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Whimsical Matchmaker by jazzydee23
Chapter 8 : Glorious
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Chapter Eight





Twenty minutes later Scorpius was standing, ears and eyes alert, Albus’ soft breathing beside him as they crouched beneath the Invisible Cloak, it could barely cover them now they’d grown so tall. Not but a couple of seconds later, Scorpius saw it, the moon was streaming silver through the windows, beaming down on a particular one-eyed witch statue. A shimmery eye peeked out from behind it, and Scorpius could barely outline the enthusiastic features of Rose Weasley’s face. Her hair was up, her eyelids delightfully showered with gold sparkles, and her cheeks flushed prettily with excitement and adrenalin. Scorpius breath caught in his throat and he momentarily felt like he’d some how winded himself.



 “What, what it is?” came Albus’ urgent whisper when he saw Scorpius’ expression.

 Scorpius waved him away impatiently and took a closer look, yes, it was definitely Rose and Louisa, squeezed in the small gap of darkness behind the statue. “It’s them,” nodded Scorpius, pulling the cloak away from him so that his head appeared to magically emerge from now where. He heard a hushed gasp, and Rose came from behind the statue, grinning widely at Scorpius and dragging Louisa behind her, muffling Louisa’s noises with her hand pressed against her mouth.

  After a few shared glances between the four of them, Albus whispered “Dissendium” to the statue, the hump of the witch opened, revealing the passage for them to take. Louisa was looking a bit lost, of all the secret passage-ways Albus has shown her, she’d never been through this one before.


Scorpius went through last, following after Rose.


Rose wandered down the passageway after Louisa, some times glancing back to grin at Scorpius. She was wearing a beaded little red shift dress. The lush florid colour complimenting her pale skin and contrasting prettily against her dark hair, which had been pulled back into a loose knot, casual but startlingly gorgeous. Her eyelid’s sparkled gold, matching the glistening bracelets dangling from her wrists, and not to mention the sweet, gold pumps that looked so strange on feet that Scorpius usually only saw wearing muddy gumboots or scuffed mary-janes.

 They emerged into darkness, the surrounding eerily quiet. Scorpius heard some one bumped hazardly into a heavy object, with the sound of other’s tumbling shortly after. There was a tense pause. 


 “Where are we?” came Louisa’s hesitant whisper.

Albus lit the tip of his wand, his rugged features illuminated in the dark, “Honeydukes.”

 “Honeydukes?” repeated Louisa, joining as Rose and Scorpius followed suit in lighting their wands, she glanced around at the dusty boxes and cobwebs.

“Rather, the cellar of Honeydukes,” explained Scorpius, as Albus ushered them back under the cloak. They crept through the cellar, wary of any of the owners lurking, before tumbling out into the shop.

 Scorpius glanced around, nudging Rose friendily as he grabbed a chocolate toffee, “have you ever tried one of these?” he asked, unrolling the wrapper, “bloody best thing you’d ever eat.”

She was looking up at him in that curious manner of hers, she barely reached his shoulders, her golden eye shadow still sparkling brightly as she reached out, gently snatching the toffee out of his fingers.

 Scorpius was surprised, he stared at his fingers in shock before glancing down to see the toffee disappear into Rose’s mouth. She smirked at him, sucking the chocolate tantalizingly. She looked thoughtful, “mmm… I think I can think of some thing better…” She wandered down the shelves, her expression pensive, while Scorpius watched her slightly speechless.

“Stop nicking things and lets get out of here!” came Louisa’s disapproving hiss by the door, it appeared Albus had managed to unlock the door to the shop.

“These,” Rose said calmly, pointing towards the packets of large caramel balls. “Now, these are the bloody best things you’ll ever eat.”

Scorpius, grinning at her, snatched a whole handful much to Rose’s surprise. He winked at her before heading over to the door. “I’d better take a lot then,” he replied. He joined them by the door, Louisa eying him suspiciously. Albus was about to open the door when Scorpius hissed furiously.

“Wait!” he pulled out his wand, pointing it at the top of the door and muttering low. Rose and Louisa threw him curious looks. “The bell,” he explained, shrugging, “I silenced it.” He nodded to Albus to open the door. Albus pushed the door open and they crept out quietly.

 Albus grinned, clapping Scorpius on the shoulder, “thank Merlin you remembered the door bell, could you imagine what would have happened if the old narky owners came chasing after us?”

Louisa shuddered, “I don’t want to have to imagine.” Albus threw his arm around her shoulders and the four of them walked down the village street. It was a cool night, but not too cold, and the moon shone spectacularly down on them. They were all relieved the earlier dribble of rain had ceased.

 “So where’s this club, Rosie?” asked Albus.

