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This Animal I've Become by i cried the verse
Chapter 16 : Lay to Rest
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Chapter 16: Lay to Rest


The pain was throbbing terribly. It took up every nook and cranny in their bodies, leaving nowhere untouched. The pain after the transformations takes time to alleviate, and neither would be fully capable to be completely free from the effects of the transformations for a couple of days. Either would choose to lie on the ground for days if they could, cold and bloody, but a transformation was just a little bump in the road in keeping a ‘normal’ life. That meant making appearances as soon as possible to keep people off their secret.

Addie was the first to move, after blacking out for a few minutes from too much pain wracking her system and lying down for almost ten minutes. She lifted herself up off her stomach and started crawling over to the secret compartment. She cried out when she moved and put pressure upon her left arm. Her left shoulder was still on fire and was sending shocks of pain through her, which definitely was not a good sign. It was feeling weaker than usual and as she looked down to her shoulder, she could see it beginning to swell. She was breathing deeply, trying to ignore the stinging and aching everywhere in her body, and especially in her obviously dislocated shoulder. When she finally reached the secret compartment, she opened up the compartment quickly and pulled out her wand.

“Tergeo,” she muttered multiple times on each patch of dried blood that may have formed as well as the wounds that were still streaming blood. The pools of blood started to disappear slowly with each spell cast. Her magic was drained from her transformations and she couldn’t do more than a little magic at a time or else she could possibly faint from the lack of magic in her system. Her magic was trying to repel the traces of dark magic in her body as well as help heal over her aches and pains.

Unfortunately, she didn’t know any spells to help her dislocated shoulder so she was left to cradle her arms’ heavy weight against herself as best as possible. The dislocated shoulder was painful and made other pains, like her aching joints, seem like a little pinch to her system.

Once she got most of the blood off, she racked her muddled brain for a spell that would magic her clothes on because she couldn’t move her arm. Even though her mind was beginning to feel lightheaded and she was beginning to feel like she was going throw up (which wasn’t unusual after a transformation), she still managed to remember the spell and quickly cast it on herself as quickly as possible, avoiding bothering her shoulder. She left her shirt and sweater off, seeing how she was sweating profusely, as well as her sandals.

Faintly she could hear the trap door opening downstairs, but mainly she was hearing her blood pumping in her ears and her raspy, short breaths and not much else. She could make out Remus shuffling about in the room over and Madam Pomfrey stalking quickly up the steps to the main level.

With a sigh that irritated her lungs, she slowly sat up against the wall, her right hand holding her left elbow. Once Madam Pomfrey made up to their level, she knocked on Remus’ door and called out his name. There must have been a reply since she heard Madam Pomfrey open his door and shuffle into the room. From what she could remember, Remus didn’t suffer from too many wounds, as she tried her best to avoid marking him in any sort of way. The only thing she remembered was that he could have is a few marks on his back near his shoulder blades, a few scratches from rough housing with the boys, and a few branches that left little scrapes. She must have been correct because it wasn’t long before she heard Madam Pomfrey leaving his room to check on herself.

“Miss Ferrari?” she heard her call though the door with a knock.

“Come in,” Addie called out as best as she could, her voice cracking in the middle causing her to cough to clear her throat.

Madam Pomfrey poked her head into the room before fully stepping in. She was silent as she stalked across the room to Addie’s side, clearly knowing that something was wrong for the young girl to be grasping her arm so hardly without her shirt on.

“It’s dislocated,” Addie muttered as the healer kneeled at her side.

She heard the older woman ‘tsk’ as her hands went to examine Addie’s shoulder. Her hands lightly pressed around the plainly visible bone that was sticking out of place. Madam Pomfrey pursed her lips before saying, “Dislocated indeed.” She looked around them and picked up her sweater that was lying on the floor along with her shirt and sandals with a heavy sigh. “Sadly, there’s no spell to correct this sort of injury, so we’re going to have to set it back the Muggle way.” The healer then handed her the sweater. “Bite on this so you won’t bite your tongue.”

Addie nodded as she took a big chuck of the sleeve and jammed it into her mouth. She knew what was coming up next was going to be painful. Madam Pomfrey put her left hand on top of the shoulder, just on the edge of her collar bone not touching her wounds, and her right grasped her upper arm tightly.

