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An Object of Interest by loopyluna
Chapter 19 : Of Announcements and Notes
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Albus Potter and Scorpius Malfoy

 “I just can’t wrap my head around it,” Hollie said jerkily and leaning back on to Molly. “It all just seems too unreal.”


“Which part?” Molly said in a low voice. “The fact that Georgie raised a small army or the part about her being able to be intentionally mean – no sarcasm involved.”


Hollie’s voice was barely above a whisper. “Both.” I nodded questioningly. It was unbelievable. How could anyone be so mean? “But the main thing I can’t get over is why she came back. I mean, you left her it all.”


“No I didn’t.” I chuckled. “What I left her was a broken army. Each with their own problems and complaints, all of which will go to her.”


“So basically, you overloaded her head with stress and needs.” Molly said, closing a transfiguration textbook with a snap. “Did she even know just what you had left her?”


I shook my head. “She thought I had left her Queen of a cool crowd. She never knew just what it was all for, she still doesn’t.”


“And you there to raise a new legion of Death Eaters.” Hollie concluded. “A group of which you were in charge of.”


Shamefully, I nodded. “Unknowingly.”


“That’s, in a way, kinda sexy.” Hollie jeered teasingly.


I sighed in a way of relief. She wasn’t mad at me, nor was she scared. I hadn’t expected Hollie to be either, but her temper fuse was shortening. “Thank you.”


“For what?” They asked in unison.


I picked at the end of my crumpled school skirt. “For understanding.”


“G,” Molly began, leaning past Hollie and placing a comforting hand on my leg. “We don’t understand, but we accept.”


Hollie nodded. “I don’t think that we will ever experience anything of the sort. We could never understand what you must have gone through.”


“It wasn’t all bad.”


“I bet that you got great shoes.” Molly said excitedly. “Dom and Vic always say that the French have great shoes.”


I patted the ones on my feet and admired them jokingly. “I have to agree.”


Hollie gave me a gentle shove, smiling. She was sat between Molly’s legs, holding a pillow to her chest and seemingly picked at her nails. Her shirt was crinkled, the white slightly faded. The smart posture matched her tie, which was possibly the only thing that resembled order in her appearance. Her make-up was minimal, her hair looked dishevelled. Her tights had a big hold ripped in them; she had bashed in to the large wooden wardrobe while dressing earlier and she couldn’t be bothered to change them. Hollie was most definitely having, the worst day of her life.


Our other brunette roommate on the other hand, was having the exact opposite. She had spent her morning cruising through charms, James or Russell by her side. No comments were made towards her and she now had the opportunity for gossip of the centaury. She may be a Gossip sometimes, but she would never tell this secret of mine. Molly’s uniform looked perfect, not a crease in sight. Her tie was as straight as Hollies; her red lipstick had no smudge. Her shirt was perfectly ironed and her hair was tidily twisted in to a bun.


I looked around me, scoping the room. Our room was cosy, warm and homely. A small fireplace was in the corner, one that we used regularly. All furniture was wood, from the wardrobe to the windowsill. There were four beds in the room, we sat on Hollies.


It seemed odd that only an hour ago, Molly had charged in to the bedroom, me hanging from her wrist and told Hollie where to stick it. She dragged us both to her bed and cast a silencing charm around the three of us. Nobody – and I mean, nobody – could hear a word that we said. Not even the House elves.


“What I don’t understand,” Molly said evenly. “Is why she came back here?”


I shrugged. “Maybe you guys were the only friends that she ever knew, she needed you back.”


Hollie snorted. “Well, she’s doing an amazing job.”


“You betcha’.”


Molly rubbed her eyes with her small hands and yawned a little. “Just what exactly did your little crew of minions do to Taggert, G?”


I suppressed a smile. “Just…stuff.”


“Seriously?” Hollie warned. “That’s all you’re going to give us.”


“She’s just being a moron,” Molly groaned as she stretched her back. Her arms were raised above her head.


