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Ivy in Wonderland by emerald_princess
Chapter 14 : The Incident
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 I pretended not to hear him and continued to walk. He wasn’t giving up that easily though. I knew he was getting closer and I sped up, trying to distance myself from him. It was no use.



 When Potter was determined he couldn’t be stopped.



 I glanced behind me and my heartbeat quickened to see him so close.



 From fear I say. From fear!



 I sharply turned a corner, unsure of where I was going but not really caring. Potter would never catch me. I let out a sigh of relief as I slowed to a walk, but my victory was short lived.



 “Hardwick.” Potter grasped my wrist with his hand sending tingles up and down my arm. 



 I tried. I really tried to yank my arm away, but it was no use. He was to strong. I glared at him and he couldn’t seem to stop the triumphant smirk that flitted across his face. He was cackling on the inside. I could tell.



 “Stop cackling!” I exclaimed without thinking. Potter looked thoroughly confused. I guess I would be to if I had just been accused of cackling.



 Actually now that I think about it, I have been accused of cackling. I wasn’t that confused.



 Maybe it’s different when you actually were cackling.



 Potter rudely interrupted my train of thought by saying, “What are you talking about? I wasn’t cackling!” He was looking at me as if I had gone insane.




I seemed to receive a lot of those looks.



 "Yes you were. On the inside.” I explained. The look remained until after a small time thinking about it he composed his face and said something I had been expecting.



 “Well… I was actually but I didn’t want to talk to you about my inner cackling I wanted to talk to you about-“At this his sentence stuttered to a stop, just like a car running out of fuel.



 “About what? Spit it out Potter, I don’t have all day!” I exclaimed impatiently.



 “You know. The incident.” He whispered the last part so that I had to strain to hear him. But I did. I heard and I was scared of what he would say next so I decided to say something extremely dumb.



 “What incident?” I asked, my voice sounding oddly high pitched even to my ears, “I can’t remember any incident. There was no incident. None that I can recall. None that ever happened. I understand that you are on the brink of insanity so you might think that there had been an incident but there wasn’t. No incident at all. Absolutely zip, zilch, nada, nothing.” I let out a high pitched peel of what I am going to call laughter at the look on his face.



 Note to self, when lying to someone do not ramble on like a crazy person in an extremely high pitched voice.



 Under any circumstances.



 We just stared at each other for a long time. It wasn’t hard to do. Staring at Potter is kind of fun.



 I mean, um…



 Just ignore that.




“You know exactly what I mean Hardwick?”




“No trust me, I don’t”



“If you don’t know of any incident why have you been avoiding me?”




I scoffed. And then laughed.




 And laughed.




 And laughed.



And laughed.



I may have overdone it a bit.



I cleared my throat, trying to look him straight in the eye, but failing miserably, “I haven’t been avoiding you.”



I had though. I had even hid in empty classrooms and behind random tapestries whenever I saw him. But I had my reasons. 



Well reason. Just one reason. Just one HUGE reason.



The incident.



It had taken place just the day after McGonagall had gone insane. I had been avoiding eye contact with her all of that morning in the great hall scared that if she caught my eye she would realize what she had done and immediately give us a thousand detentions, not to mention publicly humiliate us. 



I was aware that I looked a complete mess. My school clothes were rumpled, my hair messy and the bags showing under my eyes. I hadn’t gotten any sleep on the floor of the Gryffindor Boys Dormitory the previous night. Michelle, Fred, James and I had walked down to breakfast together and taken a seat at the Gryffindor table. Chatting and laughing as if we didn’t have a care in the world.



Which is probably because we didn’t have a care in the world.



I couldn’t help glancing over at Delilah once in a while, a few times she caught me looking and I couldn’t help but send a smirk her way. I’m so evil! I wasn’t the only one though. I noticed Potter occasionally glancing back and every time he spotted Delilah he would grin like a crazy person. It was actually a rather nice grin, he had nice lips, and they looked soft.



As Potter turned around he caught my eye and we both smiled at each other. It was a long, lingering smile and I couldn’t break eye contact. He did though, eventually, maybe even reluctantly he turned back to the conversation that we were supposed to be having with Michelle and Fred.



I would have been fine if that were the incident. I wouldn’t have been avoiding Potter and I wouldn’t have been squeakily rambling about an incident because there wouldn’t have been an incident.



My life would have continued on normally but it was just the beginning of the day and the incident was still to come.



Michelle and I separated from the boys for our next class and we didn’t see them again until lunch time. Michelle didn’t seem to mind being parted from her precious boyfriend because she said she had wanted some ‘girl time’ (insert shudder here) with me for quite a while now. 



The whole lesson (charms) I actually tried to get some work done but failed miserably. It gets hard to concentrate on work while your best friend yaks away in your ear about Merlin-knows-what. Probably Fred.



I had developed a theory that Michelle had certain stages to help her get settled into new relationships. First it was whistling constantly.



And trust me, when I say constantly I mean constantly. 



Then comes the early morning stage. I was surprised to discover that there was a stage worse then the whistling one but when Michelle is on the early morning stage I am to. She wakes me up. Everyday. At 5:30am.



5:30 AM!



After that it is the crappy romance novel stage. I am not kidding.



I always thought girls were supposed to go through that after break-ups. Proof that Michelle is INSANE. That had only ended that very morning actually, when I caught her reading an awful novel.



I had crept over to her and asked her outright, “Why are you reading that crap?”



“It’s not crap!” she exclaimed, placing a hand on her heart dramatically. I had rolled my eyes and sat down on her bed, reading over her shoulder.



“It is so bad.” I concluded almost at once.



“Is not.”



“Michelle,” I said firmly, “He sparkles.”



