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Crime and Punishment by platform 9 3_4
Chapter 1 : Part I: Prologue: In The Art Of Troublemaking
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A/N: Hi everyone! So here's the first chapter for a new fic that I've been working on, I hope you all enjoy it! It's a sort of prequel type thing to my other fic It is a bad idea to turn Scorpius Malfoy into a Lizard, except it's not about rose and scorpius it's about James II.

So first off there's some french characters in this chapter so to make it a little more realistic I actually put some of their text in french, so when it's in french they're speaking in french and when it's in english just assume they're speaking english and it's not me just being lazy...anyway there's a sort of french/english dictionary thing that translates all the phrases they say at the bottom of the page. Don't worry it isn't a lot, just one or two sentences :) And who knows you might not be bothered to go all the way down there just to get the exact meaning.

Anway enough of my rambling, I'm really looking forward to writing this stor
y. It's going to be quite lighthearted and fun to write, and i hope to read. So...Enjoy!

Part I

Prologue: In the Art Of Troublemaking


Here's James II ;)

Amazing chapter image by Lbell @tda

James Potter came from a big family.

A really big family.

He had nine cousins, countless aunts and uncles, two siblings, two parents, even grandparents. It wasn’t the sort of family that only got together at awkward family reunions every five years. It was the sort of family that practically lived on top of one another. Everyone spent the holidays living within a fifty-meter radius of James’ grandparent’s house, not far off from the muggle village of Ottery St.Catchpole. The Weasley family always got sick of each other, but that didn’t mean that they didn’t share everything.

But then it all changed come September 1st. First Victoire and Teddy went off to Hogwarts, and no one felt much of a difference. Then five years later James and Fred were old enough, and a year after that, Rose, Albus, and Dominique. After that there was Roxanne, Lily, Hugo, Louis, Molly and Lucy. Soon all the children were gone and it became lonely. This meant that the summer and Christmas holidays became even more exciting and action packed for the Weasley family, especially since James was always determined to liven it up with his constant practical jokes.



Charlie Walker was the youngest child of five children, and the other children were all boys. Her parents were both muggles who had never heard of magic. Her father, an English banker, soon decided to divorce his French wife and move back to England, leaving her with their four boys and baby girl to live in a run down house that backed onto a petrol station in Southern France. Luckily Charlie’s mother managed to pull herself together and get a job, and soon they were not quite so poor.

The boys were all uncontrollable, excitable and they completely adored their little sister. As a result she became exactly like them. She was wild, violent and disobedient. Her mother greatly disapproved of this characteristic that was developing in her only daughter, she wanted her to be more ladylike.

But this only made Charlie more rebellious.

When Charlie turned eleven she got a letter from Beauxbatons, inviting her to learn magic, and she showed it to her mother.

“C’est une blague,” said her mother, as she waved the letter in Charlie’s hand away, telling her it was a joke.

Charlie scowled. But not long after they received a visit from an odd looking man in silky blue robes who explained everything to them. Charlie was wild with excitement but her brothers were less enthusiastic. They were mad with jealousy when the Beauxbatons representative told them that they did not posses magical powers like Charlie did.

Charlie knew it was only because they would miss her.



“Ah Good morning, Mrs. Potter,” said Professor McGonagall grimly, inviting Ginny and a shamefaced James into her office, “Take a seat.”

“Thank you,” said Ginny, taking a seat, “So, what’s he done this time?”

“He kidnapped, Mr. Filch’s cat Miss. Norris.”

“Miss Norris?” asked Ginny, looking confused.

“Well after Mrs. Norris died, Mr. Filch named his new cat Miss. Norris.”
“Ah,” said Ginny. She turned to James, “James! What did I tell you?!”

“No more trouble,” he muttered.

“And then you go and kidnap Mrs…sorry, Miss Norris!”

“Mrs. Potter, I’m going to have to issue yet another warning. If you don’t stop this nonsense James, I’m afraid we will have no choice.”

“Don’t worry,” said Ginny, “He knows the consequences.”

