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Someones gotta give by The Colorful Dragon
Chapter 17 : Viva La Vida
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Hello! I think I did good seeing that now I have school (I don't really like school and all of the lovely homework that comes with it). All I can say about this year so far is homework. It consumes my life. I hate homework. Just saying. 

But anyhow…back to HPFF world. So I know that this one might be a little bit shorter, and I warn you—it’s just a filler basically. Like a cool down from the heat of the last one! So enjoy!






      “Boohoo Keri!” A voice rang through my ears. “Get up! It’s Christmas!” I put a pillow over my ears and groaned into the mattress. “Oh don't be such a killjoy.” She grabbed the pillow off of my head and threw the covers off of me.


      “Fine, fine.” I mumbled darkly under my breath slowly crawling out of bed and onto the floor. I didn’t care if it was the last bloody day on the earth, I was tired, and I wanted to sleep.


      “C’mon…” Dom spoke to me slowly as if I was a child she was trying to coax into doing something. I gave her the finger and walked past her out the door. “Such a lady you are Kiersten McCabe.”


      “Your talking like Yoda now you know…”


      “Who the hell is Yoda?”


      “You know, the little green guy in—you know what…forget it.” She chuckled and raced down the hall ahead of me to the family room where they had their Christmas tree. I followed slower not really knowing what I would see.


      I didn’t want the Weasley’s to get me anything, nor did I expect them to. I hadn’t gotten a Christmas present from my father since second year, I don't think he’d start back up again now.


      “Hush Dominique.” Fleur said in her bathrobe, she was clutching her coffee cup with dear life. “We ave to wait for your seester and Teddy.” Dom made a weird fidgety noise and looked up at her father pleadingly. I sat down on the floor next to her rubbing some sleep out of my eyes.


      “We really don't have to wait…” Bill tried looking at Fleur cautiously. “I don't really think Victoire will care if they open their presents.” Fleur made a noise similar to Dom’s and took a long swig of her coffee.


      “Fine zen.” She said as Dom squealed with delight and dived for the presents. Louis followed her example and plopped down on the couch with one. I looked to the ground awkwardly.


      “This one’s for you Kiersten, and so is this one.” Dom tossed two boxes wrapped in red paper over to me. I looked at them stunned for a moment before seeing that they were from Mr. and Mrs. Weasley.


      “Thank you!” I said smiling up at them.


      “Well you didn’t expect us to forget about you did you?” Bill asked me smiling and patting my head. I took the smaller package first and slowly unwrapped it. It was a new quill and ink well.


      “I got the same one.” Dom said holding it up for a moment before going back to her pile. I looked at my other one and opened it, it was a journal. The pages were lined with gold, and the cover seemed to be locked.


      “Only you can open it Keersten.” Fleur said gesturing towards the journal. “It wont open for anyone else.”


      “Thank god you didn’t get me that thing, I hate writing.” Dom looked at it warily as we all  started to laugh at her. “What?”


      “Ah Dominique, we ave a special one for you zees year.” Fleur said as Dom instantly perked up eagerly. “Bill…” He motioned him to go and get it. “It ees something zat you ave wanted for quite some time. We ave on a split decision decided zat you are mature enough now.”


      Bill came back into the room holding a small bundle of fur, looking closer I saw that it was a puppy. Dom squealed with delight running up to her father and taking the dog from his hands gingerly. “Oh thank you! Thanks so much! I cant believe you actually got me it this year! I’ve had it on my damned list since I was four! Oh my god! Thanks!”


      “You must prove zat you are mature enough now Dominique,” He mother said crossly eyeing the puppy uncertainly. “You know zat zees is a very big responsibility do you not?”


      “I think I’ll call you Missy!” Dom clearly was not listening to a word her mother was saying. “You know, for mistletoe?”


      “It’s a boy Dom.” Bill said laughing a little at the dog who was running around us all happily.


      “So, his names still going to be Missy. I’ve made up my mind and that’s that.” We all cracked up as Missy pissed on the carpet out of excitement. “Oh dad, you might want to clean that up before it starts to stink.”


      “It ees not your father’s dog Dominique.” Fleur said exasperatingly looking at the little puddle as if it was the most gross thing she had ever seen. Dom looked at Missy for another moment before sighing dramatically and pointing her wand to the puddle.


      By the time that Victoire and her boyfriend Teddy arrived I had received A Hollyhead Harpies t-shirt from Dom along with Honeydukes chocolate, practical jokes from Weasley Wizard Wheezes, courtesy of Louis, and then when Victoire came she gave me a flower that would always bloom. Missy had peed twice more, and Dom now had him in a baby diaper.


      “I hate it when they die,” She was referring to her flower that she had given me leaning back on Teddy. “It looks so dreary.”


