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Dying Perspective by Danceinggirl109
Chapter 1 : Cruor Iuguolosis
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Hello there. I originally started this story as a rewrite of A New Lie but it became its own story. Now because A New Lie already has many typed and written chapters it will be updated more rapidly. This story will be updated as I write but that means that it will be slower updating sadly. I have improved my writing skills from when I wrote A New Lie so I hope that this story is just as or more intriguing and well written.


Now this is very important and I'm not sure if by saying this I will be messing up the story but I want you guys to know that Cruor Iuguolosis is a diesease that I made up specifically for this story.


Also I do not own the characters or places from Harry Potter and please leave a review for my amazing Beta, Mahalia. :) Enjoy!


 *AUTHORS NOTE: This chapter has been reedited as of 1/7*






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Just a note this is Hermione and Derek.






"I want you to know that it doesn't matter
Where we take this road someone's gotta go
And I want you to know you couldn't have loved me better
But I want you to move on so I'm already gone" Already Gone by Kelly Clarkson









Dying Perspective 



      Hermione walked towards the silver car of her best friend, Derek, her head held high with a smile on her face despite the depressing emotions that filled her mind. When she wasn’t at Hogwarts, Hermione spent most of her time with Derek, Emily, and Laetitia. They were all magical, but they each attended different schools around the world. The summer was their only time to be together, and it was guaranteed to be fun.

      Hermione had been all
over the place during the two and a half month break from Hogwarts. Currently, she was living in an apartment in Muggle London with her cousin, Yanisa. While Yanisa worked at the restaurant that she owned, Hermione would spend her days with Derek, a Durmstrang student her own age, and Emily, his fifteen-year-old sister who attend Beauxbatons. 


Chapter 1 

      I stood alone in the kitchen, chopping vegetables for a salad that Yanisa had told me to make for dinner.


Two months ago when I had gotten off of the Hogwarts Express, Yanisa met me with a somber expression. She led me to her apartment and told me to unpack. One hour later she told me that my parents were dead and that she had custody since I was only sixteen. At first I had been a mess, but since yesterday at their funeral, I had felt a peace that I had never thought that I would feel again.  

      One month. That was how long I had cried and been broken inside. Everything that they had left for me had been taken away by the Ministry. I had, and still do, find it cruel to steal a girl’s only physical reminders of her parents; but they refused to give them back to me, saying that the Death Eaters that had killed my parents might’ve cursed the objects in an attempt to get to me. 

      I was so lost in my thoughts that I didn’t realize that there was nothing left for me to chop, and that I was in fact, cutting air. I placed the knife down and moved towards the sink to wash my hands. I gazed at the sunny garden just outside the kitchen window as I rubbed the soap in.



I looked down at my hands and gasped. Blood was pouring out from my palms, which were covered in red and purple bruise that hadn’t been there just moments before. I tried to stop the bleeding, and after numerous attempts, finally succeeded.


As I reached for the cleaning supplies, I felt extremely exhausted. The last thing that I saw before I dropped to the floor unconscious, was the odd shape that the bruises on my finger were.


They were perfect circles. 



      Why was my bedroom so bright? It was never this bright. I opened my eyes. They were met with the bright white walls that only existed in hospitals. Through the door I could see paper airplanes flying through the hospital that never strayed from their flight pattern. I must be in Mungo’s…But why…?


Then it all came back to me. I tried to lift my arm to see if the bruises were still there. Unsurprisingly, they were.

      “Hello Ms. Granger.” 

      “Um hello,” I greeted, slightly startled at the Healers sudden appearance. She began checking me over. “Why am I still here? I’m not unconscious anymore.” She simply smiled before filling out a paper on her clipboard and leaving.


Upon her departure, another Healer arrived shortly after.

      “Hello. I am Healer Western, Miss Granger. I have some news for you. Your cousin and a man by the name of Derek are here. Should I let them in as well?”


I nodded. What news? Did I have to stay in the hospital more? I had only been awake for a little bit but the walls were already driving me mad. As I pondered this, a very worried couple of Yanisa and Derek entered the room and sat down. 

      “Well, Hermione, we took a blood test from you while you were unconscious, because you have been out for quite a few days. Your bruises are quite worrying to us. Now, there is good news and bad news.” She paused, as if waiting for me to say something. I shrugged. “Which would you like to hear first?” 