“He’s becoming a rival to your brothers Mrs. Potter,” said Professor McGonagall, a touch of amusement in her voice. However she looked stern,

“He held Miss. Norris hostage, trapped in a suit of armour near the Gryffindor common room, for four days. Mr. Filch was distraught.”

“I see,” said Ginny, although this prospect was not entirely horrible she still glared at James, who looked pleased with himself, “Wipe that smile off your face.”

“You are setting a bad example for your younger brother while he is here for his first year,” said Professor McGonagall, “However I am willing to let it slide, not without punishment of course, because you are young. But next year will be your third year and I think that it is time you settled down.” James nodded, “And I want you to apologize to Mr. Filch.” This made James look horrified.

“And I of course will punish him myself,” said Ginny.

“Good,” said Professor McGonagall.



“Ah Mme Walker,” said Mme Maxime, looking down to see Mme Walker and Charlie standing before her. Mme Walker was looking around her in awe, being a muggle and unused to her surroundings, “Come in.”  They stepped inside. Mme Maxime’s office was a sort of glass dome, with what looked like everything made out of glass. Golden orbs were floating about the ceiling and the beauxbatons crest hung above Mme Maxime’s large chair that stood behind a massive glass desk in the centre of the room.

“Would you like some tea?” she asked Mme Walker in rapid French as she showed them to two seats on the opposite side of the desk.

“No thank you,” replied Mme Walker, still marvelling at Mme Maxim’s size, even though she had met her on countless occaisions, because Charlie’s talent for trouble made her a frequent visitor, “What has she done now?”

“She blew up the girls toilets on the third floor,” said Mme Maxime grimly. Charlie crossed her arms and slouched in her seat.

“Sit up!” hissed her mother, “I can’t believe you Charlotte! You’ve had enough warnings.”

“Those girls were asking for it,” she muttered. Mme Walker looked alarmed,

“There were people inside!” she exclaimed. Mme Maxime’s expression became, if it was possible, even more severe.

“No one was hurt,” she said, “Charlotte here claims that they were mocking her.”

“They wouldn’t let me inside the bathroom because they said I wasn’t feminine enough,” snarled Charlie, “They said I acted too much like a boy, and I belonged in the boys bathroom.”

“So you blew up the toilets!” cried her mother, “Honestly Charlotte, you need to control your temper!” She turned to Mme Maxime, “What is her punishment?” At this point Mme Maxime looked grave,

“I’m afraid, we have issued enough warnings. We simply cannot keep Charlotte at this point.” Charlie sat up sharply,

“I’m expelled!” she said, looking gobsmacked, her mouth hanging open in disbelief “Y-y-your going to take my wand.”

“No,” said Mme Maxime, “At Beauxbatons we are used to rules and etiquette, which no one usually disobeys. We are sending you to Hogwarts. They have a more English approach to misbehaving children. More…freedom,” she said the last word as though it disgusted her. Charlie sat back in her chair,

“Oh well that’s alright then,” she said, “I hated this school anyway.”

“Charlotte!” her mother hissed, but Mme Maxime did not look offended,

“I know you were unhappy here Charlotte,” she said, “You can begin Hogwarts for your third year after the summer. You might be happier there.”

“Where is Hogwarts?” asked Mme Walker.

“England,” answered Mme Maxime. Charlie’s mother sighed,

“I suppose you can stay with your father,” she said grimly.


Charlie wrinkled her nose.

She hated visiting her father, who now had a new wife and twin daughters that were more obsessed with Barbie dolls and tea parties than anything else.

Whenever she visited they steered clear of her, looking at Charlie as though she carried some sort of foreign disease. Charlie said she didn’t care, but deep down she was a little hurt that they were repulsed by her boys clothes and grubby face.


“So what was it this time?” asked Fred, as he and James sat in their usual compartment on the way home.

“Well it was because I kidnapped Miss. Norris,” said James.

“Cool,” grinned Fred, who, like James, appreciated the odd practical joke now and then.  

