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Harry, Ginny, & Their Love Story by HarryandGinnyForEver
Chapter 17 : Beautiful Love
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Chapter 17

            She grinned, as he slid the ring onto her finger. It fit perfectly. She then nearly tackled him in a big hug.

            “I love you so much.” He said, after he had kissed her.

            “I love you too Harry.” She said, kissing him again. “You know, this is the best Christmas. Ever.” She said.

            “I figured it was.” He said, smirking and kissing her once again.

            “And Harry, this ring is beautiful!” She said, looking at the ring.

            “It was my mum’s.” He said, taking her hand into his and examining the ring. It was simple, just liked Ginny liked it. The band was gold, and a diamond set in the middle. On each side of it, two small emeralds on each side.

            “Anyway, its perfect.” She said, hugging him. “You know, we have time.” She said, running her finger down his cheek. He tensed up, and looked at her, and she was smiling.

            “Why is it always you that say that? Isn’t it supposed to be the guy asking for sex?” He asked.

            “Are you saying that you don’t want to?” She asked, acting innocent. And Harry knew he she wasn’t innocent. At all.

            “I want to. Definitely want to but……” He said, but she interrupted.

            “Then why don’t we? It doesn’t matter.” She said, pressing her body against his. Harry thought about it for a minute, coming to conclusion.

            “You’re just too bad.” He said, kissing her passionately.


            “Where have you two been?” Hermione asked, as they walked in. They were the only four people in the room. The rest of the family was in the dining room, talking about work or something like that.

            “Just took a walk.” Ginny said casually, walking into the room. She wondered how long it would take the two of them to notice the ring.

            Apparently not that long.

            “Ginny.” Hermione said, covering her mouth. “Oh my god.” She said.

            “Yes.” Ginny said, grinning. Hermione stood up, ran to Ginny, and tackled her into a hug. Ron just smiled at him, and Harry nodded. Harry was still scared of her brothers, even Ron. He knew, but Harry was bloody terrified.

            “Well, I better be heading off.” Ron said, standing up. “Meeting up for drinks with Seamus.” He said.

            “Mind if I tag along?” Harry asked, and then followed Ron out the door & to the Three Broomsticks.

            “How did he do it?” Hermione asked, as they both walked outside in the snow. It was a beautiful night.

            “Well, first he lead me outside, which we walked over to the broom shed. He blindfolded me, and flew both of us to this beautiful clearing. The waterfall was frozen, as was the lake. The moon & stars were perfectly shining. He then told me to take off my blindfold, and I saw him on one knee.” She explained/

            “Something else happened that you didn’t tell me. I can see it.” She said. Ginny blushed, but Hermione didn’t know if it was from the cold or from a memory.

            “We also had……some fun in the snow.” She said.

            “That must’ve been fun.” Hermione said, walking up and gently nodding her head. Her hands were in her pockets, even though she had gloves on.

            “It was more passionate and romantic than fun. It was really beautiful.” She said.

            “I bet it was.” Hermione said, walking onto another path where the two best friends would continue their journey down the path of life.


            “Congrats mate.” Seamus said, sitting in his bar chair. He, Harry, and Ron, were having a guy’s night out. “It’s the best feeling ain’t it?” He asked.

            “What?” Harry asked. “You’re dating someone?” Harry asked. It wasn’t rude, just curiosity.

            “Yeah, you know Lav don’t you? I know Ron did, but did you?” He asked.

            “I thought she was dating Dean?” Ron asked. “They were at the time of my wedding.” He said.

            “Well, we’re married now. What does that tell yeah?” He asked. You could tell that he had had a couple drinks.

            “What happened?” Harry asked cautiously.

            “She left him for me. And everyone always told me that if I knew she was too good for me, marry her. So that’s exactly what I did, and she said yes.” He said.

            “How long were you guys dating, before you asked her?” Harry asked.

            “About three months, maybe a week or two more.” He said. “We were living together and I thought ‘Hey, why not?’” He said.

            “Wow. Gin and I dated for two and a half years until I proposed. I had always wanted to, but I wanted it to be special yeah know?” He said.

            “Yeah, now let’s man up with some fire whiskey and pool.” Seamus said, slapping his hands on the bar top. “Six fire whiskeys, and don’t be shy on the whiskey.” He said. Guy’s night out, fun as hell, but you pay the price the next morning. Well, some of them.


            “Harry, did you drink at all last night?” Ginny asked him. They had just woken up, and they were both getting dressed.

            “One butter beer & one Fire Whiskey. Why?” He asked, trying to comb his hair. He failed.

            “If I were you last night, I would’ve had a lot more than you did.” She said, sliding on her shirt.

            “Yes, but I’m actually smart.” He said, sliding on his jeans.

            “Haha. Very funny.” Ginny said, sliding on her jeans.

            “I know already. You don’t have to tell me.” He said, playing with her words. He had taken after his girlfriend, excuse me, fiancée.

            “You are such an arse.” She said, buttoning her jeans. “And do not comment on that.” She said, knowing he would say something stupid back.

            “Why can’t I?” He asked. “I have a right to my word.” He said.

            “Not in my house you don’t.” She said, putting on her jacket, and taking her hair out of the way. 

            “Your house?” Harry asked. “Since when has it been your house?” He asked.

            “Since I moved in. I am, technically, the owner of the house.” She said. “I’m under liability.”

            “Whatever you say Gin.” He said, “I’m off to Christmas.” He said, walking towards the door. Ginny just went around, looking for her floo caller, which had gone missing.

            “See yeah there.” She said. “I’ll call you after the meeting.” She said, looking for her floo caller.

