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Chaos In The Order by Emilyinlove
Chapter 29 : Control
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Disclaimer: I do not own J.K. Rowling, the Harry Potter books, series, characters, movies or anything else to do with it.

Author's Note: I did say I would add a new one this weekend and Idid! Good for me for keeping my promises even though I had a huge English project that was originally designed as a group project to finish but I did it! YAY! And I just finished the project, in case you were wondering. The Masque of the Red Death by Edgar Allan Poe. Pretty cool story. Except for the project that came with it. Although my project is AMAZING! Some people have already presented theirs and mine is a million times better. Not to brag. Not that you guys really care. But here is a chapter that is half fluff and half important! Half VERYVERYVERYVERY important!! So yeah, read it. I also love the image for this chapter, and I'm seriously going to start using it for EVERYTHING. Not on here...but for graphics in general. Another thing I haven't had time to do thanks to senior year and musical theatre and singing lessons. *sigh* On a happier note, my musical theatre class is doing Seussical and as well as having 4 - 5 parts (we have 15 people in the class - we have to spread the love), I also get to do the costume design! SOEXCITED! Yeah, we don't have our parts yet but I'll let you know ASAP. Also, if you want graphics, I am currently open. Anyways, read on, enjoy and don't forget to leave a review!!

Chapter Twenty-Nine:Control

It was finally the weekend, which was great after such an eventful week. First, the DA was found out and Dumbledore left, Umbridge became Headmistress, the fireworks display, and Harry saw one of Snape's memories that had really shaken him. He seemed to think he was going to be exactly like his father.

I climbed through the portrait hole and saw Harry sitting alone on the couch, attempting his Defense Against the Dark Arts. I snuck up behind him, making sure I was quiet as possible.

"Guess who?" I asked in a sing song voice from behind him. I covered his eyes with my hands so he wouldn't see who it was.

"Hm...I have no clue," he said.

"Really?" I asked, thinking that it would be obvious. "Well it's Emily, duh."

"I know," he said softly as I wrapped my arms around his shoulders, resting my head on his shoulder. I kissed his cheek quickly before moving down and kissing his neck softly. I started giggling because it was really obviously when he liked something I did. I gently pressed my lips against the nape of his neck to feel him shiver. I laughed a little as I hopped over the back of the couch to be beside him.

He pressed his lips against mine, his hand moving to the back of my head, gently twirling my hair in his fingers. We stayed on that couch kissing for awhile before I noticed how sunny and nice it was outside.

"Harry, why are we inside when it's so nice out?" I asked him, my arms loosing around his neck while he rested his hand on my upper thigh. I was sitting so that I was beside him, but my legs were draped over his lap.

"So you want to go snog outside, is that it?" Harry asked and I laughed.

"Snog is such a funny word," I said, sighing before getting back to my point. "And I don't know - I just really want to go outside."

"I can't get up," Harry lied and I gave him a dirty look.

"I know you can, but if you really don't want to, I guess go outside all by myself. With no one but me for company," I said dramatically as I slowly made my way out of the common room.

"Come back," Harry called, rolling his eyes at my antics.

"Here I go," I said even louder and more dramatic, "all by my lonesome. If only I had someone to go outside with."

"Fine, I'm coming. But I'm going to get you," Harry said as he hoisted himself off of the couch.

"Not if you can't catch me," I said, grinning mischievously.

"Wanna bet?" Harry asked.

"Yeah, I wanna bet," I said, running out of the portrait hole. I could hear him chasing after me, laughing, but coming nowhere close. I had built up my endurance a lot since the beginning of the year, surprising anyone who thought I was lazy. I saw the stair rails and quickly jumped on top, pushing off and sliding down to hear him yell, "That's not fair!"

"Hey, when I see an opportunity, I jump on it!" I called back before quickly running out the front doors, laughing hysterically. I kept running and stopped where Emilie and Hermione were standing and talking.

"Harry...chasing...don't tell," I said, trying to catch my breath. Running and laughing really wasn't a good combination. "AH!"

I felt him lift me up and twirl me around in the air. I started laughing as he put me down.

"Okay, I'm gone - I can already see that this is going to get mushy," Emilie said, picking up her stuff and leaving.

"Right behind you," Hermione said, following suit.