Michelle looked at me and then back at her book, realization dawning on her pretty face. 



“Why in the name of Merlin am I reading this?!” she had exclaimed, quickly dropping it on the floor as if it were a germ.



I had simply smirked smugly.



Back to the story of the incident though…



Michelle was now on the stage that never ended. She droned on and on and on about her boyfriend so I became extremely surprised when I found that she was not talking about her beloved but about James. For some reason still unknown to me I immediately zoned in, wanting to hear what she was saying about him.



“-I think that he is actually a really nice guy and I have a little surprise planned for him later! But shh, don’t tell him that besides, you’re not supposed to know, after all it is a surprise for you too.”




She smiled sweetly at me.



A little too sweetly.



I swallowed thickly. I had forgotten about that.



Her not so secret plan to lock Potter and I in a broom closet and get me sent to Azkaban for murder.



I was supposed to have thought of a plan but I had completely forgotten about it, besides she was Michelle, I had thought she would back down. 



She is supposed to be too sweet to do this kind of thing to her best friend.



After that little snippet of Michelle’s one-sided conversation, I zoned out again and felt incredibly depressed for the rest of the lesson.



And it was a long lesson.



Through both the next lesson and the walk down to lunch things became awkward and quiet. I knew that if I started to speak she would know immediately that I knew and she seemed to be off in some sort of dreamland of her own.



Probably thinking about Fred.



When we finally got there I was bursting to talk to someone and had to keep myself from running over to the Gryffindor table. I almost succeeded.



I speed walked half of the way, skipped for a little while and finished with a run to get to the table. When I did I immediately began to talk the head off of James who I could tell wasn’t even listening. He was too busy eating his food and probably didn’t even know that I was there.



While I continued to ramble on about… I have no idea I noticed that Michelle and Fred kept shooting each other looks and secretive smiles. They really needed to work on their complete obviousness. I would never fall for there plan and I would never end up in a broom closet with James Sirius Potter.



I just knew it. It was my instinct.



And not a very bloody good one.



My instincts suck, I should never listen to them and choose instead to shoot my best friend so that her plan falls through and I do not end up in a broom closet with James Tosspot Potter.



But because I listened to this stupid instinct I did indeed end up in the broom closet and that is where the incident took place.



Anything would have been better then what actually happened in that broom closet, even me murdering someone and getting put into Azkaban, even someone murdering me. But the Gods, Merlin, the Fates, every higher being you could possibly imagine hate me and they did not just let me die whilst I still had my dignity intact. No they just kept me alive. In a broom closet. With sodding James Potter.



It was so cramped in there. So bloody cramped. I could feel Potters warm breath on my skin as he leaned against the wall. He was calm. It annoyed me. I was acting like a complete lunatic, trying to get the hell out and he was just leaning against the wall not helping me one single bit.



I was so annoyed that I shoved him. I wanted him to fall over.



I would now like to point out that falling over, whilst in an extremely small broom closet is in fact possible and I do not suggest that you try it. 



It will in fact most likely make you end up in a position that you really don’t want to be. I.e. right up against James Potter unable to stop yourself from enjoying the feeling of his muscles through his thin shirt.



Damn you thin shirt! Why couldn’t he be wearing a thick jumper. The thickest jumper you could possibly imagine. Stupid thin shirt. Stupid muscles. Stupid quidditch which gave him those stupid muscles.



Of course if I had been thinking straight I would have pushed myself away from him immediately. But it isn’t every day that you get unceremoniously shoved into a broom closet with your worst enemy. I wasn’t thinking straight, so I just stayed where I was stock still and wondering why he wasn’t pushing me away in disgust. 



After what seemed like an eternity of our bodies being pressed together and me trying to control myself I came to my senses and with a gasp pushed my self away. But I hadn’t realized how close we were. Our noses almost touching. I could just see his dazzling hazel eyes and the upturned corners of his mouth. My eyes were immediately drawn to his soft lips and I felt myself beginning to lean in closer. 



It was kind of like I was vaguely aware of it happening but I couldn’t really do anything to stop it. It seemed to be happening to him as well. 



And then, I can’t believe that I am saying this, our lips met.




I, Ivy Hardwick and he James Potter were kissing and it wasn’t just a kiss. I hate to admit it but it was amazing. His lips were soft but they weren’t gentle, they were passionate and hungry. I didn’t know why I didn’t stop. I didn’t know why I deepened the kiss, maybe it was the aforementioned amazingness of said kiss. He tasted like honey, and everything delicious and I couldn’t think. My mind went hazy and all there was, was the kiss. His kiss, his soft lips on mine, his arms embracing me, pulling me closer and then for an instant, just for an instant (but that was all it took) my mind unfogged.



I jumped back with a squeal of horror and fixed myself up, just in time for Fred and Michelle to open the door (they had been planning to keep us in for a lot longer but Michelle had felt bed.) I couldn’t help glancing at Potter as we both stepped back into the light. He had fixed himself up too and was looking completely dazed and shocked, I wondered if I looked the same, I felt the same.



And that was the incident. The incident that I couldn’t stop myself from thinking about. But I was trying desperately trying and having Potter this close to me. Touching me. It wasn’t helping.



I finally yanked my hand out of Potter’s and without a second glance I ran for it.


A/N I am so teribly sorry for the long wait, I hope that you can forgive me because I know how much I hate it when people don't update stories...  What did you think of the chapter?  The kiss?  Any favourite parts?  Anything you think I could have done differently?  If so please tell me in a review.  By the way I would like to thank all of the people who have favourited, reviewed and stuck with this story and I hope that this chapter has been worth the wait.

Also did anyone notice my jab at Twilight... no offence to anyone who likes it.
emerald_princess XD

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