I sat up straight. “Gaspard was the naughtiest of us all. I wanted the elite to fall, I needed it to end.” I said sternly, flicking through another page of my old photographs. “The only way that I could figure to do that, was to leave it in incapable hands. It just fell apart eventually on its own – well, with the orders that I left for Gaspard to push it along a little. He made her life even more of a hell than I did. She couldn’t cope with it. But there was always the back up plan. The pre-assessor can always take the crown back. But she’s moved away now. She didn’t know any procedures or anything of the sort. So the elite is officially done for.”


“You gave it to Zoe,” Molly realised, shaking her head. “You’re one sneaky girl. The Purebloods wouldn’t touch her with a barge pole.”


I laughed. “Just a bit. I left Gaspard in charge with sabotage. I ordered him to do ‘what ever the hell he likes’. You see, the loyalty still lies with me. Seeing as Zoe was unfit to rule, their belief still stands somewhat with me.”


“They didn’t think that you betrayed them,” Hollie asked in awe. “You left them with a shitty leader.”


“Not at all!” I exclaimed. “Not one of them was stupid; the ones that knew what the elite was for had caught on to what I was doing anyway. The others just follow my example.”


Molly sat back, leaving Hollie to sit up on her own, with no support behind her. She folded her arms over her chest. “That’s why Damon didn’t kill you at Christmas.” Molly said. “Because he still considers you higher than him.”


There was a silent pause.


I nodded.


Hollie scowled. “That’s slightly creepy.”


“You didn’t see him,” Molly mused. “Fit.”


“He’s a murderer, Mol!” Hollie said shocked.


“Oi!” I snapped. “Don’t talk about my minions like that.” Molly and I exchanged grins, Hollie didn’t. “Hol, it was a joke.”


“Well it wasn’t funny.”


I sighed. “I’m sorry.”


“Don’t be,” Molly continued lightly. “Hollie just doesn’t like the ides of you running around with ‘them’. She also doesn’t like the thought of you not being safe.”


I raised a brow and bit back a small smile. “Hollie,” I said gently. “Is that true.”


“Well, Molly doesn’t like it either!” She exclaimed, smacking our roommate hard on the leg. Molly shot up and melodramatically clutched it.


I felt a strange surge of warmth spread through me. They cared; they were the first people that genuinely cared about me and my safety. I may be able to pass off to them and Damon and I were only loyal, but it’s as much a lie as the story that a lion actually barks. Damon and I were close, like Kevin and I were, like I am with Russell. But he didn’t care about my safety. If he and Kellan were safe, then he would come for me, not before. I am third in his life.


I smiled at the girls and they returned it, a little of Hollie’s hair tickling Molly’s mouth. She blew it away and discretely swore at the brunette with two fingers while scrunching up her face. You don’t mess with Molly Weasley.


I agreed to her swearing with a snort and sighed. “You two are the best friend and girl could have.”


Hollie dived forward for a hug, throwing herself over her legs and pulling me down to her lying level. Molly on the other hand flung herself off of the bed in a hasty exit. “You’re not getting all sappy on us, are you, G?” Hollie looked annoyed that Molly ruined the moment. She pushed herself up off of the floor. “Don’t get me wrong, you’re a lovely girl. But my favorite thing about you is your sarcasm and wit. If you loose that, I won’t talk to you. I can only have one sappy friend. That’s slot seemed to be permanently filled.”


Hollie sneered. “You’re a cow.”



I walked down the fifth floor corridor and took a left at the end. I blew a line of dust off of the window and looked out of it, out over on to the grounds. Three young students ran across the grounds. They were carefree. One Slytherin, one Hufflepuff and a Ravenclaw, maybe in the long run, nothing was ever wrong with the other houses. It was always the Gryffindors that messed up.


I took a sigh and watched for a little longer. One got pushed in to the lake; another ran in to the forest only to come back out a second later. As if found myself lost in thought, a hand grasped my shoulder.


Spinning around with a slight inner scream I came face to face with somebody that I was delightfully happy to see.


“Albus!” I gasped, replacing my usual hug with a well deserved smack to his chest. “You scared the living daylights out of me.”


He simply laughed as I caught my breath. “You were always easy.”


