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Lily's Letter by massieblockrox
Chapter 2 : The Headmaster's Name
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Somebody was knocking on my door. Loudly. “TUNEY, OPEN UP!” Lily kept yelling and pounding on the door. I was moping in the corner of my room, and when I am doing something, I do NOT like being interrupted.

“Go away, freak,” I spat at the door. The pounding slowed down, then Lily banged harder than ever. “Tuney, it's my birthday!” Lily pleaded. “Open uuuuuupppp!” “Lily Evans, no. You are a freak and I am normal. Go away. Because I hate you.”

Footsteps shuffled away and down the stairs. I smirked, then felt sickened with myself. It wasn't Lily's fault, really. But why wasn't I chosen? Why did my little sister get to be whisked away to a wonderful world?

Then it hit me. I probably was magic, and my letter got lost in the mail! It was so simple! I would outshine my little sister, once and for all, even in an alternate world.
I stood up and walked downstairs. Lily was in an armchair with my father. He was softly singing in her ear. When Lily saw me, I felt ashamed. I'd made her cry. Tear tracks were clearly visible on her round cheeks.

“Lily,” I walked up to her. “What is the Headmaster's name at Hogblemish?” “It's Hogwarts,” Lily told me. “And the Headmaster is I-am-not-telling-you-because-you-are-mean.” Lily narrowed her eyes. I did the same. “I need to know,” Lily!” I shouted angrily.

“Petunia Evans, we do not yell at our little sisters,” My mother exclaimed, running in from the kitchen. “And Petunia, aren't you supposed to be in your room?” Dad demanded. “Go,”

For the second time that day, I stalked upstairs and closed the door. I needed another plan. I needed to contact the Headmaster.

When I was finally allowed out of my room, I dawdled deliberately around Lily. After two hours, she said the thing I had been waiting for.

“Can I go play with Severus?”

“Of course, Darling,” Mom muttered absentmindedly, scrubbing dishes. As soon as the door snapped shut behind Lily, I jogged into the living room. “Dad, can I go hang out with Vernon and Marge down the street?” He set down his paper. “Yes you can, but may you?” I rolled my eyes. Dad was an English teacher at Smeltings, a private school down the road.

“May I, then?” Dad smiled. “Yes, Tunes. But I wanted to –”
I glanced out the window. Lily was almost two streets away, her vivid red hair still barely visible. “Oh, God, I'd better go, Marge has a dentist appointment soon, then I won't be able to hang out!”

Dad frowned, but didn't try to stop me as I hurled out the door.

I ran. And ran. And ran. All I could think as I sprinted towards the moving red dot in the distance was, 'I'm going to find out.

I was close enough now to see Snape, a greasy-haired boy who said Lily was a witch and he was a wizard. Lily and Snape shook hands and began to walk towards the forest.

It was starting to rain. Mud started clumping on my new sneakers. Lily and Snape ducked under a heavy branch and were obscured by the trees. When I reached the branch, I tentatively touched it. A large ant crawled out.

“EEEEEEEEAAAAAAAHHHHHH!” I shrieked. Lily and Snape whipped around. “Tuney?” Lily looked angrier then I had ever seen her. Her startlingly green eyes seemed to crackle with electricity. Snape sneered at me. “Let's get away from the Muggle, Lily,” He turned away. “She may contaminate us,” Lily hesitated.

“I just want to know the Headmaster's name, Lily,” I whispered.

She cracked. “It's Albus Dumbledore,” she spoke so softly I could barely hear. Rain was spattering us all, and thunder roared. “It's what?” “ALBUS DUMBLEDORE,”

Alguss Dumb-bladder? What kind of name was that? “Thanks,” I shouted.

Then I turned and rushed out of the muddy forest. I had a letter to write.


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