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Love in the Past by Atratus Lupin
Chapter 3 : Where am I?
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Where am I?

Time knows nothing.

Harry and Ron and looked around for Hermione. She just vanished out of thin air. They looked at each other eyes wide. They looked to Malfoy who was looking as shocked as they were. “Harry? What just happened?” Ron whimpered.

“I…I don’t know.” Harry said also unsure of what just happened. All the students were staring at were their Head Girl had once been. They were all waiting for her to appear just as she had disappeared.

Malfoy saw out of the corner of his eye Knott and Ackerly starting to slip away. He grabbed the back of their robes and they were pulled backwards. “Everyone back to their Compartments now!” Malfoy yelled causing several students to jump. They all hurried back to their compartments whispering. “Potter, Weasley come with me, I’m going to need some help.” Malfoy drawled.

“Harry, what do you suppose is wrong with Malfoy?” Ron whispered as Malfoy grabbed Knott and Ackerly and thrust them down the hallway towards the Heads compartment. Harry just shook his head and they followed Malfoy.

Malfoy slid open the compartment door and pointed towards seats near the window. “Sit over there, and if you make so much as one move I will take away house points.” He snapped and they walked over quietly, but sent each other a glare as they did so.

“Potter, I need you to send this with your owl to Dumbledore,” Malfoy muttered as he took out a piece of parchment a quill and a bottle of ink. He started scribbling across the parchment, it was neat, he just wrote fast. He messaged his temples and started writing again. He stopped put the quill back in the drawer and closed the inkbottle, he then rolled up the piece of parchment and grabbed his wand from his pocket. He muttered something and a small piece of string wrapped around the rolled up parchment and tied itself.

“This,” He said and paused standing to face Harry. “Is a letter to Dumbledore explaining what has just happened. Send this with our owl.” Malfoy asked, which was a surprise to Harry and Ron. Harry just took the parchment and left glancing at Ron quickly before he left.

Malfoy turned around to face the two boys, Ron watching him the whole time completely and utterly confused. He was also panicking inside, wondering where Hermione was. Malfoy walked and stood in front of the boys, who just looked up at him.

“I as Head Boy am taking 30 points from each of you-” He began but was interrupted by Knott.

“What! He started it! Your taking points from your own house! It’s not fair!” Knott yelled. Malfoy’s eyes flashed in anger and annoyance.

“I don’t care if I took points from my own house! You and him are the cause of the Head Girl disappearing! You are lucky I didn’t take more points away!” He yelled absolutely outraged. He took a step towards Knott who immediately sat down. “Now you will stay here until we get to Hogwarts. Then you will go straight to the Head master, explain your selves and he can decide what in bloody Merlin’s name to do with you!” He yelled, and turned to Ron, his cheeks pink with anger.

Ron just stared at him and looked past him to Knott and Ackerly who where sitting there with their arms crossed glaring at each other. Malfoy came up to him an angry look in his eyes. “I’m going to find Abbott, she can help after all she is Deputy Head Girl, and you are Deputy Head Boy if I’m correct?” He asked, giving Ron a searching look. Ron’s ears turned red and he nodded. “Right, well I’ll go look for her, in the mean time just watch these two. And if you move or talk to each other he will take away more points.” Draco called over his shoulder causing to two third years to grunt. “Oh and I will be telling your brothers, I’m sure since they are friends they would just love to know.” He said sarcastically and walked out sliding the door closed as he left.

The two boys looked horrified at the thought of their brothers knowing. Ackerly shuddered and Knott gulped, he wasn’t as tough as he made out to be. Like most Slytherins he was a coward. Ron went and sat at the opposite end of the compartment watching the two boys. He wanted to know where Hermione was. Even if he was going out with Lavender he loved Hermione, like a sister though. He was worried and for some odd reason he could tell Malfoy was worried too.

Harry walked down the train, towards the end where he knew he could find Hedwig. He looked around and saw her, she was screeching and biting on the bars of her cage. He walked over and opened it. He held out his arm and she flew to it. He closed her cage door and she nibbled his ear affectionately. He smiled slightly. He tied the rolled up parchment to her leg, “Ok this is very important I need you to take this to Dumbledore alright. And stay at Hogwarts after unless he needs you to send a letter back. Do you understand?” He asked and she hooted in acknowledgement. He then walked over to a window, opened it and watched her fly out of it.

He sighed he had an idea that Hermione’s time turner had broken. He knew she had this year because of N.E.W.T.’s he just hoped she was all right. He walked back along the corridor his head down. He was heading back towards the Head Compartment when he bumped into someone.

“Sorry” He replied, and then looked to see who it was. A smiled emitted on his face when he saw it was Remus. “Sorry Remus-er Professor.” He stuttered.

