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Hopelessness by SeverusLove
Chapter 1 : January 9, 1971
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The plot is mine but everything else is J.K. Rowling's.

January 9, 1971

Rain pelted down on the normal little houses of Spinner’s End making tiny little droplets slide down the window pane just as tears were sliding down a young boy’s cheeks. The thin, sallow faced boy stared at the rain in sadness. He had always loved the rain. It seemed like it was always crying with him. He sighed in dismay as the angry shouts from downstairs were becoming louder and louder. It had become a daily routine now; to awake with shouts from downstairs. But he had hoped that today would be different, would be happy. But no, his childish, innocent hope was trampled on mercilessly as soon as he opened his eyes.

It was five in the morning of Severus Snape’s 11th Birthday and he had wished to awaken with shouts of “Happy Birthday” and “Presents!” But instead, he woke up to horrible words exchanged by his mother and father that he wouldn’t even dare to remember. Silently, he crept down the stairs, avoiding the kitchen where his parents were. He had gotten quite used to this now. He didn’t wail or cry or cover his ears anymore when his parents were having a row. He simply just shed silent tears. He opened the front door and stepped out into the welcoming rain, blocking out all the noise coming from inside the house. He sighed contentedly as the gentle caresses of the rain washed all his tears away. It was almost as if it were offering to cry for him. This was exactly why he loved rain. It always seemed to understand him.

“Severus!” He heard his mother call. His lips curled down to a frown as he turned and walked back toward his house. His mother was on the porch, looking angry, worried, and anxious all at the same time. He was hesitant to get out of the rain. “What have I told you about bathing in the rain? You’re all wet!” she fretted. But he was more hesitant to anger his mother. “Now, go back up to your room before your father sees you.”

“SEVERUS!” bellowed his father as he came marching out. “Why are you all wet?”

“Severus. Your room.” Eileen Prince ordered.

“No. You stay right here, I’m not done talking to you yet.” Tobias Snape retorted just as sternly, glaring at Eileen.

“You do not talk to him that way, Tobias. He did nothing wrong.”

“IS THAT AN ORDER? YOU DARE ORDER ME?” And as another row of colorful words broke out, Severus trudged wearily back up the stairs and into his room where he changed his clothes and flopped down on his bed. Soon, he drifted into a dreamless slumber. He liked sleeping. It made him feel numb.

As the rain stopped and the warm afternoon sun hit his face, Severus Snape awoke to silence. That's weird, the house was rarely silent. He turned over and noticed an envelope on his bedside table. Maybe his parents had remembered after all. Maybe this was their gift to him. Maybe it was a birthday card. He shot up and grabbed the envelope from his desk, hastily opening it up and reading the letter inside. Disappointment and tears threatened to overpower him. He knew he should’ve been happy that he had gotten his Hogwarts letter. He could finally get out of this house. But still, he had hoped. He knew it was hopeless, but he had hoped all the same that his parents would at least acknowledge his birthday. But they seemed to either have forgotten, or just didn’t care. Hopelessness. It was the gift his parents gave him on his 11th birthday: Hopelessness

This is my 2nd fic so do tell me what you think. ^^

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Hopelessness: January 9, 1971


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