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Not So Obvious by elveriamoir
Chapter 8 : lazy day
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AN: I do not own Potter verse that is JK Rowling's baby.

Chapter Eight Lazy Day

Landing hard against Lucius’ chest James lets out a gasp. He quickly regains his composure and wrestles the other boy’s arms over his head, pinning them there with one callused, tanned hand, his free hand supporting his weight he lets his eyes trail down the other boy's toned body admiringly. He feels Lucius shiver almost imperceptivity and grins at the other boy. He can feel those ice blue eyes on his face and quickly averts it, rolling himself to one side so he is only partly draped across him. Lucius starts to squirm and James has trouble rearranging his face into a serious mien.

  Looking up at the other boy, he takes a deep breath, “Look I’m sorry if you were truly worried about your friend. I did not understand that about Slytherin’s house, I just thought you all wore masks the opposite to everyone else. Guess now I know I’ll be forever looking over my shoulder.” he pauses for breath and after catching sight of Lucius’ eyes trained firmly on his mouth, feels a shiver of delight go through him, “ you want me to stop talking?” he queries.

  He takes in the deep rosy colour spreading over Lucius’ face, and using his free hand gently tips the other boy’s face so he can see it. He is taken by surprise when Lucius, instead of speaking, merely closes the gap between their mouths and claims his with a hungry kiss. James feels the fire instantly ignite in him, drops his hand to the silken robe clad chest, and he deepened the kiss, their tongues battling. He can feel Lucius move under him and he lets go of the other boy’s wrists slowly dragging his finger tips over the delicate skin of one wrist feeling the other hand lock into his already messy hair. James gasps at the feelings running through his body and for the second time ever in his life throws caution to the wind. He runs the hand, which was still resting lightly on Lucius’ chest, slowly up and into the other’s hair. A tug of annoyance runs through him as he feels the resistance of the simple band Lucius wears. Wanting to feel its silken mass in his hands like before he tugs, snapping the band and hears a slight gasp from the boy beneath him. James pulled back, a worried frown in his eyes and worrying his bottom lip afraid he’d hurt Lucius. Instead of pain, he finds himself looking down into a pair of slightly unfocused ice blue eyes.

  Lucius shakes his head slightly looking up at James and a mischievous smile flits across his face. In a move to quick for the other boy’s lust riddled mind to comprehend he flips James so he’s the one with his back to the ground. James’ groan of surprise and lust as Lucius straddles his waist, echoes around the trees and Lucius pulls back worried he has over stepped his boundaries. He starts to pull away an apology on his lips, when he feels a strong but gentle hand grasp his hip the other reaching to wrap into his hair and guide his lips back to the other boy’s. He gives in to the feelings running through his body, feelings he’d only felt properly for the first time when he’d pulled James into that disused classroom only a couple of days ago. He consigns his fellow housemates to the devil and the simply stops thinking. James’ hand wrapped in his hair had tightened slightly as his eyes fluttered shut, wishing never to move. Lucius was fully focused on the other boy's strong hand gripping his waist, fingers tugging on his hair and the hot mouth against his own. James swept his tongue over Lucius' bottom lip begging for entrance and the blonde boy opened his mouth in a gasp once more allowing the kiss to deepen. He arched into James when he felt gentle nails scrap across his scalp, causing the other boy the moan into the kiss and tighten his grip on Lucius hip.

  They lay entwined, their kisses alternating between passionate and gentle, until, as if in union their stomachs’ protested about the passage of time. Both boys chuckle slightly and Lucius blushed, sitting up and trying to straighten his hair. James lay on the ground looking up at him, a tender smile at the other boy’s actions. Lucius when he noticed this blushed deeper, and stopped fidgeting. James chuckled to him self and pushed to his feet so quickly that Lucius just stared up at him gasping.

  James looked at the ground quickly, “sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you, just you learn to move fast when your friends with Remus and Sirius, now what do you say about some lunch and a swim,” he stopped and grinned at Lucius, “I cant wait to see you with your shirt off again.” Lucius threw his head back and laughed, and it was James’ turn to be embarrassed “ damn sorry I don’t know what came over me I’m not normally so I mean you are really hot and…”in his rambling he had not realised Lucius had got to his feet and covered the short distance between them. He felt a gentle hand on his chin and raised his eyes to meet the one just above him, he felt a gentle kiss on the lips and realised Lucius was not mad at him. He smiled as the other boy whispered into his ear, “sounds like fun, show me how to forget who I am.”



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