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Nothing Sirius by ElectrixxSoul
Chapter 6 : The Rumors
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Melora should have known it was too good to last. Especially since Eleanor Harvey, the biggest gossip in Ravenclaw, knew. Really, she should have been more aware.


It had only been a week. She wasn’t showing or anything (although she did feel a bit bloated). And she only talked to Black slightly more than usual in public. Of course the usual was never, but the point remained.


People were convinced she was pregnant. And since the whole school already knew about her very public break-up with Stephen, they assumed the father was someone else. Add in the nasty bit where Evangeline Rodent (really Rovant, but Melora preferred her version) had overheard some of Beatrice’s and Melora’s conversation and Stephen telling his friends about their fight in the hallway, and you have the recipe for disaster Melora wanted to avoid.


“I hear they’re running off together once the term’s over.”


“No, no, he only did it to piss off his family ‘cause she’s muggleborn.”


“Of course he had to pay her to do it.”


“What a cow! Who wouldn’t sleep with Black for free?”


“Merlin Diane, could you be more of a slag?”


Melora covered her head with the textbook she was attempting to read and groaned. Merlin she hated fifth years, didn’t they have anything better to do then gossip in the library about her?


There had to be a way to stop the rumors, even if they were true.


“Uh, Melora? Are you alright?” Melora peered up from her book cover at Remus Lupin who was shifting awkwardly from foot to foot in front of her table.


“Just peachy Lupin” She replied sarcastically. Remus just gave a small smile and motioned towards the chair across from Melora, “Mind if I sit?”


Melora shrugged, “Feel free, but I have to warn you, I’m the hot topic of the week. Wouldn’t want you to end up in the mill yourself.”


Remus chuckled, “I think I’ll live.”


“Yeah, you and Black.” Melora mumbled setting her book aside, “Why is it that I’m the bad guy here? I didn’t seduce him or anything. It takes two to make a baby you know.”


“Er, yes I know.” Remus scratched the back of his head, “Sirius is actually the reason I came to talk to you.”


“Finally wants out, does he?” Melora grumbled, “Couldn’t even make it a week.”


“Not quite.” Remus sighed, “He wanted to know when that Healer appointment is, so he could come.”


Melora blushed and muttered an apology, “I don’t know if it’s hormones or what, but I’m rather, well, catty lately.” Remus raised a brow at her choice of words and Melora smiled, “You should have heard how Beatrice described it.”


“Beatrice Walsh, right?”


“Yeah, so why couldn’t Black ask me this all important question himself?”


Remus picked the book Melora had been reading up and flipped though the pages idly, “He’d rather I didn’t tell you.”


Melora narrowed her eyes suspiciously, but didn’t question him further, “Tell him next Tuesday.”


Remus nodded and stood up handing back her book as he did so, “Thanks Melly”


Melora barely had time to blink before the Gryffindor disappeared and could only shout after the boy, “Don’t call me that!”


Her response was Remus’s laugh and a shout from Madam Pince to watch her tone.

“I do hope this will teach you a lesson about attacking another student in the hall Mister Black.”


Sirius looked from the towering stack of dirty cauldrons to his Transfiguration professor and Head of House, Minerva McGonagall, and back again. “Looking doubtful by the minute Minnie.”


Professor McGonagall pursed her lips but gave no response, so Sirius continued, “I know you owe Ol’ Sluggy a few favors, but really?” He gestured to the tower in front of him and McGonagall managed a small smile at the sight of Sirius’s pain.


“As it was one of his House’s students that was attacked, it was only fair he was given some say in you punishment.”


Sirius rolled his eyes, but held his tongue for once. McGonagall nodded sharply, “Right then, I’ll be back in two hours to see how you’re coming along.” Her hand moved towards her robes pocket where the thin rod shape of Sirius’s wand could be seen, “And no magic.”


She strode out of the room quickly and Sirius rolled his eyes again and stuck out his tongue at her back. “Of course no magic you old hag, you stole my wand.”


The dark-haired boy turned to the stack once more and reached up to grab the highest one, needing to get on his toes to reach it, despite a 6’1” frame. The inside of the cauldron was a shiny green as opposed to its usual black and several small eyes and limbs were stuck to the bottom.


“Fantastic” Sirius sighed to himself, “I defend the mother of my child against Slytherin scum, and I get detention.”


“I think the boils may have been a bit excessive.” Sirius’s head shot up to see Melora leaning against the doorframe with a smile playing on her lips.


Sirius narrowed his eyes at her, “Lupin...” He growled.


Melora laughed lightly and entered the classroom, taking a seat in an empty desk by Sirius who began to scrub furiously at his cauldron.


“Not quite,” She admitted, “I may have tracked down your friend Peter.”


“Traitor” Sirius mumbled, “When I get my hands on him…”


“Easy tiger.” Melora leaned her head on her propped elbow, “So why didn’t you want me to know?”


Sirius shrugged, “It was stupid.”


“It was nice.” She lifted her head and crossed her arms, “Chivalrous, brave, rash, and maybe a little stupid. Which, last time I checked, was a Gryffindor. We little old Ravenclaws merely hide under books in the face of gossip.” Melora thought back to how Remus had found her this afternoon, “Quite literally sometimes.”


“Jones, are you trying to thank me?” Sirius looked up from his cleaning with a toothy grin.


“Don’t let it go to your head.” Melora smirked, “But yes, thank you.”




“I just hope our child gets more sense from me then he or she does you, or else they’ll be scrubbing cauldrons all night just like Daddy.” Melora said standing up and stretching her arms above her head.


Sirius tried to ignore the still flat stomach now showing between her skirt and shirt, “Ha ha.” He replied dryly, “So will Mummy be helping the little tyke with the cleaning?”


“And risk my health?” Melora eyes widened in mock awe, “Black think of your child!”


Sirius tossed the first cauldron away, deciding it clean enough and reached for another one. “How could I be so inconsiderate?” He replied.


Melora just laughed, “I’ll see you Tuesday Black.”


“Later Jones”

A/N- I love that last scene =]
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