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Assume The Position by Twinklestar
Chapter 3 : Have you seen this toad?
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I vow to never, and I mean never have children. Not any time soon, anyway. Honest to the fudge fairy, how would I be able to care for a child when I can’t even care for my frickin’ toad!

But in my defense, he does act very untoad-like. Maybe he’s a Ninja in disguise! Oh sweet Merlin, there’s a killer Ninja loose somewhere in the castle! Dumbledore is going to kill me.

Yep, I’m not having children until I am the saggy age of seventy. Maybe seventy-five.

“Abigail, why are you hyperventilating in your underwear?” Quinnie asks me and raises one of her silver eye brows. I look down at myself and realize I am wearing an over sized T-shirt that I happen to wear to bed, and my pink cotton underwear. I really need to start wearing proper pajamas.

Quinnie throws my Hufflepuff uniform at me, making me fall back onto my bed.

“Quinnie! I can’t think about my stupid uniform - I lost Hoover!” I tell her. I am so worried about my poor little Hoover. I hope nobody kidnapped him and fed him to some Dragon. Dragon’s scare the strawberry ice cream outta me!

Quinnie mocks a gasp before giggling uncontrollably. “Just get a new pet! And please, no more slimy toads again.” Does she not understand how much I care for that handsome bloke? He’s my one and only.

“Quinnie, please help me look for him before our first class,” I beg her with my awesomely amazingly cute puppy eyes. You can get her to do anything with the puppy eyes look. It really does torture her.

She stares at me for a long moment. It makes me feel awkward at times; when she stares at me like she’s seeing the future. Crazy Q.

She sighs deeply, “All right. But we’re stopping at the Great Hall so I can grab a slice of toast. I wanna eat like a baby elephant.” I ignore her weird choice of words and smile grateful at her. No matter if she hates Hoover, she’ll always be there for me. And him - we’re a one package deal.

I change quickly into my uniform, pull my uncombed red hair into a ponytail and drag a dreadful Quinster with me. She’s acting like she doesn’t give a pink flamingo about finding Hoover, but really, she’s overly excited to act like a Spy and track him down.

I sort of am.

“Do you think he went into the common room? He’s not that intelligent to have just jumped out from the entrance. If he did, he’s probably roaming the castle!” Quinnie rambles and I’m not even sure she’s speaking to me. She tends to talk to herself when she is trying to figure things out.

As we enter the common room, the only people we find are Monroe and Mason Sherwood. The two blokes are sitting at a round table doing homework. Well, it looks like homework from here. But knowing Monroe being a creepy bloke, it’s probably some hit list.

He is a creepy bloke.

“Hi, Mason!” Quinnie smiles and waves at the blond boy with much excitement. I roll my eyes at her easy forgetfulness. She really does forget things so easily. I should get her a remembrall. Maybe for her Birthday.

I’ll get myself one too. I’m excited about this.

Oh my gosh, I’ve completely forgotten about my mission: Find Hoover! Merlin, I’m beginning to think being around Quinnie so much isn’t such a good idea. Ohs well.

“Have you seen an ugly, slimy, disgusting-”

“He’s beautiful!” I interrupted Quinnie with a small smile. Okay, maybe she doesn’t really care so much for Hoover. She chuckles and punches my shoulder jokingly.

“He’s radiant,” she says sarcastically before giggling. I roll my eyes and remember the two blokes sitting in front of us. They just so happen to be gawking at us like we’re two Aliens from planet Mars. Quinnie told me she wants to go there.

One day, my friend. One day.

“Anyway… Have you guys seen my toad? He’s managed to get himself lost,” I ask them casually. If I’m rude to Monroe and he has seen Hoover, then he will lie and keep Hoover away from me so I will die without him. Stupid boys.

Fletcher rolls his eyes and continues with his work. Figures he’d do his homework the morning of. Mason shakes his head and smiles apologetically. “If we see him, we’ll let you know, ladies,” he flashes us a smile. I nearly faint.

I smile back, just as Fletcher shoots a dirty look at his best mate. I see Quinnie throwing the cushions from the coach all over the common room.

“Nope!” She yells, “Not in here. Let’s go to the Great Hall for my toast.” I sigh sadly. Please, come back, Hoover. I feel like you’re the only sane friend I’ve got.

“You’re getting crumbs all over me!”

“Oh, shut your gob! I’m not doing it on purpose, silly.”

