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The World According to Triple Chocolate Ice-Cream by writergirl8
Chapter 26 : Playing House, Part Three
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  Hermione placed Nancy and Cam in their high chairs and moved the chairs to the island, where she proceeded in making Ron's lunch. A turkey wrap, chips, a pickle, and a tart. Then she dressed Nancy in a blue jean skirt and a white top, and Cam in overalls, and left the house with Ron's lunch. Once at the office, she opened the door (which was actually a portkey that lead to Ron's real office) and went to the secretary.


“Hi. I'm supposed to be bringing Ron his lunch?”

“You're his wife?” the secretary asked, eying the babies.


“Yeah. His wife.” Hermione said.


“Alright then. Oh, and in case you're wondering, he hasn't had any odd women here.”

“Er... thanks.” Hermione replied uncertainly.


The lady leaned into a speaker and said,


“Mr. Weasley? Mrs. Weasley is here to see you.”

“My mum?” came Ron's confused voice.

“No, your wife.” the secretary said.


“My wife?” Ron asked, befuddled.


“And kids.” The woman was sounding bored now. “Your wife and twins.”


“Oh, my wife!” Ron said, catching on finally. “Hermione. Yvonne, please send Mrs. Weasley right in.”

He chortled a little bit as he said this. Hermione rolled her eyes and walked right into the office. Ron was organizing papers. When he saw Hermione he looked up and grinned happily.


“Hi, Hermione.”

“Hey, Ron.” Hermione said. “The twins and I brought you lunch.”

She looked at Ron in an amused way.


“Thank you?” Ron said this as a question, looking at Hermione's face as if he didn't know what to make of it.


“Oh, you're welcome. As Mrs. Weasley, I strive to be a good wife.”

Ron's ears turned red.


“You heard that?” he asked, looking as though his heart was breaking.

“Yes, love, and you know I'm so honored for the compliment.” Hermione teased. “But Mrs. Weasley makes me feel so old.”

“So how about Ms. Weasley then? Is it better?” Ron joked.


“Much. I'll go tell Percy right now.”

This got a good laugh out of the two of them, and Nancy and Cam looked oddly at their parents for a few seconds, then seemed to give up. Ron subconsciously reached out for Cam and held the little boy to his chest. Hermione sat down at Ron's desk and looked over his files.


“You spelled 'Camouflage' wrong.” Hermione said, tapping the page with her wand and fixing it.


“Thanks.” Ron said, smiling gratefully. Hermione proceeded to spell check and edit all his papers, making conversation while Ron (who was feeding bits of turkey to the kids) ate his lunch.


“All done.” Hermione said an hour later. “You're spell checked into infinity.”

“Thanks, Mione.” Ron said. “My reports have been suffering direly since we broke up.”

“Yes, me looking over your work was the largest advantage of our relationship.”

“I miss it.” Ron said, closing his eyes and grimacing. “Your constant complaining about my spelling always gave me warm-fuzzies inside.”


“You know I love you.” Hermione said, getting off of the desk and walking over to Cam and Nancy.

“I know.” Ron said. “The way you show affection is by completing my papers.”

“Now, if you'd known that when we were in school, we would have started dating a lot faster.” Hermione pointed out, laughing.

“Yes. In fact, we might actually have real kids by now!”

Hermione held her hand up to her mouth in mock horror.


“Oh, no! Not real kids! Who has real kids when you can have simulated babies?”

“Dunno.” Ron said, looking down at a page, then balling it up and throwing it into the bin.


“What's your mission status?” Hermione asked Ron. He took in an excited breath.

“Well, I can't tell you too much, really, but we're down to three Death Eaters that we're trying to catch. We just caught six of them before the game show started, and that's the report I'm writing now. Still, these guys are putting up a good fight.”

“Well, if you need help, I have my lovely lawyer logic.”

“I'll definitely turn to you.” Ron said, grinning at her.


“And, you know, Nancy's good that that stuff too.”

“Ahhh. How could I forget?” Ron asked.


“Dunno. You really shouldn't be forgetting about our daughter, you know?”


“Our daughter.” Ron said, smiling peacefully. “Our daughter.”




When Ron got home, Hermione was holding a telephone to her ear, stirring a pot and holding Nancy on one hip. Cam was seated by the fridge, playing with the magnets on it. The woman of the house was dressed in tight jeans and a purple striped tee-shirt, her hair thrown up into a high ponytail. From the living room, the TV blared a children's show, and the radio in the kitchen was set to a wizarding news station.


“He's getting married? I can't believe it!” Hermione said, as Ron gave her a friendly kiss hello on the cheek.


“Hi.” Ron muttered under his breath.

“Hi.” Hermione whispered, smiling at him before turning back to her telephone, which she was supporting with her ear. “No... no, it doesn't make sense. He's not that sort of person.”

The person on the other end spoke, and Ron distinctly recognized the hysteric voice of his mother.


When do they want the wedding?...Oh my... yes, I know that's short notice, but you said it yourself, don't they want a small wedding?”

Ron made a face at Hermione, who looked up at him with large eyes. He stared seriously down at her for a few seconds, then he stuck his tongue out at her. Hermione broke into a smile, then stuck hers out, too. Ron proceeded in crossing his eyes, which Hermione followed with touching her tongue to her nose.


“No, Mrs. Weasley, I didn't know they were dating, either.”

