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The Truth by Phelia Fraz
Chapter 1 : The Hit
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The truth will set you free… what a load of shit. I used to believe that you know, but then I grew up. But back then I knew these simple truths. Back then when my name was Hermione Jean Granger, and I was the mudblood best friend the boy-who-lived the one and only Harry Potter. Back when my world revolved around books and helping Harry, and being around Ron in the hopes that he might someday notice me. Back then Draco Malfoy was no more than a spoiled git. Hogwarts was somewhere that people went to learn magic and be protected. But that was then, and these are the truths I know now.

My name is Sarah Joann Riddle. I am my father’s only heir to the Dark Throne. I am considered almost a full blood thanks to my halfblooded father and full blooded mother Minnie Riddle. I am no longer accepted by Harry Potter and his order. I am now shunned by all of my fellow Gryffindors, and former best friends. And the worst part of this was that I did nothing but learn the truth of who I really was.

So here I am here tonight waiting to take my place as the Dark Lady. My father is ready to step down so here I am on the eve of my wedding night sitting in my room and remembering how I got here. Because maybe then I will be at peace with myself and be able to finally kill Potter.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~2 Years Earlier~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~




“Miss. Granger. I am afraid that I will need to speak with you in my office. Please say good night to Mr. Potter, and Miss. Weasley.”

“Of course Headmaster.” Once Hermione had said her goodbyes she followed the Headmaster out of the Great Hall and up to his second floor office. Which just happened to be hidden by two rather large Gargoyles. “War Heads and Lemon Drops. Two of my favorite candies Miss. Granger. Remember them if you ever need to speak with me.” While he said this the beasts moved and revealed to them a winding staircase up to the Headmaster’s office. When they reached the top Hermione was surprised to see victor Krum standing beside Mr. Weasley. Mrs. Weasley had already headed over to Hermione and was now enveloping her in one of those huge bear hugs that only a mother could give.

When she was finally released Hermione saw Tonks, Lupin, and Mad-Eye-Moody talking in the corner. Professors Snape, McGonagal, and Hagrid were also there. At first Hermione was confused until she remembered that she had asked to be evaluated just before school started. She had hopes of becoming a member of the Order of the Phoenix. She believed that these people were here to do her evaluation. “Maybe they have decided to evaluate me even though they expressed worry about me being so young.”


“Please Professor I know what this s about.” When everyone looked at her Hermione became confused about the looks of worry and fear in their eyes. “This is about the evaluations. Right?”

“Perhaps you would like to sit down Miss. Granger.”

“No, Professor Dumbledore. I believe that I would like to stand.”

“No Hermionny,” said Krum. They had spent the summer together at her parents vacation home in Southern Mexico working on losing his accent. “I believe you should be sitting for this.” He informed her while leading her to a seat. When he had her firmly seated his right hand never left her shoulder. The pressure was comforting, and perhaps the only reason why she didn’t fall to the ground with the news Professor Dumbledore was about to lay on her.

“Hermione. I am sorry to inform you of this. There has been an… an accident.” He can’t be talking about Harry or Ginny I just left them in the Great Hall. “This accident was involving,” Oh no Ron wasn’t there. But why is he telling me what about his family? Ginny? “your parents.”

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