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Facing Fate by Secret Passion
Chapter 6 : Being Head Girl
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 Hermione had been so flustered that she hadn’t noticed the blonde standing next to her. She turned to look at him but he stared straight ahead, his face unreadable. 

“Professor McGonagall-” she was cut off quickly.

“Miss Granger, as Head Girl you have many privileges that others don’t but what you are about to protest to is not one of them. Professor Dumbledore left specific instructions before he died that should Mr Malfoy return to the school for his seventh year after the war then he was to be made Head Boy. It is not your place to dispute that. This is exactly why I wished for you to meet before the feast. I know you two have had … problems in the past but you must learn to get along for the sake of the school.” She took two envelopes from her robe and handed it to both of them. 

“I suggest you meet up with each other once a week to discuss progress. Your meeting with the prefects will be every other Tuesday night, starting this week and your meeting with me will be on one Thursday each month starting this week. There is a timetable explaining that inside and a list of the events you have to organise. Now Miss Granger would you please make your way into the great hall I wish to have a word with Mr Malfoy.” 

Hermione glanced to her right at Malfoy who still stared straight ahead and felt a pang of guilt settle into her stomach over what she had said to him in the letter. She turned away and, anger bubbling because she hated him for making her feel guilty, stormed into the great hall with the other students. 

She spotted Harry, Ginny, Neville and Ron quickly and was delighted to see that they had been joined by Seamus, Pravati, Lavender and Dean.

“Dean,” she cried pulling him into a quick hug, remembering how they had escaped the Malfoy manor with him, “how are you?”

“I’m good thanks, glad to be back. Harry I showed my mum the interview in the Quibbler, she loved that I was part of something that helped defeat Voldemort. She said to send you her love and her thanks for helping keep me safe. She says she owes a lot to you. And to you Ron, Hermione and to Bill and Fleur and to Luna. I was going to go and see her…”

“She’s gone to sit at the Ravenclaw table,” Harry cut in, “and its ok mate, anyone would have done the same.” 

Everyone started to talk about their summer and about how glad they were to be back but Hermione’s eyes were drawn to the double doors. Malfoy was walking through them towards the Slytherin table, his hand clutching an open letter and his eyes looking rather red. Had Draco Malfoy been crying?

“Hermione!” Ginny cried snapping her back to the table.

“Yeah?” she asked taking a quick glance to where Malfoy sat with Blaise and Astoria before looking back.

“Hermione I’ve been calling for the past five minutes, what where you looking at.”

“Oh nothing,” she said, “You wanted something?”

“What’s the letter?” she asked.

“Oh it’s a list of things we have to organise this year. She opened it and pulled out the piece of parchment. “I’m not sure if I’m supposed to reveal these yet so don’t say a word.” 

Ginny who sat on the left of her sidled closer and the two girls looked at the list underneath the table.

“Ok, Halloween feast,” Ginny whispered, “that’s normal. Erm, bonfire night, oh we don’t get to celebrate that very often its usually a muggle thing.” The pair glanced at the next on the list, it read ‘Christmas fancy dress ball.’ Ginny couldn’t help but let a squeak escape from her mouth, which caused Harry to lean across the table at the pair.

“What’s up Gin?” he asked.

“Nothing,” she replied with a grin. She turned to Hermione and lowered her voice, “a Christmas fancy dress ball! Oh Hermione it’s going to be brilliant.”

“Under it it says that it’s going to be for fifth year and above and I have to organise supervised trips to Diagon Ally! That’s going to take some mammoth organisation.”

“No it won’t, it will be fine…oh I already know what I’m going to go as and I am going to look stunning! Anyway…what else.”

“Erm, Easter feast before end of term, the memorial feast and end of year celebrations. She says that if I have anything I want to do to speak to her.”

“Oh Mione this is going to be excellent, I know I’m not a prefect or anything but I could help you with whatever you need.” Hermione smiled.

“I could definitely use the help, especially since Malfoy’s the Head Boy, I doubt he’s going to be much help.” Ron and Harry couldn’t help but overhear her last sentence.

“WHAT!” Ron cried from beside her. Ginnys jaw had dropped open and Harry was staring from across the table. Hermione blushed, she had forgotten she hadn’t told them.

“Malfoy’s Head Boy,” she shrugged, “special request from Dumbledore before he died.” 

