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Closed Secrets by MidnightBlue_x
Chapter 1 : Miss Always Invisible
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Disclaimer; I do not own any of the characters mentioned in this story. Nor do I own Hogwarts or the plot of this chapter really. Thanks for reading.

The curses flew past her always narrowly missing her like bullet shots in Muggle movies that she’d once seen. She blocked out the screams of her classmates dying around her, she needed to think- she probably couldn’t have chosen a worse time but she’d always known her brain had worked in odd ways.


With a fleeting look at the battle she ran as fast as she could, No one noticed her or called her cowardly like they would if they were anywhere but here. She ran and ran- as fast as she possibly could without drawing attention to herself, until she reached the Astronomy Tower, and climbed up to the ledge that all years ago, back in her First year, she had deemed as hers. It was almost silent up there but somehow the screams rung in her ears.

Her hands gripped the side of the ledge as she watched a fellow student of hers, killed by the lake. She couldn't fight back the tears, the salty taste making her feel worse. She'd always been the weak one, Lisa Turpin the invisible Ravenclaw. She'd never fought to prove anyone wrong, she was weak and invisible and everyone knew it.

Even her parents- who had left her when she was only young. She knew that they didn't want her and she knew it was because they knew she'd grow up to be weak- just like they were. They'd left her on the side of the road, at age three to be found a week later (or at least that's what it felt like) by an old lady who ran an orphanage nearby.

Lisa wiped her eyes again and watched the horizon, the battle below her almost forgotten. The sun was long gone and the smoky clouds covered the half moon, the stars were missing. As far back as she could remember she had always loved the stars, as a three year old girl living in an abandoned alley she could remember watching the skies and imagining the stars were her protectors, nothing could hurt her as long as they were around. Tonight, of all nights she needed them to be there.


She didn't know how long she sat there, and when her eyes unfocused on the skies, she noticed the silence of the castle. The battle was over, she hadn't done anything. With a sigh, she slid down from her ledge and made her way down the long spiralling staircase. She was shocked by the familiar faces she saw walking through the corridors, Cho Chang, Lavender Brown and Seamus Finnegan were among them. They seemed so vibrant after such a terrible event; she could only guess that Harry Potter had lived.

She found herself walking towards the Hospital Wing, there was no doubt the dead and injured would be there being healed by Madame Pomfrey. Within no time she had arrived at the door for the Hospital Wing and was frozen outside the door.

She was scared. She was scared of walking in there and finding all of friends pale-faced, the light in their eyes no longer there. It pained her to think of the amazing people who could have lost their lives and immediately felt guiltily for not putting her life on the line too. Did this mean she was selfish? That she valued her life more than theirs. What if they we're going to change the world if they had just lived a day longer?

With a deep breath, she pushed open the door and stood into the packed Hospital Wing. Families were crying over bodies, while others were cooing over the injured. Lisa could see one of the Weasley Twins lying peacefully on a bed towards the front of the room, what really caught her eye was the body on the next bed. Ignoring the pang in her eyes, Lisa rushed over to the bed- silently sitting next to the peaceful, Colin Creevey.

Colin had been the closest thing Lisa had ever had to a brother or even just a family in general, he was funny, smart and talkative, quite the opposite to herself but somehow they had clicked. He was her first friend, the one she could tell anything to and her first love- and probably her last. Staring at his expressionless face Lisa found it hard to stop the tears from flowing from her eyes as they delicately landed on Colin's chest. This wasn't fair.

"Friend of yours?" A solemn voice asked from behind her. She didn’t bother to turn around; Colin was all that mattered now.

"One of the best" She replied, wiping the tears from her eyes.

Authors Note; The idea for this came a few weeks ago in class we're we had a choice (as a class) to end someone's life by blowing out a candle and therefore granting two hundred years of peace to the world or saving this woman's life and loosing the chance for peace. Our class, being the self centered brats we are, excluding a few of us decided to blow out the candle, ending the woman life. Our teacher stating 'we valued our lives more than hers', which is where that quote came from. As I mentioned this is my entry for lizzacc's 'The Minor Character Challenge', for which I was given the character of Lisa Turpin I had originally planned to make this a novella but at the last minute I decided just to change it to a one-shot.


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