      “I love it!” I said enthusiastically causing her to laugh. Teddy smiled to me too.


      “So how’s James?” My stomach dropped as I tried not to let my surprise show through. I knew that Teddy Lupin was extremely close to the Potters, but it had happened less then twelve hours ago for gods sakes. How many other people had Potter told?


      “Good.” I felt my face flush as I looked to the carpet.


      “He told me last night at two in the morning. Apparated to my flat and everything.”


      “What are you on about Theodore?” Dom asked him making confetti balls with her wrapping paper. Missy was trying to catch them with her tongue. “Don't eat that Missy, then you’ll start to shit inside too.”


      “You didn’t tell them?” Teddy looked at me with surprise. “My God, James will be disappointed in you…”


      “Tell us what?” Dom’s voice sounded harder now, aka, she was on the brink of explosion.


      “Nothing…” I trailed off. I had planned on telling Dom, but I didn’t want to tell her in front of her entire immediate family. “Well—Potter and I talked some things out last night.” Dommy’s face was getting redder by the second. “And then—then we sort of did something else?” Thank god Bill and Fleur had wandered off into the kitchen.


      “And you didn’t tell me?” Dom was hissing now, not a good sign. “You kissed and possibly made out with my cousin and you didn’t tell me?” Missy had wandered over to a bemused looking Louis, good thing for that dog. If not Dom might have killed it within the first hour of having it.


      “You were in a bad mood last night! When we got back here you went straight to sleep!”


      “Well you could have freaking interrupted my dreamlike state for something like that!”




      “God Kiersten! You never tell me any shit!” With that she got up angrily and left the room.


      “Trust Dom to ruin Christmas.” Victoire said shaking her head. “Don't worry about her Kiersten, you know how she is. Just leave her be for a couple hours, maybe days, and she’ll be alright.”


      “Sorry.” Teddy said looking uncomfortable just about now. Good, he should be! I shook my head in an annoyed fashion and ran to Dom’s room which was, of course, locked once again.


      “Alohamora.” I said as the door clicked open. I quickly went inside before she could lock it again.


      “Go away!” Dom threw a pillow at me. I caught it and sat down on the floor next to her bed. Dom was sitting on it, and looking anywhere but at me.


      “I’m sorry.” I said not knowing exactly what she wanted to hear right now.


      “Sure, sure your sorry!”


      “I’m being serious Dom, I was going to tell you soon! I was! I just didn’t want a big deal made out of it.”


      “I’m your best frikin friend Kiersten,” She stopped for a moment to glare at me. “And you don't tell me anything!”


      “I do too!” But I knew I really didn’t.


      “Your such a liar! You don't tell me shit and you know it!”


      “C’mon Dom,” I played with the frilly pink rug. “It’s not like it’s anything serious…”


      “What d’you mean?” She popped up obviously interested now.


      “It’s not like we’re going to get married or anything, we’re just having fun you know?”


      “Well what happened then?!” Her voice had leveled down somewhat, but I still knew not to push her buttons.


      “I dunno…we went for a walk, he took me to his hide-and-seek spot and—”


      “Hold the phone!” She got down on the floor with me. “He showed you his spot? No…he wont show anyone his spot!”


      “Yeah, and then—well, I don't know. We just started to kiss.”


      “What kind of kissing?” I blushed.


      “Why does that matter?” She gave me a real evil look. “Just regular at first.”


      “That’s gross…so are you really together now?”


      “I don't really know…I wouldn’t say together like as in inseparable or anything, just having fun you know?”


      “I still cant believe that you didn’t tell me! God I have so many questions! Did he kiss you or did you kiss him?”


      “I don't really remember, but I think he kissed me—why does it matter?”


      Dom looked at me gravely. “It always matters.”


      “Oh—well I made all of the moves, does that count?”


      “It gives you points I guess…”


      “Good, and—next time I’ll tell you.”


      “Sure you will…” With that Dom got off her bed and made her way to the door, shutting it behind her. I was alone in her world of pink.




      “Here Malfoy,” Dom said hardly going over to Scorpius and handing him a parcel wrapped in hot pink polka dotted paper with light pink hearts. The entire group practically went silent. Dom had just given Scorpius Malfoy a present, Dom. God only knows what the world is coming to.


      “Is it explosive…?” He asked her hesitantly fingering the small package in his hands, it looked to be something like a muggle credit card in shape. But with Dom you never know, it could be a nano sized time bomb. 


      “No!” She rolled her eyes in annoyance. The room took in a breath of relief and then all stared at the package. I looked up to Potter who was right next to me. He was eyeing the package with uncertainty. Dom hates Scorpius, and it’s not like it’s an inward kind of hate.


      “I dunno if you should open it in the house Scorp…” Rose whispered to him loud enough for everyone to hear. I snorted with the others as Dom’s face turned red.