Ron followed this up with a grand finale of crossing his eyes, pulling at his earlobes and sticking out his tongue. Hermione let out a loud laugh, causing Nancy and Cam to look up at her, setting Ron off and causing Mrs. Weasley to go into a fresh bout of hysterics.


“No, no I wasn't laughing at you, Mrs. Weasley. Ron... oh, I'll ask him, of course. Fine, fine. I'll call you back on 'The Perfect Match' line. Floo? Right, that's fine too. Go home, Mrs. Weasley, get some sleep. Everything will be okay.”

At this Hermione hung up the phone, let out a loud, frustrated sigh and banged her head against the counter.


“What?” Ron asked, coming over to her and placing his hand on her back. He could feel her spine through her shirt, and he suddenly realized that he had forgotten how thin she was.


“George,” Hermione started, her voice taking an ironic tone, “Is getting married.”

“What?” Ron said, slowly. “What? To who?”


“To Angelina Johnson.”

“Angelina... Fred's date to the yule ball?”

“Exactly that Angelina Johnson.”

“Well, that's brilliant, isn't it?” Ron said, sounding confused at the devastation in Hermione's voice.


“Well, it would be,” Hermione said, “but there are lots of complications.”

Ron stared at Hermione, dumbfounded.


“Oh Ron.” Hermione said, shaking her head. “I forgot how stupid you are.”

Ron looked very affronted.


“I mean about love, and such.” Hermione said, propping her elbows up on the island. Nancy waved her fists, and Hermione set her down on the floor next to Cam to play with the magnets.


“Oh, do explain.” Ron said.


“First of all,” Hermione said slowly, “George didn't tell anyone he was dating at all, not just Angelina. And then, Angelina presents even more problems. She and Fred were together for a while, and that's odd for both of them. First of all, Angelina. She might only love George because he looks just like Fred, minus the ear. But I don't think she works like that... and still, it doesn't make sense to go from one twin to the other. Granted, George and Fred were so similar... For George, there are complications, too. He might only be falling for Angelina because she was who Fred was attracted to. He's jumping into this marriage for who knows why. The average person doesn't just call their mum and say that they're getting married two weeks.”


“Two... weeks?” Ron said, looking shocked at Hermione's explanation.


“Two weeks.” Hermione said firmly. “And although it's not unlike the old George to make split-second decisions, the post-war George is somewhat different. He thinks things over more, and he takes things more seriously. This doesn't add up.”

“Correct me if I'm wrong...” Ron said, “But aren't little girls supposed to be obsessed with fairy tales and true love, while boys are the cynics?”

“If you want to be stereotypical, sure.” Hermione said, gazing lovingly at Nancy, who she'd been reading 'Cinderella' to every night before bed. Ron, on the other hand, read an enthusiastic Cam stories about truck engines and talking choo-choo trains.


“Well then, why am I saying what I'm about to say, and why are you saying what you're about to say?”

“Dunno.” Hermione said. “Do continue.”

“I think you and mum are completely over analyzing this.” Ron said. “Don't forget, George used to be like this. He's been taking care of the joke shop, too, and it's changed him closer to normal. And Angelina helps with the shop three times a week. And why not get married at split second? And whatever happened to true love? Whatever happened to realizing something is perfect, too perfect to pass up?”

“I see what you mean-” Hermione started, but she was stopped by Ron.


“I, for one, completely support George's decision to get married. To make himself happy. To go after what he wanted and to get it for himself as soon as he realized he wanted it instead of waiting years and years, only to make a huge mistake that he completely regretted after realizing what he wanted. If everyone did that, we'd all be a hell of a lot happier.”

“If everyone did that, there would be more divorce!” Hermione argued. “You have to think things like marriage over, Ron! You can't take it too lightly!”

“So WHAT! He's in love with her, and to say yes she has to be in love with him. He loves her, Hermione. Why won't she give him a chance?”


“Maybe she's scared!” Hermione retaliated. “Maybe she's too afraid to marry him!”

“Well then she's a bloody cowardess, and she's not worth his time.”

“Ron-” Hermione said.

“When's dinner going to be ready? I'm off to take a shower.”

“Don't use all the hot water. Cam needs a bath, and I need a shower later.”

“Fine then.” Ron said, heading toward the master bathroom.


Hermione bit her lip. This fight had upset her more then it should have. Towards the end, she had a feeling they hadn't been discussing the marriage of George and Angelina anymore. She sighed. Nancy and Cam were on the floor, looking surprised. Hermione scooped them up and brought them to their rooms. Then she set the table, dimmed the lights and lit two large candles. She slipped back into her room and changed into a white shirt and a red skirt, taking extra care with her hair. By the time Ron came into the kitchen, freshly showered and smelling better then any meal Mrs. Weasley (much less Hermione) could ever make, Hermione had pulled his chair out for him and was ready with a sorry.

A/N: Hi, guys! I've been getting some awesome reviews lately, I just want to say thanks. You guys are so great to me :) Like I always say, if you have any questions, ask me in a review, or go to my authors page. It's gotten one reply so far... that can't be good, I've had it for a year! Anyway, I'll have an answer to everything you don't get (believe me, my cousin asks me questions about the story all the time), so don't hesitate to ask. And, lastly, did anyone know what Ron was going to say after Hermione asked him about his mission status? Or did anyone recognize it after he'd said it? Any of my lovely readers remember which date that was from? First person to remember in a review (without checking and cheating) gets mentioned in the next Author's Note I do!

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