“Ready?” Madam Pomfrey asked, concern and a bit of worry laced in her voice. Addie nodded rapidly as she gripped her sweater with her right hand. The woman nodded as she concentrated on resetting her shoulder quickly as possible. She had only done this a handful of times, so she was still slightly apprehensive when it came to the Muggle style.

When Madam Pomfrey began to pull and push, Addie thought her arm was going to fall off. Her eyes bulged as she bit down hard on her sweater and her right hand gripped the sweater forcefully. The pain was burning, pinching, and wrong. It felt like her shoulder was being ripped from her body. This intensity matched a transformation, but felt worse since it was in a concentrated location, not spread out over her whole body.

There was a pop and an immense relief through her system once Madam Pomfrey had put her shoulder back in place. The sweater dropped from her mouth as she gasped, a string of spit attached to it before Addie grimaced and wiped it off. Her breathing was heavy again as she slumped forward slightly. Tentatively Addie began moving the fingers in her left hand, finding them to be mobile now.

“Thank you,” she muttered as Madam Pomfrey started casting spells on her shoulder to see if there were any hidden injuries that she could not see. She then placed a temporary cold spell to the shoulder to bring down the swelling. Once she finished with those two things, she began doing a few routine spells to check for any hemorrhaging or broken bones or other little nuisances that the younger girl may have looked over.

“No worries, dear,” she replied as she picked up Addie’s shirt from the floor and began helping the girl into it. Once her shirt was firmly on, Madam Pomfrey took the sweater that still sat on Addie’s lap and transfigured it into a sling. “Here, you’ll need to wear this for the rest of the day, and maybe tomorrow as well, depending on how it looks later.”

Addie nodded as Madam Pomfrey helped her put her arm in the sling. She then helped Addie get up from the floor. The werewolf leaned up against the wall to catch her breath and wait for her head to stop being dizzy from standing up too fast.

Both heads turned when Remus knocked on the door. Madam Pomfrey let him know it was okay to enter. When he stepped into the doorway, he looked like he was run over by a train. His hair was in a disarray, he was pale, he had large bags under his eyes, and in certain spots she could see patches of blood staining his shirt. Addie felt that she probably looked the same at the moment if not worse with the sling attached to her arm.

“Come you two,” Madam Pomfrey promptly said taking a step back towards the door. “I want to check you over as soon as possible.” Addie and Remus looked at each other but didn’t smile or nod, just glanced. Remus eyed the sling, wondering if he had anything to do with it, but seeing as Addie wasn’t looking at him in disgust or anger he breathed a little easier. “Remus, if you could, watch over Adelaide, she dislocated her shoulder transforming back and might be a little off balance at the moment.”

Remus nodded to the healer as he waited for her and Addie to move past him and through the doorway. He kept an eye on Addie and a hand ready to grab her arm if she started to sway.

The three made their way out of the Shrieking Shack and towards the Whomping Willow. They were, of course, walking slower than normal due to the amount of pain that they were in. There was still barely any light outside as they climbed out of the Whomping Willow and made their way back into the castle. The castle was deserted and cold when they made it indoors. The torches were still lit in the hallways even though sunlight was beginning to shine through the large glass windows.

Soon enough they made it to the Hospital Wing and Madam Pomfrey led them to the back room that was set up for them. The room had two gurneys lined with crisp tan sheets against the right hand wall. Between the two beds was an off white divider matching the ones outside and a set of curtains that were open, attached to opposite walls to give both sections privacy if needed. Each bed had a small, wooden night stand to the left of the bed. The left hand wall held a small stand that held multiple potions, vials, jars, and goblets. There were no windows, only four torches, two sets of two on opposite walls, one set next to the beds. It smelled liked disinfectant, mixed with a little smoke from the torches, but not strong enough to bother either of the werewolves greatly.

“Alright, Remus in the farther bed, Adelaide, the closer one,” Madam Pomfrey instructed as she closed the door behind them. Both moved to their respective beds as Madam Pomfrey began to grab potions and lotions from her stand. “I’ll start with Remus, no going to sleep until I check you over, Miss Ferrari.” Addie nodded absentmindedly as she climbed onto the bed as best as she could, sitting up to make sure that she wouldn’t fall asleep or pass out.