“It’s quite alright Harry and you can call me Remus, just not in class. But I was going to ask you something. Where is Hermione? I want to have a word with her.” He replied and Harry rubbed the back of his neck, unsure of what to say.

“Um…er Remus, she’s not here actually, she had an accident with her Time Turner and she went back in time, well that’s what Malfoy thinks anyway.” He said looking unsure.

“I can’t believe it…I wanted to stop her before it happened…” He whispered quietly, hoping Harry hadn’t heard. But he did.

“Sorry?” He asked he wasn’t sure if he had heard Remus correctly. “You knew?” Harry asked astounded, Remus only nodded.


A sandy haired boy watched as a girl who just appeared out of thin air pull something that looked broken out her shirt. He watched with curiosity as her eyes went wide then rolled back into her head. He watched as she fell to the ground in slow motion. He went for her and she landed gracefully in his arms. He picked her up taking in her features.

She had soft brown curls that framed her angelic face. She was very light, but being what he was it didn’t matter if she weighed a million pounds he could still lift her. He looked to his friends who inched closer. The shortest of his friends with blonde hair hanging in his blue eyes looked up.

The sandy haired boy was much taller than him and moved around them and placed the girl on the soft red plush seats. He laid her down gently and kneeled next to the seat. His friends crowded around him. The blonde haired boy right next to him peering at the girl from behind his bangs. He looked as if the girl were merely an angel, but she was more than that, she looked like a goddess.

His other two friends came closer also looking at the beautiful girl. His one friend with shaggy black hair that fell gracefully to his shoulders and deep brown eyes looked over the girl curiously from his place next to the blonde boy.

His last friend with Raven colored hair sticking up in all directions and hazel looked at the girl in awe behind his black-rimmed glasses. They all stared at her for some time before the compartment door slid open. They all looked away from the unconscious girl and to the door.

A red head stood in the doorway wearing her Head Girl badge pinned to her robes. Her vibrant emerald green eyes narrowed as she caught sight of the tall raven-haired boy. “Potter what in Merlin’s-” She began but gasped when she saw the girl lying there on the seat. She rushed over and looked at her. “Oh my.” She whispered quietly she carefully reached out her hand and touched the chain around the girl’s neck.

She very carefully pried the girl’s fingers away from whatever she was holding and looked at the small thing that was broken. She gasped again this time bringing her hand to her mouth. All the boys were quiet watching as the red head then dropped the girl’s hand, backing away. She reached inside her shirt and pulled out a chain with a small hourglass. The sandy-haired boy looked from the hourglass to the broken thing on the girl’s chest. His eyes grew wide knowing what it was.

“That’s a Time Turner.” He whispered quietly. “I’ve read about them…when they brake the person who wears it gets sent back to the time it was made. Hers must have broken. Time Turners are very dangerous if you-” He began quietly but the red haired girl interrupted him, finishing what he was going to say.

“If you go back in time you have to make sure not to be seen by your other self, and you can’t change the past. If you do you could change the future and that could be horrible.” She whispered she green eyes shining brightly.

“So you mean to say Evans that this girl is from the future?” The raven-haired boy asked with confusion. The black haired boy sniggered at the menacing glare the red head gave him.

“Yes Potter, I think you need to deflate that head of yours, I think its effecting your hearing.” She snapped and the raven-haired boy was about to snap a come back but the black haired boy nudged him and pointed to the girl on the seat who was stirring.

“Look she’s waking up, I think.” The short plump blonde stuttered. The sandy haired boy looked at her as her eyes fluttered open. She looked at them and her eyes widened she sat up moving away from them. She backed up against the back of the seat, breathing hard.

“Calm down.” He whispered and placed his hand on hers, she wrenched it away quickly. She then looked at all of them her eyes grew wide at the sight of the red head. She looked down at her time turner.

“Oh no…no…no…he’s going to kill me…I can’t believe it broke…I’m going to be in so much trouble…this can’t be happening, it’s just a dream…oh Merlin let it be a dream…” She whispered over and over again.

“Please just let it be a dream, I just want to see Harry and Ron, gods even Draco would be nice to see walk through that door and tell me it is a joke or a dream.” She whispered.

“Sorry but no one here goes by those names.” The small blonde boy stuttered apparently he didn’t get the fact she was from the future.

“I’m James, James Potter.” Said the raven-haired boy with glasses. He extended his hand for her to shake, which she just stared at. “I won’t bite…honest, though Moony or Padfoot here might.” He said chuckling. She smiled slightly and hesitantly extended her hand, which James shook.

