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Déjà Vu by dream_BIG
Chapter 18 : Tablespoons, Soup and Damsels in Distress
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“Did she say three tablespoons of salt of three teaspoons of salt?” I asked, holding the spoon of salt over the bubbling stew unsurely. I was met with silence, so I turned to look at James, who was gazing hopelessly at the measuring spoons in his hand.



“What’s the difference?” He asked, finally looking up at me with a confused expression. I couldn’t help but smile at how utterly adorable he was.



“Tablespoon’s the bigger one.” I told him.



“…did you listen to what she said, then? Because I honestly have no clue.” He shrugged, sending another confused look towards the measuring spoons.



Q: How many magical teenagers does it take to figure out how to cook?



A: Apparently, a whole classroom full.



Geniuses, we are.



I sighed. “You said you were listening.” I told him. “That’s why I started cooking this stuff.”



He smiled sheepishly. “I get bored of her rambling after a little while.”






“What? She doesn’t shut up!”



I groaned. “Now this is going to taste like shit.”



“To tell you the truth, it sort of looks like it’s already getting there. Honestly, do you really think that salt is going to help?” He made a face at my beautiful soup.



“Oi! I worked hard on this, thank you very much!” I protested, miffed.



“But…I mean, are you sure it’s even edible?”



I whacked him with the wooden spoon. “Of course it’s edible, you tosspot!”



“Doesn’t look it.”



“Try it.” I said. I added three teaspoons of salt, stirred it up, and dipped in the spoon, holding it out for him to taste. He looked wary as he gazed at it, gulping nervously before sending a beseeching gaze towards me.



I sighed. “James, seriously. Just try it. Maybe you’ll even like it.”



He made a face, then closed his eyes and quickly slurped the soup up. I rolled my eyes. Melodramatic freak.



Suddenly, his eyes popped open. “Holy Merlin, this is amazing!” He breathed, seizing the spoon out of my hand and rushing towards the pot to get him some more.



I smirked proudly. “I am a beast.”



Falling back into friendship with James was more than just comfortable – it was natural. It was right. It made sense. It was like a puzzle piece. It just fit.



We didn’t even have any hesitant, awkward moments. It was…simple. Like breathing. Or falling. We clicked.



And I loved it.  



“I’m so glad you’re my partner.” He said happily as he sat down with his bowl of soup. I beamed at him for a moment before he quickly looked down at his soup, breaking eye contact with me.



Oh. Of course. He has a girlfriend. It’s not like that anymore.



I’m not allowed to make it like that anymore – otherwise my secret’s out.



Stop. Stop wanting it, Artemis. Love hurts. Suck it up.



This is all your fault. You deal with it.



Taking a deep breath, I hitched my comfortable smile back onto my face.



“I’m gonna go and see how everyone else is doing.” I said to James as I passed him.



“Okay.” He mumbled around a spoonful of my soup. “I think I’ll sit here and drink all the soup.”



I laughed. “You do that.”



“Oh, I plan on it.”



I grinned at him, shaking my head, and walked over to Alex and Fred, who seemed to be having the most trouble.



“Why is the soup turning blue? Is the soup supposed to turn blue? That doesn’t look normal. Shit, Fred! Fix it!” Alex was saying frantically, poking her wooden spoon into the glob again. A large tendril of it stuck to the spoon, stretching out, and Alex made a disgusted gagging sound and stuck it back in.



Fred looked over her shoulder, his eyes widening. “Holy crap, Alex, what did you do?”



“I have no idea.” She moaned, wringing her hands. “Of course I would find a way to screw something up in a task as simple as this.”



She was biting her lip and tugging on her hair, her signature gesture of embarrassment. I hated how Alex sometimes had such a low self-esteem about these things. She had always been like that.



I’m sure Matt made it even worse. Arse.



“Hey.” Fred put his hand on her shoulder, and she looked up at him, cringing slightly. But he smiled at her. “It’s okay. Everyone makes mistakes sometimes. We’ll fix it.”



Alex’s lip slipped out from between her teeth as she let a slow, timid smile spread over her face. “Thanks, Fred.” She said in a surprised voice.



He shrugged. “What’s there to thank me about?”



Her smile widened. “Thanks for not making me feel like I’m a useless piece of shit.”



“Who makes you feel like that?” He demanded, his eyes suddenly blazing. “I’ll kill them.”



Alex just laughed, whacking him lightly with the wooden spoon. “Calm down, Freddie. I can handle it myself.”



“Actually, Lex, it’s my duty to protect a damsel in distress.” He told her, letting a tight grin struggle against his dominant emotion of anger.



Tee hee. Duty. Doodie!



I love that word.



“I am not a damsel in distress.” She rolled her eyes.



“Au contraire, mademoiselle.” He made a show of dramatically taking her hand and kissing the back of it. Alex’s face turned slightly pink, and I smirked. “You ahr in deeztrez, and Frederique is here to sef you.”



Alex laughed again. “I thought you said your name wasn’t Frederick.”



He winked at her. “It’s not.” He whispered conspiringly. “Just go with it.”



“Oh, Frederick!” She cried, laying the back of her hand on her forehead. “Whatever would I do without you?”



“End up marrying that sleazebag of a boyfriend or something. Good thing I’m here to make sure that never happens.” He scowled, his demeanor abruptly serious. Alex’s joking expression fell off her face, and she stepped away from him.



“You’re trying to break up me and Matt?” She asked him, her voice unexpectedly wavering.



Fred took a step closer. “He’s not right for you.”



She took another step back, but he ignored her, stepping forward again. “Stop it, Fred.” She mumbled in a small voice.