“Excuse me?”


“To scare,” he corrected. “You were always easy to scare; you’re a very jumpy person…” he trailed off hopelessly as he realized that he was getting nowhere.


I turned to his companion. “Scorpius, comment vous êtes le chéri?”


I asked the darling how he was.


“Je suis le merci parfait, Georgie.” He greeted with a smile. “et vous-même?”


He told me that he was perfect. He then returned my question.


Not only good looking, the boy was polite too.


I graced him with an award winning smile. Molly had mentioned to me in passing that Scorpius was fluent in French; I thought I would give it a test run. It was apparent that he certainly knew his way around basic vocabulary.


Albus blinked. “Yes, because I know what you’re saying.”


“Well maybe if you had learnt French when I offered my help.” Scorpius taunted, perching next to me on the windowsill. He swung his bag on to his knees and crushed it down.


“I am not going to learn a language from my best friend,” he replied. “One, you’re not a very tolerant person; you’ll shout at me. Two, it’s a little gay.”


Scorpius and I raised a brow simultaneously and adjusted to the same position. “It’s not gay.” I said. “It’s a brilliant opportunity that you should have jumped at.”


“Sorry, Mum.” He whined. “Next time I’ll take the offer.”


“Want to learn French?” Scorpius said darkly.


Albus shot him a glare with an obvious undertone.


“Albus, that’s a glare that I never thought I would see on you.” I stated with a smile on my face.


It slipped in to a grin. “Well, love. I am full of surprises.”


Scorpius snorted. “You’re such a loser.”


To my total not-surprise Albus burst out laughing. I grinned and gave a happy nod of agreement.


“Oh look,” a voice sneered from only a few meters away. “It’s Head-Barbie and her new band of boys.”


“Say’s Cindy,” I replied with a bubbly demeanour. “But Cindy is just jealous because she knows that she’ll never be as good as Barbie.”


The smirk fell from Zoe’s face and she stood still. With a final glare she quickly turned and walked back down the corridor. The clack of her heels could be heard as she disappeared.


I sent a look of desperation towards the boys. “I hate girls.”


“Really?” Scorpius asked. “I like them.”


I giggled. “That’s odd. I would never have guessed.”


“Oh you’re funny.”


Albus gave an expression that reminded me of James. James – he wasn’t talking to me. I wondered if Albus knew. He gave a laugh similar to his brothers. “What I don’t understand, is how you can not like Taggert.”


“She’s a ball of delight,” Scorpius said darkly. “It’s impossible not to like her.”


Albus absorbed the expression on my face. “I don’t think that she has quite grasped the concept of English sarcasm yet.”


“Give her time.”


“I do understand sarcasm,” I whined. “I just don’t think that she is something to joke about.”


Scorpius turned to me and graciously questioned, “Bad blood?”


“Just a little,” I said with a snort.


Albus and Scropius exchanged grins. His blonde hair fell in to his eyes as they took on a dark demeanor. Albus’s expression was one that I did not recognize. It was as if he had his own version of mischief. They nodded at each other and leant a little closer to the other.


They stood grinning like idiots whilst I stared through knitted brows. I tried to figure out their odd exchange. I wasn’t succeeding. I felt oddly detached from the scenario. I glanced quickly between them where my eyes met with Albus’s green ones. They were keen and bright, in search for something that I couldn’t understand.


I looked back to Scorpius, staring observantly. I tried to steal the emotion from his face – was it dark? It didn’t look it, he looked concerned, yet amused. To my disappointment, I came up trumps. I only saw critical glory in his steely grey pupils.

Upon a closer look, he appeared to be thinking too hard. It looked as if it was hurting his brain. I bit back a grin.

Scorpius clasped his hands together. “For just how long have the two of you disagreed?”


“Since we met, nearly a year ago.”


Albus made an interested ‘Hmmm’. “Well, we can’t have that.”


“Girls aren’t supposed to be mean,” Scorpius said cheekily.


“They’re supposed to be polite and delicate.”


Scorpius wiped a dirty look on to his face, “And they’re supposed to do the cooking.”


