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Harry Potter and The American Wizard by Billy salisbury
Chapter 6 : The New Type of Magic
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The New Type of Magic


James walked the four of them into the garden next to a fence that overlooked a pumpkin patch. He could see the moon high above the trees, almost full, but not quite. After a good minute of staring at the moon he looked towards the three and began speaking. “I came here a little over three years ago, I had left America for the secrets between Voldemort and Harry.”

Hermione reacted the fastest. “Why? Voldemort died 19 years ago! Why does it matter what happened between them?” James smiled. “My dear, it means everything. It means the difference between life and death, it means the difference from freedom and imprisonment.” They all looked at him and he continued. “Anyway, I came to England searching. The first place I checked of course was the daily prophet. From around and before that time.”

They all looked completely intrigued at the story so he continued. “I got the basic information, but not all of it. So I visited many people for information.” Harry broke in. “Who’d you ask?” “I asked many people, professor Longbottom, Aberforth, who is very frail these days, and many others.” James looked into Hermione’s eyes as she began to talk.

“How come no one told us you were looking for information on Harry?” James held up his wand and said. “There is a spell that can erase one’s memory am I correct?” Hermione nodded “Keep going.” Ron said. “Alright, so anyways, after about two years of searching for every bit of information, a biography came out about Harry.”

James noticed as they all looked at each other and quickly revisited the memories of when the biography came out. “It gave a the information I need.” “What information?” Ginny asked. “Information of the deathly hallows. See it said, as you know, that Voldemort had acquired a very powerful wand from Dumbledore, but he was mistaken because Harry was the true master of it.”

“See, most wizard’s do not know that the wand is only as good as the wizard. Except for the Elder Wand. So I know this must be it.” Harry added in “So you are here for the Elder Wand?” James gave an obvious look of annoyance with Harry. “If that were true I would already be gone. I also need the Invisibility Cloak, which you need to get tomorrow Harry.”

“So your hear for the Hallows?” Ron asked with his eye brows screwed in a sort of “W” that meant he was thinking hard. “No, I also need the help of all you, and Dumbledore and Voldemort.” “What do you mean, they are both gone, James?” said Ginny. “Ah, see I also recovered the Resurrection Stone.” Ginny and Hermione gasped.

“You brought them both back, Where are they?” Hermione exclaimed. “They are up on a tower across the road. The two women looked towards the hill and since James just told them the towers were there they could see them. “Why would you bring back Voldemort, he’s just going to kill.” James looked at Ginny and she looked back. “Ginny, I was very well aware he would want to be back and hurt people. So I gave him a wand that cant hurt anyone seriously, and also he can not stray about a mile of me without dieing.”

“And he believes if he helps me with this task his name will be somewhat cleared. At least that’s what I told him.” “Wait what is this task James.” Harry butted back into the conversation after listening intently. “Ah, yes, you see a man has risen as a sort of undercover super power in America. I know he will be a problem, and has already took control of many small ministries around the world.”

“Who is he?” asked Harry. “His name is Will, he plans on taking the American Ministry very soon, so we must stop him. Because America is a super power just like England and if he takes control he will look for world domination. So we must go to America and stop him, and we I need as much help as possible, The deathly hallows and you four and the two in the towers may not even be able to stop him.”

“But you’re the most powerful wizard I’ve ever seen?” entered Ron. “Ron, what’d you mean the most powerful?” Hermione asked him. “What about Dumbledore?” Ron raised his eyebrows and said. “ I don’t know Hermione, he’s pretty strong. Show her James.” James thought for a moment and turned around towards the pumpkin patch.

“Spatium!” The pumpkin patch suddenly grew to a large field covered with pumpkin’s it now looked as if it added at least a few miles along the horizon instead of the few hundred yards that were previously there. He then said another spell and a thick black smoke emitted from his wand. It covered most of the new large field, blocking the view for a few moments.

When the smoke lifted an exact replica of Hogwarts stood in front of them. Hermione screamed. “Is that real? What kind of spell is that?” “ Yes it is real, you could go inside and everything would be exactly the same as it is at Hogwarts at this exact moment, except no people would be inside.” James finished speaking and walked towards the replica Hogwarts.

The others followed. On the way he shouted out many spells that hide the building from everyone and anything except the five that were walking towards it. When they reached the front entrance Hermione touched the door and slid her fingers up and down it, as if to inspect if it was real.

They continued inside across the entrance hall into the Great Hall. Once there James made the table inside vanish and conjured a round table in the very middle. He walked towards a chair and sat down. He glanced over at Hermione and saw pure look of amazement on her face. As he looked at all the other’s he saw similar expressions.

“What spell did you use?” Hermione asked as they all sat down. “Structidemis. It constructs an exact replica of a place, so when I said it I said Structidemis Hogwarts, which made a copy of Hogwarts. “I must try that sometime. How come I’ve never heard of it. In fact I’ve never heard the first spell before either.” James laughed. “I’m afraid you will not be using those spells. As I have created them and even if you tried it would not work.”

“Why not?” She asked. “That is not important.” James answered. “Alright if your so powerful why do you need our help to stop this Will person.” Harry added. “Because Harry, he is even more powerful then me. He could destroy a quarter of London with a single spell. He has learned much more than I have about this new type of magic, and I have not been able to figure it out.”