Ron was prevented from saying anything else as the large doors re-opened and in walked around forty petrified first years. The sorting was interesting. The hat sang a song about the war being over and the houses uniting over the defeat. The first years one by one walked up to the stool and were sorted into their houses. By the time that food had appeared on the table Ron had forgotten all about Malfoy and him being Head Boy. He was too distracted by the roast chicken and yorkshire puddings that he didn’t have time to think about anything else. 

When the feast was over and Hermione had eaten as much chocolate cheesecake as she could professor McGonagall stood up and the crowd fell silent.

“Before you all return to you beds I would like to introduce two new teachers to our midst. Professor Harrow will be taking over my position as Transfiguration teacher and Griffindor house leader.” A small witch with curly blonde hair who Hermione recognised slightly stood up to polite applause from the crowd.

“Mione that’s Rebecca Harrow,” Ginny said, “she was in her seventh year when I was in my first.” Realisation dawned on Hermione. She had been in her sixth year when Hermione had started and had been a Griffindor prefect and a Head Girl.

“The post of Defence Against the Dark Arts has been given to Professor Anderson.” A man who looked around his mid thirties stood up and both Hermione and Ginny, as well as every other girl in the great hall had to work hard to stop their eyes popping out of their heads. His dark hair fell around his face and almost to his shoulders and his smouldering blue eyes smiled at the entire year. There was a huge round of applause from every girl in the room. Ron and Harry were looking at their girlfriends, annoyance etched on their faces. Professor Anderson was gorgeous. McGonagall quietened the school down and continued with her speech. A few people had stopped listening. Lavender and Pravati had delved into a full-blown conversation about the newcomer.

“Mr Filch has asked me to remind you that the forbidden forest is out of bounds to all students and there is a list of forbidden items that should you be caught with will result in a detention. The list can be found in his office. If you have any problems this year please feel free to approach me or any of the teachers or if you wish to talk to someone your own age your prefects and new head boy and girl should be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. It is Saturday and so you all have a free day tomorrow, I would like to see you bright and early Monday morning to collect your timetables. Now off to bed all of you.” 

As she finished, Hermione swore she saw a slight smile sneak onto her face.

“We will see you in the common room,” Hermione said to Ginny. The girl nodded and Hermione went with the rest of the Griffindors up to the top table. Hermione was surprised to find that Griffindor was the only house in which all seventh year students had returned. From Slytherin there were four; Malfoy, Blaise Zabini, Daphne Greengrass and Pansy Parkinson. From Ravenclaw there were only three; Terry Boot, Michael Corner and Padma Patel. Hermione was disappointed to see that only Ernie Macmillan and Hannah Abbot had returned from Hufflepuff.

“Now, you may be wondering how the school is going to cope with double the amount of first years,” McGonagall said when everyone had gathered around her, “and we came to the decision that they will be taking your dormitories.”

“But professor where will we sleep?” Padma asked.

“You as seventh years will be sharing your own common room, away from your houses. Of course you will still be granted access into your house but you will sleep in your new dorms. Now if you will please follow me I will show you where it is located.” McGonagall lead the seventeen students out of the great hall and up the twisting staircase. They came out on the fourth floor where she led them to a portrait of a pretty blonde girl in a white dress. She asked politely for the password.

“Dumbledore,” McGonagall said. The portrait swung open to reveal their common room. 

The room was bigger than the Griffindor common room though it accommodated fewer people. It was square in shape and each wall was decorated with a banner from each house. The wall which they were facing and which had a large door in the centre of it was adorned with Griffindor banners. The left with Ravenclaw the back with Slytherin and the right with Hufflepuff. There was a group of large sofa’s and armchairs surrounding a lit fire on the Ravenclaw wall. Another fire had been put on right of the Griffindor wall and the right side of the room held five armchairs, four good sized tables that could sit four each and a large bookcase. In the centre of the room was another set of sofa’s and pouffes. It all looked very comfortable.  To the left of the portrait hole was a large notice board, which McGonagall pointed out first.

“This will be he same as your house notice boards and whenever the password is changed it will appear here. Your house passwords will be found in a sealed envelope on your pillows. If you would like to follow me to your dorms I will show you how they work”. 

McGonagall lead them through the large door and out into a wide corridor. On the right was a door labelled ‘boys’ and another labelled ‘girls.’ Hermione supposed they where bathrooms and was correct. The tub was almost as big as a swimming pool and there where five toilet cubicles. Further along the corridor were two more doors. One read ‘girls’ and one read ‘Griffindor boys.’

