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Double Trouble by MysticPhoenix
Chapter 19 : Chapter Nineteen: Be Mine
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Chapter Nineteen: Be Mine

By MysticPhoenix


The Evans and the Potters were overjoyed by the news of their children’s engagement. Both parents had heard much over the past several months about the ‘lovely and intelligent Lily’ and ‘much changed and more responsible James’. However both parents wrote back that they wished to meet James and Lily before giving their blessings. James offered a solution of meeting at the Three Broomsticks so the next day both Lily and James went to the Headmaster's office to ask permission.

"Come in!" Dumbledore answered as James knocked on the door.

"Good morning Professor." Lily smiled as she entered the office.

"Good morning Miss Evans and Mr. Potter. And once again my I express my congratulations."

"Thank you sir." They answered together.

"What can I do for you on this fine morning?"

“We have a couple of important things we wish to discuss with you sir.” Lily answered.

"Please sit." Dumbledore indicated to the two chairs that had appeared in front of his desk, "What is it you wish to discuss?"

"Our parents have requested to meet with us before giving their blessing,” James explained, “and since we had hoped to get married shortly after we graduate, we were hoping, if it is all right with you Professor, that all of us, that is to say myself, my parents, Lily, and her parents meet at the Three Broomsticks for dinner." James finished.

"Do you have a date in mind?"

"We were thinking either this Saturday or Sunday before school starts back up.” Lily answered.

"I see no problem with your request. Once you have the exact time, just tell Professor McGonagall. I will inform her that I have given my permission."

"Thank you Professor!" Lily said excitedly

"You're welcome Miss Evans. Now I believe we have one more matter to discuss."

"Ah yes, Lily and I were hoping, if you have the ability to do so, that you would preside over our wedding?"

"I, in fact, do have that ability and I would be honored."

"Oh thank you!" Lily could hardly control her enthusiasm.

Isis waited for James and Lily to leave to see the Professor Dumbledore before leaving the dorm room and heading to the seventh floor to the Room of Requirements. Isis walked back and forth in front of a section of wall concentrating very hard, on the third time a door appeared. Smiling Isis opened the door and walked into the room. The Room of Requirements and transformed itself into an elegant lounge space. There were high tables set all around the border of the room with long white table cloths and vases with lilies.

"Now all I need are the invites." The minute she spoke a box of invites appeared on the long table. "I love this room." Isis took the box from the table and left the Room of Requirements.

Isis spent the rest of the late morning and early afternoon passing out invitations that read:

You are invited to the engagement party of James Potter and Lily Evans

Hosted by: Isis Croft and Sirius Black

When: Tonight

Time: 6:00pm please arrive early

Where: 7th Floor - follow the signs

Dress: dressy casual

Please bring your invitation with you.

This is a surprise party!

“Perfect!” Isis gathered up the box of invitations and ran back to the common room to find her sister.

“Sirius have you seen my sister? I need her help.” Isis asked walking into the boys’ dorm.

“No. What do you need help with?” Sirius asked sitting up.

“I need to pass out these and fast.”

"So we’re throwing a big party tonight?" Sirius asked reading the invitation.

"Consider our duty as the best man and maid of honor." Isis smiled lying back on Sirius's bed.

"So Lily asked you to be her maid of honor?"

"Lily said she couldn’t choose so she left it up to us. Sekhmet loves to plan parties, but after awhile she needs a new project. So she settled to help Lily and myself and just be a bridesmaid with Alice." Isis got off the bed grabbing the invitations.

“Where are you going?” Sirius asked sitting up.

"I have to go pass out these invitations and talk to the House Elves about the food for the party. I've only got a couple more hours and I still have to get ready." She headed for the door.

“I'll help." Sirius took Isis’s hand as they walk out the door.

Isis had no idea how she managed to pull of everything and still have time to get dressed, but she did People started showing up to the party a little before six. The party was not a large one, however Isis

"Where are you taking us?" James asked Sekhmet who was leading him and Lily up to the seventh floor with Remus’s help, they had blind folded them.