      “Oh go get lost up merlins ass Rosy,” Dom said before turning back to Scorpius who had a slight smile playing around his mouth. “Stop gloating Malfoy, or I’ll take it back.” He stopped. “Good, now I don't want you to think of this like a gift, because it’s not. I just figured that since no one loves you, you wouldn’t get presents for Christmas. So I thought I would inherit that—” She stared at the parcel with distaste. “To you.”


      “And it wont harm me in any way whatsoever?” Malfoy asked playing with the edges.


      “It’s a fucking inanimate object Malfoy! Just open the goddamned thing!”


      Scorpius slowly tore open the package as we all watched with anticipation. She hadn’t told me about this one…finally he took out a card—it was a gift card to a restaurant in London. Scorpius looked at it confused for a moment before looking back up to Dom with a mystified glance. “Why?”


      “Like I said! No one else bothered to inherit something to you!”


      “No, that’s too much thinking and kindheartedness on your part, where’s the catch?”


      “There’s not a freaking catch! I just didn’t want this anymore so I thought about giving it to you because I didn’t! And that’s the god’s honest truth!”


      “Alright then.”


      “But don't go thinking that this is a gift, because it’s not. I just don't want it anymore. Last time I went there I think I was poisoned, so I don't trust the food.”


      “Oh?” Scorpius said not knowing whether to be scared or to laugh.


      “Just say thank you,” I heard Rose murmur into his ear. “This is a huge step for Dom. She doesn’t really understand that you don't give away stuff like that yet.”


      “Er—thanks Weasley.”


      “Don't get used to it Malfoy.” She said before going over to me. “And don't all of you go think that I got you gift cards! Because I didn’t!” No one bothered to tell her that we would be scared if she had.


      “Great work Dom,” Potter said to her in mock seriousness. “It’s really important that you fraternize with the enemy.”


      “I know, that’s why I did it Potthead.” Dom looked at her cup and refilled it with eggnog. “Now I don't want to talk to you anymore, I’m mad at you and Keri.” I rolled my eyes.


      “Oh? That’s a real shame Dominique.”


      “It bloody well is you arse!”


      “Well then I’m mad at you for screwing around with Drew. Are we even?” Dom thought about it for a moment before tapping her fingers on the side table.


      “Yes—but I’m still mad.” Potter shuffled his feet and shrugged his shoulders. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Scorpius trying to sell the gift card off to Roxanne. No luck there buddy.


      One hour later we were all outside in the middle of a snowball fight. I was on a team with Freddy, Molly, Louis, Hugo, Lily, and Scorpius. Currently we were re-supplying behind a magical mountain of snow. I was pointing my wand furiously duplicating them as fast as I could with Fred. The other team, Dom, Potter, Teddy, Albus, Roxanne, Lucy, and Rose, were doing the same thing behind they’re twelve foot high barrier. Let’s just say that they have their own way of playing this game. The first person to touch the enemies fortress won the game.


      “ON THE COUNT OF THREE!” Teddy yelled over to us. “ONE…TWO…THREE!” With that we all jumped out from behind the mound and threw with all our might. I aimed one at Albus that hit him square in the chest.


      “Oi!” He shouted at me tossing one my way. I ducked just as Dom’s five hit me. She giggled and pointed her wand to another few snowballs.


      “Ahh!” Roxanne shrieked as Scorpius pelted one at her head. I ducked getting closer to enemy lines. Louis  was slowly army crawling through the snow with Hugo covering him. Potter and Teddy took Hugo down. Fred sent a few back to them and they ducked.


      “Kiersten!” Rose yelled suddenly pointing to me…damn, I thought that no one had seen me. They made Rose be ‘guard’ because she wouldn’t do anything else.


      “Run Kiersten run!” Lily screamed throwing a snowball at Rose’s head. And I did just that.


      “Now McCabe,” Potter ran in front of me with a slight side smile on his face. “I suggest going back.”


      “No thanks Potter.” I said smirking as well as Dom threw another five at me. I glared at her as she aimed some at Lucy. I guess she forgot that Lucy was on her team, or maybe she didn’t forget.


      “Fine, have it your way then.” With that he dived at me. I screamed avoiding him as he fell into the snow.


      “Pin him down!” Molly said trudging over to Potter and sitting on his back.


      “Get her!” Teddy yelled pointing at me and then running over.


      “No! Potter—go to hell—I NEED SOME HELP HERE!” Molly was now hanging from his neck. Scorpius and Fred ran to his aid. I was almost there—and then he hit me. Albus completely decked me into the snow.


      “Albus!” I could hear Rose in a muffled voice taking my head out of the snow. “Why must this game be so violent!”


