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Lily's Letter by massieblockrox
Chapter 1 : The Letter
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I stared at the wall, seething. I hate her! I do! I-

Wait. Let me clue you in here.
My name is Petunia Evans. I'm 13, and I have a younger sister named Lily. That's who I hated. My own little sister. Why?

She is a WITCH.

A real one. Yup. My sister! She got the letter on her eleventh birthday, inviting her to some freak school. Hogpimple, or something like that. It all started when an owl landed in the sitting room...

“Tuney, wanna play chess?” Lily asked me eagerly. She brandished her brand-new chess set in my face. I batted it away.

“Not now, Lily, I'm doing homework,” I replied sharply, not noticing that the box flew back to Lily on its own. She rolled her eyes and set the box on my lap.

“But you're not even doing homework! You don't have homework!” she protested. “Fine,” I told her. “I don't have homework. But I need to clean my room!” I sat up abruptly, so that the chess set pieces flew in all directions. “Goodbye,”

I stomped upstairs. I'd just locked the door when a shriek I knew well oozed under my bedroom door.


I heard quick footsteps. “OH MY GOSH!” My mother screamed. I threw open the door and raced downstairs. Sitting on the couch was a real, live, OWL. With a LETTER in its beak. Lily reached out her hand and gently pried the letter from the owl. My mother clutched her heart. “” she kept muttering to herself. “I'll call Daddy,” I told her. I walked briskly into the kitchen and dialed my fathers cell phone.

“Daddy?” I said tentatively when he answered the phone. “Something weird happened. Lily, well, got a letter from an owl, and--”

“Don't be ridiculous,” My father sounded both amused and annoyed. “Is that all? Because I'm very busy, Petunia.” I tapped my foot on the floor. Well-”

Suddenly I heard more screaming from the sitting room. I dropped the phone, and sprinted to the sitting room. What was in there now, a tiger? I entered the room to find Lily and Mom hunched over the letter. My mom looked shocked. Lily looked overjoyed.

“I'm accepted!” she trilled when she saw me. “To Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!” “What?” Mom sat up. “It's a school.” she started to calm down. “Of...?” I raised my eyebrows. “MAGIC!” Lily sang. “MAGIC, MAGIC MAGIC!” She began skipping around the room.

“Severus told me the letter would come! He did! And it was tru-ue!"
“Snape?” I rolled my eyes as forcefully as I could. A loud bang echoed through the house. It was coming from the door. Mom hurried into the foyer to open it. It was Dad.

“What happened?” He yelled, spit flying everywhere. I shrank back. “I GOT A CALL FROM PETUNIA, AND THERE WAS SCREAMING, AND I WAS HUNG UP ON. I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW WHAT-” Mom put her hand on his arm. “Philly, we're sorry for frighting you, but look at this letter.” She showed him Lily's letter from the dumb owl. “Oh, my!” Dad looked amazed. His red face slowly turned to peach color again.

“Wow, Lills! That is just-”
His eyes landed on me, and his expression hardened. “Go to your room, Petunia.” I stalked upstairs and slammed the door.

And THAT was why I hated Lily, right now.

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Lily's Letter: The Letter


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