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When The Serpent Dances by Mia789
Chapter 4 : Twisting The Truth
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Thanks for all the reviews! Keep commenting on anything you want me to add or different point of views and Ill take them into account!

I'm not sure about this chapter . . . I hope you like it, it's just kind of filling in odd bits before the real fun starts ;)

Hope you like it :) x x x



Ron watched Krum slouch away with a surly expression.

Trust Hermione to choose looks and Quidditch skills over personality, he thought darkly. He's not even that good looking. Ruddy pumpkin headed Quiddtich Hero.  

He watched as Krum approached Hermione and gave her a tender hug. He snorted loudly. This was ignored with the arrival of Percy. He groaned when his brother sat next to Harry and engaged in conversation with Ludo Bagman, but otherwise made no sound to act as if he realised his brother was there. Instead he eyed the sleek-haired girl in periwinkle blue with disdain, and watched as her partner in blood red held her close, and together they swirled around the dance floor.

What was Krum's appeal? Ron thought angrily. Yes, he was good at Quidditch . . . but what else? He was bigheaded (in all meanings of the word), awkward and had a the thickest ruddy accent he had ever heard.

Ron looked at Harry who was slumped in his chair, listening to Percy.

Harry and Krum really weren't so different. Famous, brilliant at Quidditch, and had that quality of quiet hard-to-getness. Had Hermione ever felt that about Harry . . .?

Harry flicked a bit of hair subconsciously, and Ron watched as it fell softly. He wished he looked like Harry; athletic, with black hair and a face that girls seem to just love. He shook away the thought; Hermione was turning him against his best friend . . . and he would not allow her that satisfaction.

He saw Ginny leave the dance floor, as she gestured to Neville at a table nearby. She sat down, leaning over to undo her shoes and shot a glance in their direction. Ron saw her bite her lip as she looked at Harry, before she caught Ron’s eye. He scowled at her, and she looked down quickly, a flush appearing at her cheeks.

He remembered Ginny’s love for Harry; how could he forget? She had been obsessed, and obviously still was. He could see why though. Harry was amazing at Quidditch and clever and after all, he was the Boy Who Lived . . .

No, he thought aggressively, Hermione would never feel that way about Harry. Harry wouldn't want her anyway.

‘Let’s get out of here,’ he muttered to Harry, ‘get away from Percy . . .’

‘Umm, Percy, Mr. Bagman, we’re just going to get more drinks. We’ll be back in a bit.’ Harry said, standing up, and they walked towards the bar before making a loop round the tables and dance floor and into the Entrance Hall.

They made their way out the front doors, into the fairy light-lit rose garden. There were couples hidden together in the bushes, and great silhouettes were thrown up against the castle stone walls, making them look oddly distorted and grotesque.

They set off down a winding path through the garden and heard a familiar slimy voice. Harry leaned in, listening intently. However, Ron heard another squeak of a voice and stepped back a little. He was suddenly bombarded by a rather shrill conversation.

 ‘And I can’t take it any more Daphne!’ said a high pitched voiced between sobs, ’it’s like he doesn’t want to be around me anymore!’ There was a sound like a horn as the girl blew her nose. ‘What should I do?’

‘Pansy,’ said the second voice, Daphne’s, ‘He just doesn’t know how you really feel, so gets distracted! You need to make him really happy to be with you!’

Suddenly, Snape and Karkaroff came around the corner, and Snape began blasting rose bushes apart. The two people Ron had been listening to shrank out of sight, and Snape proceeded to blast more bushes.

He shouted out people’s names at shadows sprinted from the bushes, taking off points as he went  ‘And what are you two up to?’ he said slyly, as he noticed Harry and Ron ahead.

'We're taking a stroll,' Ron said angrily, 'Or are we not allowed to walk anymore?'

Snape came within millimetres of Ron's face, and Harry was astonished that Ron didn't collapse from the Look Of Death that Snape was giving. His lip curled and he snarled ‘Keep going, then!’ and he and Karkaroff brushed past then down the path. Karkaroff was playing nervously with his beard and was looking extremely anxious.

