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Hogwarts Gone Wild by SilverCloud
Chapter 3 : Chapter Three
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Disclaimer: I own the plot, but sadly, nothing else.
Chapter Three

SilverCloud, Harry, Ron, and Hermione appeared in a jungle. Ron looked utterly confused.
Ron:"Where the |beep| are we?"
Harry:"A jungle."
Hermione:"Central Africa."
SilverCloud:"You guys are good!"
Ron:"Uh...yeah." *suddenly a monkey swoops down and throws a banana at Ron's head and he falls unconsious*
Harry:"He okay?"
SilverCloud:"Yeah. Miagi come here." *monkey comes to SilverCloud* "Wake Ron up." *monkey jumps on Ron and he awakes*
Hermione:"You sick freak! Get us out of here!"
SilverCloud:"K." *grabs trio and disappears*
A fat pizza man is riding his bike along the country side to deliver his good pizza. Four figures appear in front of him and they crash. He is so shocked he takes the pizza, throws it off a cliff and then runs after it shouting "Mi amour!"
Ron:"The pizza!" *runs after man, but Harry and Hermione stop him and Ron gets mad that he couldn't save the poor pizza*
Hermione:"Ron, you need to sort out your priorities."
Ron:"Hey! That's my line!"
Hermione: *sticks out tongue at Ron*
Harry:"You two, stop." *turns to SilverCloud* "Why the |beep| did you bring us to Italy?"
SilverCloud:"I've always wanted to come here."
Harry:"You freak."
SilverCloud:"Thanks!" *big smile*
Ron: *sniffs* "I smell pizza!" *runs to nearest pizza shop*
Hermione:"Oh, look at that beautiful house!" *runs to it*
Harry:"This is stupider than your party."
SilverCloud:"Yes I know, and 'stupider' is not a word."
Harry:"Don't get all Hermione on me."
*5 minutes later*
Harry:"Can I kiss you?"
SilverCloud:"I'm afraid you can't, I'm the author."
*Ron and Hermione come back*
Trio:"Let's go home please!"
*SilverCloud grabs trio, pops, and disappears*
Thanks for reading and if review if you want chapter four soon!

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Hogwarts Gone Wild: Chapter Three


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