“McGonagall told me to cut it out,” said James, “Hey can I have one?”

“Help yourself,” said Fred, holding out his packet of bertie bott’s every flavour beans, “So are you going to?”

“Am I going to what?”

“You know, cut it out, stop the jokes, be serious.”

“Don’t be ridiculous,” scoffed James, “what would we do for fun around here? Besides if we’re going to become the next marauders there’s no way I can stop.”

“Again with the marauders thing?” asked Fred looking exasperated. James had been obsessed and enthralled with the idea of following in his grandfather’s troublemaking footsteps since he had discovered the marauders map on his father’s desk. It made rule breaking a lot easier to accomplish.

“Look, James Potter the first was a legend,” said James, “His friend Sirius, who by the way I share my middle name with-“

“I don’t think that’s a coincidence,” said Fred.

“Exactly!” said James, “I was not given two of the marauders names by accident! Teddy’s dad doesn’t count because he was apparently always calm and against the troublemaking, and Pettigrew doesn’t count either because…well you know. But being named after two of the greatest troublemakers of all time gives me some pretty big shoes to fill and damn it I’m going to fill them!”

“Whatever you say,” said Fred, “Allow me to say I told you so if you’re expelled within a year.”

“That wouldn’t be the worst thing,” said James, “At least I’d have a reputation.”

“That’s all you care about?”

“Who cares about the other stuff,” said James, “I get good enough grades anyway. We’re young, might as well have some fun before the world forces us to act normal.”

“True,” admitted Fred.



“It’s Charlie!” yelled Lucas, one of Charlie’s brothers as they waited at the gate of the grounds. The carriages flew down to the ground one by one and slowly students began to step outside, craning their necks for their parents and racing forward to meet them. Charlie stepped out and ran to Lucas. He grabbed in a tight bear hug.

He was the youngest boy and although he was almost three years older than Charlie, they still remained fiercely close.

Her other brothers, Eric, Jack and Ben raced after Lucas and they all surrounded her, hugging her tightly. Charlie grinned happily at all of them.

“Where’s your trunk?” asked Jack, who was the eldest. Charlie nodded behind her where the porters were unloading the luggage from the back of the carriage. Jack went to get it.

“How’s magic treating you?” asked Ben.


Charlie grinned,

“I got expelled.”

“Mum told us, nice one,” said Eric, high fiving her.

“But does this mean you’ll be moving to England to stay with dad?” asked Lucas looking folorn.

“Ugh, I suppose I’ll have to,” groaned Charlie, “but don’t worry I’ll come back here for the holidays as usual. It’s not like I can stand ‘ooh how about a little more tea Barbie?’ for very long.” She looked around them, “Where’s mum?”

“She had to work,” said Ben, “still furious with you though.”

“Ugh, I hated that school anyway,” said Charlie, “Even the boys were no fun. They actually have table manners and they hold the door open for girls.”

“Sound like a bunch of idiots,” sneered Eric.

“They were,” Charlie agreed, “The girls were horrible too. All they care about is whether they have a spot on their nose or if they have a kink in their hair.”

“It’s not the worst thing to be thinking about,” said Jack as he returned with the trunk, eyeing two blonde vela girls as they past them, “Seriously, is it the magic? Because I swear the girls that go to your school-,”

“They’re veelas Jack,” sighed Charlie, “Like harpies, insanely entrancing and beautiful but ugly on the inside.”

“Oh,” he sighed, “Well it was worth a shot.” Charlie laughed.

She had missed her brothers terribly, especially in a place where she was endlessly shunned for being different.

No one cared that she was muggleborn, and therefore not as beautiful as the other girls, most of whom were at least a quarter veela.

The girls treated Charlie the same way her father’s twin daughters treated her, as though touching or even looking at her meant they would catch an incurable disease.

It wasn’t just that her blue silk uniform was always dirty and crumpled and her long dark hair was always scruffy and unkempt. It was also her obvious talent for wreaking havoc throughout the school, whether it was playing pranks on the teachers, blowing up school property, and annoying the students with her tricks to the enth degree.