Remus stood to the side of the bed as he slowly took off his jacket and shirt along with his shoes, socks, and pants, leaving him in his underwear. Just as he was climbing onto the bed, Madam Pomfrey came over, levitating a tray of supplies. She set them down on the nightstand as she began to wave her wand over Remus, searching for any hidden damage that wasn’t on the surface and doing any spell she hadn’t already done in the shack. The spells flashed brightly in different colors, making Remus dizzy from the flashes of light.

Madam Pomfrey hummed in approval as she began to heal his wounds on the surface. There weren’t many scratches. There was a claw mark on back, just below his left shoulder blade, which was the deepest and biggest one of them all. Then there was an easier, single gash to heal that ran from the backside of his hip to half way up his stomach. Besides those two, there weren’t many others besides small, shallow scratches that wouldn’t scar like the larger one on his back. She cleaned off all the blood and closed up the wounds as much as she could, but the one on his back wouldn’t fully heal under magic due to the fact that it was done by a werewolf. Werewolf cuts and bites were dark magic injuries that had to heal naturally.

“You’ll be happy to know that the only scratch on your face was fully healed without scarring,” Madam Pomfrey told Remus with a smile which he faintly returned in his tired state. She knew Remus was self-conscious about his scars, especially the ones on his face, which was why she knew he kept his hair so long. She had been treating him since he was eleven and knew every scar on his body by heart. Sometimes she could even remember exactly which moon he received which wound.

Since she felt like sometimes she was his surrogate mother at school, she felt even more heartbroken when she saw scratches on his face that would scar. Remus was handsome, she knew, but she also knew that the scars hindered his looks, and young girls tended to not want ‘damaged’ goods. Merlin knows she loved this boy with all her heart and knew that he needed a bit more loving in his life, but being a werewolf eliminated any chance of him getting too close to someone without them finding out his secret. People these days were still as narrow minded as the older generations.

She placed her wand in her pocket and grabbed a jar of paste that was yellow and covered any bruises she saw. Then next paste was an off white color and she covered his open wounds with it to help them heal faster as well as disinfect the wounds. Remus ground his teeth together as she applied the paste. The paste was stinging his sores, which also meant that they were working. Once she was done with the lotions, she took some of her bandages and carefully patched up his back. All of the other few cuts could breathe because they weren’t in any danger of reopening. She put down the bandages and grabbed a large vial of potion. The vial was filled with a blood-replenishing potion that was a dark blue color. She handed it to Remus who downed the contents wordlessly and handed the vial back to Madam Pomfrey.

“This is probably the best I’ve seen you after a moon,” she told him quietly as she gave him the pajamas he usually kept there, out of the nightstand. Having a fresh set of clothes had a way of making him feel better.

Remus nodded tiredly. “I feel better, too,” he murmured as he slipped on the clothes. Usually after a moon he was torn up to the point where walking would have been a chore. Even after his friends became animagi, there were still those times where he ripped at himself when they weren’t there or it was simply something they couldn’t avoid. His muscles ached all the same, but the main fact was that on the outside, he would still look like the same old Remus. There was a chance where he wouldn’t gain any large new scars with Addie around and he tried not to think of what would happen without her around once school was over, or during the summer. He would be stupid and selfish to ask for her to stay around then – just so that he wouldn’t gain any new scars.

He slipped under the covers of the bed, but sat up still as Madam Pomfrey handed him a goblet filled with a sleeping draught. Remus drank it down quickly and handed her the goblet back. He muttered a small ‘thanks’ before fully wrapping himself under the covers and promptly falling into a deep sleep.

Madam Pomfrey sighed as she brushed away strands of his hair away from his eyes. With a shake of her head she grabbed her supplies and closed the curtains halfway around his bed. She moved over to the other side of the partition to where Addie was sitting on top of the gurney.

Addie gave Madam Pomfrey a soft smile as she moved over to Addie’s nightstand and put down her supplies. “Now let’s get you looked at,” Madam Pomfrey said quietly as she removed Addie’s sling and helped her remove her shirt. She then pulled out her wand and began casting the same spells she had cast on Remus.

Madam Pomfrey nodded to herself as she read positive signs from Addie’s vitals. Once she was done with her spellwork, she began going through the same process of cleaning her up as she did with Remus.

