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How 'Bout Them Cannons? by Athensgrl
Chapter 1 : How 'Bout Them Cannons?
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"Anna, darling, I was wondering if you might consider going to hogsmeade avec moi?" A dark haired boy asked. Anna, the girl in question had long brunette hair that fell to her waist. She had a small figure and only came up to the boy's shoulder, but she glared at fiercely at him.

"No, Potter. For the last time, no. I don't like you. And it's Annalyne to you." She turned on her heel and stomped away. Potter collasped in an arm chair.

"What am I doing wrong, Fred?" He asked his darker skinned cousin.

"I don't know, mate." Fred said. "Maybe she's just not the one. She's obviously not interested, maybe it's time to just..." He trailed off. Potter jumped up.

"Maybe it's time to do what? I love Annalyne Longbottom. I've loved Annalyne Longbottom since I met her. Can you hear me, Anna? Do you belive me now?"

Anna heard. She sat in the girls' dormitory, listening to James Potter declare his love for her for the hundredth time.

"Maybe it's time to trust him Anna," A quiet voice said. Roxanne Weasley stood in the doorway to the bathroom, brushing her red curls. "I'm not saying this because he's my cousin. I'm saying it 'cause I know James. And I know he's a good guy. He would never hurt you, or cheat on you. And that's not just because he's never so much as looked at another girl since he met you."

Anna sat on her bed. She knew that, in all honesty, she did fancy James Potter. Not enough to put her heart on the line, but a little. And if James was who Roxanne said he was, than she would be able to put her heart on the line, fearlessly. But Anna thought she knew better. She'd seen how relationships end, how people who thought they were in love woke up one day and simply weren't anymore. That's how it had happened with her parents, Luna Lovegood-Scamander and Neville Longbottom. They had gotten divorced and Anna had been left to pick up the pieces of her once perfect life. She herself had felt the cruel sting of unrequited love. she had found her first boyfriend, the one whom she's wanted to marry and had been in love with, snoging a Ravenclaw on the astronomy tower. She had since renounced love, claiming to prefer herself unhurt and untouched.

"Anna. Please just give him a chance. If only because you know that underneath all his cockiness he deserves one." Roxanne said. Anna made up her mind.
James sat in his armchair, brooding. He wasn't giving up on Anna. If only she'd see...

James' thoughts were interuppted by the girl occuping them. Anna walked down the stairs, a lightness in her step and a smile on her face. Imeadeatly, James smiled. Anytime Anna was smiling was a time he should be smiling. Surprisingly, she came strait to him.

"Yes." She said. Then gently, carefully, she pressed her lips to his in the shadow of a kiss. James simply sat there frozen in shock. But as she began to pull away, he shoved himself out of his shock.

"No way are you getting away that easy," He murmed against her lips. He leaned in, deepening the kiss, and for the first time in her life Annalyne Longbottom just let it happen.


“What do you mean, she likes me?” James asked for the tenth time.

“She wants to snog you, mate.” Fred explained to his friend.

“What do I say to her?” James asked, suddenly nervous.

“I don’t know, Hey, What’s up, How ‘bout them cannons?”

“She hates qudditch. She told me so in third year when I asked her to come to a qudditch game with me.”

“Have you actually written down every word Annalyne Longbottom has every said you.”

“No. Well, I haven’t written them all down.”

“Dear Merlin…Look, mate, you will find something to talk about. I’m sure that you two have at least one common interest.”

“Yeah. One.”

“That’s good, what is it?”

“We both want to kill Malfoy.”

“That’s it?”

“We’re both the best at transfiguration.”

“You two are nutters.”


“You’re only common interests are murder and transfiguration!”

“Hey, James, Fred.” Annalyne Longbottom, came up and stood were the two friends were talking.

“Hey Anna.” Fred said.

“Hey, Anna, how ‘bout them cannons?” the words burst from James in a rush. Fred buried his head in his hands. Annalyne lifted one eyebrow.

“Erm…good, I guess. I’m really a Tornadoes fan myself.”

“Really? I like the Cannons, but the Tornadoes are good.”

“Did you see that last match when Jones was diving and…” Annalyne and James walked off discussing their qudditch teams. Fred smirked. And she said she didn’t like qudditch.

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