I am carrying Quinnie on my back. Yes, you read right. I am currently giving my best friend a piggy back ride as she eats burnt toast and gets the crumbs all over me. This girl must get off. Now.

“Oh, I’m sure,” I check my Tinker Bell watch. “Quinster, we still haven’t found Hoover and class starts in three minutes,” I tell her and immediately drop her, which she lands on her bum and her toast goes flying all the way down the corridor floor.

Which stops in front of a massive crowd of Hogwarts students ramming into each other to head to their first lesson of this lovely morning.

Oh, and look who just so happens to be walking in the corridor; Fletcher Monroe, speaking to Phillip Sumner, an annoying Ravenclaw prefect.

Fletcher’s walking towards the toast.

And he steps on it.

Oh, and there he goes skidding towards Quinnie and I.

…And he falls on top of Quinnie.

I really do need to carry a video camera with me. I would so win millions for this.

“EUGHH! GET OFF OF ME, MONROE!” Quinnie pushes Fletcher, even though he is pretty much already standing up with a disgusted look on his face.

“Seriously, Carter. Get off the floor and find your garbage can,” he sneers at him. Quinnie and I both draw our wands at the exact same moment. Oh yeah, we’re good.

Philip stands in between Quinnie and I’s wands and Monroe. Does he think we wont blast him away? What a sponge, he is. “Ladies, I recommend you point your wands somewhere else besides Fletcher. I could give you a detention before you could say Hogwarts.” He thinks we’re actually scared of him? “Do I make myself clear?” he demands loudly.

Quinnie and I grab onto each other’s wrists in fright. “Yes!”

Wow, we’re such pansies.

Philip and Fletcher share a smirk as Quinnie and I share a roll of our eyes. What a little arsehole. Quinnie narrows her eyes at Fletcher and he gulps. Haha, he’s scared.

“Be scared, Monroe. Be scared,” she tells him and then smiles brightly. “Bye, gentlemen!” She takes my hand and drags me off down the corridor.

I miss Hoover, terribly.

I decide to find Hoover during my Free Period. Quinnie showed me her drawings of posters that have the words ‘Have You Seen This Toad?’ and a drawing she made of Hoover on it. It’s a brilliant idea, I’ll give her that.

Only problem: she gave him a mustache and draw a sombrero on him. Merlin, why’d you give me a friend that is completely drastic and mental?

Because even though she is completely drastic and mental, she is still a lovely friend to keep around.

Oh. Well, thanks Merlin. That makes loads of sense.

You’re welcome, beautiful!

Wow. I really need to stop talking to myself. I feel like a lunatic, sometimes. I think it’s from hanging around with Quinnie too much. The girl is making my brain go fuzzy and shake like a bobble head.

… Oh! Darn it, fudge cakes with rainbow sprinkles; I have to go find Hoover! I promise myself if I do not find Hoover by the end of this day, I will bash my head against one of Quinnie’s flower pots and then garden some lovely sunflowers in it. I love sunflowers; they’re so yellow, sunny, and… flowery.
I’m on my way to the Quidditch pitch. Maybe he’s on the beautiful green grass hanging out with some other toads. Aw, I never thought about that. Do you think he really has friends, and that’s why he’s gone? He’s just chatting with them? I’ll feel super awful and embarrassed if that’s the case.

I finally reach the Quidditch pitch. Right at this moment, I think Lily Evans is utterly dim, and ghastly. Why, you ask? Because as I stand right beside the stands, and watch as James Potter is polishing his Beater’s Bat, he has no shirt on.

The boy has the body of a Greek God. Oh, gosh, I’m drooling. I never drool unless I’m staring at a plate of warm pumpkin pie. Yep, this boy has got it goin’ on!

“Potter!” Oh, my strawberry! Why did I just call out his name? I’m so mental.
James Potter is staring at me. I stare back, across the Quidditch pitch. I think I just heard a cricket but my brain is sort of fuzzy at the moment so I could have just thought I heard a cricket instead.

“Erm, yeah?” he yells. I can tell he feels awkward because he is rubbing the back of his neck. Quinnie told me he does that all the time when he tries to hold a decent conversation with Lily Evans. Quinnie likes to people watch, a lot.

I’m walking towards him. Why am I walking towards him? WHY!

“Have you seen my toad?” the words come out in a rush. My blue eyes travel down his chest. He notices and stands up with a smirk. My face turns redder than my hair. Bugger on this.

“Er, I’m afraid I have not seen your toad. I have seen the signs though.” He’s amused. Amused! Amused by how I have lost my poor, helpless toad who is probably cold and scared somewhere, and the helpful and caring signs my best friend made!

