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Marital Bliss by Ginny45
Chapter 2 : Harry&Luna
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Chapter 2 of Marital Bliss





Somewhere in the Scottish countryside, there was a small cottage nestled beside a large loch. Behind the cottage there was thick woodland, a small clearing with a horse's stable situated in it was just visible. However the animals kept there were not horses, they were thestrals. Invisible to most people but to the two people residing in the cottage they were perfectly visible. At the side of the loch was a small dock, where a little wooden boat was resting on the calm water, nothing moved. The sun was shining and there wasn't a cloud in the sky, it was the perfect day.

Inside the little cottage there were five small rooms, a living-room, a bathroom, a kitchen and two bedrooms. The cottage wasn't new it had a lived in feel and look. The living-room was scattered with children's toys and empty mugs that had once held tea were sitting on the old wooden coffee table. Against one wall there was two broomsticks, one was a Nimbus Two Thousand the other was significantly smaller and if you tried to use it, it would only hover a metre above the ground. In the kitchen there was dirty dishes from a couple of nights before in the sink, still a smell of a home cooked meal and . Next to the kitchen in the smaller of the two bedrooms slept a three year old girl with wispy blond hair and startling emerald eyes. She slept soundly as the previous nights events had worn her out. However in about an hour she would be running about like she had drunk a litre of coffee. The larger bedroom held two adults slept with a patchwork quilt over the top of them, a gift from Mrs. Weasley when they first moved into the cottage. The alarm clock lying next to the blond female showed seven fifty-nine and was about to go off. Sure enough a minute later a piercing sound could be heard coming from the alarm clock.

"Good morning Harry. Is Lily still asleep?"

"Yes Luna I believe she is. I can't see her jumping on top of us anyway." Harry turned to look at his wife with a look of sheer devotion on his face. He had never been this happy even after the war. After five years together they had finally gotten married and it was the best decision they had ever made. The ceremony had been small and in the same place Harry's parents had gotten married, in the muggle church near where his mother grew up. It had taken him a month to get that information out of his aunt Petunia.

After the war Harry and Ginny had realised they were not meant for each other, the war had changed them too much. They went their separate ways, Ginny had married Draco Malfoy last year, he even went to the wedding and they came to his yesterday. However it was not something he thought about often. All he wanted to do today was play with his daughter and live the first day of his married life with Luna happy.

"Harry are you coming to get breakfast? I'll put the kettle on." Luna had wandered through to the kitchen.

"Yeah I'll be there in a minute. Do you want me to get Lily up?"

"Yes I think you should. Oh by the way the new issue of the Quibbler comes out on Friday so I might have to pop to work later." At this point Harry had walked through with Lily giggling away on his shoulder.

"Lily what do you have to say to mummy?"

"Mummy no work. Mummy stays here with me and Daddy." Lily who was beaming by the end of this statement obviously very proud that her dad had given her this task. Luna looked at her little girl before turning to Harry.

"Stop using our daughter to get me to stay home. I have to make sure the piece on Nargles spotted in England is factually correct otherwise people won't believe it."

"Well then, I suppose I'll have to convince you in another way." In one swift movement Harry had put Lily down, picked Luna up, carried her into the living-room closely followed by Lily and started tickling her until she was laughing hysterically. At which point they collapsed on to the couch and pulled Lily up on to them.

Just one happy family, happy living in that little cottage in Scotland.






Hey guys I thought it was about time I put something up. Constructive Critisim welcomed just leave a review!

I don't think Luna is very Luna what do you think?


Thank you!


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Marital Bliss: Harry&Luna


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