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Tantalizing Affairs by Miranda Lupin
Chapter 7 : Happy Xmas Mr. Weasley I'm your daughter's boyfriend, please don't kill me.
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            It was Christmas Eve, and Dem, Demi, and I decided to take a sleigh ride in the forest. Yesterday we went Christmas shopping, I bought a ton of gifts, all of my friends and family are so easy to read, but I had a problem looking for Rose. You can read her like a book, but you can’t define what she means, she’s a novel not a dictionary. But one day, I came across a charm bracelet; it had a gold crescent with a sapphire star charm, and an onyx black cat charm. It had Rose all over it! So I bought it. It was in a red rectangular box, with gold ribbon. As soon as we arrived back at the manor, I wrote rose’s letter, and send that along with her gift for my owl Athena to send.

            “Was that Rose’s present?” Demi asked.

            I smiled and nodded, Demi laughed.

            “She’s got you whipped mate!”

            I stuck my tongue at her, and she did the same to me.

            “She does not!”

            “Pshh, yeah right.”

            I rolled my eyes, and placed my feet on my desk.

            “Oh yeah, Dem wanted to know if you wanted to spend the remainder of the evening at the pub, that is until Christmas Eve dinner.” Said Demi.

            “Yeah sounds great, I’m going to grab my coat.”

            As I was about to leave, an owl flew into my window injuring itself, but picked it self up and flew through the window dropping a letter on my desk. It’s from Rose; she couldn’t have received my gift yet.


            Dear Scorpius,

Happy Christmas Eve! Tomorrow is Christmas and you will be receiving your gift, but I have some plans. I was thinking, how about you come over for Christmas Dinner? You can bring anyone you want; Gran-Gran always makes plenty of food! I really think this is important, please please come!

          Lots of Love,

                   Rose xoxo xoxo


          Her handwriting is gorgeous! Much neater than I. Merlin’s beard! Dinner with her family! I can feel my limbs shake.

            “Hey Scorp, get a move on-uh, what’s that?” Acknowledged Demi.

            I held out the letter for her to take, and she did, and finished reading it, ending in laughter.

            “Oh Merlin’s baggy pants Scorp, you’ve got a date with the Weasley’s!”

            “And the Potters.” I mumbled.

Demi laughed even louder.

“Demi, what am I going to do?”

“Well, your going to put on your big boy trousers, and you, along with Dem and I are going to the Wealsey’s for Christmas Dinner.”




            It’s Christmas morning and James and Fred are going around the burrow waking everyone up. Scorpius replied abnd he along with Dem and Demi(blah), are coming.

            What am I going to wear? I need somehting that reveals my sexiness, but not saying slag.

            “Knock, knock.”

            I turned around  to see a cheery Victoire, she and Teddy worked everything out, and Teddy apologized for being such a tosser. I motioned for Vic to come in.

            “So you and Ted?”

            She nodded entusiastically.

            “We had makeup sex last night!”

            “Oh, okay I could’ve went my whole life without knowing that!”

            She laughed and hugged me.    

            “Thank you, thank you, thank you, Rose! I don’t know what I’d do without you!”

            “Well, I can’t take it when you’re sad, it kills me, plus you and Teddy are meant to be!”

            She smiled her most adoring smile, stood up and wen tthrough my clothes.

            “For Scorpius…you will need to wear….this!”

            She held out black and pink striped, tight, v-neck sweater, a black mini skirt, black and white striped, thigh high socks, and black high-heeled, boots.

            “Er, Vic, I dunno, it seems a bit tart.”

            Vic rolled her eyes.

            “No, trust me, you like fine! It’s not like I’m having you wear fishnet stockings! Come on Rosie, do what I say, then I’ll do your make up!”

            I did what she said, then Vic sat me down in front of a vanity, and attacked me with make up and hair products. It took her one hour to make me beautiful, mostly to straighten my curly hair.

            “What do you think?”

            “I look just as beautiful as I did at the ball!”

            She grinned.

            “Come on, lets go down for breakfast.”

            As soon as we walked out the door, Teddy grabbed Vic around the waist and snogged her, I left there snogging session, greeted by gawking family members in the kitchen.