She knew it was Harry’s father but she was amazed she was shaking hands with someone she knew to be dead. She nodded at him in acknowledgement and he withdrew his hand. The small plump blonde boy then extended his hand smiling widely. Hermione tried not to look repulsed by this but shook his hand too very quickly.

“I’m Peter Petigrew.” He said cheerfully. Just then Peter moved and the sandy-haired boy was about to take her hand but he was shoved out of the way.

“Push over Moony.” The black haired boy said and Hermione watched as the sandy haired boy landed on his bum. He frowned and the red haired girl helped him up, he brushed off his clothes and glared at the black haired boy’s head.

“Sirius Black at your service,” He said and kissed her hand and flashed her a charming smile. She knew not to get involved with Sirius he was always using girls. She smiled sweetly at him and moved to edge of the seat. He withdrew her hand and stood up, she walked over to the sandy-haired boy and extended her hand.

He took it and shook it, stuttering out his name as his cheeks turned pink. “Lupin…er…Remus Lupin.” He said and took away his hand. She looked to the red head that smiled and extended her hand, which Hermione shook also.

“Lily Evans pleased to meet you.” She nicely and Hermione nodded thinking while she shook Lily’s hand, this is Harry’s mum, if only he were here with me. She thought. She knew he would be ecstatic. “But who are you?” Lily asked curiosity taking advantage.

“Oh right how silly of me not to introduce my self. I’m Hermione Gran- Hermione Grant.” She had started to say her real name but soon realized she shouldn’t give them her real name, since in fact three of them were still alive when she went to school. Grant was the only thing she could come up with, it being her mother’s maiden name.

“Oh are you any relation to Amy Grant.” Lily questioned. Hermione almost fell over. Amy Grant was her mother. She grabbed onto Remus for support that grabbed her arm to brace her.

“Sorry.” She whispered as she steadied herself. “How…how do you know her?” Hermione asked her voice quivering.

“Well everyone knows her, she was Head Girl here last year, but your from the future are you her niece or something?” Lily said matter of fact. Hermione breathed in, holding her breath, her mother never told her she went to school here, well how could she her mother was dead. Voldemort had killed her before the war. Hermione had been living by herself with out Mrs. Weasley knowing, other wise she would have been at the Burrow.

Her mother was a witch, but what about her father. “Wasn’t she going out with that good looking bloke Joe, in Ravenclaw? She was in our house right?” James asked rubbing the back of his neck.

“Yes Potter, she was going out with him, they in fact are engaged now I believe.” She said a misty look in her eyes. James shook his head and Sirius sniggered, James elbowed him the stomach.

“Owe” He wheezed as he clutched his stomach.

“Argh! Potter we have to be in the Heads department! NOW!” She yelled in frustration and grabbed the back of James’ robes and dragged him out the compartment. He waved and winked at them

“Aw Evans I never knew you wanted me so much to drag away from my friends.” He said and smirked, she had grumbled something while dragging him away.

Sirius burst out laughing, Peter fell into a fit of giggles and Remus just shook his head. “James has always fancied Lily, ever since I can remember.” Remus whispered quietly as he passed her to get something out of his bag. She watched as he grabbed a book out of it.

She heard Sirius groan. “Moony…no books…c’mon, I don’t have Prongs to attack…c’mon he’s off trying to show off in front of Evans. All you think about is books, please play a game of Exploding snap with me and Wormtail.” Sirius whined, pouting, Remus just stuck his nose in his book. Hermione sat down next to him; he looked at her and smiled, then returned to his book.

“No Padfoot, and I thought you said James deflated his head over the summer.” Remus questioned his voice sounding so innocent. Sirius snorted.

“He did slightly. I mean its prongs we are talking about. Please! Remus, buddy ‘ol pal, please I beg you.” He whined getting on his knees stressing the please.

Remus smirked, and had a gleam in his eyes, “You beg huh Paddy. Well go on beg.” Remus dared. Sirius looked shocked.

“Remus I can’t not with her here.” He whispered harshly. Looking Hermione up and down. She rolled her eyes, when he looked back to Remus.

“Suit yourself Padfoot.” He said shrugging and returned to his book. Hermione then leaned forward.

“I’ll play a game with you Sirius.” She said and smiled Sirius’ face lit up and he turned around to set up the game. She turned to Remus and winked at him, giving him a smile. “Thank you for earlier, when you caught me.” She whispered and kissed his cheek. He blushed and nodded, shocked. He then stared at his book as Hermione sat down and playing exploding snap with Sirius.

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Edit: Also. I know Hermione's mother is a muggle in the Books, you don't have to tell me. I did read CoS too you know. But this is fanfiction. It all ties together in the end so chill out. I just tweaked it for my plot that's all.

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