      “Life’s violent,” Louis said popping up out of his army crawl and touching their fortress. The whole thing collapsed as our team cheered and the others groaned. “Get used to it Rosy!”


      “Yeah!” I wiped the snow from my face as Albus helped me up. “Thanks.”


      “Sure.” He said stiffly obviously upset about the loss. James was shaking his head in dismay.


      “You Potter boys sure do hate loosing!” I called out to James who made a face at me. I laughed with Lily and Rose pointing my wand to myself to partially dry off when Dom came over.


      “I love Christmas!” She said sliding her mitt into my glove.


      “I love how bipolar you are. I said smiling up to the burrow. We all started to make our way inside for hot chocolate, I looked back to see Potter not following. “I catch up with you.” I started to march back to him. “Hey Potter, it’s just a snowball fight you know.”


      “I’m not mad McCabe…” He said sighing. “But did you know that I’ve lost every single Christmas?”


      “You—loose? Never.” I said playfully as he put an arm around my shoulders.


      “Your so hysterical.”


      “I know, I know…and you guys are a fun crowd to chill with.”


      “No one’s like the Potter’s and the Weasley’s.” He laughed. “No one.”


      I was silent for a moment before changing the subject. “Why’d you tell Teddy?” I noticed that we were walking farther away from the house, but I didn’t really care. Potter seemed to ponder the question for a moment in great thought.


      “I dunno, I had to I guess.”


      “But why did you have to?”


      “Does it matter?”




      “Alright then…” I realized that he looked uncomfortable. Potter rarely looked uncomfortable. I smiled down to the ground. “He—he just knew that I liked you—you know what I mean. Like that.”




      “Yeah. I guess I’ve always been close to Ted. He practically lived with us when I was younger. My dad and him are close, like really close.”


      “Your dad doesn’t like the attention does he?” I could tell by the way Harry Potter acted, he was no Gildroy Lockheart. “I mean for the whole defeating You-Know-Who thing.”


      “No.” Potter laughed a little. “No I think he practically hates it. And I hate it too.” He kicked the ground where we had stopped and the snow wasn’t level.


      “You do?” I had always seen Potter as the arrogant bigheaded ‘my father killed Voldemort’ kind of guy. But when I thought about it he never really spoke of his father. Potter wanted to be his own person. “It cant be that bad!”


      “But it is Kiersten…you don't get it. I’ll always be known as the kid of Harry Potter, and nothing else. I mean, how do I know that people actually like me because of me? It’s all because of him that people put up with my—er—ways?”


      “Good word choice.” I chuckled “But I don't think that everyone views you as just Harry Potter’s son. Believe me, they call you many other things at Hogwarts…”


      “Oh really?” His face broke out into a playful grin. “And what do they call me Kiersten McCabe?”


      “Oh the usual…” I swung around a tree as he pulled me in. “Impressive at Quiddich, Super sexy, funny…guess they don't really know you then do they?” He laughed again.


      “Really? I would say their spot on. And you do think I’m sexy McCabe, admit it.”


      “Kind of—but don't get your hopes up Potter!” 


      He kissed me for a second before pulling away. “You know that’s why I always liked you don't you?”




      “You were different.” It seemed to be simple enough for him in those few words, but my bemused expression urged him to continue. “You weren’t obsessed with me, I dunno—you were just normal I guess.”


      “I was normal?”


      “And you were always pretty.” I flushed looking away from him. “And you hated me, truthfully I think that’s why I was so fixated with you. I didn’t like you at first, but you always fascinated me with your ability to be so mean.”


      “I wasn’t really that bad Potter!”


      “Yes you were! Are you kidding me? You told everyone halfway through first year that I kissed Sarah Meridian, that third year.”


      “You threw my bra all over the great hall the day before! You had to have seen something along those lines coming Potter.”


      “Yes, I did—but the point is that you were harsh McCabe.” I was about to retort when someone, and that someone being Dom, yelled from the house.


      “If you two don't come in now Uncle George said he’d put itching powder in your bed sheets Potter!” I looked to him for a moment before she added. “And you underwear! And GOD Missy learn to piss outside will you?!”


      “We’d better go in then…” Potter said starting to walk up to the house as quickly as possible. I laughed and ran after him, not caring for once about anything other then right here, and right now. 




I’m sorry that it took a little longer to get this chapter out, but as I mentioned above, life’s crazy in the school year! There’s like a bazillion things to do and no time at all. But as for this chapter I hope that you liked it! I know that it wasn’t super long or anything and that nothing all that big happened, but I enjoyed writing it. As for Dom’s new doggie Missy, well, there will be great things coming for little Missy. How could living with Dom not be interesting? I’ll try my best to post the next chapter as soon as I can!

Please Review! Thanks so much for reading!





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Someones gotta give: Viva La Vida


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