 “Just down there,” Rose said, pointing straight ahead, distantly they could see some bright lights and the thudding of a loud beat.

“Are you sure?” came Louisa’s nervous voice.

“Nah, April Fools,” said Scorpius, rolling his eyes. Rose smiled at him.

 His insides squirmed. Shaking his head to himself, he followed as Rose led the way. The doorframe was a series of multicoloured bricks, beyond them, inside the club, Scorpius could see hundreds of people, a loud band and a glistening silver bar. As he stepped through the doorframe, the roaring music met his ears, a thousand times louder than it had been a moment before, on the other side of the doorframe. He could feel Albus and Louisa step through behind him. Peering through the rather dim light, Scorpius had to grudgingly admit to himself that it was far better than he had expected it to be. But he wasn’t about to let Rose know that.Speaking of Rose…

 She had already wormed her way into the crowd, the dim lights bouncing off her chestnut hair. She was moving to the music, and she moved with such ease, he feet shuffling and her arms swaying. Her face tilted up and her almond-shaped eyes alight with enthusiasm, revealing such simple beauty and bliss that was consuming her. Despite the gigantic crowd, Scorpius could still see her. He moved closer, so that only a handful of people separated them now. Scorpius swallowed, his heart thudding distantly.



There was tap on his shoulder, and he turned around, Albus tilted his head towards the sparkling bar and mouthed, “Louisa and I are gonna get some drinks.” Scorpius nodded, turning back around to catch a glimpse of Rose. The music changed and the beat quickened. She span, and twirled, a blissful laugh escaping her lips. Scorpius felt caught. He had admittedly been interested in the dark-haired beauty that was Gwendolen Wood. She was as stubborn as he, gorgeous and sexy, and not to mention a brilliant Quidditch player, and Scorpius could only admire her for that. But she didn’t make his insides squirm and his heart beat faster much like Rose was doing to him now.





He felt caught, torn between the two.

Scorpius felt like he had flirted with Rose and almost made a fool of himself the entire year. He was convinced Albus had picked up on his feelings for Albus’ cousin by now, how could he simply not have? Which meant of course Louisa was sure to know also. Scorpius sighed, tearing his eyes away from Rose and trying to spot Albus at the bar. It seemed that they had disappeared. So he ordered a firewhisky from the bartender. He sure was in deep shit if Louisa knew about his feelings. Hell, his entire Slytherin counterparts probably had guessed. Scorpius drowned his firewhisky quickly.




A glorious laugh, the sweet subtle stamping of feet to the music drew his attention back to the dance floor where Scorpius already knew she was still standing. Scorpius had never seen any thing like it before. She was so liberated, so free. She didn’t look anything like the others dancing around her, her moves were too in tune, too lucid, too graceful.



 “Feel like a dance?” How did she get there? Standing so swiftly before him? Scorpius found himself surprised. So surprised he merely stared down at her; her expectant blue eyes, chestnut hair ruffled, the golden specks in her hair stirring brightly and still pronounced under the flashing lights.

Her foot was tapping absentmindedly to the music. Her perfectly curved eyebrows were rising quickly, Scorpius jolted. Rising quickly in a questioning manner due to his abnormally slow response. Oh.




“Umm…” Wow, where had his brain gone?



Rose’s lips quirked into a sweet smile, evidentially amused by his behaviour. Scorpius swallowed. Hard.



All he found that he could manage was a sharp nod. “Okay,” Rose responded gently, she reached out and took his hand.



Scorpius didn’t know how it happened, but suddenly he was apart of her whole magical world full of swirls, sways and head bobbing. She laughed, throwing her head back, her silky locks slipping further from its hairbun. Scorpius could only smile back at her and shake his head, hoping to rid himself of the jittering nerves vibrating through his body. She was dancing with him. Her vivid indigo eyes set only on him. Her smile was for him, her laugh was probably due to his atrocious dancing, but still he was making her laugh.



“You’re not so bad,” she giggled over the loud thud of the music, as if reading his mind. Then she did something completely unexpected.

Scorpius choked on his own breath as she took at step closer, her smile was bright. She was happy. She kissed his cheek. Just smiled some more. It was a platonic kiss, barely anything any one could read into, Scorpius knew, but it still didn’t calm the way his heart spilt into a thousand heart beats per second. But then the song was over… some tosser was taking her way from him. Scorpius had had her. Right there. Rose had replied a polite yes to the stranger, but not before rolling her eyes at Scorpius in a friendly manner.




Scorpius just smiled like a fool in return. After a second he mentally kicked himself, why all of sudden he could only smile? Where did his ability to talk go? What had he gotten himself into?

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Whimsical Matchmaker: Glorious


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