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His. by calid23
Chapter 5 : The Party
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    Two fifteen years olds were walking around the Black Lake at dusk. The girl was twirling around in her school uniform while the boy watched her with a slight smile on his lips.

    “Bee!” He called to her laughing as she gave a pirouette.

    “How come I’m the one celebrating over here Lupin?” She laughed.

    “Because you’re the only one with brain damage Everard.” He quipped back, Bee just gave a huge smile and twirled again. Finally the pair decided on a place on the bank of the lake to sit and talk for a while. Bee laid down, her hair fanning out all around her, a smile resting on her lips as she looked up at the darkening sky.

    “I’m so happy for you Remus.” She sighed as he took his place by her side.

    “Thanks Bee.”

    “Why don’t you sound so excited? You have a girlfriend!” Remus shrugged.

    “I’m not good enough for her.” Bee hit him hard in the shoulder and sat up.

    “Stuff it Remus. You’re too good for her. Don’t pull that werewolf crap on me. You’re one of the best people I know.” He smiled weakly at her.

    “Thanks Bee. I’m just a little nervous.”

    “Don’t be! Be happy! You deserve it.”

    “So do you.”

    “What on earth are you talking about? I am happy!”

    “Why don’t you date someone Bee?” She groaned and lay back down.

    “Remus, you know how I feel about that kind of thing. I don’t need a guy to make me happy. I’m self-sufficient thank you very much. Besides, you also know I don’t believe in relationships or that happily ever after shit.”

    “Then why are you so excited for me if you’re so against it?”

    “Because you believe in it silly. And what makes you happy makes me happy!”

    “Well, you know Sirius likes you, you should give him a chance.” Bee looked at him for a moment before she broke into a fit of laughter.

    “Don’t joke like that Remus, I won’t ever be able to stop laughing!” He frowned.

    “What makes you think I’m joking?”

    “Come off it.” Bee said, standing up. “You really think I’d believe that Sirius Black liked someone for reasons other then that they look good in their uniform? Or that I’d like him?”

    “He’s liked you since first year Bee, I’m not kidding around.” She just laughed again and pulled him to his feet.

    “I’m sure you’re not Remus. I think the soon-to-be full moon is messing with that normally logical mind of yours.” She smiled mischievously at him. “Either that or your brain is to busy floating around on cloud nine to direct your thoughts correctly.”

    “Ha ha you’re so funny Brax.”

    “Oh I know! Come on now Lupin, it’s time we head back to the castle.” And with that she continued her pirouettes up to the castle doors, all the time wondering what it would be like to kiss Sirius Black.


    Time passed slowly the following few weeks. Remus was still angry with me, and Sirius was back to his old ways of whoring around. James and Lily stayed oblivious. Figures. I basically avoided them at all costs and found solace with Gabe and his Ravenclaw friends. They were all the jock type, being big quidditch players, but alas, as Ravenclaws they were anything but meat heads.

    But as the first game of the season between Ravenclaw and Gryffindor neared, they drew away from me. They devoted themselves to practice and their team captain warned them about “fraternizing with the enemy.” A.k.a me.

    I suppose I saw if coming. I was just trying to fend off the day that I would have to really face Remus and Sirius. Some Gryffindor I was.

    The last day before the match, both the Gryffindor team and the Ravenclaw team were out doing their own pre-game ritual's but when James tried to drag me along I'd told him to sod off. He told me I was a shitty teammate and I flipped him off and walked away.

   So, left on my own, I decided it was a good time to face my fears and go talk to Remus. He would be alone, probably in the library, and Lily would be trying to control the party planning for tonight (because win or lose, there would be a party) and it would be the perfect chance to talk to him. 

    So I slowly made my way into the library on Friday afternoon and grudgingly walked to where I knew I would find Remus: the window seat overlooking the lake in the very back of the library. Sure enough, there he was, his brow furrowed in concentration.

    “Hi.” I said quietly. He didn’t even look up.

    “Bout time.” He said it in a monotone, but I could see the smile creeping up on his lips. “I was beginning to think you’d ditched me for the Ravenclaws for good.”

    “Not for good, just until I had the guts to come talk to you.”

    “Glad you maned up.” He was really smirking now, but was still looking intently at his book. I rolled my eyes and went to sit next to him on the seat, curling my knees underneath me.

    “I don’t like fighting with you.” I announced after a minute of silence. He looked up this time and smiled.