“You may be wondering why this says only Griffindor boys. There are only six girls but nine boys. We have decided since there are so few girls they should all share a dorm but the boys will be split. The Griffindor boys will be placed in here and…” they walked further down the corridor and there was another door on the left that read ‘boys.’ “The other boys will stay in here. Miss Granger and Mr Malfoy however are to be placed somewhat differently. As they are our head boy and girl they will be getting their own bedrooms.” She had walked further down the corridor and was indicating to two doors on the end. One read Hermione granger and one read Draco Malfoy. “I will leave you all to look around and meet you back in the common room in half an hour.” 

Hermione smiled and pushed the door to her room open, walking inside. The room was huge! A very large four-poster bed lay against a crimson wall and hung with red and white drapes, two windows lay either side and showed the perfectly clear night. Her trunk was at the foot of her bed with Crookshanks sat on top in a basket. She let him out immediately and then took in the rest of the room. There was a large sofa against the wall that held the door and a wardrobe and dresser on the left wall. Never at Hogwarts had they been given a wardrobe a dresser so this must have been a luxury. A large mirror hung over the dresser and the Hermione that looked out at her beamed.

“The smile suites you,” she said. Hermione grinned even wider and turned to see a door on the right wall. She walked through it and found herself in the most beautiful bathroom she had ever seen. It was, just as her bedroom, adorned in the colours and banners of Griffindor. A large window took up most of the wall in front of her and below this lay a bath that, though was only half the size of the one in the main bathroom, looked huge. There was a large red shower fitted into the corner on the wall that held the door to the right and on the other side of the door there was a long black marble counter that stretched from the door to the wall and held a white marble sink. When she looked at it most of the room was white and black marble. The floor was white marble but the bit around the edge of the pool was black. There was a door to her right, which she figured was the toilet. 

Hermione went back into bedroom and took the envelope that was lying on the bed. She opened it. 

Griffindor password – Fred Weasly 

Hermione tried hard to push the tears that welled in her eyes down. Throwing the paper on the floor she bundled Crookshanks up into her arms and rushed from the room. From outside she could hear the shrieks and squeals coming from the girl’s dorm and smiled knowing that McGonagall had put some sort of silencing charm on her room. She walked straight past their dorm and into the boy’s room. Dropping her cat onto the floor she almost hurtled herself into Ron’s arms. He kissed her hard and Hermione was wrapped up in his arms instantly.

“Have you seen the new Griffindor password?” she asked as they pulled apart.

“Yeah,” he replied, “it was nice of them.”

“I’m going to ask McGonagall if I can go see Ginny after this, did you know she’s upped seventh and sixth year curfew to eleven?”

“No I didn’t but I think it would be a good idea to see her. Harry?”

“I agree mate, she might be waiting up for us anyway.” Hermione hugged Ron tightly as she looked around the room. It looked almost exactly the same as the one they had had in the tower except not round. Small windows sat in between each four poster bed. She waved at Dean, Seamus and Neville.

“Do you think we should get back?” Hermione asked.

“Yeah, let’s go,” Ron replied, picking up Hermione’s cat, who had been purring around his legs and handing it to her. They all left the dorm and found McGonagall waiting for them, standing next to four house elves, by the looks of it two females and two males.

“Ok, these house elves are your own personal house elves. One for the boys, one for the girls and one each for Mr Malfoy and Miss Granger.” Hermione stared at her in shock and her two best friends looked at her worriedly. That was until both they and she saw that one of the female house elves was dressed in a pretty pink dress. “Do not worry Miss Granger, I have taken the liberty of procuring Summer for you, she is technically a free elf and does receive a wage and holidays, which I make sure coincide with yours.” Hermione felt much better after she had been told this and relaxed slightly. “Mr Malfoy,” McGonagall continued, “gets Leon.” One of the elves bowed and Malfoy’s mouth twitched at the side slightly. “The boys get Robbie and the girls get Mini.” Pravati and Lavender squealed in delight when the tiny female house elf with large bright green eyes bowed at them.

“Oh she is so cute!” Lavender cried. Pansy and Daphne tried not to look as if they thought the same but Hermione knew that they did. “If that is all I will see you all at breakfast.” She turned to leave but Hermione, Ron and Harry caught up with her before she could reach the portrait. 