            “Rose Weasley! What the bloody hell are you wearing?” asked Dad upset.

            “Clothes dad.” I rolled my eyes.

            “You know good and damn well what I mean!” He snapped.

            “If you want to be mad at someone, be mad at Vic, it was her idea.” I laughed.

            Dad’s face inflamed.

            “Ron, calm down.” Said mum.

            Just then, Ted and Victoire came downstairs.

            “Victoire, why do you have my daughter dressed like this?”

            “Oh uncle Ron, it’s not that bad! Honostly, you’d think the way your acting she’s wearing a bunny costume!”

            “Ron, it’s fine, she doesn look bad.” Agreed Uncle George.

            Dad sat down grudgingly, and so did the rest of the family. Breakfast was surprisingly quiet and awkward, due to my father’s breakdown. If he acts like this for my clothes, I can’t wait to see his reaction when Scorpius shows!



            It’s lunch and I had just confessed to my parents about my relationship with Rose, and my plans for this evening. Dad’s eyes bugged out, and Mum went pale, Dem giggled, and Demi smirked.

            “Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy! What the hell are you talking about?!”

            Dad has officially snapped.

            “Rose and I are together, and Dem, Demi, and I are going over for Christmas Dinner.”

            “No, you are not!” This came from mum.

            “We forbid you, Draco tell Scorpius we forbid him to pursue this relationship any further!”

            “Yes Scorpius, your mother is right,this is a scandel, an outrage! What were you thinking? Forget about her being a Gryffindor Weasel, the fact that she’s a half-blood! The idea of it is ludicrous!”

            I stood up abruptly, rage over filled me.

            “Don’t you dare talk about her like that! I’m tired of these outrageous rules! I don’t care if you disinherit me! I can make it out on my own!” I snapped.

            At this both mum and dad stood up.

            “Scorpius, darling arent you taking this a tad bit far? I thought you and Demi were going to be together?”

            “Oh mother you were only fooling yourself! Everyone could see that Demi and I are only fuck buddies! For Merlin’s sake father knew! He just decided to pretend to understand you! Now, if you don’t want to lose a son then I suggest you get your act together and come with us to dinner!”

            Everyone’s draw dropped, fell to the ground, perplexed out how I spoke to my own mother.

            “Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy how dare you speak to your mother that way!?” Dad snapped.

            I growled, huffed, and left the dining hall in anger and dignity, Dem and Demi followed me into my room.

            “Um, whoah! Wait a go Scorp you told off The Dragon lady!” Exclaimed Dem.

            I laughed and ran my fingers through my hair out of nervousness.

            “I just can’t believe I said all that, I should go and apologize immediately!”

            As soon as I made way for the door, Dem and Demi pushed me back onto my sofa.

            “No you won’t Scorpius Malfoy if you know what’s good for you! You actually might’ve opened up your parents ears, they both needed to hear it.” Said Demi.

            Demi might actually be right. Just then, Mum entered the room in tears, I wanted to apologize but Demi is right, I need to stand my ground.

            “Scorpius, what you said really hurt, but you were right.”

            I couldn’t  believe my ears, did my mother just admit that she was wrong?

            “I’m sorry, what?”

            She took a deep breath and sat beside me.

            “Scorpius sweetheart, I’ve come to realize that I don’t know you, I’ve never knew you, I just thought I did, I wanted to believe I did…anyway, I don’t want to lose my baby, and if this…girl makes you happy, then I’m willing to put aside my differences and accompany all of you to dinner.”

            I hugged my mum so tight I could possibly stop her breathing, but she didn’t mind because she hugged me the same way.  

            “And your father’s coming.”

            At this I stood up and groaned.

            “Mum you know how he gets! It’s physically impossible for that man to contain his rudeness!”

            “Oh Scorpius you’re exaggerating!”

            “No mother I’m not, Dem, Demi tell them I’m not exaggerating!”

            “Oh no, we’re not getting ourselves into this family feud!” Said Demi.

            “Sweetheart, be nice.”

            “I will! I know I will! It’s him I’m worried about.”

