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Harry, Ginny, & Their Love Story by HarryandGinnyForEver
Chapter 16 : Cookies.
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Chapter 16

3 ½ months later

            It was Christmas Eve, and all the Weasley’s and Harry were eating their yearly holiday feast. Ron and Hermione were sitting next to Harry and Ginny, which both couples were secretly holding hands. All the other couples, George and Angelina (Newlyweds and a little baby on the way) Percy and his brand new girlfriend Audrey, Molly and Arthur, and Bill and Fluer. Everyone else had no idea what was happening, except for one man.

            “My dear Harry….” Mrs. Weasley said. “How is your job?” She asked.

            “Ummmm……” Harry said, thinking about it. “It’s better than it used to be. I mean there’s less paperwork, because less evil crimes are being committed. Which I think is a good thing.” Harry said.

            “Of course it’s a good thing dear.” Mrs. Weasley said, chuckling. “How’s the house Ginny dear?”

            “It’s really good mum.” Ginny said. “It’s nice to be off, on our own for once. And not to brag, but I know how to muggle cook.” Ginny said.

            “Muggle cooking is easy dear.” Mrs. Weasley said. “You just wait until everything turns black. That’s when you know it’s ready.” She said.

            “Mum, that’s burning it.” Ginny said. “I actually do a lot of things the muggle way. I do the laundry like that; I cook for the two of us and sometime Ron and Hermione. They say it’s good.” Ginny said.

            “Oh Ginny’s food is really good.” Hermione said. “She handmade this lemonade once. It was so delicious.” She said.

            “I really liked her chicken.” Ron said.

            “You must be a very good cook Ginny. If Ron gave you that compliment, you must have made something good.” Mr. Weasley added in.

            “I’ve had her food.” Angelina piped in. “I had her food when she was learning to do it the magic way. I want to eat her food when she is doing it the muggle way.” She said. The rest of the family automatically piped in saying that they wanted to eat Ginny’s food. Something that had never happened before.

            “Fine.” Ginny said. “I’ll bake cookies.” Ginny said.

            “Gin, you don’t have to do this.” Harry said.

            “I have to apparently. And I like to cook, and I feel like I’m actually wanted by my family.” She said. “They think I’m good at something.” She said.

            “Chocolate chip?” Harry asked, giving in.

            “I think so.” She said. “What type of cookies guys?” Ginny asked.

            “CHOCOLATE CHIP!” Ron yelled above everyone else. Everyone then got completely quiet, and all looked at Ron. “What I like chocolate chips! Hermione…” He whined so that way she could save him from his embarrassment.

            “Sorry hun. Nothing I can do.” She said, patting his arm in sympathy.


            “Is Ron okay?” Ginny asked Harry quietly under all the conversation, so only he could hear.

             “Yeah, I think so.” He said. “He just gets emotional when it comes to his food.” He said, stating the obvious.

            “Oh yeah. He once took back and ate a doughnut he threw at me.” She said. “You know, the ones from Diagon Alley?” She said.

            “Yes, Yes. I have been to Diagon Alley.” Harry said, mocking her lack of common use of words. She stuck her tongue out at him, and then laid her head on his shoulder, moving closer to him. They then sat there, watching everyone eat and talking about random nonsense.

            “Ginny dear, would you like to help me in the kitchen?” Mrs. Weasley asked.

            “I can do it by myself mum.” She said, standing up and walking towards the kitchen. “I just need Harry to help me.” She said, turning around and into the kitchen. Harry then followed.

            “You just verbally slapped your mum in the face.” He said. “She just wants to spend time with you. You can’t blame her.” He said, sitting down on the bar stool.

            “I lived with her for eleven years Harry, not even counting the summers.” She said, looking for the flour in the pantry. “She should be sick of me.” She said.

            “You’re on your own now Gin.” He said, handing her the flour that was clearly on the counter.

            “I know that, thanks, but sometimes she just has to let go.” She said, thanking him for the flour, and the useless piece of information.

            “I’m going to go back to dinner, and I’m sending your mum in here, whether you like it or not.” He said, walking out.

            “Harry, No! God….” She said, pushing her hair back. She couldn’t have this conversation with her boyfriend, let alone her mum. This was going to be interesting. Mrs, Weasley then walked in, and Ginny smiled.

            “You wanted to see me dear?” She said, walking over to the counter next to Ginny.

            “Um yes. Would you like to help me bake?” She asked, letting her heart take over her mind. She wanted her mum to be happy, and she wanted to go slap the smirk off her boyfriend’s face. She knew that smirk, and it was his I-told-you-so look.

            “Oh Ginny, I would love to.” She said, picking up the chocolate chips, Ron’s favorite. “I know why you don’t understand dear.” She said.

            “Don’t understand what?” Ginny asked, looking up from the pantry. She was squatting down, looking for the items on the lower shelf.

            “Me wanting to spend time with you.” She said, adding the flour into the big, gigantic bowl Ginny had set out.  “You’ll get what I mean when you send your first born child off to Hogwarts.”

            “Then why did you all of a sudden just want to spend time with me? You weren’t like this during the summers in-between school years.” Ginny said.

            “I’m just realizing that my little girl, isn’t my little girl anymore.” She said. “You’re all gone, so is Ron and everybody else. I’m just lonely, that’s all.”

            “You have Dad.” Ginny said, putting the other ingredients in the bowl.

            “He’s gone half of the day dear, and I have two people to cook for. Including myself.” She said. “It just feels empty here.”