“Good times,” she muttered, looking about her at the sea of blue silken robes.

“Come on,” said Eric, “lets get you out of those robes.” Charlie grinned and marched out of the gates of the landing ground, taking off her blue cap and flinging it with joy into the crowd.




“Honestly James,” sighed Ginny, on the first morning of the holidays as they all sat down for breakfast, “I don’t know what we’re going to do with you. Lily, eat your toast.”

“I like it with jam,” Lily whined.

“Well we don’t have any jam.”

“I want JAM,” Lily whined more forcefully.

“I don’t care if you like it with unicorn piss,” snapped Ginny, “just eat it.”

James and his Uncle Ron snorted into their cereal,

“If I have to come into Professor McGonagall’s office again -”

“You said that last time,” Al interrupted.

“No cheek,” Ginny glared at him.

“And the time before that,” added Lily.

“Oh for god’s sake,” said Ginny, sounding exhasperated, “I’ll just wait until your father gets home.” There was a long pause.

Most of the Weasley family was there: the potters, George and Angelina and Ron and Hermione. The Weasley-Delacours were spending the summer in France, Percy and Audrey had taken their daughters to visit Audrey’s parents in the country in an attempt to bore them senseless, and their Uncle Charlie was staying in Romania for the summer.

“James I think you need to focus on something other than wreaking havoc,” suggested Angelina.

“Yeah, like a girl,” cut in George. Angelina elbowed him,

“I was thinking more along the lines of quidditch,” she sighed.

“Faye Hamel,” Fred sang under his breath, just loud enough for everyone to hear.

“Shut up,” muttered James.

“Who’s Faye Hamel?” asked Lily, leaning in towards their part of the table. James glared at Fred,

“No one,” he growled.

“James luurrves her,” Fred grinned maliciously.

“Do not!” cried James indignantly.

“And she doesn’t even know he exists,” said Fred.

“Fred,” said Angelina warningly.

“She thinks his name is Jacob,” Fred continued.

“No she doesn’t!” he cried.

“Ah,” said Roxanne, giggling hysterically “so you admit she exists.”

James was turning bright red but before he started to yell again there came the sound of the kitchen door opening,

“Daddy!” squealed Lily, hopping off her seat and rushing to hug Harry, who had just entered through the door, looking tired but happy to be home.

“Hello all,” he said. He gave Ginny a hug, but Ginny’s sudden look of happiness disappeared when she remembered what James had done.

“I need you to deal with him,” she said, glaring at James.

“What’s he done now?” asked Harry.

“He kidnapped Miss. Norris,” sighed Ginny.


George chocked on his cereal,

“Nice one James!” he said excitedly, holding up a hand which James eagerly high fived, however both their grins were soon suppressed by Ginny’s glare.


“How was work?” she asked, her expression going from completely evil to soft and caring.

“Tiring,” admitted Harry, “but I’ll live.”

“Will Hermione be back soon?” asked Ron, looking up.

“Soon-ish,” said Harry, “She said she’d see you at lunch time.”

“I still don’t see why you need to work through the night,” said Ginny, “It’s not like it was before when we were all in real danger.”

“Work is work,” said Harry, a tone of sadness in his voice.

James turned towards Fred and gave him a look that said: See, you really want to settle down and work?

Fred gave him a look that said: Thank god there are people like your dad working otherwise Voldemort would still be running around.




Charlie focused on the goal in front of her, her blue eyes scrutinizing how she could possibly get the ball past the huge frame of her brother.

“Come on Charlie!” jeered Ben as he leant from side to side, getting ready to snatch the ball as soon as she kicked it.

Charlie’s eyes narrowed. Despite this being a fun game she took the aspect of beating her seventeen year old brother very seriously.

She smiled softly to herself and placed her foot about 30 degrees east of its previous position and kicked.