I cough into my hand and frown at him. “Yes, well, my best mate did those and they are extremely helpful and I am grateful!” I tell him and stick my nose up in the air.

James laughs. Stupid prick, and his stupid glasses!

Damn, he’s got a nice body…

Stop it, Abigail! He’s mean.
“Are you talking about that tall blonde chick you’re always around? She’s a bit off, isn’t she? She wears pig tails like a second year and talks to her plants. It’s like she’s from a different universe.”

I scoff and glare at the insufferable boy in front of me. “Quinnie is not a bit off! She actually has good taste, if she didn’t she’d have a fancy to you instead of that Lupin boy!” I yell at his face.

James’ jaw drops. Oh. My. God. I just told him Quinnie fancies Remus Lupin. One of his best mates. I’m going to die.
“I better go! See ya!” I exclaim and run off towards the castle. I really need to tape my mouth shut. Seriously.

I am running in one of the corridors towards Hufflepuff common room.


OWWWW! I sit up and rub my very hurt forehead. Did I seriously have to stare at my feet while running? “Shit, are you alright?” Oh, god.

I look up and see Fletcher standing up in front of me. He looks concerned about me. Pfft, probably only because he’s afraid I’ve broken something and I’ll sue him. What a poof.

“I’m marvelous,” I tell him gruffly and stand up. Fletcher rolls his eyes and slips his bag off of his shoulder. I stare at him curiously as he looks inside of it.

“What are you doing, Monroe?” I ask him. He sighs and pulls out a toad.

HOOVER! I smile brightly and grab Hoover from his hands and hug my toad tightly. “Hoover! Oh, Mother of fudge, I’ve missed you terribly! I swear to everything in my life I will never lose you again, sweet cheeks.”

I forgot Fletcher was standing in front of Hoover and I until I hear him clear his throat. “Yes, Monroe?” I’m irritated with him. What does he want now? To make my life even more horrible?

“A thank you would be lovely. Your daft toad managed to hop his way into my school bag and gave Mason a heart attack in Charms,” he explains to me. I stare at him bored.

“Well, I’m sorry Hoover scared Mason. But you see, I can’t stand here and chat all day, I’ve got some business to take care of. Toodles!” I clutch Hoover and run down the corridor.

I still haven’t told Quinnie about my run in with James Potter on the Quidditch pitch. We’re at dinner and we’re both weirdly quiet. Usually, Quinnie is showing me her baloney face and I’m laughing loudly receiving glares from the people around us.

I nudge Quinnie with my elbow and she looks at me with a frown. I frown back instantly. This only means one thing…

“One of my flowers died,” she tells me and sniffs. She was crying, I could tell. Quinnie always gets emotional when one of her plants dies. I swear, she thinks they’re her children.

I pat her back, “I’m sorry, Quinnie. But that’s how life is. Flowers don’t always live for so long, you know.” She nods her head and sips her goblet. “I know, Abigail. But this one was so pretty, I wish you could’ve seen it! It had purple, red, and yellow. You know my favorite color is yellow!”

I sigh sadly and nod my head. We both go back to eating our dinner. I don’t think this is the best time to tell her about how I told James Potter about her major crush on Remus Lupin. It would only make her even more upset. Plus, she’d murder me.

“Attention, students!” Headmaster Dumbledore stands up and grins as all of us students quiet down. Sometimes I wish my hair was as long as his beard. Is it odd to think that?

“Students, I would like to inform you that the next Hogsmeade trip is going to be this Saturday. So, I recommend you find your mates and gather up your gallons. That is all, once you have finished your dinner, head up to your Dorm,” he tells us and sits back down.

The whole Great Hall erupts in chatter about this Saturday’s trip. Most girls are thinking about what boy they are hoping will ask them as their dates, and the guys are thinking about what girls they don’t want to go with this time. As for me? I’m thinking about the delicious corn bread my Mother is going to bake when I go visit Muffin Top.

“Do you think you’re Mother will let me use the oven this time?” I hear Quinnie ask me. I smile at her and take a quick bite of my chicken. “You’re not allowed to go near another Muggle oven until you can prove to my Mother you make her stove go out in flames… again,” I remind her. Quinnie groans and then laughs along with me.

It’s nice to have my best friend back to normal.





Third chapter! I hope you liked it, but I will never know unless you leave a review! Thank you for taking the time and reading!! (:

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