“No.” He stood right in front of her and forced her to look at him. “He’s no good for you, Alex.” He repeated in a low voice. “He treats you like dirt. He sucks all of the personality out of you. He doesn’t see you for who you are. He doesn’t appreciate it. You shouldn’t waste yourself on someone like him.”



Alex looked away, her eyes filled with tears. “He loves me.” She protested, her voice sounding weak.



“He loves your ability to snog.” Fred’s lip curled in disgust. “And your physical appearance. He doesn’t love what makes you Alex.”



She looked at him. “Stop it.” She said again. “Just – just stop it, Fred.”



His jaw locked. “No, Alex, you stop it. You need to end it with the douchebag before he completely turns you into someone else.”



“I’m still me.” She protested, looking up at him earnestly.



“I know.” He said gently. “I don’t want to lose that, Alex. You’ve really got an amazing personality, you know.”



She blushed and looked down. “Matt tells me that sarcasm isn’t very flattering.”



Fred’s jaw locked again. “Yeah, well, Matt’s an idiot. I think your sarcasm is pretty hot, to tell you the truth.”



Alex’s head snapped up, and she took another step away from Fred. “I have a boyfriend.” She said in a warning tone as Fred advanced towards her, his expression determined and intense. My mouth was slightly open as I gazed at the scene in front of me, and I realized, with a jolt, that all of my friends were discreetly watching them as well.



We’re so nosy. I love it.



“Break up with him.” Fred whispered, trapping her against the counter and taking her face in his hands.



She pushed him away, turning her head the other way. “No.”



“Listen,” He said urgently, taking her face in his hands again. She tried struggling against him, but he just moved closer, trapping her completely.



“Don’t touch me.” Alex said, her eyes filling with tears.



“Shh,” Fred shushed, and, without warning, reached forward and planted a gentle kiss on her lips. My mouth dropped completely open.



Okay – when did this happen?



As soon as he pulled away, Alex’s hand flew towards his face. He caught it before it could make contact, and Alex started crying for real, the tears dripping off of her long lashes and tracing down her cheeks.



“What are you doing?” She half-yelled, half-sobbed. “I told you not to touch me – I don’t love you! I have a boyfriend!”



“Well, tough!” Fred yelled right back. “Because I love you, and you’re going to have to break up with him!”



My mouth, if possible, dropped even more.



As I am currently rendered incapable of coherent thought, I am going to settle for a choice set of expletives to get across my current level of extreme shock:






The whole class was now alerted to the scene going on, and everyone was staring at Alex and Fred, their mouths wide open. I quickly shut mine when I realized how stupid they looked. Someone pushed past me a little, and I saw that the Professor was walking towards them, a determined expression on her face. I caught her arm, and when she looked back with angry eyes, shook my head beseechingly. She stopped, bit her lip, nodded slightly, and went back to her desk.



“I’m not breaking up with my boyfriend because of you!” Alex screamed. “Did you ever do that for me?”



“I’m sorry.” He said earnestly, taking her hand. She pulled out of his grip and tried to push him away, but he didn’t budge. “I should have realized earlier, Alex, I –”



“SHUT UP!” She shrieked, letting out a wild sob. Her eyes were bright with tears and anger, her cheeks flushed bright red. “Stop it. Just stop it.”



“I love you.” He stated again, his voice gentle and calm.



“Then stop!” She bellowed. “Because I don’t love you!”



“You love me.” He said confidently. “You couldn’t have stopped so quickly.”



“Don’t be so sure about that, Weasley.” Alex snarled, shoving against his chest again. He still didn’t move an inch.



“Break up with Connery, Alex.” Fred said strongly. “I’m so much better for you than he is.”



“No – you’re – not!” Alex screamed, punctuating each word with a punch to his chest. “I – love – him! He – loves – me!” With that, she completely broke down, laying her head against Fred’s chest and sobbing uncontrollably.



“He loves me.” She choked out. “I know he does.”



Fred wrapped his arms around her, stroking her hair softly. “He doesn’t love you like I do.”



“I hate you.” Alex whispered brokenly, raising her tear-stained face to look at him. He grinned and kissed her on the mouth again.



“I love you, too.”





*hides under purple blankie and shields head with extremely fat AP Bio textbook*






oh my god, i know i took forever! it was just...india...and then...the other story...and...yeah...*pathetic whimper*. and i know this chapter is totally short and suckish, but the next chapter is like, crazy intense and i thought if i put all of it in one you guys would like, implode or something. plus i'm a little iffy about next chapter. it might be a little too unbelievable. well, maybe not. i don't know. it's four a.m and i'm tired. and doing my lab. boo.



so. it's been a while. in case any of you cared, india was fantastic. i just...loved it. yeah, i sort of really missed little things like toilet paper and good milk and friends and people-who-were-not-indian, but at the same time, i guess i sort of fell in love with the place. it's just so different from where i live. in india, everythings just a whole lot... more. more lively, more loud, more raw. and it feels like a whirlwind of colors and noises and smells and people and it's absolutely vibrant. and i loved it. to be honest, i'm really homesick for it at this point. which is odd because i don't even live in india, and i always used to hate going there because i got sick. but not this time!



god, i miss it. i really do.



i know i havent updated in a while but i'm back on track, so please don't stop reviewing! i lost thirty reviews last chapter :/ not that i'm really complaining since it's still a pretty substantial amount thanks to you guys being amazing, but...



okay, i'm bad at this. just review, yeah? thanks <3



(BRING ME TO A THOUSAND, GUYS! that's the day i'll scream and jump around in loony-happiness)






ps. favorite quotes and general thoughts? cool beans.

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