The smile quickly fell off of my lips and was replaced with a scowl. “Do you say that to Rose?”


“He wouldn’t dare!” Albus snorted. “She would absolutely kill him.”


Scorpius did a double take and spoke quickly, with panic. “That was English sarcasm.”


“Sure, and I like to dress up in fairy outfits in my free time.” Al joked. This wiped the smile off of his roommates face.


I looked at him helplessly. “Really?”


“No!” He deadpanned. “That was English sarcasm.”


“Interesting,” I mused.


“He’s just shit at it,” continued Scorpius teasingly. “And he does dress up.”


“No I don’t!”


I snorted and ran my finger down the dusty window pane. They continued to argue as I looked out. The students had gone. I looked for them through a mildly amused gaze. I stopped as I notice another. I was surprised to see Hollie and Josh walking down to the lake. When they walk, they hold hands, they kiss. At this moment, they weren’t even touching.


Josh walked infront of her, seemingly trying to reason with my brunette friend. Hollie was shaking her head with obvious disagreement. She was shouting about something, she glanced up to the school and stamped her foot. Josh stood still and she stormed past him. He didn’t go after her.


She turned and tried to speak but he cut her off. To my eyes, they were small, but I could still see their movement. Josh spoke, he spoke slowly. His words seemed to hit Hollie. It was his turn to walk away.


He left her stood in the grounds as the rain began to fall.


Albus moved from his statue-position and followed my gaze. He turned my head and his stern eyes met mine. “Go get her.”


I nodded and stood up from the windowsill.


“Oh, but Georgie.” I looked at Scorpius. “Stay out of the way of Taggert in the next week or so.”


“How come.”


He gave an uneasy glance towards Albus. “Just do it; things are about to get nasty.”


Hollie sniffed huffily at dinner. Her description of the argument hadn’t left us with much, only the occasional words made sense. The most being the odd ‘prick’ or ‘idiot’. Molly and I left it at that.


Russell rubbed his hands together as he bounded over to the three of us. He slipped in a seat next to Hollie and smacked her around the back of the head. “Smile, love. It may never happen.”


Molly reached over the table and punched her best friend. He didn’t seem to notice the silence that was our table and simply hit her back sparingly.


“What the fuck was that for?” She hissed. However it was so fast and so low, it seemed to compress in to one syllable and wasn’t understandable.


Russell’s brows furrowed. “Sorry, Molly. I speak human. Not fish.”


“Shut up.”


“That’s it!” He praised. “She’s pulling out the harsh comebacks now.”


It was always intriguing to watch Molly and Russell squabble. Molly got incredibly angry incredibly easily and Russell was totally oblivious to any insult that was passed his way. He brushed them off like water off of a ducks back. Her dry wit contrasted his comedic antics.


In light of the delicate mood of some of the occupants at the table, their distraction was welcomed.

“Bloody – Fuck!” Hollie squealed at the pair with wide eyes. “Can you two just pack it in.”


Hollie’s history with sweetness seemed to surpass her at this moment. I sat on the other side of the table to the other three. Hollie was in-between them. I guess, in retrospect, she was between their arguments. Their words would go through both ears and meet in the middle of her head only to crash. She didn’t need it.


“Sorry?!” Russell exclaimed abruptly, speaking with integrity.


Scraping the bench back a little and rising to her feet she didn’t look twice in our direction nor did she form any sort of coherent protest to their arguing before walking out of the Great Hall.

Over at the Ravenclaw table, Josh wasn’t in sight.


I momentarily wondered if it was for the question of his safety.


Josh was a big boy; he could handle himself.


Russell watched the long haired brunette exit the hall with a paced strut. He turned to us and scratched his chiseled chin. “When did she become bi-polar?”


Molly shook her head at me with wide eyes. She wasn’t going to tell them. She cared about Josh, even if she wouldn’t admit it.


“Recently,” I said quickly.


Molly sent me a questioning look, but she played along. “Madame Pomfrey agreed it and everything.”


“She’s just…trying to adjust.”