The ball flew high, almost too high, but just skimming Ben’s left shoulder and then flew into the goal. Charlie punched the air with  loud cheer and her and Lucas began to do their victory dance,

“And that is why I always choose Charlie to be on my team!” Lucas yelled happily.

Ben grinned, though he looked slightly taken aback,

“I tell you,” he said, “I train with twenty other guys every week and none of them ever get past me.”

“Yeah,” snorted Jack, “You wish.”

“It’s true!” Ben cried, “I’ve never seen anyone as good as our thirteen year old sister.”

“Well, that part is true,” agreed Eric.

“Charlotte!” came a cry from inside, “Je suis revenu!” Charlie looked at her brothers.

“Hope she doesn’t kill you Charlotte,” said Lucas, sympathetically.

“Don’t call me that,” Charlie growled. Her mother hated it when she played football. She thought it made her wild and unladylike but Charlie never heeded her mothers comments.

Giving her brothers a look that said kill me now, she rushed inside.

“Salut cherie,” said her mother, placing a bag of groceries down on the washboard, and eyeing Charlie’s muddy football clothes with mild distaste, “Tu joues au foot encore?”

Charlie rolled her eyes.

“Mum, it would be better if we spoke in English,” she said, “Since I’m going to an English school now.” Mrs. Walker sighed,

“Je ne veux pas que tu oublies ta langue maternelle.”

“Je ne vais pas l’oublier,” Charlie assured her, even though French only reminded her of her mother and beauxbatons, which made her inclined to forget it entirely.




“Anyone up for a game of quidditch?” asked James, one lazy summer afternoon as everyone sat outside in the back garden, enjoying the sunshine.

“I’ll play!” cried Rose eagerly, jumping up from her spot beside her mother, who was trying to tame Rose’s wild red hair into a plait.

“Me too!” said Al with equal enthusiasm.

“Er…sorry no first years allowed.”

“James,” said Harry warningly.

“We’re not first years anymore!” cried Al indignantly.

“Yeah but you’re not second years either,” James explained in a rational voice.

“James, give it a rest,” said Ginny, the heat making her too lazy to scold.

James sighed,

“Fine you can play,” he agreed, “Fred?”

“Alright,” Fred said reluctantly.

“Roxy? Lily?”

“Fine,” they agreed, although they looked more enchanted with the idea of sunbathing.


“No thanks,” said Hugo, his nose in a book all about magical waterborne mammals. James shrugged,

“Your loss.”

Ginny rolled her eyes. They had almost given up on trying to interest James in books.

He could only be attracted by two things: Practical Jokes and Quidditch.

“Come on then,” he said, leading the group down to the end of the long garden where there was a moderately sized piece of land, about the size of half a tennis court, where the Weasley children always played quidditch, “I can’t wait until I’m old enough to be captain.”

Rose caught Albus’ eye and they exchanged a look. This look of amusement was mistaken by James for a look of sadness and exclusion,

“Don’t worry, I’ll put you on the team!”

“Oh yes James, because a world where you are running Gryffindor quidditch team is altogether a much better place to be,” snorted Fred. Rose and Albus sniggered.

“Laugh all you want,” said James, opening the broom shed cupboard to reveal several brooms clustered together in the darkness, “You won’t be laughing when we win the cup the year I’m captain. You can be seeker Albus, and Rose, you can be chaser, once you’ve improved a bit of course, and Fred-,”


“I’m all set, thanks,” laughed Fred, “Hand me my broom will you?”

“You should really invest in a better broom Fred,” said James, pulling out a dusty cleensweep.

“Just because you ask for a new broom at the drop of a hat doesn’t mean we all have to,” explained Fred as everyone else collected his or her brooms.

“Hey! I do not ask for a new broom at the drop of a hat!”

Albus snorted with laughter.




“I’ve packed you two sandwiches,” said Charlie’s mother stiffly, handing her a mound of food wrapped in cling film, “In case you get hungry. Airplane food is terrible.”

“Thanks,” Charlie muttered, taking the sandwiches and stuffing them into her backpack. Emotional scenes like this between Charlie and her mother were usually awkward and tense.

