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Killers Luck by MidnightBlue_x
Chapter 2 : Notes
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Disclaimer; I do not claim to own the character of Tom Riddle or the magnificent Hogwarts, I merely play around. I do however own the OC's mentioned in this story. The plot is based on Diane Hoh's book 'Prom Date'. Thank you for reading.

Lucille propped her elbow on the table before resting her head in the palm of her hand, yawning as she tried to focus on what Professor Slughorn was saying. Usually she paided attention during class and was always busy scribbling down notes, today she was too busy staring at the back of Tom Riddle's head. She looked onto her desk to find a piece of parchment with a note scribbled onto it.

'How was your walk with Tom?
' Written neatly in Audrey's writing. Lucille smiled, fought back a giggle before dipping her quill into some ink and writing a reply.

'Amazing. He's so cute and he's really sweet too'
Audrey quickly read the note and let out a soft giggle, interuppting Slughorn's lecture.

"Something wrong Miss Copperfield?" Slughorn asked, walking up to Audrey and upon seeing the note, snatching it. "Let see what we have here" Lucille blushed a deep red and Audrey sent her a sympathetic smile as Slughorn read the note out loud, several people laughed including Eleanor who looked like Christmas had come early for her.

"Great, Another thing for her to tease me about" Lucille thought to herself as Slughorn gave the piece of parchment back to her.

"If you two are finished gossiping maybe we can get back to class?" Slughorn asked, without waiting for a reply he continued on with his lecture. It wasn't longer until the bell rang and Lucille and Audrey were out of the classroom in a flash, both trying to avoid Slughorn and walked as quickly as they could to the next class, Transfiguration. Marilyn and Georgia would meet them there.


"Are you alright?" Marilyn asked sympathetically as she and Georgia took the seats in front of them, Lucille nodded.

"I'm just hoping that by some miracle he was deaf for that minute and missed all of it" Georgia frowned.

"It will be alright" She whispered, as their Transfiguration teacher, Professor Dumbledore entered the room. Lucille loved Transfiguration, mainly because Dumbledore taught it. In her opinion Dumbledore was the best teacher in Hogwarts, He was exceptionally smart and he always friendly to Lucille and the girls, well that and one time he had given Eleanor detention for picking on Lucille.

"Before class starts this morning I have some exciting news from Professor Dippet" The class fell silent, as they all turned to face the Professor with a mixture of puzzle and excitement on their faces. "This year a Ball will be held on Christmas Eve" The class began to chat to their friends, the girls giggling and deciding what they should wear while the guys talked about which girl they'd ask, Dumbledore cleared his throat and the room fell silent once more. "In order to attend this ball, you must have a partner of the opposite sex. And now on with the lesson, Can everyone please get out their textbooks?"



"This is so unfair" Marilyn complained as the four girls left the Transfiguration classroom.

"I agree. There's no way I'm going to get asked" Audrey said, close to tears. "I was really looking forward to going to"

"Well, At least one of us might get a date" Georgia said, the three of them turned to face Lucille.

"Me? Really? But who would ask me?" She asked shocked. No boys had ever paided attention to her, She had thought if anyone was going to be asked it would Georgia, She was so sweet and lots of boys fancied her.

"Tom Riddle of course. He so fancies you, Why else would he carry your books?" Georgia giggled.

"He was just being nice Georgie. Besides I wouldn't go without you girls" Lucille replied, smiling brightly at her friends. Her insides were fluttering with excitement, What if Tom Riddle really did fancy her?

Authors Note; So this entry is officially finished for the challenge as the requirement was two chapters by the deadline but never fear, I do plan to continue writing this although it may be a while before I get the next chapter up as I was insane enough to enter eight other challenges which most of them have deadlines in November so I probably won't be updating much until all of those are over but I'll try. I suppose Slughorn is a little ooc in here but I thought that it wouldn't matter for this chapter. I hope you enjoyed this chapter and please review.



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