      “Good news first please.” If there was bad news, I didn’t want to hear it yet. Hadn’t I already had enough bad news for one summer? 

      “The good news is that you won’t have to stay in the hospital.” I jumped up and down as well as I could while sitting down. “That’s the response we get from most of our patients,” the healer said while laughing. 

      “Now for the bad news,” she was instantly serious. I became worried—serious healers or doctors were never a good sign. “Miss Granger, you have a very rare blood disease called Cruor Iuguolosis which means blood kill in Latin. It is a magical disease and therefore attacks witches and wizards randomly.”

      “Now this is a very severe disease. Of the few cases that we were able to study, the victims all had to endure unimaginable pain and they were all killed by the time that they turned twenty. Since there have been so few victims diagnosed with it we haven’t been able to study Cruor Iuguolosis enough to understand what it actually does… I’m so sorry.” 

      I was going to die? Unimaginable pain? What? What kind? Would I survive?


So many questions ran through my mind that I almost missed what the Healer was saying next. 

      “Here is your Hogwarts letter. It came while you were in dreamland.” At least she didn’t say the word unconscious again. I opened the letter but I didn’t have the will to try to celebrate that I had gotten Head Girl. After working so hard for the position for the past six years, I couldn’t bring myself to care now. 

      “What should I expect this year?” I asked, my voice was expressionless, emotionless. It was as if I was a block of ice.  

      “You will have to come here at least once a month to get check-ups and blood tests done. The Healer at Hogwarts, although very talented, is not adequately trained to perform these check-ups. We will give you several medications that you will need to take. This disease is very painful, and you will not be able to make it to some of your classes because of that. Your teachers will know this as will the Headmaster. I would advise that you tell your closest friends and the Head Boy about Cruor Iuguolosis as well because if something happens, they will know what to do. Here are your medications. They will magically refill every month. Have a nice day.”


Then she left. She just left. After telling me all of that she left without even a pat on the back or a smile. Some Healer. 

      Yanisa, though she didn’t want to, left me with Derek and went back to the restaurant. She had taken many days off to stay with me, but now she had reached her limit, and had to go back.


Derek walked with me to his car staying silent as we drove to his house. I lay on his couch as he explained the situation to his sister. She nodded with a grave face and simply walked over to me and gave me a big hug. That was all I needed at the moment.  

      Over the course of the last month of the summer Derek, Emily, and one of my other friends Laetitia, helped me live each day to its fullest. They convinced me to try sushi and even dye my hair a darker, almost black color. On my birthday they even arranged to let me swim with dolphins at a nearby aquarium. Between all of the fun things that they encouraged me to try I sometimes forgot that I was dying.  

      That entire summer I received not one, not two, but zero letters from Harry, Ron and Ginny. It was like they were in their own little worlds at the Burrow. I hadn’t even been invited there for the traditional week before school get-together.  




      Early on September first I was found sitting in the Heads compartment reading. I wore dark skinny jeans with leather fashion boots and a long sleeve v-necked red sweater with a matching headband that held my dark curls away from my chocolate eyes. I had no duties until the train reached the castle except for waiting for the Head Boy and discussing our plans for the coming year.  

      The train lurched, and soon we were headed towards my home away from home. Hogwarts, oh how I missed that place.


My head turned as I heard the sound of the compartment door opening. To my utter horror, Draco Malfoy, Hogwarts’ new Head Boy, stepped in. 

      “I should’ve known that Pothead’s Know-it-all Mudblood girlfriend would be the Head Girl,” he sneered.


I did not look up. I wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of the fact that just seeing him made me angry. I didn’t even correct him to say that Ginny was Harry’s girlfriend, not me.


Wait… why was the room spinning? I mentally counted the pills that I had taken that morning. In my excitement to go back to school I had forgotten one. Oh no. Not when he’s here! 

      “Answer me when I talk to…Granger? Are you okay? You look a little sick.” Sure, now he cared about me.

Of course at that moment, I decided to pass out. 









What did you think? Terrible? Brilliant? Was it a good length? For this story I will try and write nice long chapters for you guys.


Yours till the chocolate chips,




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Dying Perspective: Cruor Iuguolosis


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