            “Don’t worry love I’ll take care of your father, all fo you come down to the tree in ten minutes.”

            “What did I tell you Scorp? I knew Tori would come around!” Said Dem.

            “Yeah, now there’s dad.”

            I received a total of 36 gifts, Dem 35, and Demi 37. I bought mum a diamond choker, which she loved way more than dad’s mink wrap. After presents and eggnog, we disapparated to the front door of The Burrow. Mum and Demi sniffed and cringed.

            “Uh, you call this a house?” Demi compalined.

            “There will be none of that! Only positive comments!” I said.

            “Well I’m positive these people lack class.” Said Demi.

            I gave her the death glare and she smiled her smart-arse smiled. I knocked on the door, and Rose opened it looking drop dead sexy, her boobs popped out of her sweater, and her legs were so long and shapely.

            “Scorpius, wipe your chin.” Whispered Demi.

            Oh Merlin, I’m drooling, I wiped away my saliva and smiled.

            “You look beautiful.”

            She smiled and I gave her a hug and kiss. She blushed the way she always did when she was embarassed, and I gave her the firewhiskey bottle and chistmas chocolates.

            “Thank you.” She giggled.

            “Oh sorry, all of you come in!”

            “Rose darling who’s at the door?”

            The voice sounded like an older woman.

            We entered the tiny house and an older woman with bushy red hair with gray strands came over, but her expression was not happy when her brown eyes found us piling into her living room. All the sudden a pile of people rushed over, all their faces mirrored hers.

            “Rose what’s going?” She asked.

            “Malfoy? What the bloody hell are you doing here?” barked Rose’s dad.

            Rose rushed to my side and linked her arm with mine.

            “Er…daddy, Scorpius is my boyfriend.”

            Her dad’s face became red as his hair, and his pupils dialated.

            “WHAAAAT?!” He roared.

            “He’s my-my boyfriend.” She repeated.

            I stood there going paler by the minute.

            “Listen Weasley I’m not too thrilled about this either, but we can’t change their mind no matter how stupid this entire thing.” Said Dad.

            Her father’s head looked like it was going to explode.

            “Er, Ron please don’t do something you’re going to regret, now just forget where he comes from and accept that your daughter is happy! Wasn’t that why we fought in the war! For no prejudice? If you don’t want her with him for those reasons, your just as bad as Malfoy!” She spat.

            Harry Potter approached me holding his hand out, is he going to smack me?”

            “Scorpius Malfoy it’s a pleasure, Harry Potter at your service!”

            I took his hand and shook it, he smiled.

            “Ron come and greet your daughter’s boyfriend.”

            Ron cringed and took my finger and shook it for a nano second.

            “Happy Christmas.” He mumbled.

            Rose’s mother shook my hand and smiled.

            “Happy Christmas Scorpius.”

            The entire family greeted all of us. Rose smiled and left me alone with them, disappearing into the kitchen. Finally after a lifetime, I left the Potter-Weasley clan and found Rose baking trifle. I smiled at how beautiful she looks, then wrapped my arms around her tiny waist.

            “You’re so fit!” I said kissing her neck.

            She giggled and continued baking the christmas treat.

            “Scorpius, not now..” She squealed.

            I turned her around and began to snog her, but we were interrupted by her grandmother.

            “Rose that trifle isn’t going to bake itself!” She sang.

            Rose blushed and went back to baking.

            “Excuse me Mrs. Weasley, do you need help with anything?” I offered.

            “No, but Bill and Charlie need help with the decorations.” She said.

            I nodded and left the kitchen, entering the living room to a very busy Bill and Charlie. They both stopped to stare at me, which made me feel very uncomfortable.

            “Mrs. Weasley said you two need help in here.”

            “Which Mrs. Weasley?” They both asked simultaneously.

            “Your mother.” I replied.

            They nodded, and Bill passed me lights.

            “These ones go around the room.”

            I followed Bill’s instructions and hung the lights around the room on the wall. Is it just me or do I feel tension?

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Tantalizing Affairs: Happy Xmas Mr. Weasley I'm your daughter's boyfriend, please don't kill me.


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