"You'll see in a moment." Sekhmet stopped them opening the door to the Room of Requirements. "Ok now stand here and I'll take your blind folds off."

"SURPRISE!!!" Everyone yelled as the blind folds came off.

“Ah!” Lily covered her mouth in surprise while James laughed in shock.

"You just had to, didn't you Sek?" Lily laughed.

"Actually this one is Sirius and Isis's doing, though mostly Isis’s" Sekhmet pointed to her sister.

"Thank you." James said to Isis, Lily gave her a hug.

"You're welcome. Now come on lets party!" Isis grabbed Sirius hand pulling him out on to the dance floor.

Half way through the evening James and Lily called everyone attention so that they could announce their wedding party. Lily announced that Isis would be her maid of honor and Sekhmet and Alice would be her bridesmaids along with her sister. James announced that Sirius would be his best man and Remus, Frank, and Peter would be his groomsmen.
After Isis and Sirius had been officially announced as the maid of honor and best man they each gave a speech saying it was practice for the real thing, so of course Sirius told embarrassing stories.

"I can't believe you pulled that together so fast!" Lily exclaimed as everyone headed back to the common room.

"The Room of Requirements did most of the work, but you’re welcome." Everyone laughed.

"Oh Merlin! I just realized something!" Lily stopped dead.

"What is it Lily Flower?" James asked using his favorite nickname for her.

"I have SO MUCH planning to do!" Lily looked like she was going to hyperventilate.

"Lily it's ok!" Alice, Isis, and Sekhmet rushed to her side.

"What do you think we’re here for?" Isis asked

"Good point."

"See it will be fine!" Alice smiled, "Besides you're not the only one under pressure."

"I help." Frank interjected.

"I never said you didn't, but let’s face it planning a wedding really isn't a male thing."

"True." All the boys agreed and the girls laughed.

January flew by in a whirlwind of wedding planning, studying, Quidditch. Lily and Alice had jumped right into planning their wedding with the help of the twins and the occasional input from Frank and James. James and Lily had met with both their parents in the Three Broomsticks the second weekend in January. James's parents fell in love with Lily right away. Mrs. Evans thought James was wonderful; Mr. Evans on the other hand was politely gruff. James was a very good sport about it while both the mothers simply smiled in amusement.

The date for James and Lily's wedding was set for mid August. With Frank and Alice's set for after graduations and N.E.W.Ts looming even closer the whole group was feeling the pressure. Everyone was so busy that if it wasn't for the announcement on the notice board in the common room reminding them on the Hogsmeade weekend for Valentine’s Day no one would have remembered it.

"Ugg I hate Valentine’s Day!" Sekhmet moaned falling onto her bed after Lily reminded them about the Hogsmeade trip.

"You will only hate it until Remus brings you flowers and asks you to go to Hogsmeade with him where he will confess his undying love." Isis said matter-of-factly.

"What!" Sekhmet shot back up. "How do you know he'll do that?"

"I don't. I was just guessing."

"Oh." Sekhmet lay back down.

"Isis I do believe that Sek is disappointed." Lily commented with a knowing smile.

"I believe you are right."

"I think our Sek is in love!" Alice teased.

"Am not." Sekhmet glared at her sister and friends.

"Sure." Was all the three girls said smiling at each other.

The morning before Valintine's Day found Lily, Isis, and Alice sitting at the Gryffindor table with James, Frank, Remus, and Peter. Now that it had become colder Sekhmet refused to get up before absolutely necessary, she hated the cold. In fact, well most student just bundled up in hats, scarves, gloves, and warm sweaters under their robes; Sekhmet also wore a think jacket in between classes, in class if it was Potions. Sirius absence from the table, however, was a little odd. Normally James and he arrived at the table together or shortly after the other.

"Guess who?" Sirius whispered seductively in Isis ear as he wrapped his arms around her waist.

"Hmmmm...Lucius Malfoy." Everyone laughed into their pumpkin juice.

"Guess again."

"Sirius Black."