Russ nodded his head and handed me a cup of tea. “Interesting – it couldn’t have happened to a nicer person.”


“Hollie will be fine,” I assured. “Just give her time.”


I looked down as I heard a jeer come from the main doors. Freddy fell face first on to the cobbles in the doorway, rolling over he pulled down Rory. James walked in after them, stepping over the commotion on the floor and sat down opposite me at the table.


His red and gold striped tie was undone and hanging around his neck loosely. His white oxford shirt was nicely pressed, the top buttons undone. The sleeves were rolled back to his elbows; his sweater vest discarded somewhere else. His hands reached up and pushed a length of hair from his eyes.


Molly hit him with the top of her spoon. “No ‘Hello’ then?”


He looked up at the two of them. “Hello.”


I stirred my tea silently and helped myself of sugar. Russell lightly kicked me under the table. My head shot up and I glared. ‘What’s wrong with him?’ He mouthed, leaning over the table a little. I shrugged. Another kick.


I decided to settle this with one word. It seemed to sum up it all. ‘Fight’.


His mouth formed the shape of a small ‘O’ and he nodded.


Molly and James were deep in conversation; they seemed to be discussing ‘pride’ and ‘importance’. Russ and I shared a look of disgust and returned to dinner. No food was there yet, however drinks were available from the moment we sat down. I sipped my tea while he downed a coffee.


He leant forward, his tie narrowly missing his coffee. “Do you want to share what was up with Hollie?”


I shrugged. “We told you, she’s-“


“If you say bi-polar again, I will kick you under the table…again.”


“Will this one hurt?”


He nodded. “Very much.”


“I can’t say,” I whispered. “I don’t actually know.”


This was bad. Very bad. This was very, very bad. In my head I began to count the number of breaths that I had left to live. James was shooting me quiet yet hurtful glares from a few seats down. He had every right to be mad about it all, but he could at least be mature enough to talk to me about it.


I can’t lie to Russell, it’s too hard. The moment that it comes out of my mouth, or the moment that he guesses. Molly will kill me, they will kill Josh and Hollie will just possibly die. Hol is an extremely privacy-focused type person. If she confides in you, then it’s a death-if-you-tell type thing. The truth was that I didn’t actually know, so it wasn’t technically a lie.


If I told him what I did know, I would be looking at a pretty hefty death sentence.


Brows knitted, James stared his cousin in the eye. There was a space between Molly and Russell. We were cut off from their conversation; they didn’t even try to hide it. Fred and Rory were still across the hall; however they seemed to have found themselves two Hufflepuff seventh years to ‘sit’ with.

Averting my gaze from Molly and James, I felt a knot of dread twist in my stomach. If only I had kept my mouth shut, James and I could be smiling right now.


“You don’t know?”


I shook my head. “We couldn’t get it out of her; she was just, messed up.”


“Maybe McCartney knows.” He looked back over his shoulder to the Ravenclaw table. “Where is that bastard?”


Merlin knew the potentially life threatening conversation I was about to endure. “He’s probably with her now. He must have seen her storm from the hall. It was kind of hard to miss.”


“She pushed over a second year.”


“She did?” He nodded. “Strange.”


He sat for a moment before it dawned on him. His eyes widened and his mouth dropped. He placed his coffee on to the table top and eagerly stood up in a jumpy fashion. “Pull your socks up, Potter!” he said, pulling James up from the table. “We have a Ravenclaw to kill.”


“You told!” Molly screeched, turning away from her cousin.


“No!” I defended. “He guessed.”


“You knew?” Russell asked. “You said that you didn’t.”


I stared at a spot on the table. “I don’t know, I just know that she had an argument with Josh. It’s probably not even a serious one.”


“She pushed over a child,” Molly said.


“Now, how could I miss something like that?”


She shrugged. “You can be pretty blind at times.” She snorted. “Remember that time last week when you walked in to a door,” she pointed at me with a wobbly finger. “That was funny.”


“No it wasn’t!” I snapped. “It was horrendously painful.”


She laid her hand on mine. “You pulled through.”