“I assume all went well between you two last night,” she commented as she removed Addie’s bra strap from her left shoulder, where Remus had caught her with his claws during the night, and started to cover her deeper wound with salves.

Addie winced from the stinging and the cold paste combined. “Yeah,” she agreed, “it went pretty well; could’ve gone much worse, to say the least.”

Madam Pomfrey then began to patch up the claw mark. It wasn’t as deep as Addie originally thought it was. “Well,” Madam Pomfrey said quietly with a sigh, “whatever you’re doing, keep it up. It’s the best I’ve seen that boy in a long time.” Addie smiled sadly as Madam Pomfrey handed her the blood-replenishing potion. With a small grimace she drank the entire potion and handed the vial back to her. She then started to pull back on her clothes from before and the sling with help from the older woman and climbed under the hospital bed sheets.

The healer placed another cold spell upon her left shoulder and organized her belongings before grabbing a quarter filled goblet of a sleeping draught. Turning to the girl in the bed, Madam Pomfrey handed her the cup and said, “I’ll be sure to have you up in time for lunch and to get a house elf to grab a set of robes for you as well as your books. This should hold you over until then.”

Addie nodded as she drank down the last potion she was given. “Thank you, Madam Pomfrey,” she told her and gave her the goblet.

Madam Pomfrey gave her a small smile. “Get some rest, dear,” she replied softly as Addie laid back on the bed and promptly fell asleep much like the boy on the other side of the partition.

About five and a half hours later, Madam Pomfrey was shaking Addie on the shoulder, trying to get her to wake up. With a groan Addie rolled from her right shoulder onto her back and slowly opened her eyes to see Madam Pomfrey hovering over her, another goblet filled with a potion in her hand. “Lunch will start in about twenty minutes,” she told her as Addie sat up on the bed, taking the potion with one hand and rubbing her face and eyes with the other.

Addie smelled the potion – strengthening solution. She yawned before putting the rim of the cup to her lips and drinking the solution down, almost choking from the strong taste. She handed back the goblet as Madam Pomfrey handed her another one. Smelling it she knew it was a pepper up potion and drank it down quickly. That one didn’t taste as bad.

“Your robes are in the top drawer in the nightstand and your school bag is on the floor,” Madam Pomfrey told her as she took back the empty goblet. “Next time you can bring a pair of sleeping clothes if you wish, and keep them here instead of wearing the clothes you wear down to the shack. As well you can also bring a set of robes. The boys usually bring Remus a pair of his clothes for him.”

Addie gave her a kind, sleepy smile. “I’ll try to do that next time,” she told her. Addie took the sheets off her as Madam Pomfrey exited the room and went to the nightstand to grab her robes. She changed slowly out of her sweats. Her muscles still ached and her bones still creaked, but not as much as they were a couple of hours ago, this pain was bearable enough to walk around with for the most part. Sure every pain was like an itch she couldn’t scratch, but overall she was used to pain. This would just be another one of those days.

Her shoulder was still cold from the spell Madam Pomfrey had placed on it earlier. It was a little hard to maneuver into her clothes due to her shoulder, but she managed to get it done. She had to keep her arm out of the robe so that she could keep it in the sling.

As she exited her side of the room with her bag slung on her right shoulder, she took a peek over at Remus who was lying on his side, facing away from her. She exited the room quietly and walked over to where Madam Pomfrey was dealing with a younger Ravenclaw student with his socks and shoes off who seemed to have had his left and right foot swapped.

“Madam Pomfrey,” she said softly.

Madam Pomfrey looked up with little surprise and responded kindly, “Yes, dear?”

“You don’t happen to have a bathroom in here by any chance do you?”

“Oh, yes,” she said flustered slightly, “how silly of me to not have told you. It’s opposite the room you were just in.” She promptly turned back to the boy in front of her, scolding him on how Transfiguration was not a subject to play around with.

Addie made her way to the closed door opposite the one she previously occupied. She did her business and washed her hands before taking a good look in the mirror at herself. Needless to say she looked like hell. Her eyes had rings around them and face looked dirty and pale, her hair was stringy and flat and she looked about ready to keel over at any second.

