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What Makes Me smile by joy9494
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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                                      Coraline was in a forest.

         The full moon was peeking out over the shadowy treetops.

                                       Coraline was alone.  

                                       She was frightened.

       Frightened of the eerie silence surrounding her, it’s depths filled with a sense of danger and hopelessness.

                                   All was quiet, unusually calm.

    Suddenly a piercing scream cashed through the night, shattering all to pieces as if it were made of glass.
     Coraline ran toward the voice with all of her might, until she made it to a clearing.

    The source was a woman, appearing to be around her early thirties. Her long dark hair shined and glimmered in the moon light and her light blue eyes were wide with terror.
    She stood cowering under a tree, clutching tight to a blonde haired boy of about eight or so.

    They were utterly helpless. The  woman was attempting to offer the boy protection, but it was no use for she was just as vulnerable as he.

    He, young as he was, was doing the same for her, trying and failing to protect the woman from their looming fate. They stood their equally terrified, equally defenseless, and equally in despair.

    Looming over them, suspended within the air, was a dark hooded finger, whose very presence made the hair on Coraline’s forearms rise and sent a shiver shooting down her spine.

   Coraline clutched her wand tight, possessed and ready for the attack, when the odd sound of laughter came from the opposite direction.

    Out in to the moonlight toddled a little boy with light brown hair and amber eyes. He couldn’t have been more than two, and the child started running, clumsily, toward her, a bright happy smile upon his face. So young and innocent was he that he had no comprehension of the danger that lay ahead.

  Suddenly, another dark figure appeared and skulked menacingly toward the happy little boy.

  Coraline was in the middle of all of this, and she turned her head to each person,  wondering who to save, then, in a flash, one of the hooded figures lunged themselves at the young boy, and Coraline’s scream echoed through out the forest, as she watched in horror.

    Coraline awoke with a start.

   It was still dark outside.

 She prepared herself to go back to sleep, until she heard yelling coming from across the hall.

 “You Crazy Bitch!” came the harsh, wavering voice of a man, “Stop it!”

 “Stop what?” came another voice, “You mean this?” The woman then preceded to smack her lips, viciously, attempting to get a rise out of her opponent.

    Coraline rolled her eyes very much wanting to go back to bed, and was just about to do so, when a loud crashing noise rang through out the house and all that could be heard was sobbing, but it didn’t last long, for the man was soon up and yelling once more.

    Coraline now knowing an intervention was necessary, stumbled out of bed and in to the hall. She forced open the door to the room across from her own.

   In  the dim yellow light stood a tall thin man, with a bushy blond beard and piercing blue eyes. The man was riving in fury as his chest moved in and out with shallow breaths. On the floor, in front of the man sat Coraline’s mother. She was clutching her round stomach in pain and her blue eyes were puffy and red as she cried.


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What Makes Me smile: Prologue


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