            “I understand that, but isn’t it nice being alone with Dad? No hormonal teenagers, no pranks, no more injuries….”

            “I won’t miss that dear. I miss the family dinners we had, just the nine of us.” She said.

            “That’s not impossible mum.” Ginny said, mixing the ingredients.

            “Just the nine of us dear, that is quite impossible.” She said.

            “No mum. All we need is you, dad, me, Ron, Charlie, Bill, George…..” Ginny said, remembering of her lost brother. She had always known that he was gone, but she got over it by knowing that he is watching her up from Heaven. The feelings then came slowly coming back, inch by inch.

            “Ginny, I look like I might be fine, but I’m not dear. I miss him very dearly & I talk with him every day.” She said. “It’s hard to loose on of your own children. Hopefully you won’t have to go through it.”

            “How long did it take you to, you know, get a hold of yourself?” Ginny asked.

            “A while. I took a hard hit, because I thought I had lost Harry, one of my sons, also. So it was a very difficult time for me. One of the hardest times in my life.” She admitted.

            “It’s all okay now mum.” Ginny said, hugging her mum.

            “I love you dear.” She said, saying the words quietly.

            “Love you too mum.” Ginny said, letting go. “Time to add the chocolate chips.” She said, walking towards the bowl. She must’ve said it too loudly, because she could’ve sworn she heard a “YES!” from inside the dining room.


            “Oh my god Ginny.” Ron said, melting into the cookie. Almost literally. “These are amazing.”

            “Yeah Ginny, you’re really good.” Angelina said.

            “That must be a good compliment Gin, coming from a picky pregnant woman like her.” George said, eating one himself. “You know I’ll never be able to stop.” He said, while Angelina gave him the stop look.

            “I know, just I’d be nice if you would.” She said, patting his leg.

            “Angie, we all wish that, but it’s never gonna happen.” Ginny said, adding in on their little loud conversation.

            “Hermione, you should eat one.” Ron said, giving her one.

            “Ron, I told you. I already had one.” She said, looking at him. He looked at the cookie, looked back at her, and then the cookie again.

            “Have another one.” She smirking and just let Ron hold the cookie. He would’ve eaten it either way. And sure enough, he ate it three minutes later.

            “I think that Ginny deserves a medal or certificate of some type for these cookies.” Bill said.

            “Of co’rse.” Fleur agreed.

            “Yeah.” Everyone chipped in. Harry just sat there next to Ginny, holding her hand. He felt his pocket, checking that it was in there. Tonight was the night, tonight was the night he would ask Ginny to marry him. He was nervous, but excited at the same time. When he was young, he had always wanted a family of his own, and a wife to share it with. And he had found that girl, and he was holding her hand.

            The Weasley family and others then sat there, enjoying each other’s company. Harry speaking up every now and then. Ron was a main talker, so was Ginny. Well, Ginny was the main talker, and Ron would disagree with whatever she said. Typical brother sister relationship.

            “No Ron!” Ginny said. “That is not what happened!” She said.

            “Oh yes it was. She purposefully poured spaghetti down my shirt a couple weeks ago!” He exclaimed.

            “It’s called accidentally Ron.” Ginny said. “And you ran into me! I was walking and then you just were being Ron, and ran into me!” She said. Harry and Hermione kept trying to tell the real story, but they kept cutting them off.


            “Harry, I am trying to tell Ron a story here!” She said. “So Ron, you turned the corner and clearly saw me coming. You then stupidly decided to just run into me!”

            “No, No, No.” Ron said.

            “Oh yes, yes, yes.” Ginny said, mocking Ron. They then kept fighting back and forth, and the family watched it like it was a tennis match.  More yelling and more talking, and more ignoring.

            “RON!” Hermione yelled. “You two need to stop arguing.” She said. “I know you might not particularly like that, but it’s Christmas Eve. Can we at least be good for one night?” She asked.

            “Fine.” Both Ron and Ginny, agreed stubbornly.

            “Sorry Ron.” Ginny said, looking at Ron.

            “Sorry Ginny. You know I’m just a little…..” Ron said, trying to find the word.

            “bit of my brother.” She said. Some people ‘awwww’d at the sweet comment. “Truce?” She asked.

            “Truce.” He said. The conversations went on, no fighting or anything. Then Harry decided, this is the time.

            “Hey, Gin.” He whispered. “Follow me.” He said, standing up, still holding her hand. They both put on their sweaters, warming charms, and boots. They walked in the snow and stopped at the broom cupboard.

            “Put this on.” He said, handing her a blindfold that she couldn’t seen anything out of. He had double checked. She put it on, tying it in the back. He then guided her onto the back of the broom, and told her to hold on tight. He took off, going through the wind.

            “Where are we going?” She asked.

            “You’ll see.” He said, smirking. He landed in the snow covered secret area, two minutes later. He helped her off her broom, and letting her hand go.

            “You can take it off now.” He said. She took it off to find Harry, down on one knee, a ring box, open in his hand.


            “Ginny, you are the most beautiful, amazing, gorgeous, kick ass woman I have ever met. And I can’t even stand to think of a life without you. Ginevra Molly Weasley, will you marry me?” He asked.


Author’s Note: OH MY GOSH! I have been waiting to write that FOREVER! The queue has been closed, and this was done on the day before it opened back up, making the date August 5th. I wrote most of this at school, and edited it on the computer. So let me know what you think :) I really appreciate it :) And sorry about the spacing, it's just like that ^_^ So yeah review ;)

HarryandGinnyForEver <3


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