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Why?! by Blackkie
Chapter 1 : Why?!
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The sun had been shining all morning. But now it was no where to be seen.

I looked around, everything to avoid those piercing grey eyes. Those eyes that made me feel like he could see right through me. As if he could see every thought.

‘Why?’ he asked me.

I still didn’t look at him. His eyes, his shiny black hair, his well toned body. Compared to him I was nothing.

Just a scrawny boy with amber eyes and a lot of scars. My hair, a sandy brown was compared to his shiny black locks just a bunch of straw.



 ‘Why?’ I asked, more to myself, for why hadn’t he answered me?

The sun, shining so bright this morning was no where to be seen.

I stared down to my best friend, quite a few inches shorter than I was. His amber eyes looking around at nothing, obviously avoiding me.

Those eyes had always intrigued me. Those eyes which made that I could never stay angry with him.

His hair, a shining gold when sunlight fell on it, now a sandy brown. It matched his eyes and made me think of a sunny day at the beach.

His skin, covered with scars, it made me feel worried and helpless. Although, it looked kinda sexy too.



 I still felt those eyes on me. How much time had past? A quick glance at the watch on his wrist told me that just a few seconds had past.

I started to weigh my options. I could talk about something else and try to distract him. Wouldn’t word, he’s not one to be distracted.

I could run for it, but no, I wouldn’t come very far.

And then my last option, just tell him what he wanted to know, answer his question.

I didn’t like them all.



 I could see him weigh his options. And I could see that he didn’t like them. I knew the options he had. And if my assumptions are right, he will just answer the damn question.

Most of the time my assumptions are right, well… on the matter of my friends thoughts and choices anyways. His particularly.

I know that he knows that if he tries to run for it he won’t come that far. Because of that frickin’ nazi guy, that calls himself my best friend, and his idiotic Quidditch practices.



 I know he thinks I will just answer his question, but if I can help it… I won’t.

Running seemed to be a very attractive thing to do. Of course, it wouldn’t help me get rid of him.

Still, I felt weird and mischievous.

I looked up and our eyes met. He had a dazed sort of look and didn’t seem to notice that much. It was slightly uncomfortable, and I couldn’t help myself and shifted away from him for a bit.

And then the uncomfortable feelings started to disappear again. The urge to run and have some fun came to me again.

A mischievous smile crept to my face and before I knew I turned and stated to run.



 He looked up at me. The look on my face must’ve been something to see, for he shifted away slightly and had a very uncomfortable look on his face.

Last time I’d seen that look was when we found out the truth about him.

I was still staring at his face and the uncomfortable look changed into a smile I knew only too well. The mischievous smile we all wore when we were planning a new prank. I blinked, feeling very confused. And when I opened my eyes he had turned around and was running.

I sighed as a huge grin appeared on my face. Sure he would want to do something unexpected and dramatic.

Well, two can play this game. I sighed again giving him a good heads start.



 I ran, feeling free and happy. There was no sign of anyone following.

Had he given up that easily?

Still I kept running, no idea where I was going to. I ran past the greenhouses. The Black Lake came into view.

Then the ritmic drumming of four paws was behind me.

‘Damned Animagus,’ I muttered with a sly smile.

I started to run faster, trying to get to the Lake. The drumming slowed down, and I realised it was a game to him. The big oak tree at the western side of the Lake was just a little bit further, and in a flash I knew that this was where I was headed from the start.



 I waited half a minute before I changed and fell on my paws.

I ran after him. Everyone who would see this chase would’ve thought it was another prank. A big black dog with a somewhat shaggy fur chasing one of the bravest and smartest of students, Minnie would explode if she knew.

I pushed the thoughts away and ran. Passed the greenhouses I caught up. He must’ve heard me, because he started to run faster.

I slowed down a bit when I realised he was running to the big oak tree.

The same tree where we taught that slimy git a good lesson.

The same tree where we had planned so many pranks, where we had made so many memories…




‘No, don’t jump!’ he yelled. I smiled, and shook my head.

I’d always wanted to know how it felt like to jump from the top of this tree right into the lake. Maybe the Giant Squid would help me out again… Or maybe not. Who cares?

I closed my eyes and jumped.


‘Is he awake yet?’ a bored voice said interrupting my dream.

‘I’m going to go to dinner, I’m starving!’ The sound of footsteps and a door opening and closing made me open my eyes. Or it could’ve been the mentioning of food. I was pretty hungry myself.

‘You dumbarse!’ Someone slapped me. ‘Ouch, don’t,’ I squeaked.

Wow, what in Merlin’s beard was wrong with my voice?

‘Well that’s what you get for worrying my ass off. What the fuck did you jump from the top of that bloody tree, in the damned Lake, in frickin’ cold February for?’

Oh, yeah, I jumped. With a satisfied smile I looked around.

The Hospital Wing beds became clear, and so did my best friend sitting there beside my bed with his amber eyes fixed on me…




Oh, sweet memories. I focused on him running away from me and leapt forward to try... Try what exactly?



 I was almost there. Almost, just a little bit further… What did I think? That the tree would save me? Oh, just shut up and run…

A heavy weight on my back and with a soft thud we fell down in the grass.

I looked up at the black dog when he changed back in my best friend.

He let out a barking laugh and then became serious again.

‘So, Moony, now that you are lying there answer me. I won’t let you go until you do.’

His face was just inches away from mine, his grey eyes twinkling with an emotion I couldn’t place.

‘Why did you steal from my chocolate stack?’

I looked at him with the stubborn face of a toddler, while answering in a whiny tone:


‘I was hungry.’


A.N. Well, my first One-Shot posted. Usually I only write long stories, so this is quite a change for me. Hope you liked it, and I only want to say that I love to read Reviews... Especially the bad since I can learn from them :D

Oh, yeah.. Hope you noticed that it was Remus and Sirius switching P.O.V's ^^

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