“Make sure you wear a vest in the winter. Winter is England is very cold.”

Charlie nodded.

She had no intention of wearing a vest but she felt that this was not a time to argue.

There was long silence that followed in which Lucas let out a little whimper of sadness, his bottom lip trembling. Jack, Ben and Eric also looked close to tears.

“Attention Mesdames et Messieurs, le vol 19367 à Londres est maintenant prêt pour embarquement. Veuillez vous presenter à La Porte 27 avec votre passeport et votre carte d’embarquement,” came a mannered, calm voice through the loud speakers.

At the sound of this announcement Lucas burst into loud tears and threw his arms around Charlie in a tight hug.

She hugged him back, but no tears came. She had never been one to cry at emotional scenes. She laughed slightly as Lucas released her, his eyes swimming with tears,

“Don’t worry Luke, I’ll be back for Christmas, just like every year.”

“Still,” he muttered, “I’ll miss you. Who am I going to win at football with now?”

“Now it’s even numbers,” Charlie pointed out, “You, Eric, Ben and Jack.”

“It’s not the same,” he said stubbornly. Charlie hugged him again to comfort him,

“I’ll be back again before you know it,” she grinned mischeviously.

“Yeah,” said Eric, clearly intent on putting on a brave face, “But don’t get too attached to England, you might not want to come back.”

“Trust me if it’s a choice between you lot and dad and Angela I think I’m pretty sure who I’d pick,” she smirked.

“Good,” nodded Eric, hugging her tightly.

“Yeah, just try and remember us while you’re having the time of your life over there,” said Ben. Charlie snorted,

“I doubt I’ll be having the time of my life,” she said as she turned to hug him.

“Of course you will!” Jack exclaimed, “You’ll forget about us in no time!”

“Don’t count on it,” Charlie said, “I’ll never have as much fun as I’ve had with you!”

“Stop putting it in the past tense!” cried Lucas, hugging her again.

“Tous les passageres du vol 19367 à Londres sont demandé de venir à la porte 27 pour embarquement,”came the same voice on the loud speaker.

“I think it’s time for you to board Charlotte,” said her mother primly, easing Lucas’s hands from Charlie’s middle. Charlie nodded, hugged each of her brothers one last time and turned to her mother. This was the part she hated. The part where she and her mother had to show affection for one another.

“Goodbye,” said her mother giving her and awkward hug which Charlie returned for a brief moment. They broke apart and Charlie shook herself slightly.

“Give my regards to Angela,” said her mother in a strained voice. Charlie nodded, even though giving her mothers regards to her father’s stuffy new wife was another thing she had no intention of doing.

“Well, goodbye!” said Charlie, addressing her brothers and they all smiled sadly at her. She picked up her backpack and slung it over her shoulders.

“Don’t cause any trouble at your new school,” her mother reminded her.

“I wont,” Charlie said, taking her passport and boarding pass out of her pocket. She gave one final wave to her family and turned her back on them. As she walked to the desk to give the woman her boarding pass a little smile appeared on her face.

Like wearing a vest in the winter and passing on her mother’s regards to her stepmother, not causing trouble at Hogwarts was something she had absolutely no intention of doing.

In fact, she planned on doing the exact opposite.



French/English Dictionary thing...:

C'est un blague: It's a joke.

Salut cherie: Hello dear

Tu joues au foot encore: Are you still playing football

Je ne veut pas que tu oublies ta langue maternelle: I don't want you to forget your mother tongue language.

Je ne vais pas l'oublier: I will not forget it

I didn't include the airport stuff because it's frankly too long and you get the general idea, they're calling them to board the plane.

 A/N: So? hope the french/english dictionary thing (i should really come up with a proper name) was helpful, and more importantly i hope you like the story. It's bit long, but I felt I really had to introduce Charlie and James and make them my own before they actually meet each other and craziness ensues.

Let me know what you like, dislike, or anything in between in a review.  I really like hearing from readers :)



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