Ron was confused. Why was Karkaroff looking so worried? He looked on to see Snape and Karkaroff re-enter the castle through the front doors.

'Come on,' Harry said quickly, eager to move away from the enthusiastic couples in the bushes.

They carried on walking, and reached a large stone reindeer. Ron looked around; no one else seemed to be there. It was rather chilly, and he thought about asking Harry to go back inside, until he heard a family gruff voice, and froze with shock.


Hermione was afire with rage from the argument with Ron at the table. After being evasive and difficult he had spat that she was 'fraternising with the enemy'! She was absolutely fuming. How dare he accuse her of supporting Krum over Harry! How dare he accuse her of helping Krum with the egg!

I would never, ever, choose Krum over Harry . ..  Harry’s my best friend and is like a brother to me. Her anger pulsed through her harder than the beat to the current song, and she pushed past people, through large crowds of girls, to the other side of the dance floor where she sat on one of many lonely chairs. Krum had disappeared to talk to his friends from Durmstrang, so she would look for him in a little while...

Hermione looked up to see Lavender Brown coming towards her, smiling.

‘Hey Hermione!’ she said cheerfully, pulling a chair next to Hermione and sitting down.

Hermione was suspicious. She’d never been friendly with Lavender Brown . . . why was she acting all . . . nice?

‘Hey Lavender,’ Hermione answered with a smile, although cautiously.

‘How are you then?’ she said smiling widely and putting her hand on Hermione’s shoulder, ‘How’s the dancing?’ she paused. ‘How’s Krum?’ she purred.

Jackpot, thought Hermione coldly.

‘Umm, good . . . he’s okay.’ Said Hermione blankly, twisting a stray bit of hair round her finger then folding it behind her ear.

Lavender’s smile faltered a little.

‘Where is he then?’ she said rather impatiently, as she craned her neck to look around. She turned back to Hermione, her eyes looking cold.

‘He went to get drinks,’ said Hermione, returning the cold look.

Lavender’s smile returned.

‘Ohhh, how sweet,’ she cooed, ‘Seamus is getting me a drink too,’ she twirled her hair round her finger like Hermione just had.

Hermione scowled.

‘Anyway,’ said Lavender, after having been staring into the distance, ‘Is Krum a good kisser?’ suddenly she was leaning in very close to Hermione, looking expectant, and there was an odd glint in her eye.

 ‘W-what?’ asked Hermione, going red and getting very nervous all of a sudden.

Lavender gasped.

‘You haven’t kissed him yet?’ she put a hand over her mouth, ‘I would’ve been right in there seeing as-’

‘Maybe I have!’ said Hermione loudly, cutting across Lavender. Lavender’s eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

‘You have? You?’ Lavender cried incredulously.

‘Yes, me!’ said Hermione sharply, standing up suddenly, ‘why is It important anyway?’ she snapped.

Lavender looked shocked.

Then, her face transformed into a massive grin. She jumped up and hugged Hermione tightly.

‘You’ve kissed Krum!’ she said bouncing up and down as she hugged Hermione, ‘Oh! Everyone's going to be so jealous!’ she let go suddenly and Hermione stumbled, regaining her balance. She was in complete shock.

 Lavender was still grinning from ear to ear and bouncing with excitement.

‘I’m so proud of you!’ she gripped Hermione in a bone crushing hug once more and then let go quickly, tears in her eyes.

Hermione was gasping for breath, totally lost for words.

‘Oh, I have to tell Parvati!’ squealed Lavender and she gave Hermione one last hug before skipping off into the crowd (with difficulty) in her heels.

Hermione groaned. It was going to go round the whole school that she’d kissed Krum, but she hadn’t. She sat back down and put her head in her hands. Krum would see she was no better than the rest, that she only wanted him for being a Quidditch Hero. Ron already thought that, and it pained Hermione to think that Krum might think that too; he was so caring and kind . . . so much better than Ron had ever been to her. And now she was going to lose him.

Without warning, a confident, drawly voice cut through her despair like a knife.

‘Waiting for something, Granger?’


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