“James,” Russell whined. “Can we go now?”


He shook his head and sat back down. “Not until we know for sure they’re broken up.”


“Can’t we just hurt him anyway?”


“Russell!” Molly scolded. “Imagine what Hollie would think if the boy that she loved strolled back in to her life with bruising and possibly fractures to vital bodily parts.”


“She would hate you.” I finished. “Don’t put her through that.”


“Not yet,” Molly added. “Give it time – then we can kick the bastards arse.” Maybe she didn’t care about him that much after all.


James cocked his head to the side, his gaze landed on me. I returned it.


Russell pulled James back in to his seat grudgingly and took the one opposite me. I was sat on my own on this side of the bench. Only Molly seemed to realize, as she got up to switch sides, McGonagall tapped her knife against a glass at the front of the hall.


Out attention turned.


“Students,” she greeted darkly. The simplicity of her tone cast silence over the hall and not in a good way. “I’m afraid that this is a time of terrible news.” Molly frowned suspiciously. “Despite this not being a full hall, I’m sure that word will pass.”


“What’s going on?” Russell whispered. I shrugged, the same reaction as the others around is.


I brushed a small lock of hair back behind my ear and twisted the end of a small and messy French plait. McGonagall sighed. “Many years ago, in the era of many of your parents and grandparents I believe. The Wizarding World experienced wars. So many faithful soldiers and students were lost in the battles. The enemy that we fought are known as The Death Eaters.”


A small gasp of horror and utter dismay erupted through the younger students in the hall. People began to stir. I felt my gut fall through my bum.


“You see my students. The time has come again for them to rise. We hope that it will not get that far, we know it will not get that far.” You would expect at news like this for an outburst to shine, but nobody moved, there was not one breath that could be heard. “There was a fight on the Calais docks in France, not too long ago; our English Ministry was called out to help. It was announced today that in France, they have began to re-emerge.”


I felt Molly’s hand grasp mine under the table.


The Headmistress fixed the position of her glasses. “The Ministry do not wish for me to tell you this, however I think that you deserve to know. You’re all mature enough to deal with this information. I shall hide nothing from you. If you wish to ask a question, to any of us teachers, we will do our best to answer them.”


“What happened?” Asked a Ravenclaw.


“Excuse me?”


“At the fight,” his friend concluded. “Should we be worried?”


She shook her head. “That’s the exact reason that I told you this, so that you don’t have to feel worried. I or another teacher shall inform you what happens in the outside world. However, despite the past, the Death Eaters can not get in to Hogwarts. Nor do they have any reason to.”


Another squeeze.


“They are situated in France, but we shall help out as a country as much as we can.” She fixed a crease in her robes. “At the fight, three French Auroras were killed and two of the Death Eaters injured; they are in the custody of the French Ministry. Now, if you have any other questions-“ an uproar of them began to be shouted at the poor woman. She put her wand to her throat and her voice became increasingly louder. “SILENCE!” it came. “Ask your head of house after dinner in your Common Room. They will be there to answer them. And now, on a lighter note. Dinner.”


 I looked up at my friends. James stared at his plate, not moving an inch. Others had dug in to their dinner without a second thought. ‘We’re in Hogwarts, why would we need to be worried?’ The truth is that they should all be worried, the moment that they step out of the doors, they’re all in danger.


Molly’s expression was twisted in to something ugly. It seemed so strange to see such a pretty girl look so different. Russell was among the others, he shoveled mashed potato in to his mouth as if his life depended on it. He stopped for a moment and looked me in the eye; a dollop of mash fell from his fork and on to the plate.


Molly leered towards the teachers table. “G, Langley is staring at you.”


“Maybe because she’s melting in to the table.” James said quietly. It was the first time that he had spoken for a while. Spoken anything to do with me.


I furrowed my brow and quickly noticed that I had been sinking lower and lower under the table. I sat up instantly straight and raised a challenging brow towards my DADA professor. He had been right all along, and all along he knew that I was lying.


“Georgie,” Russ said warningly. “You told me that there weren’t any death eaters in France.”


“I lied.” I stated simply.