“What do you mean?” Harry asked. “I mean, me and him have the same type of magic that is very powerful and not just anyone can acquire. Certain circumstances must apply before getting the magic, and even then you still have to learn to use it, which causes much pain and suffering as well as much logic and skill.” “How do you both have it?” James knew he must lie Harry doesn’t need to know the truth. “I do not know.”

He looked up into the enchanted ceiling of the Great Hall. He knew he shouldn’t lie, but if they knew they may not help. And he can not do this alone. He stood up and unlit all the lights all around the hall. “We should all probably get some sleep.” They all nodded and got up.

“I will have breakfast ready in the kitchen of the burrow when you wake up. Goodnight.” they all said their goodnights and left. He stood there in the hall looking towards the ceiling when he remember the invisibility cloak. “Harry!” he yelled. They all turned around. “Just Harry please.” Harry returned and the rest left for the burrow.

“Yes?” Harry asked. “We still need the Invisibility Cloak.” James answered. Harry nodded and he started walking towards the exit of the fake Hogwarts so he could apparate. “Where are you going?” “I’m going outside to apparate.” James laughed at Harry’s remark. “This isn’t the real Hogwarts Harry.” Harry nodded in agreement and James grabbed Harry’s shoulder. “Where to?” James asked Harry.

Harry gave him a puzzled look. “If you don’t know where to go how do you think your going to apparate there?” “Did you forget, I am a exceptional wizard.” Harry frowned at this. “Exactly how are you so powerful, James? You’ve done magic that was thought to be impossible. You’ve done magic I’ve never heard of.” James looked towards the enchanted ceiling of the great hall.

The Moon was almost out of sight on the horizon, and he could see the smallest amount of dawn protruding from the horizon as well. “Sit down Harry, I will explain my to my best.” Harry immediately motioned towards the round table in the middle of the hall.

“Well, you know how you got your protection from Voldemort correct?” Harry nodded and answered. “My mum sacrificed her life for mine.” “Yes, well the same sort of situation happened to me. My wife sacrificed her life for mine.” Harry still looked very confused to James. “Who tried to you and your wife?” “An Evil human being he was, He does not deserve to walk this earth in my mind.”

“Why did he want you two though?” James contemplated for a moment before he replied. “He had his own reason which to this day I do not understand completely myself. I didn’t just lose my wife though, I lost my daughter as well.” Harry looked shocked. “My son also died that day.”

“That’s horrible James, but that still doesn’t explain how you are so powerful, because I had that same type of magic and I was defiantly not that powerful.” “Harry, I am not exactly sure how it all works, but somehow I learned to control this magic. I have created spells with it, that can destroy an entire army of muggles with one flick of my wand.”

“ So does Will have something to do with this?” James looked out the windows again before answering, the sun was peeking over the horizon. “No, I just thought I’d use these powers to help the world. But enough of this talk, it’s nearly dawn. We should get going to the ministry for your cloak.” Harry nodded.

“Wait how are you going to apparate there though?” James smiled. “Harry I hope you aren’t offended, but I read you mind to find out where the ministry was located. Don’t worry though, I didn’t see anything else. I wouldn’t do that. Just as I expect you wouldn’t read my personal memories either.” Harry looked into James eyes. James could see his tall body as if Harry’s eyes were a mirror. James had short brown hair, He was about 6 feet tall, regular weight wise. James had blue eyes.

Blue eyes and brown hair were rather particular. James also noticed some gray hair. He looked away and grabbed Harry’s shoulder. “How old are you anyways?” Harry asked. “About 50, I’m not so sure anymore.” Then with those words he turned on the spot.

They arrived right outside Harry’s office. James opened the door and stepped inside. It was rather small, only a desk and two chairs and a trunk that sat behind Harry’s desk. “Why is your office so small?” “Because I’m rarely in here. Being an auror usually means I’m out on a job.” James nodded before asking where the cloak was. “It’s in the trunk.”

James pointed his wand at the trunk and said “Accio Cloak!” The cloak flew right into his hands. “Normal wizards wouldn’t of been able to of done that, I have many enchantments on the trunk. James smiled and looked at the pictures on Harry’s desk. He saw a miniature picture of Dumbledore as well as pictures of many other wizards and witches.

“Well shall we get going?” James asked. “Wait just a moment, I think I just heard something.” James froze on the spot. Not here, not know he thought to himself. Harry opened the door just a little. He then opened it all the way. James saw it too. A man running towards the lifts. “STOP!” Harry and James yelled. James shot a spell at the lifts but miraculously missed. The lift started moving before Harry and James could get there.

Harry started towards the other lift but James took Harry’s shoulder and once again turned on the spot. They appeared, in front of the lifts in the Atrium of the Ministry of Magic. When the man’s lift pulled up he shrieked in horror. The man pulled out a vile from his pocket and downed it. He instantly dropped to the floor.

James examined the body. “No ID, or wand, or anything except that vile.” James said. “What was in the vile.?” Harry asked. “Some kind of poison. He must have been Imperioused and sent to spy on us.” “But who?” Asked Harry. James shot him a worried look. “Oh, this Will guy.” “Yes, Harry this is bad. He knows where I am. We must leave soon. We will stay here for two days, then we will leave.” Harry nodded.

“We must hide the body.” As James said this he pointed his wand at the body and disapparated it to a forest far away. “Alright let’s return to the Burrow. You get some sleep and I’ll start making breakfast. Its almost seven now.” Harry agreed and they disapparated back to the Burrow.






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