    “I don’t like fighting with you either. I’m sorry I over reacted, but I’ve been trying to drill the same fact into your head for a while now.” I wanted to reply with something snappy and sarcastic, but I thought better of it.

    “Let’s just agree to disagree on the subject. OK?”

    “Deal.” He said as he swung his arm around me. “How’s my little Bee doing anyway? Excited for the party tonight?” I scrunched my nose and stuck out my tongue.

    “Ugh you know I hate those things.” He laughed. I loved to party, just not with my house mates. I preferred a few friends and a mass of strangers, more of a thrill, and way more fun.

    “Boy do I know that. But really Bee, try to loosen up tonight, have fun. Seriously.”

    “I have enough fun over the summer. Trust me.” He smirked.

    “Yeah I bet. But there’s no party like a Gryffindor party.”

    “How true that is.” I smiled back at him. It felt good to have my friend back.

    Gryffindor vs Ravenclaw. First game of the season, and man, was it an epic one. It had everyone in the stands holding their breath, not to mention James freaking out at us all when something didn't go perfectly. I almost hauled off and punched my captain. It was such a close match though, that if one breath of wind had changed, the outcome of the game could have been different.

    But we won. Cheers! But now I get to endure a massive party in the common room. Don’t get me wrong, I love Quidditch, and I love when our team wins games, but honestly, I wasn’t in the mood tonight. I had promised Remus I’d loosen up though.

    While everyone was rushing onto the field to congratulate us, Lily discretely dragged me up to the common room and we got changed into nicer, party clothes, and did our makeup before everyone got back. We rushed back to the common room just as the celebration party burst through the portrait hole. 

    Everyone was yelling and cheering and so I walked directly to the table with the alcohol. I could barley make out the rest of my team through the crowd of fans that had gathered around them. Sirius and James had taken it upon themselves to get up on a table and re-live the entire match. As if we hadn’t been there.

    But everyone seemed to love it and they cheered like crazy.

    I took another swig of my drink.

    Lily joined me in the corner after about an hour of the insanity. She looked slightly angry and leaned against the wall next to me.

    “This is ridiculous. They party like nothing I’ve ever seen in my entire life! Every single person here is drunk off their ass and I think you and I may be the only sober ones not doing something completely idiotic!” I laughed, she was spinning slightly.

    “Oh Lilers. I’m not sure I would make the bet that I’m sober.” It came out very slurred and she looked over at me with wide eyes.

    “Bee! You’re wasted too! How could you leave me alone as the only responsible authority figure at this party! Merlin Bee, I’m so disappointed in you.”

    “I’m no authority figure Lil. And besides, when have I ever been responsible?” I gave her a goofy smile and she looked personally offended.

    “Well I figured, since you were alone over here in the corner just watching this madness and not participating, that you were sober!”

    “Thought wrong there lovie! I can just hold my booze pretty damn well! Hoorah for those sumer nights! Built my tolerance and control right up!” Lily just glared at me and stalked off, presumably to go tell someone else off.

    After a full night of waiting for an available seat I spotted a small couch big enough for two in the corner. It had been vacated so I struggled over to it.

    Since I had been standing still, I hadn’t really gathered how hammered I was until that moment. Moving was difficult. My vision went fairly haywire and I bumped into several people and various objects.

    But as I was walking through the crowd, someone grabbed me and pulled me onto the dance floor. It took me a moment to figure out that it was James trying to get me to dance. I was just wasted enough to let it happen. The music was loud and I let myself go, dancing like a mad woman and laughing with the people around me.

    After about half an hour of nonstop dancing I finally managed to extricate myself from the mass of people and sat myself down on the extraordinarily comfortable couch and was soon joined on it by some boy. I didn’t really care who it was, but I laid down with my head in their lap. It was warm and I was comfortable and whoever this bloke was had started to stroke my hair and it felt really good.

    “Bee.” A voice whispered. I looked up. Oh dear lord. The bloke was Sirius. I had my head in Sirius Black’s lap. Bloody hell.

    I groaned but didn’t leap up. Partly because I knew I would regret it when my head started to spin, and partly because regardless of the fact that it was Sirius, he was bleeding comfortable.

    “Hey Bee.” He said again. I just looked at him, he looked nervous. “I just wanted to say I’m really sorry for kissing you in the kitchens. I know I caught you off guard and I’m sorry if I freaked you out.”

    “Not a worry Black!” I mumbled with a bit of a smile. He let out a loud laugh.