He did a double take. “I’m sorry?”


“I lied.”


Russell shook his head. “You don’t lie to me.”


“I lie to protect you.”


These words meant nothing to him. “Protecting me from what? I’m not going to get caught up in the battle in France.”


“Yes, but I am.” I hissed.


He dropped his fork. “What? G, don’t be ridiculous.”


“I’m not being ridiculous.” I spat. “Russell, you don’t need to know everything that happened in my life before I came here nor do you need to know everything about me.”


“That’s what friends do.” He hissed.


Molly and James sat idly by, they were watching, but neither seemed ready to step in. Molly brushed a stray hair from her bun back behind her ear and took another sip from her goblet.


“There’s a reason that I haven’t told you, Russ.” He still looked a little hurt. “Can you please understand that?”


He shook his head. “Not at the moment. You’re keeping secrets from me G.”


“Not big ones.” I said. Molly’s snort counteracted the dropping of James’s fork. “Fine, it may be a little bigger than the average secret.”


“Hang on,” he said. “They know? How can they know, but I don’t!” He demanded, raising his voice a little. “What is so important that they can know but I can’t? Seriously, G I thought that we were better friends than tha-“


I placed my tea back down on to the table infront of me and leant over, a similar position to Russell. “Fine, you want to know?” I gave him no time to answer. “That fight was possibly organized by my mother, she probably killed those three Aurora’s, and she did it in cold blood. The two injured Death Eaters that were captured, one of them is my brother, Kellan. When he ‘disappeared’ he told me to be strong, to run from everything that we had. Only he didn’t disappear, he joined them.”


Russell shook his head. “Georgie, I –“


“No, I’m not done.” I snapped. “My father fought for the other side. He is part of the English Ministry; my mother is one of the leaders of the new legion. They expect me to pick sides.” He was silent. “I grew up in that household Russ.”


“I…I didn’t. I didn’t know.” He stammered.


I shrugged and sat back up straight. “How could you?”


He shook his head. “I, I should have guessed, or something.”


“Or something,” I said. “Russell, it’s not your job to protect me.”


“But it’s not yours either.”


I stood up from the table and decided to follow in Hollie’s footsteps – minus the child shoving. I opened the large oak doors and exited quietly. I walked down the corridor, passing the windows and abandoned grounds. I made my way towards the Gryffindor Tower.


Russell was right. It wasn’t my job to protect him. Everyone is entitled to protect themselves. I should have trusted him; he wouldn’t judge me. Despite the jokes that he makes, the denial he lives in, these times are becoming dangerous in England. It’s only a matter of time before the make the switch between France and England.


I wished for that moment that I had taken my tea with me. I needed a calming agent, one that wasn’t going to talk back. Is a teddy too out of the question?


I glanced out of the window, attracted by an outburst of screaming. I knew who it belonged too. The dark haired witch wasn’t at dinner. She had apparently spent it running around the grounds … with green hair and boils.


I held back a snort and perched on the windowsill for the second time that day. If I hadn’t felt such a strong demise towards the girl, I probably would have helped her. But I didn’t want to. For all that I cared; she could spend the rest of her life like that. And that bothered me.


Was I really so different from my family if I had the capacity to think that?


Was I that different from Taggert?


Emotions define who you are; mine seem to constantly run wild. I have struggled with knowing who I am for my entire life. When I finally found myself, I had been living a lie. For the first time, I had felt as if I knew who I was. I had found James, he kept me grounded. But at the arrival of Zoe Taggert and Damon Aalis, my whole world had been flipped upside down once more.




I turned at the shaky voice. “Hollie? Thank God you’re alright.” I got up and threw my arms around her. She didn’t return it.


“Are you proud of yourself?” She repeated. Her words were strong. “Look at her,” she pointed out of the window. “She’s scared.”


I furrowed a brow. “What do you mean?”


“Taggert,” she said. “You’re always arguing, she’s horrible I get that. But did you really need to do that to her, there’s no need”


“Hollie,” I annulled. “I didn’t do that.” My words were accompanied with a gesture towards the window. “By Merlin, I wish that I had, and I understand completely how you think that I could. But I didn’t.”