She ran the cold water and washed her face, trying to pry off some of the dirt and also wake herself up a bit. Running her tongue over her upper row of teeth, she felt the buildup of plaque and bitter taste of morning breath in her mouth. Using a spell she learned when she was ten, she opened her mouth and pointed her wand back towards her mouth and nonverbally performed a charm. Immediately her teeth were cleaned and her breath smelt fresher. She took another look at herself and started fixing her hair so it was at least a bit presentable. Deciding it wasn’t working out, she found a hair tie in bag and quickly tied her hair up into a messy bun.

Once she was decent enough, she left the confines of the bathroom. Addie told Madam Pomfrey goodbye as she left, and the nurse gave her a reminder to come back after dinner to get her bandages changed and her shoulder checked. Addie made her way down to the Great Hall quickly, making sure that she made an appearance.

She smiled and said hi to a few people. Two people had asked where she had been in the morning and she answered simply, “Hospital Wing.”

Addie slipped into her usual seat in between Rosier and Avery. She was greeted happily. The girls had asked if she felt better as the boys stayed away from the subject of girl talk. Addie told them that it was like every other month and would have to go back to the Hospital Wing after dinner for a checkup. When they asked about the sling, she laughed and said that she tripped going up the stairs and knocked her shoulder too hard against the wall when she came to a stop. Everyone went along with her story, except for Snape who eyed her warily for a few seconds before getting back to his lunch.

Classes went smoothly for Addie, Avery and Rosier helped her carry her bag trying to be the gentlemen they thought themselves to be. The three Marauders looked a little worse for wear, but they acted normal, only giving Addie confused glances when they first saw her outside of the Hospital Wing. They eyed her sling with questions in their eyes, but asked nothing. They kept their distance and acted like they had no association with the girl that night.

Addie left dinner early to visit Madam Pomfrey again. She entered the Hospital Wing and noticed that it was empty of any patrons. Madam Pomfrey had exited her office when she heard the door open and saw Addie walking in.

“I was just about to grab some more supplies,” Madam Pomfrey told her. “Go on back and wait, Remus is awake so no need to worry about waking him up.”

Addie nodded as she went towards the back room once again. She opened the door slowly and poked her head in. The partition in between the two sections was pushed back, and she could clearly see Remus sitting up on his bed with a book and a little bit of food placed on a tray hovering above his lap. He didn’t look too terrible considering the transformation, he was still pale and sickly looking, but that had little to do with how he was feeling on the inside.

Remus looked up when he heard the door open and smiled widely when he saw Addie appear from the other side. “I was wondering where you went,” Remus commented, “Madam Pomfrey said you went to classes.”

Addie had smiled back and nodded. “I’ve got to keep up appearances,” she replied as she took off her outer robe and tossed it on the bed. “Too many people will become suspicious if both of us are constantly missing at the same time.” She then sat up on her hospital bed and swung her legs back and forth slowly.

Remus softly frowned. “Oh…I’m sorry you have to do that. Next time I’ll-”

“No, it’s okay,” she interrupted, “It’ll hurt my cover if I’m not out and about by lunch time.”

Remus’ expression did not improve as she said that statement. “I just feel bad that you have to go to class and I’m in here sleeping.”

Addie smiled softly and replied shrugging with her right shoulder, “I’m kind of used to it. If I was in good shape after the moon, my mom would wake me up and make sure I was moving by the afternoon. She said that the world didn’t stop just because I was feeling like shit. Not in those exact words of course, but that was the main point.” She could see that Remus still felt bad so she decided to change the topic. “So do you feel any better than usual? Madam Pomfrey said you looked better.”

At this Remus smiled brightly. “Loads. It’s brilliant. Usually I’m recovering from the wounds, but now I’m just recovering from the transformation itself. I should be able to sleep in my own bed tonight,” he said excitedly.

Addie laughed softly. “I’m glad you’re feeling better.”

Remus nodded. “And it’s all because of you, so thanks.” He then threw her a crooked smile that she couldn’t help but feel warmed from. It made a small swarm of butterflies erupt knowing it was just for her.

She was saved from responding with something eloquent when Madam Pomfrey bustled into the room muttering about students and their potions with some jars of lotion in her arms. The nurse quickly grabbed bandages from her small supply and made her way over to Addie’s nightstand.

“Eat, Mister Lupin,” Madam Pomfrey chided Remus who gave her a guilty smile. Madam Pomfrey’s lips twitched to show the smile that wanted to break through, but she held it back. She then pulled the partition closed.