    “You’re so drunk right now Bee.”

    “Naw, only a little. Speaking of, you should be more drunk Mr. Quidditch Hero! Oi! Can we get a fire whiskey for Sirius Black over here?” James stumbled over to us and I sat up, laughing at his appearance. He grinned lopsidedly at us and handed Sirius a bottle.

    “Well hullo there!” He called and he collapsed right on top of us.

    “Hell! Get off, mate!” Sirius said laughing.

    “What are you two doing over here in a corner on a couch by yourselves? Sirius you lucky bastard, she’s a vision of beauty tonight and you’re hogging her all to yourself! Bee, you know he’s got quite the fancy for you don’t you?” I laughed even though I could feel Sirius tense up.

    “Yeah I heard that! But look James, you’re a right sight at the moment. Messier than even me at the mo, so I think you should just get on up to bed.” He smiled cheekily at me.

    “I would love, but I don’t think I’d make it too far. You know, stairs and all. They are rather annoying. Get in the way all the time!”

    “Oi! Evans!” I yelled to a red head who was standing a ways away, just watching the chaos. She turned her bright green eyes on us, crossed her arms and walked over.

    “Bloody hell Bee! Why’d you do that? I’m in a right state and I can’t have her seeing me like this! I’m still in the wooing process!” Sirius laughed loudly in my ear right as Lily arrived.

    “James, I don’t think you have much to worry about. You’ve been in the wooing process for almost seven years now.” I laughed as Lily approached.

    “What do you morons want?”

    “Don’t be so down on the party Lilers! But James here needs a loving hand to help him up to his quarters. I do believe it’s time for him to retire.” Lily rolled her eyes but grabbed James under the arms and tried to hoist him up.

    “Come on you git. You’ve got to help me at least a little. I can’t haul your fat ass all by myself.” He smiled and stabilized himself slightly. As they were leaving James called over his shoulder at us in what I presume he meant to be a voice that only we could hear.

    “Lily Evans is taking me to bed! Never thought the day would come mates!” I could practically hear Lily’s sigh of exasperation.

    “That bloke loves her too much for his own good.” Sirius mumbled. I nodded and rested my head on his shoulders. He put his arm around me and we stayed there like that for a while, just watching the party rage on. I think I may have dozed off on his shoulder after a few minutes.

    It had to have been pretty late by the time Sirius nudged me awake. The fire was low and the music had stopped, the common room was a mess and no one else was left in the room.

    “Bee.” I grumbled a bit. I heard a laugh.

    “Bee, you need to get up now, you have to go back to your dorm room.” I opened my eyes.

    “Blimey, I’m still drunk.” I muttered. There was the laugh again. I sat up and looked at Sirius who was next to me. “Why are we still down here?” I asked.

    “We both fell asleep.” He shrugged.


    “Ready to go upstairs?”

    “I really don’t think I’d make it up, and you can’t get up there to help me.” I rubbed my eyes and Sirius gave me a thoughtful look.

    “Alright, well that leaves us two options.” I lifted my eyebrows at him.

    “One, you sleep down here tonight and receive the delight of being woken up in a few hours by the few maniacs who will not be hung over.” That didn’t sound to appealing.


    “Hold on, listen to the other option, knowing you you won’t like it very much.” I narrowed my eyes. I didn’t like the sounds of that.

    “What do you have in mind Black?”

    “Option two, you come and stay in the boys dorm. You can sleep in my bed with me. I promise not to try anything.” He looked sincere enough, and it sounded much better than a couch and a early morning.

    “Option two please.”

    “For real?”

    “Yes for real. Now help me up there!” He smiled and to my surprise he swooped me up honeymoon style and carried me up the stairs.

    I was still pretty gone, I could only kind of feel my body parts. Sirius was still carrying me, but still managed to open the door to the 7th year boys dorm. He placed me on a bed, which I assumed to be his, and he went into the bathroom. I decided that my pants weren’t comfortable enough to sleep in and I took them off. At this point in the night I really didn’t care about being in my underwear around Sirius Black, I just wanted to lay down.

    My shirt was rather uncomfortable and I wanted to take that off too, but I didn’t want to sleep only in my knickers with Black in the same bed. I wasn’t that drunk.

    When he came out of the bathroom he eyed me quickly. I rolled my eyes.

    “Hey, Black, can I borrow a shirt? This isn’t the most comfortable one in the world.” He nodded and walked over to a dresser which he promptly opened. He threw me a shirt, and I stripped my current one off, I could vaguely feel his eyes on me, but I didn’t really mind.

