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Killers Luck by MidnightBlue_x
Chapter 1 : Introductions
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Disclaimer; The plot is based on Prom Date by Diane Hoh. Lucille James and her friends were created by me and Tom Riddle, Hogwarts and everything else are J.K Rowling's. I do not claim to own them. Thank you for reading.

chapter image by the amazing, iriki @ TDA.

The corridors were bustling with students as everyone moved to the first class of the day. Lucille James and her three best friends were among the crowd desperately trying to make their way to Dungeons for double Potions. The four girls were members of Slytherin House, all seveteen and all purebloods. They had all been best friends since third year, when the other three found Lucille being picked on by Eleanor Smyth. Eleanor Smyth was one of the most popular girls in school but she was horrible to people that she dubbed unworthy. She and Lucille had been best friends. As well as being popular, Eleanor was amazingly pretty and she knew it. She had long wavy blonde-reddish hair, pale flawless skin and big blue eyes, She was the poster girl for pretty.

Lucille was completely different, She wasn't ugly but she wasn't model pretty. She was incredibly thin, mainly because she loved going for long walks outside, Her skin was pale with a few freckles. Her hair was always a mess, big, brown and curly. Absolutely impossible to tame. And her eyes were a muddy brown colour that glistened whenever she was incredibly happy about something. Lucille was shy, and very smart. She liked to keep to herself and stayed out the spotlight as much as she possibly could.

Then there was Audrey Copperfield, One of Lucille's best friend. She was an average looking girl, long dead straight light brown hair and small blue eyes. There was nothing overly special about her looks except her height, she was 5'10 and often towered over a lot of her classmates, when she was younger she hated her size but she was slowly getting used to it now. She was shy like Lucille and often spent a lot of her time with her nose in a book curled up by the fire.

Then came Marilyn Ambrose, Until she met the girls she didn't quiet fit in anywhere. She was considered to be a bit of nutcase because she had an extreme passion for Divination and was a favourite of Professor Shawcross. She had super pale skin that made her eyes look jet black so they matched with her messy hair.

The last one of the group was Georgia Russeau, a short French girl with a love of animals. Georgia changed her hair colour quite often, between blonde and brown and often cut it short before growing it out again. At the moment it was shoulder length and a dark brown, bringing her dark blue eyes out. She was incredibly nice and still hadn't grown out of her French accent which sometimes made her hard to understand.

Finally the foursome made it through the large crowd and descended down the stairs that led to the dungeon, all laughing at Lucille as she tripped- Sending her books flying in all directions.

"Do you need some help there?" A deep voice said from the top of the stairs, all four girls turned to see Tom Riddle- a Slytherin boy in the same year. Lucille opened and closed her mouth a few times obviously struggling for a reply. In the end she just nodded and he smiled at her, picking up her books before offering his hand. Nervously she took it and stood up, staring at the books in his hand. "James right?" Lucille nodded.

"Lucille James" She said, finally finding her voice.

"Nice to meet you Lucille. I'm Tom" He flashed her a smile. "Potions class?" Lucille nodded. "I'll carry your books for you"

"Thanks" Lucille whispered, turning to face her friends who were all fighting back giggles.

"Go" Marilyn mouthed, jerking her head to where Tom had started walked. Lucille smiled at them and ran after Tom.

Authors Note; The first chapter for a challenge called 'Based on a book' by 1LadyMaolfy1 over at the forums. I hadn't planned on starting any new novella's for awhile but I'm stuck on all my WIPat the moment so I've entered in a few different challenges that require me to write novella's so look out for those ones in the very near future. After those are done I plan to go back to writing my other fics, See you all then! And Thanks for reading.


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Killers Luck: Introductions


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