“Professor,” Hermione said, “I thought that since it was only ten we could go and see Ginny, you know because of the password.” McGonagall understood them completely.

“Of course,” she smiled, “and if filch causes you trouble, remind him that you Granger are a head girl and have equal status with him.” She had added the last part as an after thought but it did seem to amuse her. The trio rushed out of the portrait and up to the seventh floor. They reach the fat lady who smiled when she saw them.

“Password?” she asked.

“Fred Weasly.”

“Ah such a tragedy.” She swung open and they had barely go through the portrait when a mane of red hair rushed up to them and nearly knocked Hermione down. 

“Where have you been?” she cried letting go and hugging harry, “I got worried.”

“Listen Gin,” Harry said sitting down by the fire. She sat in his lap and curled into him, socks playing by her feet. “McGonagall’s just told us that we’re not staying here this year.”

“What?” Ginny asked.

“All the seventh years have got their own common room,” Hermione said.

“But that means you’re not going to be here?” Ginny asked.

“We know the password and we can come here whenever we like we just wont be sleeping here,” Harry said. 

“And you can come and visit us all the time,” Ron said.

“The passwords Dumbledore,” Hermione smiled, “use it and I will let you share my amazing bath!”

“Yeah Mione gets her own room and everything,” Ron laughed.

“And we get house elves so whenever we need you we can get them to call you,” said Hermione.

“You have a house elf?” Ginny scoffed, “what happened to spew?”

“It’s S.P.E.W. Ginny how many times do I have to tell you? And actually Summer is a free house elf, she gets paid and everything.”

“We will make it work Gin,” Harry said.

“Come with us tomorrow after breakfast and we will show you. You can get all your stuff from my trunk then.”

“I can get my broom,” she said excitedly, “and we can go test ours out Ron!”

“Sounds like a plan,” Harry said, “now we have to go but I’ll see you in the morning ok?”

“Ok, night.” She kissed Harry and hugged Hermione before going up to her dorm. 

The Trio made their way back to their common room. Harry and Ron went to sit by the fire with Dean and Seamus but Hermione bid them a good night. Instead she got herself ready for bed and sank back into her covers with Wuthering Heights. She called Summer and asked her for a hot chocolate. The house elf bought one right away and when Hermione had finished her drink and put down her book she snuggle under the covers thinking that if this is what is meant to be Head Girl then it wasn’t bad at all.




Hi Guys

Sorry this took so long but i tried to get another Dramione put up but becasue of some mistakes on my part it got rejected. So i have decided I'm going to get that completly writen up before i post it. So this chapter. If i'm honest this isnt one of my most exciting chapters but i put it in so that you could have all the information. the next one is better i promise...we gets some DADA! lol. Only three chapters until my favourite one of all time!!! The Ron Hermione bust up chapater!!! I can't wait to get to it! Tell me what you think about this chapter though.

Read and Reveiw. Love you all. Secret Passion xxx





Taster of my next chapter entitled - Professor Anderson

It turned out that she was quite early because when she entered the common room Dean told her that Harry and Ron were still asleep. Deciding that it was time for them to wake up she snuck as quietly as she could into their room and whipped out her wand. With a flick of her wand she flipped off their bed covers and rolled them both onto the floor. Ron woke with a shout and jumped up, feeling around his pyjama top for the wand that lay on his bedside table. Harry got up and narrowed his eyes at Hermione. He flicked his wand, sending a jelly legs jinx at her. She blocked it easily with a shield charm.

“Oh come on Harry your going to have to do better than that.”

“Yeah?” Ron asked. Without Hermione even realising what he was doing Ron bounded over his bed and rugby tackled her into Deans empty bed tickling her stomach until she felt like she couldn’t breath.

“Ron!” she laughed. He let her go and smiled.

“Its what you get for waking me up that that,” he smiled. Hermione reached up and kissed him. He responded quickly and pulled her up into his arms.

“Oh Merlin’s beard!” Harry cried, “will you two get a room!”

“I think you will find Harry, that we are in a room, you just happen to be in it too,” Hermione laughed not looking away from Ron who bent down and kissed her again. She pulled away.

“Ok boy’s I want you dressed and ready to go down to breakfast in ten minutes.” She turned and went to walk out of the room. Before she could reach the door she shot a shield charm over her shoulder deflecting Harry’s second jelly legs jinx. She faintly heard a ‘how does she do that’ from Harry as she closed the door.



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