Harry picked me up bridal style and laid me down by the trunk of our little group's favorite beech tree. I started laughing as he climbed on top of me and I wrapped my arms around his neck. I gave him a sweet, light kiss, running my hands through his messy black hair. I broke away to look at him, and when I did, he pulled me back into a very passionate kiss, his tongue dancing with mine.

He lifted me up slightly, not moving his mouth off of mine, and put his hands underneath me, pulling me closer towards him.

I broke apart to breathe and he began trailing kissing up and down my neck. His hands found their way down to my hips and he pulled them against his own. To tell you the truth, I loved it when he touched my hips. They were hardly ever touched in reality, and when he did, it sent fireworks throughout my whole body.

We finally broke apart and he moved up to come sit with me. He pulled me onto his lap and wrapped his arms around me, holding my hands in his. I rested my head against his shoulder and our legs were tangled together. I closed my eyes to take in every detail of this moment as his steady heartbeat rang in my ears. This moment was absolutely perfect.

"Em, look," Harry said, nudging me and pointing to the sky. The sky looked as if it had been painted with shades of pink, orange and red, making the most beautiful sunset I have ever witnessed. I had a correction to make - now everything was absolutely perfect.

"So what are we doing today, Moody?" I asked as Lindsay, Emilie and I walked into the room wearing shorts and tank tops. We had all learned from experience that the easier and breezier clothes were to move in, the better.

"We'll be doing another simulation, but this one will be a hell of a lot more real. You can get cut and injured, just not killed," Moody said and the three of us exchanged panicked looks. "Go on, get into the room."

We nervously stepped into the room and it instantly became the simulation. We were now on top of a fast moving train going over a bridge.

"Oh my Merlin," I said before realizing we were being attacked from behind. I spun around and saw at least ten Death Eaters shooting spells at us.

"Emily! Get down!" Emilie yelled and I looked around to see a tunnel approaching. I contorted my body so I was leaned over and lying flat against the top of the train. The three of us got through the tunnel without a problem before quickly jumping back up, seeing that we had lost at least half of the Death Eaters. We continued on, fighting with all of our skills.

Once it was over, Lindsay, Emilie and I were preparing to put our plan in action. I sat alone in the kitchen, taking occasional drinks of water while I waited.

"What are you still doing up, Emily?" Remus asked, walking into the kitchen as well.

Get him, I thought and Emilie and Lindsay jumped out, blindfolding him while I put a piece of cloth over his mouth with a type of liquid that the smell alone would make you pass out after a few seconds. Don't ask how I got that. After he was out, we lifted him onto a chair and tied his legs to the legs of the chair, and bound his arms behind the chair. We blindfolded and gagged him, turned off all the lights and made a spotlight appear on him. He woke up about half an hour later, once Emilie and Lindsay had left and started freaking out.

"Calm down, Remus, I just want some answers," I said, holding a spray bottle of Veritaserum. I undid his gag and his blindfold and he started screaming so I sprayed him in the mouth with the Veritaserum. He started coughing, not expecting it. "It's not poison or anything, just Veritaserum - I'm not a criminal or anything like that, I'm still loyal to the Order of the Phoenix, in case you're wondering."

"Then why are you doing this?" he asked.

"I want the truth for once in my life!" I yelled frustratedly. "Everything has been a lie and I'm sick of always being the last to know about my own life. Now, were you there when I was born?"


"We were told about a Prophecy that had to do with me?" I asked, circling the chair.


"Do you remember what the Prophecy was?" I asked.


"Where is the Prophecy?" I questioned.

"The Hall of Prophecies at the Ministry of Magic, in the nineteenth aisle and the number nineteen," he answered obediently and I clapped my hands for the lights to come back on. I snapped my fingers for all the bindings to come undone.

"No one needs to know about this little...event," I said, about to walk away.

"Yeah, like I'm going to tell anyone I was just captured by a five foot two blonde girl," he remarked and I smiled at him, about to head upstairs when he caught me. "Why go through all this? Why not just ask?"

"Would you have really told me anything if I had asked you?" I questioned.

"No," he admitted and I gave him a look.

"I'm just trying to get control over my own life again," I told him. "And to do that, I have to know who I am."

A/N: Ooooh!!! INTENSE! Yeah, so leave a review and be on your toes, waiting in anticipation for the next chapter!!

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"Headmistress," Filch said, holding a piece of parchment. "I've got the form and the whips are waiting...oh how I've waiting for this moment..." Wow, that sound like a kinky sexual fantasy involving the twins and Filch. Yuck.

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