Addie took off the sling and then with the help of Madam Pomfrey, she got her sweater-vest off and her white oxford shirt unbuttoned. Madam Pomfrey helped her remove her left sleeve before moving her bra strap as Addie got her other arm out. Madam Pomfrey removed the bandages from earlier slowly. She took a good look at the wound before nodding. “It looks good, Miss Ferrari,” she told her as she waved her wand and removed any residue from the salves she put on it earlier. She reapplied the lotion to any wound that needed it and put a new set of bandages on her shoulder. She then examined her previously dislocated shoulder, using her fingers to gently check the bone placement. The healer eyed the bruises forming, but was pleasantly happy that the swelling went down considerably since the morning. She quickly applied a thin layer of slaves to the bruises before setting her bra back right and putting the jar she was holding on the nightstand.

“And you are free to go, dear. Come back some time in the morning so I can change the bandage again and check your shoulder,” the nurse told her as she cleaned up her supplies.

Addie pulled her clothing back on with some help and replied with a smile, “Thanks, Madam Pomfrey.”

The older lady nodded in acknowledgement before opening the partition back up, setting her extras supplies on the stand on the opposite side of the room, and exiting the room.

Addie looked over to Remus who wore a blank expression and shifted slightly in discomfort as he played with his fork. “Are you okay?” she asked as she slid off the bed and grabbed her robe.

Remus’ head snapped up, his eyes widening slightly. “What?”

“I asked if you were okay.”

“Oh, yeah,” he said brushing her off as he nodded. “I’m fine.”

Addie pursed her lips. “You don’t look fine.”

“I am.”

“Tell me. You weren’t this way two minutes ago.”

“My emotions are still all over the place,” he said slightly monotoned and looking intently at the tray in front of him.

Addie narrowed her eyes slightly, knowing he was avoiding answering. “Bullshit.”

Remus glanced at her and sighed. He then ran a hand through his hair, which as an apprehensive gesture he made when he felt a uncomfortable. “I…I hurt you,” he confessed slowly.

Addie couldn’t help the small laugh that spilled over her lips and immediately sought to resolve it when she saw the slightly offended look on Remus’ face. “Sorry, but Remus, we’re werewolves, not cuddly little puppies,” she explained smiling as she moved closer to Remus’ bedside.

“I know,” he agreed tilting his head slightly, “but it still doesn’t make me feel any better.”

“Either one of us is bound to hurt the other,” she said in attempts to make him feel better. “For example, I have control over my own actions, but I still clawed your back. If anyone should feel guilty, it’s me.”

“No, you don’t need to feel guilty. I just…”

Addie smiled when he had nothing further to say in support of his side. “See, like I said, we’re both bound to get scratched and nicked. It’s an occupational hazard.”

She sighed when she saw that she wasn’t really getting anywhere. She dug out a half eaten bar of Hershey’s dark chocolate, which she had brought with her from America, out of her robe pocket. “I will give you the rest of my dark chocolate if you agree to not be all mopey about this and will forevermore ignore the fact that you may, or may not, have scratched me,” she said holding out the chocolate in between them.

Remus eyed the chocolate, which was more appetizing than the healthy food in front of him, then up to the girl who was giving him a small smile. Remus sighed, “Fine, I agree.”

He reached out grab the chocolate, but she snatched it back just before he could wrap his fingers around it. “Unless you scratch my face, then you can feel guilty,” she joked with a grin.

Remus laughed as he grabbed the chocolate from her hand and said, “Deal.”

1. Does Dumbledore know about the Room of Requirement?
2. Say if the Head Girl is from Slytherin, does that mean there is still a seventh year girl prefect from Slytherin? Or is the Head Girl just it?

A/N: So, another late update :[ Sorry guys! Summer was busy, and now I'm getting back to school and work, so I'm not sure how much more time I've gained. But in other news, we are nearing the one year anniversary of this fic! So thanks to any reader who has stuck with me thus far! You guys are awesome :]

I’ve never had my shoulder dislocated, so I hope I described that well enough, haha. And this new editing thing for posting is weird because it won't center the image without centering the whole text even when I put a page break in there.

Anyway, I hope you liked this chapter!

Review please? And if you can answer those questions 'cause I'm a lazy bum, I'd love you forever! :D

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