She took a moment to ponder. “Then who did?”


Timed like a movie, Scorpius and Albus walked through the grounds and back in to the school. She noticed. In unison we smiled, the tension was broken and our smiles turned in to laughs.


“I guess I believe you.” She said sparingly and she hugged me quick. “I’m sorry I was such a bitch at dinner.”


I shook my head. “No, no. You weren’t.” She raised a brow. “To me directly at least. But Russell now thinks you’re Bi-polar.”


“Oh, good.” She praised. “That’s going to work out well.”


I grinned once more. “I’m sorry, you know how rubbish I am at thinking on the spot.”


“From previous experience,” she began. “I’d say that you’re pretty good with it.”


I sank further in to myself as we began to walk together. “You wanna talk about it?”


“Not really.” She shook her head. But I knew Hollie, 1…2…3… “I was jealous.”




She nodded. “Of you.” I raised a brow and stopped myself from echoing her words twice in a row. “Josh and I got in to an argument out on the grounds. He was telling me that he would do what ever it took to make sure we were all safe.”


“What does that mean?”


She shrugged, “Beats me. But he was pretty adamant on making sure that you didn’t get sucked in to ‘that’ world that you both come from.” She chuckled nervously and blew a section of hair from her eyes. “I was jealous that you two had more in common than he and I. That you could relate to each other.”


“Hollie,” I sympathized, she turned away from my look. She didn’t want pity, I knew that too. My voice strengthened. “Josh and I may come from the same style of family, but we don’t have much else in Common. He likes school work and Quidpitch for crying out loud.”


She snorted. “You’re never going to get that right.” I gathered she was speaking more to herself rhetorically than to me. “I guess that I was also a little upset that you told him before me, about your past, I mean.”


I stopped walking.


“What?” Hollie asked stopping only seconds after.


“I didn’t tell him.”


She furrowed her brows. “Tell him what?”


“About my past,” I said. Hollie face me fully. “I hadn’t mentioned it once.”


She took a deep breath. “Well, maybe he guessed…?”


“Did I make it obvious?” I sneered.


She shook her head. “This isn’t good.”


“Not one bit.”


Hollie grabbed my arm. “But I trust him, and I know that you do to. He would never do anything stupid.”


“He would never do anything stupid,” I repeated. “Unless it involved you.” She seemed a little taken back. “But there’s nothing to worry about, there isn’t anything silly for him to do here. We’ll talk to him tomorrow.”


“But how did he know?” She asked.


I sighed. “Hollie, I don’t want to be rude, but I really just want this day to end.” Another scream of Taggert came from the grounds, she sounded angry. “But I wouldn’t mind a little more of that tomorrow.” She gave me a small smile.


“Tomorrow.” She said and I gave one nod. “Oh wait,” she said quickly, reaching in to her pocket she pulled out a piece of folded parchment. “I went to the owlery to brood; this was on your owl. I thought I would bring it to you.”  


I took it from her hands shakily. Within an instant, I had recognized the handwriting. Why was this all happening now? I ripped past the wax seal of the Leighton family and opened my letter from Kevin. It held five words.


She left with the crown.


I could end this once and for all.



AN: I tried to get this chapter out a little quicker. To those reading Wolfsbane, my other story, I am sorry for the wait on the final chapter but it will be out soon. I wanted to update this one a little more before I moved back, I have sadly neglected this a little and I feel bad.


What are the opinions on this chapter? What is Kevins note and how do you think that Georgie will deal with it? What about Hollie’s jealousy? Is she being rational? And how does Josh know about her past? Molly and Hollie dealt well with her past, don’t you think? But what about James? :)


The next chapter is called Of the Re-Birth of the Rebel Child. Russel, Josh and Zoey all chat with Georgie. How will that go?


“My mother was right about you.” I changed my eye line as he spoke. “You were the perfect pure blood. But the child that would always test the boundaries, the ‘Rebel Child’ – I guess she finally went off of the rails.”


I will update soon!


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