            “Okay Gin. Love you.” He said, closing the door before she even had the chance to say goodbye. She just shrugged it off, considering that she was going to be seeing him in a couple hours. Or so she thought.


            “So mate, excited to the family about you and Gin?” Ron asked, trying to makes small talk. Without Hermione, it was just awkward.

            “Yeah, totally.” He said, sarcastically.

            “Sarcasm.” Ron said.

            “No shiz Merlin.” Harry said, walking away towards Hermione, who was just standing there, drinking her butter beer.

            “Telling the family tonight huh?” She said, drinking her hot chocolate.

            “Yeah, Gin’s absolutely bloody terrified.” Harry said. “I should be the one who is bloody terrified. Her brother’s are going to corner me.” He said.

            “That’s just too bad for you Harry.” She said, putting her hand on his shoulder. “I’m going to go talk to Molly if you don’t mind.” She said, brushing her way past him. He was then, left alone. In a room. Full of the Weasley brothers. Great.


            “Hello everyone.” Gwenog said, walking into the meeting room. The long table was enough to house our team, with one extra seat in case for new recruits. “Sorry I’m a little late. Mum just couldn’t get her bloody hands off me.” She said. Ginny just sat wanting this meeting to be longer, and Gwenog not show up for another two hours. She was scared that her family wouldn’t except Harry, especially her brothers.

            “Now, we are here to discuss the items on the agenda. Item A is, the scheduele for the second half of the season. Patricia.” She said, motioning for Patricia to stand up.

            “Happy to.” She said, standing up and straightening out her skirt. She was most likely to be going to a family thing too. The team never wore skirts, so that was saying something. Ginny was wearing dark jeans, so she was surprised the rest of the team had worn skirts. “First we have the Chudley Cannons in February, easy win. Then Puddlemere United early March. Also in March, Ireland on the 27th. And lastly, Bulgaria on April 14th.” She said.

            “Any questions on the line up?” Gwenog asked, and Katie spoke up.

            “What about those French? We haven’t played them yet.” She said.

            “They have moved down a league.” Captain answered. “No more questions? Okay, moving on Next item on the agenda, holiday bonuses.” She said, putting down the paper on the table.

            “I have all your Christmas Bonuses here.” Katie said, standing up and passing them out. Ginny looked over at Patricia’s and she looked at the number. It was bigger than she thought anyone would get, even Gwenog. Then, she started to talk again.

            “Umm Gwen?” Ginny awkwardly asked said, interrupting her. “I never got mine.” She said.

            “I must’ve left it in my office. Talk with me after the meeting.” She said, going onto her point in which Ginny had interrupted. Ginny just sat there, hiding her total misery and boredom. The meeting went by rather slowly, playing in Ginny’s part. She had always wanted Harry to ask to marry her, but she had always been scared about telling the family. Her team already knew, which was like her second family.

            Every time that clock ticked, it seemed like an hour. The meeting was long. Long enough for the seeker, Michelle, to almost fall asleep. But Gwen woke her up, with a light slap on the face. Simple team rules, don’t fall asleep in meetings.

            “And that is it. Meeting is dismissed, and have a good holiday everyone.” She said, as people got up. “Practice starts in two weeks!” She yelled over the chatter and pitter patter of the girls heels clicking.

            “About my bonus……” Ginny asked, standing there, playing with her hands.

            “Oh yes, to my office.” She said, walking out. Ginny was wearing high heels, which also clicked when she walked. She was wearing a nice burgundy sweater, with her dark jeans and heels. They matched quite nicely. She followed Gwenog, without saying a word. All that could be heard was the faint sounds of the heating system and the clicking of the heels. They arrived at Gwenog’s office two minutes later, and Ginny sat down in the same chair she did when she was ‘late’ to her first day. “Your’s I purposefully left behind, and before you ask why, I am going to tell you.” She said.

            “Okay…….” Ginny said, not knowing what was going to happen, and if was going to be good or bad.


            Back at the Weasley house, Harry was sitting in the chair impatiently.

            “She is taking forever.” Hermione said, saying Harry’s exact thoughts. “Where is she?” She asked, taking a sip of her red wine. Very sophisticated.

            “At a meeting for her team.” He answered.

            “How you feeling?” She asked, trying to make small talk. “Nervous much?” She asked, looking at Harry, who was practically jumping out of his seat.

            “You have no idea how I feel. I have to try and talk with her brothers, which are probably going to have Christmas Day Massacre.’” He said.

            “It’s all going to be okay.” She said reassuringly. “I was fine when I married Ron.” She said, not thinking about who Harry was getting married to.

            “It’s Ginny though.” He said, pushing his hair back. “She’s the only woman in this family, except for Mrs. Weasley and the people that married into the family. She’s the baby of the family, and everyone wants to make sure she’s happy. So therefore, I am going to be held responsible for her happiness.” He said.

            “I see your point.” She said, gesturing her hand and the wine glass. “But you have to live through it.”

            “I don’t know if I can.” He admitted.

            “You’re Harry freaking Potter!” She said, exclaiming his name. “But are also kind, honest, brave, & able to stand up to his girlfriend’s brothers!” She said.

            “Fiancé.” Harry corrected her.

            “Yes, I’m sorry. Fiancé.” She said, correcting herself. “Look on the bright side. In a couple months, you’ll have a beautiful bride to come home to.” She said.

            “Yeah, I guess so.” He said, leaning back in his chair. He then began to think of anything and anything that could happen on that night


Author’s Note: Hey! You guys are just so awesome for reading this! I love you! And I love you even more if you review ;) Just saying ^_^


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