    “Looks good on you.” He commented in a hushed voice. I could hear the snores from the other beds in the dorm. I smiled at him and crawled onto the bed. Sirius took off his pants, and his shirt too, but he didn’t put something else back on. I guess he was sleeping in his boxers tonight then.

    I placed my clothes under the bed so as not to alarm any of the other boys in the dorm the next morning and crawled under the covers. He joined me soon after and I opened my eyes to look at him. He was facing me, and I could feel the heat of his body against mine. We weren’t touching, but we were extremely close.

    We just looked at each other for a while then he smiled groggily at me. I can’t fully remember what he said to me, but I remember talking to him for what felt like hours. It was getting light out before our conversation drew to a close.

    “I really have liked you since first year Bee.

    “No you haven’t. People can’t like people that long. It’s not natural, not healthy.”

    “James has liked Lily just as long.” I gave a very lady like snort.

    “James is certifiable. Like I said, not healthy.” He grinned, but then his gaze turned soft.

    “But I do love you.” I rolled my eyes and sunk into the covers, bringing the blanket over my face to cover my eyes. I was blushing a bit. When I brought my face up to look at him again, he brought his down.

    I was kissing Sirius Black again. Not only was I allowing him to do it, but I was willingly participating.

    Oh sweet mistakes.


    I didn’t really think about the fact that it was Sirius Black who was kissing me. I mean, I knew who he was, that part did not evade me, but after talking to him for so long he no longer seemed like the infamous git I had always known.

    He was sweet, and kind, he was gorgeous and wonderful and I started to wonder why on earth I had ever thought his kisses were mediocre. Because let me tell you, they were anything but. I also began to wonder why I had ever thought of him as arrogant git. Either he was a really good actor, or he was actually a really great guy.


    “Fuck.” I muttered as I woke up the next morning. My head was pounding, and I felt a little queasy. I knew I should get up to try and throw up, but it was so warm in my bed! It was like I had my own heater! But I figured it was just the sunlight beating down onto me from my window. I opened my eyes cautiously, in case the bright sunlight was coming through like it usually did on a saturday morning. But I noticed that thankfully either I had remembered to draw my curtains last night, or one of my dorm mates had done it for me.

    Probably Alice. I thought. Lily would just let me have the bright, headache inducing light as payment for my drunken night. I inhaled deeply through my nose and noticed that something was off about the smell of the dorm room and my bed. It smelled like... was that boy? Yeah, it smelled like boy. I shot up quickly as bits and pieces of the night before sprang into my mind.

    Sure enough when I looked I found the shirtless body of a boy sleeping soundly next to me. Fuck. Who was I with again? I racked my brain, trying to figure it out. Then I remembered I wasn’t even in my own dorm room, which could pose a huge problem. But wait, red hangings? Great. So I had spent the night with a Gryffindor boy? So that gave me the options of Remus, James, Sirius, Peter, Frank Longbottom, or Issac DeLevoir. Unless it was a younger boy, but I seriously doubted that.

    Remus was one of my good friends so there was no way that would happen. James was to in love with Lily to ever look at another girl that way, no matter how drunk he was. Sirius or Peter? Lets get real. Frank was dating Alice, and I definitely remembered seeing them together last night. Issac was the only possibility I could see.
    But Issac has short blond hair. I thought as I looked at the body next to me. This boy had shaggy black hair and a few scars on his back. He was also larger than Issac, with a broad, strong back. He was wearing boxers, and I noticed with relief that I was still in my knickers and a shirt as well. That relief was short lived however, as the boy gave a large snore and rolled over just enough for me to see his face.

    I froze. No! No, no, no! I thought. But alas, there he was, laying next to me in all his shirtless glory. I was sitting there, staring at his (really nice) bare chest and gawking at what I might have done, when footsteps sounded and a voice floated through the door of the Gryffindor boys dorm.

    “Padfoot! Wake the hell up! You’ve been shut up in here all morning! Do you have a girl in there with you? Padfoot! Did you bring a lady friend into our beautiful dorm room last night?” That was James’s voice, and it was getting closer and closer to the bed where Sirius and I were laying.

    So I take back what I said.

    Last night was definitely my biggest mistake ever.





Please review! I know its taken forever to post this, but I've been really busy applying to college and all that fun stuff. Let me know what you think!

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