"Correct." Sirius sat down next to Isis handing her a dozen long stem red roses. "For you Love."

"Sirius they are gorgeous!" Isis kissed Sirius. "What's the occasion?"

"Would you do me the honor of being my date to Hogsmeade tomorrow?"

"I'd love to!" She kissed him once more time before running off.

“Where's she going?" Sirius asked slightly confused.

"More than likely to put the roses in a vase before class." Lily said matter-of-factly.

Isis returned fifteen minutes later by that time Sekhmet had arrived at the table looking hopeful. When Remus offered to walk her to class and nothing more she became disappointed. By lunch even James had asked Lily to accompany him to Hogsmeade, Sekhmet mumbled something about it being pointless since they were engaged.

“I don’t think she’ll make it to this evening Remus, she thinks you’re not going to ask her.” Isis told Remus at lunch when Sekhmet did not show.

“She’ll forgive me after she sees what I have planned.”

Remus never showed up for dinner. When Sekhmet refused to eat anything it took all Isis’s willpower to not spill Remus’s big plan. When everyone headed back to the common room Lily and Isis made sure Sekhmet was the first through the portrait hole without being too obvious. As Sekhmet crawled out of the portrait hole she gasped above the fire place was a banner that read "Sekhmet will you be my Valentines date to Hogsmeade?" the words simmered pink with hearts; below the banner stood Remus with a large bouquet of pink roses.

"What do you say Sek?" Remus asked when she didn't say anything.

"I don't know..." Sekhmet trailed off.

"Sek!" Isis smacked Sekhmet on the arm.

"Of course I will!" Sekhmet ran at Remus jumping into his arms kissing him.

“Don’t ruin your roses Sek.” Alice laughed.

“I need to get these in water!” Sekhmet raced out the portrait hole.

“Why did she go that way?” Remus looked a little confused.

“She’s probably going to the kitchen, she didn’t eat dinner.” Isis replied.

“I’d better go after her.” With that Remus took off after Sekhmet.

When Valentine’s Day arrived the castle was abuzz with giggly girls and those who were disappointed. Everyone ate quickly wanting to avoid being around the chaos any longer. Once in the village each couple went off on their own though they occasionally ran into one another at different stores. When lunch time rolled around each couple chose to go to the Three Broomsticks not wanting to be in cheesy romantic setting of Madame Puddifoot’s.

"We might as well all eat together." Alice suggested noticing that there were no two person tables left.

"But we are all supposed to be on dates." Sirius commented a little disappointment in his voice.

"Yes but all the small tables are taken and none of us really mind." Isis stated.

"I don't care." Sekhmet added Remus, Lily, and James all nodded in agreement.

After enjoying lunch together they once again split off again to continue their dates. James took Lily to the book store to buy a book she had been talking about for ages, Lily was ecstatic. Remus took Sekhmet to Honeydukes for her favorite chocolates. Alice and Frank wandered around the town shopping; Alice had told Frank that he was not allowed to buy her anything since the wedding was so close. Sirius and Isis wandered out of town towards the Shrieking Shack.

"This has to be one of the best Valentine’s Days I have ever had." Isis commented sitting down on a large boulder.

"Well then I hope this makes it even better." Sirius handed Isis a small present from his pocket.

"What is it?" Isis asked taking the box.

"You have to open it to find out Love, that’s the point of a present." Isis rolled her eyes and began unwrapping the small present.

Isis opened the box and gasped her hand covering her mouth. In the box sat a simple but beautiful white gold band. Sirius took the ring out and slipped it on Isis's figure.

"Sirius I don't know..." Sirius placed a finger to her lips.

"Don't worry I'm not proposing, not yet. It's a promise ring." Isis did not know what to say, "It's a promise from me to give you the future you want when we are ready. I love you.”

“I love you too.” Isis smiled before leaning forward to kiss him.

A/N: We hope you enjoyed our Valintine's Day chapter. There are only two more chapters left before the end of this part of the Twin's story. Please don't forget to review after reading. Thank you!

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