see you later?"

I pretended that there wasn't any hope in his tone, it made it much easier for me to say, "Yeah, maybe," without feeling too badly about it.

I had forgotten our conversation as soon as he had left and easily delved back into my charms essay.

"Gave him the brush off, huh?"

I jumped; I hadn't realized that there was anyone else around. "Scorpius, you scared the shite out of me."

He chuckled and plonked down on his regular chair.

"Anyway, I wasn't giving him the brush off," I defended myself.

"Well if that wasn't a brush off then was it?" He smirked.

"I'm just busy."

"If you say so." He leaned back in the chair, resting his head against the back, and closed his eyes.

I looked at him then. Honestly looked at him. I don't recall ever really taking the time to do so. But I became curious. Who was this bloke who seemed to be able to read me so well? I mean, we have had maybe a couple of weeks worth of conversations. How was it that he could presume so many things about me and be right?

His hair was covered in sweat and dirt, but it was distinctly blonde, almost white. His patrician nose centered his square cut face, with a small amount of blonde stubble along his jaw and chin. He was quite handsome. I wondered why I had never really noticed before. Probably because he was blonde. Then I started to wonder why other girls didn't notice? I mean I don't recall him ever having much of a fan club, not like Miles or Jasper did. He could definitely be categorized in their... well, in their category.

"Like what you see?" His voice broke through my reverie.

"What?" I asked in as innocent tone I could muster.

"Don't pretend like you weren't staring, it's okay, I can't really blame you."

Ah, and now I know why. Because he was a pompous git. Though, Thad still had plenty of admirers and he was much worse. Hm... I guess I would have to  contemplate that later. Scorpius was staring at me oddly. Oh yeah, probably should respond.

"Don't be a git." There, that would show him.

His chuckle was deep and low.

"There you are." Tabby came and sat down on the remaining empty chair. "Why'd you run off?"

I just rolled my eyes and added another line to my Charms essay.

"Well you missed a good show," Tabby continued.

I looked up from my essay and I noticed Scorpius straightened a bit in his chair as well. He could feign non interest all he wanted, I know that that boy cares about gossip much more than he lets on.

"Yeah?" I scratched my nose with the end of my quill, a pretty counterproductive move on my part as the feathers tickled and worsened the itch.

"Yeah, Six saw Gordie with that new girl, she completely went mental. Even with Bertram right there, holding her hand." A self satisfied smirk crept across her face. "She pretty much called Gordie a man-whore and then started to cry. It was terrific."

"How'd Bertram like that?" I asked.

"Not much at all, the sour look on his face was priceless." She was practically gloating now.

"Could you sound any happier?" Scorpius asked with a frown.

"He deserves it." Tabby crossed her arms and sat back in the chair, her gloating smile subsiding a little at Scorpius’ admonishment.

"Why, because he didn't fancy you anymore?"

It was a valid enough question. Perhaps Scorpius had put it rather harshly, but it was valid.

"Oh, go take a shower. You look like shite!" Tabby said defensively.

"Rose doesn't think so," Scorpius grinned.

Tabby just shot me a questioning look, to which I responded by once again rolling my eyes. I pulled my essay up and covered my burning red face, hopefully before either of them noticed. You would think I had done more than just observe him by the way he was talking. I mean that was all I was doing. I had just never really looked at him before, that's all. That knowledge didn't stop my cheeks from burning, so I kept the parchment covering my face for much longer than necessary.

When I felt it was safe to bring it back down again I saw Scorpius getting up while Tabby gave me an odd look.

"Going to clean yourself after all then?" I asked, and my voice did not crack but once.

He gave me an odd look and then nodded and left. Weird.

Tabby started to question me as soon as Scorpius was out of ear shot. I don't know why she had it in her head that there was something going on between us. She knew that those rumors were false. She also knew that I was dating Miles. Miles, who I had blown off. I had told Tabby that it was nothing, that I had no clue what she was talking about, but she just looked at me doubtfully and thankfully didn't pry any further. Though that was perhaps due to the fight that was now going on in the common room.

Six and Bertram had walked in arguing. Well Six was arguing, Bertram was just red in the face and walking towards the boys dorms while ignoring everything.

"Stop walking away from me. Merlin, Bertram, I told you I don't fancy him." Six followed after him and when Tabby snorted Six shot her the dirtiest look possible.

"What's so funny?" Six shot at Tabby.

"Nothing, just enjoying the show." Tabby chuckled out.

"You are such a bitch! First you go out with Bertram because you think you're doing him a favor, and now you laugh at him." Six's voice rose and now there were even more stares then before.

Bertram looked to Tabby with a hurt expression on his face, much more upset by Six's comment about Tabby then he evidently was about Six's feelings for someone else.

"One, I did not date him because I thought I was doing him a favor and two," Tabby stood up and pointed her wand at Six's chest, "I was laughing at you. You, who only started dating him to spite me, you who only wanted to use him to get to your precious little Gryffindor. So don't go sticking your pretty nose down at me Six Deciles, because you'll find that that the air smells just as bad."

With that last jibe Tabby left the common room. Many whistles and 'wahoo's' followed in her wake.

Six just opened and closed her mouth like a fish out of water. She didn't even seem to notice when Bertram had left and gone to his dorm, leaving her standing alone in the common room.

She came and sat down where Tabby had been only moments before.

"I am such a bitch." Six put her head in her hands, her fingers clasping through her fringe and nails digging at her scalp.

"No argument from me."

She shot me a 'don't you start on me too' look, to which I just shrugged.

"Sorry, but you have been a right pain in the arse ever since Gordie started going off with girls."

"I know. I know. I don't know what's wrong with me." She twisted her fingers through her skirt.

"You're heartbroken. People do stupid stuff when they're heartbroken." Now that Six was admitting to being such a cow I felt it was time to throw her a bone. I mean best friends are there through thick and thin right?

"Yeah, like get drunk and hex your ex boyfriend while yelling profanities at him." She giggled.

I take it back, best friends are there to maim.

"Just kidding."

I guess my, 'I'm going to hex you so badly that your brother will feel it' look gave my irritation away. It didn't sound like a bad idea either. Two birds, one stone.



A/N: So I was faster with updating this time!  YAY!  Thanks so much to my wonderfic beta WeasleyTwinMom. 

So what did you think?  Any favorite parts?  Any predictions?  Anyone else enjoy the Scorpius look over?  I know I did.

Please remember when reviewing to keep your reviews 12+, I would hate to have to delete them :(

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