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Weasley Recipe for Moving Day by katebabelovesharrypotter
Chapter 1 : Life Adventures
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A/N: This was written in response to louiselShere's Friends Quotes Challenge!

Quote- Monica: Honey, that's a great idea nailing the boxes to the floor. Chandler: I didn't nail the boxes to the floor. Monica: Oh, so you can move them.
Character- Ron 


The morning dawned bright and far too hot for Hermione's liking. Was it really necessary for the sun to shine directly into her window? Or for it to be 101 degrees Fahrenheit? She didn't believe so. And she had only ever been wrong a handful of times. That had to count for something.

She rolled over automatically and her lithe body hit something. Or someone to be more accurate. Ron snorted in his sleep and flung a freckly arm over her. She cuddled into him for a moment, reveling in his warmth and musky smell. She smiled sleepily. 

Today was the first day of the rest of their lives. Today was moving day. The realization of the date had Hermione leaping up from the small bed in excitement. In exactly one hour they would be sending boxes and a few pieces of furniture to their new home.

Hermione looked down at her left hand and grinned at the ring adorning her finger there. She remembered the wedding so well. It had only been two weeks ago after all.

It was a perfect Sunday at the end of June. Hermione had just finished her Seventh Year at Hogwarts and would be starting at the Department of Magical Law Enforcement in September. Ron had been training hard at the Auror Department with Harry and the two would be fully fledged Aurors at the end of July, just in time for Harry's eighteenth birthday.

The afternoon wore on quickly and soon it was time for Hermione to get ready for their dusk ceremony. She filed in to Molly and Arthur's room, Ginny, Luna and her future mother-in-law right behind her. She sat down quietly on the bed; for once words failed her.

Okay, sweetheart. I think that we should start with your hair. Then, makeup and your dress. Does that sound all right?” Mrs. Weasley questioned. Hermione gave a weak nod and the other women instantly converged on her. Her hair was sleeked down magically and then curled into tight ringlets, falling around her shoulders and framing her thin face. She was given sheer makeup in light blues and purples to highlight her chocolate eyes and a clear lip gloss for her rosy lips. She chanced a smile and her face lit up. And then it was time for her dress.

She had chosen a Muggle dress instead of dress robes. She wanted to represent that part of her life. And besides the dress was far prettier than any robe out there. It was a delicate thing; off the shoulder with confections of lace and a full skirt. It was beautiful and, more importantly, she felt beautiful in it.

They continued their ministrations for some time and soon it was time for the big moment: walking down the aisle.

Hermione grabbed her father's arm and they walked swiftly down the purple carpet to the front of the marquee where Ginny, Hermione's Maid of Honor, Luna, the only bridesmaid, Neville, Ron's only groomsman, Harry, Ron's Best Man, and Ron himself where already standing. Mr. Granger gently placed his daughter's hand in Ron's and the tufty-haired wizard from Bill and Fleur's own nuptials began speaking; binding the couple for life.

Soon, they were dancing through the crowd of guests on a golden dance floor. Muggle and magical music blaring calmly as they swirled, colors dancing with them and their guests.


Hermione sighed and opened her eyes, letting her reverie slip away, as Ron gave a grunting snore and rolled over once again. This time, however, he landed on the floor and his watery blue eyes snapped open. 

“Wuzz goin' on?” he muttered incoherently. Hermione rolled her eyes at her husband's (it was still so strange to call him that!) antics. Only Ron would do something like that, she thought indulgently.

 “It's moving day,” she announced happily. He stared at her blearily, obviously confused by her words. “We're moving to Godric's Hollow today. Next door to Harry and Ginny?” She thought that perhaps hearing Harry or Ginny's name would motivate Ron and she was right. 

He jumped up from the wooden floor and pelted across the room to where she stood. He scooped her up into his lanky arms and spun her around the tiny orange bedroom that they'd been occupying since they had returned from their honeymoon a few days prior. His lips found hers and they both smiled into the kiss before he set her back down.

“So, are we all packed and everything? Do I have to do something?” he asked her curiously.

“No, the boxes are all ready to go. And the furniture is mainly already at the house. We just have to send it all there,” she explained. The couple kissed once more and then headed down the rickety flights of stairs to the kitchen of The Burrow. Ron's mother had set out toast and bacon and eggs and told them to help themselves as usual. They sat and ate one last breakfast at Ron's family home. It was going to be strange to leave.

“I'm going to miss you, Mum,” he told the red-headed witch softly when Hermione had retired to the sitting room to arrange boxes.

“Oh, I'm going to miss you, too, Ronniekins,” she tittered, pulling him into a rib-shattering hug. She let him go after a moment and ruffled his ginger hair playfully.

“I'll see you this weekend,” he told her and went to help Hermione.

They sent the boxes and a rocking chair to their new home, said their last good-byes and Apparated away.

They materialized in a beautiful cottage and looked around dreamily, taking in the fireplace and gleaming Muggle appliances in their new kitchen. Ron leaned down to grab a box and hefted it up the stairs to their bedroom. Coming back down, he saw Hermione simply standing amongst their things.

“Honey, that's a great idea nailing the boxes to the floor,” he told her. She looked at him strangely for a moment before responding.

“I didn't nail the boxes to the floor,” she said, apparently confused.

“Oh, so you can move them,” Ron retorted. She shot him a dirty look as he guffawed quietly and snatched up a box for herself, leaving her husband laughing uproariously in the living room at his own wit.

Their unpacking didn't take very long and they spent the rest of their day with Ginny and Harry, exploring the village of Godric's Hollow enjoyably. The sun disappeared and was replaced by a beautiful moon that night as they laid down for the first time in their new home.

“You know, Ronald, that nailing the boxes to the floor thing wasn't very funny,” Hermione chided. Ron only laughed and soon they were cuddled with one another under the covers and fast asleep. It was the beginning of their future, in which they could look forward to many jokes and plenty of laughter (even if it was all at Hermione's expense).

A/N: So how was it?

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