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Nosepicker by prettywishes
Chapter 1 : Nosepicker
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A/N: So I don't own anything but the plot, the rest belongs to the wonderful creator of Harry Potter. 

 It itched.

Biting down on her tongue Lucy Weasley tried to ignore the itching, burning feeling that came from her nose, but she was unsuccessful. Keeping her tongue pinned between her teeth she tried to wait it out, knowing that sooner or later it was going to stop. It had to stop. There was no way that her nose could just go on itching for the rest of her life; that just wouldn’t be fair. Sooner or later her nose would stop itching and she could go back to her studying.

At least that was how it was supposed to work, her nose was supposed to go back to normal and the itching was supposed to disappear. It failed to do so though, and Lucy let go of her tongue as it wasn’t helping anything. Wiggling her nose about her face she tried her best to keep it from looking like anything was going on. She was confident the problem was going to clear itself up because the other options were absolutely humiliating.

While it hadn’t been on the list of rules her father had given her, Lucy was sure that it would have been if her father had thought it was necessary. There was no way that her parents would want her eleven year old daughter to pick her nose in public, even if it was for a dire emergency. Her parents were not the type that understood dire emergencies.

The seconds ticked by, and Lucy was positive she was going to die after she endured an entire minute of an itchy nose; she could hardly take it anymore! Her eyes threatened to water at either the discomfort in her nose or the horror that came when she realized that she was going to have to do. Lucy Weasley was sure that this was the worst thing she could possibly do at Hogwarts. But she was going to pick her nose in the middle of the library; it was the only way to keep herself sane.

Slowly the red head turned her head back and forth, trying to make sure that there were as few witnesses as possible. Most of those studying nearby seemed very involved in their own books, and Lucy was sure that as long as she moved as fast as possible she would be able to dart her finger in and out without a single person noticing. She hoped if someone did notice they wouldn’t be bold enough to call her on it. Lucy didn’t know what would happen if someone caught her, but she knew if her father found out she’d been caught nose picking in the library she’d never be allowed back to Hogwarts.  Lucy really liked Hogwarts.

Holding her breath the girl crossed two fingers on her right hand for good luck before darting her left hand up to her face to itch her nose as quickly as possible. Instantly she felt better, there was no itchy nose or watery eyes and she finally felt like herself again. She could get back to studying so that Mummy and Daddy could get excellent reports on her grades.

 “Ew, did you just pick your nose?”

A voice pulled Lucy out of her thoughts, and it didn’t even take a full second for her face to flush a deep red color and for her eyes to drop from her book to the table. Trying to remember to breathe, Lucy struggled to raise her eyes from smooth wood table to male voice that had called her out on her recent activity. Shutting her eyes tightly Lucy imagined simply vanishing and wondered if she thought about it hard enough if it would actually happen.

“You did, didn’t you?” The voice persisted. “First years are disgusting.”

Realizing her magic wasn’t going to make her disappear, Lucy lifted her gaze to the boy before her. He was tall, very tall, and Lucy was sure that he was a seventh year. The situation couldn’t get worse, not only had she just picked her nose but she’d also been caught by a seventh year and he was probably going to announce it to the rest of the library. Lucy could bear to sit and watch her life blow up in her face, and she tried her best to get him to stop.

“I did not! I was simply itching it with the side of my hand…” Lucy attempted to defend herself but her voice was quiet and her face was on fire. There was no way the boy could make it through seven years at Hogwarts and still be stupid enough to believe a lie as pathetic as hers. The only hope that Lucy still had was that the boy would lose interest and move along, and she returned her gaze to the table.

Crossing the fingers on her left hand in addition to her right the girl hoped that she had done enough good things in her life for someone to take pity on her for that moment.  She hoped that whoever it was that was looking down on them from above would realize how completely mortified she was and spare her from being known as a nose picker for the next seven years.

“Whatever you say, nosepicker.” The boy responded with a roll of his eyes before walking away from the table to continue with his studies. Lucy simply watched in horror as the words fell from his mouth, nosepicker. She shut her eyes again after he left waiting miserably to see if anyone had overheard him. The library was probably the quietest place in the entire school and Lucy hated that it had been the sight of her nose picking incident.

Moments passed slowly, and Lucy could slowly feel the flush leave her face as it returned to a color that didn’t clash quite so much with her hair. Taking deep breaths as discreetly as possible she returned her attention to the textbook before her to read about the levitation charm they were working on in class. As she read the pages, the fear slowly began to leave her mind, Lucy was sure that she was in the clear.


Horrified Lucy looked up from her book to see that a boy in her own year, her own house, had clearly heard the conversation and had picked up on the older boy’s nickname. Slowly the girl watched the hopes and dreams of her next seven years at Hogwarts melt before her eyes. It was only the first week of school and Lucy was sure that in the span of five minutes she’d managed to ruin all chances she’d ever have at becoming Head Girl, at being successful. Her father was going to murder her when he found out, and having as many cousins as she had she knew it was only a matter of time. Lucy did the only thing that she could think of to make the situation any better; she quickly dropped beneath the table to hide. 

The last thing she wanted was to be known as a nosepicker and a cry baby. 

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Nosepicker: Nosepicker


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